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That "better producer" phrase sounds like -

Posted By: a good DAIRY-COW. on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: I am not management. - lmnop


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"better companies?????" to Former SPI
I agree that there might be better companies out there, but where in the heck are they. I have applied and tested with over 50 companies and have yet to find a job.

Here is a little bit about my situation. My husband is active duty Air Force and has to leave for training in March. We have a daughter and cannot afford daycare. I worked at a military hospital until last night. I desperately need to find work, because if I don't find a job soon, we will be in major trouble financially. We are already at risk for our house getting foreclosed on comes August.
"Bigger" is almost NEVER "better".
Medware or Transcend? any suggestions on which is "better"-sm
I received a similar offer from both companies, so just curious about software, ease of use, dictators, management, etc. 
If you are a high producer (400+ lph) do you have to
even after you make your line count at Spheris?
Well, I was a high producer when given accounts that -sm
were easy to build lots of large templates for. Although I must say that was rather boring. Now I have more challenging work that I really like, keeps my mind stimulated, but alot of it is state-of-the-art oncology for a couple different clients, and their work just doesn't lend itself to templates, or even very many macros. Also more time is spent finding info. on drugs & equipment that is often too new to be in the Stedman's books.

Although I'm sticking to my production commitment, on this type of work I need more lines/day to live on. So although I'm supposed to work an 8-hour day, 5 days a week, lately it's turned into a 10-12 hour day, 6 days a week.

I AM interested in learning new things, the more specialties I'm doing, the happier and more well-rounded an MT I am. But I think if that variety results in slowing me down, if my work is still coming in accurately transcribed, it should pay better.

I think that as a supervisor, you would find more people interested in taking on more challenges if they were REWARDED for doing so, instead of PENALIZED by a reduction in take-home pay.

yikes. i am a high producer. with the changes at Q,
my pay has taken a HUGE cut, so I hate to jump from the frying pain into the fire. I transcribe and edit, and I am definitely feeling the pinch and have to decide this weekend. Thanks for the info...much appreciated
Their pay is the pits unless you're a heavy producer. nm
I am a slower but accurate producer, around 1000 sm
lines in 8 hours. Are there any companies out there that would value me as an employee?  Seems like everyone wants 1200 lines or better or you are out the door.
That is way low! I also transcribe for a producer, verbatim, non-medical,
any typist could do it (unlike MTing) and I get $100 per 1 hour of dictation. That's ridiculous.
I googled name & phrase but may be too old sm
probably old info but may be able to catch up with her  LINK click 
What is considered a "high producer" at Transcend? Everyone has talked so much about it, what
Oh Good God. It's an ancient phrase that
was based on fact because that was how their culture was. They believed in trading for things, etc. That doesn't make it RACIST. This kind of overreacting to stuff like this is why when something really is racist, we aren't taken seriously about objecting to it.
"Make her an IC" - very telling phrase!
Your phrase expresses precisely the travesty I'm talking about.

What you're saying, in essence, is that they might 'make her start up her own business', because that's what being an IC really is - being in business for yourself.

If I were to knock on your door, grab you in a headlock and tell you that I was forcing you to start up a hot dog vending business, how many nanoseconds would it take you to call the police (and probably the men with a butterfly net, too!)?

This is just disgusting - on about six different levels.
To re-phrase: The bullies are the big, wealthy
companies going after a non-wealthy employee whom they deem as someone who will be unable to stand up to them. They know this person has no means to pay a big settlement (which they know they're not going to get, anyway). I think they and others just like them are trying to shut up the whistle-blowers who are being exploited by an increasingly dishonest and underhanded industry. (Not unlike what the insurance industry and most of the health care industry have become, these days). If they can shut up the whistle-blowers, they can prevent the truth from getting out to the general public, and can continue with 'business as usual'.
Need detailed info on DSG. It is stable work for a high producer? nm
no name, learn this phrase: "Would you like fries with that?" nm
"Used to work there" is the operative phrase....they are currently
hiring (again) because they are trying to fill positions for a huge new account starting in 2 weeks.
In the MT field, I associate the phrase "Indian-
in which case it's most DEFINITELY apropos.

Racist? Perhaps.

