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Transcend? Keystrokes? Good or bad?

Posted By: MQ Barely on 2008-02-14
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Does anyone know anything about this company?  Keystrokes? 

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Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
We heard Transcend is buying Keystrokes next. I'm not working for Transcend. No Way !
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

Is Transcend a good company with a good platform to work on. They are advertising.

I am tired of hearing about MQ. Everytime someone posts something (almost every time) it reverts to being a MQ bashing.  I think if there are so many disillusioned MTs at MQ, then perhaps the Administrator needs to make a new board one for all the unhappy MQ MT's, because I know most of us are all tired of reading how unhappy the MQ MT's are, and if they are so unhappy find another job.  It's not as if MT jobs cannot be found. A good MT can find a job!  I have 2, with 2 different companies and I love both companies and I make good money with both companies.  I work for Transcend, and think they are a great company, and also Keystrokes, and are equally as wonderful.  Lee could not be nicer to work for at Keystrokes, she is honest and upfront about everything. 

And if you keep your butt in the chair, you can make money!  Give MQ MTs their own board please!

No, Keystrokes did not sell to Transcend.
Not sure how all these rumors get out. Ridiculous
Keystrokes or Transcend....anyone have an opinion?

All input is appreciated.  Need to make a decision some time today.  Pros and cons for both, so looking for insight from those who have worked for either or both.


Thanks in advance!

keystrokes does not use offshore help, transcend
uses it a lot- one day you have work, the next day its slim pickins' - and you are left holding no paycheck. Transcend is ruthless and cares nothing about its MLS. It is just there for the dollar and you have to slave over a horrible platform, doing more clerical functions to get far less lines. My advice is to run from Transcend - masters of deceit- as fast as you can.
Not true. Transcend tried to buy Keystrokes last year. sm
Keystrokes owners turned them down as they are not interested in selling and they are against offshore transcription. They are getting as big as Transcend, maybe even bigger, and they treat their employees a heck of a lot better!

Where do you get these rumors from? Not from anyone who knows.
Keystrokes is not as large as Transcend but they might be in the next few years. sm
Transcend has grown because they keep buying other companies, and Keystrokes does not do that. They have grown every year and still do because of getting new accounts and keeping the accounts they have.

Keystrokes is not in the $50M range; last I heard they were at $15M and will be in the $25M this year due to new accounts. They are very open about this, and also about the fact that they do not take on too much at once just for the sake of growing. They make sure that they are ready first.

Are they the perfect company? No, but they are better than any I have worked at since YOG. I have been at Keystrokes for 3 years. They continue to improve every year and have really worked through the issues they used to have including the insurance. The first year I worked for them, they were an OK company, the second year they were good, and this third year, they are great.

I am impressed with them because they still treat their employees as if they are a small company; we are not just a number to them. I am also impressed that they give more to their employees every year instead of taking things away, like a lot of other companies are doing.

I am happy at Keystrokes, as are over 400 of us. For those that are not or did not like working there in the past, I hope you find the company that works best for you.

Different strokes for different folks, but I have found the company that is best for me and plan on staying!
Transcend, Spheris, Keystrokes, Softscribe can

anybody give me the good and bad about these companies, as well as the platforms they use?  I'm thinking about adding on some part-time work to compensate for the lack of work at current MTSO.  I know there are a lot of companies out there, but these four seem to be discussed a lot.  However, it's hard to compare them when you have to jump all around the boards to find out information.  If anybody has other MTSOs besides these four that I should stay away from or definitely submit a resume to, please post that too.


Transcend, Spheris, Keystrokes, Softscribe can

anybody give me the good and bad about these companies, as well as the platforms they use?  I'm thinking about adding on some part-time work to compensate for the lack of work at current MTSO.  I know there are a lot of companies out there, but these four seem to be discussed a lot.  However, it's hard to compare them when you have to jump all around the boards to find out information.  If anybody has other MTSOs besides these four that I should stay away from or definitely submit a resume to, please post that too.


transcend good or bad?

Seriously - can anyone give me some info about Transcend?   How is management?  How is QA?  How is the work - enough or not enough to keep busy?Would like to hear from MTs working for them now or have worked for them.  

IMO - Transcend is as good as it gets!
I have worked for Transcend for 3+ years. I have also worked for other LARGE outsourcing companies and on-site for different medical facilities.

In my opinion, Transcend is at the top of the heap as far as professionalism and ethical standards are concerned. The company has grown substantially since I started and they continue to provide their employees improvements to the benefit packages every year.

Their typing/editing platform is state of the art, and to go with it is excellent training and prompt top-notch support when you need it. This is not something I have received anywhere else.

If you are a competent medical language specialist capable of doing a broad spectrum of work types, you WILL NEVER run out of work.

If work work third shift and meet your productivity requirements, YOU WILL ALWAYS get work before any off-shore personnel (if that exists on an account you are assigned to -- it's the customer's choice, not Transcend's).

In addition, if you need help with anything, your management team is just an email away! No long curious waits, here!!

