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A company would not go through the expense and time of hiring you only to not

Posted By: MTSO on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: Keystrokes hiring - sm - BTDT

contact you. This smells fishy. It is not the first time you have said this but it does not sound right.

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It depends. If they invested in the the time and expense to hire you, sm

to train you, ship you equipment, set up your software etc. and you did not give it a fair chance (at the very least 2 weeks) before quitting, I'd say they'd be extremely gracious to even consider taking you back.

If you worked for them for awhile and gave the platform and the company a fair trial, and then ended up leaving, then yes perhaps they might hire you back.

All you can do is ask.  JMHO.

Precyse Solutions is hiring part-time and full-time right now.
Saw this on their website.
My thoughts exactly, why waste my time when you know you are only hiring full time? nm
They seem to be hiring all the time.
Must be hard to keep good help these days.  I sent my resume in a few weeks ago and never heard back. 
I don't get it, at the expense of another person?
labor is not the only expense
an MT company has so your figures, while interesting, don't show the whole picture.
they do but as of their last job ad they were only hiring full-time...
Anybody hiring part time ER? sm
Does anybody know of any hospitals or transcription companies who are hiring for part-time ER work on eScription?  I have been doing eS for 5 years and have my Advanced certification in EditScript and am looking for an additional account.  It needs to be a flexible position because I have another commitment.  If anyone has any leads with decent pay, please feel free to send me a confidential email. Thanks!
Seems like a whole lotta trouble and expense
'prove a point', when their chances of proving anything at all that could win them their case are slim to none.

Win or lose, can you imagine what the other employees of this nasty bunch must be thinking?

I can almost hear all those splashes from all those who will jump ship.
Any companies hiring part-time?
I need flexibility.  Willing to do a certain number of lines every pay period.  I started with MedScribe of NJ and already they run out of work and seem to be dodging my emails about a secondary account.  Afraid I made a bad choice.....
TransTech - they are hiring now, good time
one of MANY reasons, in addition to living expense,
Anybody hiring for part-time ER within a window instead of set hours? TIA. NM
Yes, they are now hiring part-time MT's but only where absolutely needed. sm
They tried going to FT only but decided that was eliminating some good/great MT's.

I was told that the reason they were trying to only have FT MT's was that if someone worked FT for a different company and PT for them, they were burned often when the other company needed OT or schedule changes and that the KS lead MT's were left without coverage.

I started FT and went PT for family reasons and do not work for another company. I hope to go FT again in the future, but they worked with me to find a schedule that worked with my situation.
Is Spheris just hiring for flex time positons?
Says medical and business expense benefits (whatever that means).
Company equipment provided. F/T and PT, then apply on line.
You call paying your own taxes, medical expense,

no paid vacation or sick pay a decent job? 


Who is hiring part-time for ER, ortho, clinic dictation? sm
I have over 14 years experience. I love doing orthopedics, ER notes, and clinic dictation.  Does anyone know of a company who is currently hiring for PT work right now?  I am looking for a company that you don't have to spend weeks and weeks filling out paperwork, calling back and forth, waiting, waiting and waiting to begin work.  I am very dependable, hard-working.  Looking for someone that can respect that in this day and time.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
Caught that. Thx! Something about competition clauses at the time kept them from hiring in NY state.
MDI-Maryland is an excellent company, pay on time all the time, great line rate.
I left also because I went out and got my own client(s).
They are very nice people.

The only negative I can think of were the e-mails from the owner say work, work, work, we are out of TAT.

Other than that, which is very minor, it was a good experience.
If there is a way Spheris can make a dollar at the trans expense, they will find it.
Hope Transtech is NOT still hiring, because we are all fighting for work right now OVERHIRE big time
Be careful right now, because TT has much overhired, promising something big coming up, but nothing seen by the MT's yet, just LOW WORK load.
company hiring
as far as I know, JLG is hiring for acute care at 9 cpl. Check them out.
My company hiring
I work for Cymed and they are hiring. I do acute care, including ops, but I know they need acute care as wel as op people. The TAT on my account varies from 4 to 24 hours depending on the work type.
Is any company hiring for QA other than
Preferably, employee status with a good hourly rate.
Does anyone know of a company hiring ICs for PT? Thanks!!
I am looking for part-time work as an IC.  Does anyone know of a good company?
Looking for a company hiring for oncology. Anyone? nm