Appropriate to the situation?
I liked the phrase "to suffer to work"
I think it pretty much sums up life! But it does also sure sound like we should be being paid for waiting for work to roll in, specifically mentioning a secretary waiting for dictation.
ha!!! I knew it. I QA'd a few reports and every common phrase was wrong.
Anyone know of a really good online Radiology word/phrase

resource site?  TIA.

Anyone familiar with that phrase?? Even looked it up on the WWW but nothing except band names etc..

sure sounds swell. Sounds like 2350 ln/day @ 4 cents/ln=$90./day
in order to figure how many line needs to be produced to make $500 per pay period. ie, how many lines an hour needed per 8 hour day --at your rate.

So say $450 a week would be $90 a day.
For example, if making 4 cents a line,need 2,250 lines a day, 281 an HOUR (to listen through and edit) to make this great wage of $90. a day FOR ALL THIS SAME SKILL, TO KEEP UPDATED WITH CHANGING MEDICAL COMMUNITY. nope Better at Jack-in-Box Pass it up.
Sounds like it and it sounds like you must tell them when they will be and no change them. Wonder
what you do when there is no work. Well, there will be a lot of problems with this whole plan if they dont get things straightened out with this no work situation.
Sounds like I'm the same age as you!
Sounds like she was trying to -sm
make you quit - probably because they overhired and have too many people. She probably thought she could bully you out the door and have one less person to have to deal with. I wonder if she treats others like that too.
I bet so. Sure sounds like them!!
Sounds like
SM - Sounds like you...

must know this owner pretty well to be bashing him this way.  How is it you have come to such an opinion?  Did you work in an office with him?  I would be very anxious to hear more of your scholarly declarations such as the answer to ending world hunger and obtaining world peace?  Please, tell us more oh "wise" one....

exactly what I was trying to say! It sounds like they sm
are on the right track! Good luck to them.
That sounds exactly like OSi.
sounds like mq
There is always someone telling everyone what excellent accounts they have, perfect sound, TONS of work....hmmmm....well, I guess it's nice that SOMEBODY is going to be able to pay the rent cause it sure ain't me.

Sounds about right, maybe even a little low. nm
Sounds low to me (sm)
I made $3.00 page several years ago.  With wages lowering each and every day for the MTs, maybe someone else would like to share their thoughts.  Good luck!
It sounds like they are not
very technical-savvy if they need MTs to come in for training! I'd be looking elsewhere.
They can only say no, but it sounds like they can't...
...afford to lose you. YOU are in the catbird seat. Ask for the raise. Really. Do it, and best of luck.
Sounds like BTS in MA. sm
They will take 6 weeks to send you a paycheck for 2 weeks pay, trim 30% off your line counts to supposedly cover headers/footers, and stiff you for your last check if you leave. Leave while you are ahead if it is them.
wow. Sounds like you been there, done that. Thanks for

This sounds like a
Sounds like she might need some
Sounds like
Sounds like a really nice gift. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail LOL
Sounds like
it might be what they call a vacation -- I wouldn't know really though, haven't had one in so long.
Sounds like...
the company I work for now meets those criteria.  Email me if you'd like.
This sounds exactly like the what the
well trained office staff is supposed to say to negativity about the company. I worked for TC for awhile and learned the ins and outs. If you don't mind being overworked, underpaid, all the cherrypicking going on and don't question anything then this is a great company to work for. Not to mention if you are on the CEOs good side and work in the office you get paid trips to Disneyland for your whole family, and can give the MTs as much grief as you want and nothing is said. But if you do mind all this stuff, then as the first poster said run as fast as you can.
Sounds like....
OMG! Sounds just like MQ! lol
Sounds just like what my sm
husband has through work only the deductible is 1000.00 for in network, 2000.00 out of network. No payout until deductible is met,except for office visits. Unfortunately, only one of my doctors is in his network. None of my specialists are. And, the PPO network is very restricted. But we do have prescriptions. It used to be John Deere Healthcare. Now it is United Healthcare.
It sounds rather -
Thank you...that sounds better!
I could definitely live with that! I'm glad I asked more questions. Is Carlotta nice to talk to? That's who I would be speaking with and she seems nice. Do you get samples or are able to see old reports for the ESLs or any difficult dictator? That helps a lot, too. Thank you!
sounds like maybe........
the police should get involved in this case.  Too bad I do not know her, or I would definitely think about getting her and that other lady SOME jail time! Would serve them right, and then throw away the key!
Sounds like one to me