Looking for company hiring for oncology
Yes, I am!
Does anyone know of a company hiring for overflow OPs?
I am in the market for a position where I could pick up some work here and there.  I want a position where I would be contacted for overflow work, when the loads get too high.  It could be for any work type, but Ops are my favorite! I have 13 years (full-time acute care) experience.  Just looking for extra work.
Company hiring for Radiology
I just hired on at Precyse Solutions 2 days ago, and I think they may still be looking for Radiology MT's - I do only Radiology.  They hire you as employee -- no IC status. 
For a small company in NJ, not hiring right now though.
Yes good company and they are hiring. It
is best to apply through their website.
Anyone know of a company that is hiring per diem or very flexible IC
I am looking for very flexible work.  I've got 13 years experience in acute care and I need work that is very flexible, about 20 hours a week.  Does anyone know of an individual or company that has any work like this?    Thanks!
TSSC is hiring now, Great company. NM
Axolotl is a wonderful company but not sure if hiring. SM
You are welcome to email me if you want.  Good luck
Great company. I've been recommending this company for a long time.
Any clue who the company is hiring the Newbies/nonNewbies sm
on the job seekers board? 
Good company but had layoff in July. Are they hiring?
Very professionally ran company.
First Choice Medical is a great company to work for, and I think they are hiring too.
I have been there for over 4 years now. They use WP51 too if you want. Good luck to you.
I see Precyse is hiring for new accounts. Would appreciate recent info on this company. (sm)
most of what I have found is pretty old.  Are the current employes squelched when it comes to giving out information regarding the company or are they just so busy they don't have time to mess around on the boards?   E-mail if you are concerned about being flamed or don't want to post for whatever reason.  TIA.
MD-IT hiring - looks like a really cool company to work for... any advice/information?
I sure would love to know more about the company - a search of this forum turned up zilch.  I was with Medquist for 8 years, and the company I went to did not deliver on the acute care account I was hired for..... 
Any body hear of a company in MA that is hiring editors for 3 cent a line? sm

I asking for someone else, the email was signed Jay

The company hiring you should provide the Dictaphone pedal or the adapter to play the ExText
Great little company..I worked there for a short time, IC, and pay always on time, great owner too!
I had good dictators, they use FTP, and I had a 12-hour window to return the work.
Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else?

Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else?

Happens every company at some time or another. I
never complained - just did what I got. Learned to do everything and do it beyond well, but it was a tough road to travel. It will always happen - just human nature. I know lots of other MTs - ex-coworkers - who were always complaining about such. One thing - it never made them get the better work. Just got them labeled as complainers, and they probably got worse work! Just my experience at 30 years in this industry!
Every company has a TAT time for their
reports, if you say you are working a certain schedule, yes they would expect you to work it. They have to schedule employees accordingly to complete their contractural agreements with the facility. So, if you are say you will work 4-6 and then don't they may have a problem getting the work done because they knew you were working and didn't assign anyone else that account.
I worked for the same company the whole time and

just traveled for a year.  I downloaded via FTP site so as long as I had internet access I could work anywhere.  I have direct deposit so I didn't have to worry about that.   My family and I traveled through 34 states and Mexico and I worked the whole time.

Probably not what you were asking, but maybe something you hadn't considered. 

I'd let a company do this to me once only...time to move on. SM
I work for a company who pays bi-monthly. The check is literally in my hands 2-3 days after they receive my invoice (not local either). I worked for a company years ago who made the MTs wait until they received payment from their client. If you tolerate this, you are selling yourself short. Good luck to you. When I had a small MT service in the past, I paid my two subcontractors before I paid myself. There were many times I would have to wait on my physician clients to pay me, however it was unfair to make my subcontractors wait. I can't tell you how many times I had to use the old credit card and then pay it off when I received my paycheck. Being in this position, I have no tolerance for a company not paying on time.
But that's not IC is it? The company suggesting a time I mean.
If there are turn around times can't you work anytime then? I don't know what to suggest, either work weekends when you do not have to or find a new job? But is there true IC anywhere where there is work all the time on your chosen days and times within the TAT. Or are all the companies like this? I'd certainly like to hear feedback on that.