If you are capable of learning the ESL and challenging dictators, you will end up doing transcription because those don't usually get processed through the editing platform, so if that's your cup o' tea, that is always an option, which is a profitable option I have taken advantage of, myself.

BOTTOM LINE -- If you are having such a hard time with a company such as Transcend, I doubt you will be happy anywhere. I know first hand that Transcend respects good employees and takes care of them well.

Good for Keystrokes
I am disabled and am so grateful for companies that are sensitive. MQ was not (what a surprise). What platform does Keystrokes use?
Transcend - good, bad, middle?
Anyone care to comment? They have oncology work and it's my thang...
I had a good experience with Transcend
I had to leave for personal reasons.  I can say though the training was adequate.  The people were very nice and communicative.  The pay was not bad at all and actually better than most companies.  Unfortunately I am not allowed to discuss what the pay was because it is not allowed to be discussed.  I would say so go for it.  The recruiter was really nice and answered all of my questions.  If she did not know the answer, she got it fairly quickly.  I dont' have a bad thing to say.  They do pay on time. 
transcend used to be good but they got too greedy -
too many Indians, too much crappy voice recognition that is not even close, a horrible platform that has multiple problems, line counts that are always a hours to a day late (reminds me of another company where no matter what I did I could never get over 1000 lines over the required minimum counts), and the nastiest ROMs in the business. You can have your transcend.
Transcend...good bad and ugly

Would like any current info on them.....Got hired and would like to know if it is worthwhile to take the job or not.


Transcend is a good place...
I always try to post this:  The recruiter is excellent.  She's awesome...  The equipment came fast.  I had a death in the family during training.  They totally understood and was going to hire me back, but the need they had were different than the days I could commit to, but I highly recommend Transcend.  They even started me higher than any other company I had contact with at that time.  This was about 3 years ago. 
Is Keystrokes a good company to

work with.  I read about negative notes, but it sounds like they were all coming from the same person.  Need serious feedback.

I would go with Keystrokes, had a good experience
with them, I left for my own reasons, nothing to do with them at all, they were great. Above poster is right, stay away from Landmark, I had the same experience with them.
Keystrokes - good, bad, and ugly

Would anyone be so kind as to give me some insight into this company?    In the past everything I've read about it was pretty good, but I'm not really able to pull up anything recent.  Thanks a bunch. 

Keystrokes, need info. Good? Bad?
Any info would be appreciated.
Keystrokes definitely a good one - work there now
Had a nightmare experience with TT. Have heard DeVenture is a good one but no personal experience.
Keystrokes - good news!
I was so excited and wanted to share my good news.  I've read many helpful posts on this board about Keystrokes and what a good company it is, so I decided to apply.  I tested with them over the weekend and heard back from her in a matter of hours, asking to set up a phone interview with me about a job offer.  Yay! 
well Keystrokes isn't a fit for everyone so good luck wherever you go....:)
Keystrokes is a good one...I love it there...
and only employee positions...
Keystrokes has good FTE benefits
So sorry about you losing your job, and I hope you find something you enjoy quickly. 
Keystrokes is a VERY good company....sm

I work on the clinic accounts, always busy, always LOTs of work, but of course any experienced MT knows it takes a little longer to type your line requirements on clinic work, it is a LOT of work for me, but I love it and I love my account.  I finally love my MT career again. I was in total burn out before with all of these companies I applied, was hired with....such awful accounts most of them nowadays, that the good work is going offshore with MOST companies. 

All I can say is that I am happy and when the day comes that I have to change jobs again, that will be the end for me as an MT.  Getting too old and tired for all this. :)

Anyone worked at Keystrokes, Good, Bad???
Just wanted some information about Keystrokes to see if anyone works there and likes it.  Thanks.
Transcend... any comments, good, bad or ugly? TIA...nm
Is Transcend a good company to work for? nm
A bit strong. Transcend is good depending
I have worked with them in the past and returned 3 months ago. I am on a really really difficult ESL account, and I am having a learning curve to get to my full-time lines. But, the team lead and my regional manager have been a safety net for me by being very supportive and always addressing my concerns. I must say my account is not for the faint of heart, but the Beyond TXT is fine for me and I am getting there. The major reason why I am sticking out the learning process is because of my supervisor is so supportive and flexible with me taking longer to get my lines. I just about make my bills, and did not make the sign on bonus which is a negative. However, I will stick it out b/c I know that I can do it and make good money here. If you can do ESL and get a good supportive supervisor I would suggest you give it a serious consideration. I do believe there is money to be made at this company and there are a lot of people who have been there many many years. Good luck to you.
Looking for work, is Transcend a good choice
to apply to? 
Thinking of going with Keystrokes but need to know if this is a good move
Can anyone tell me anything about Keystrokes? Good to work for, personal, friendly, organized, plenty of work, etc. I really do not want to jump into another bad situation after just getting out of one for the last 8 years. Any info is greatly appreciated.
I recommend Keystrokes also, good experience with them.
Is Keystrokes a good company to work for. nm
I agree. Keystrokes is a good company that sm
really does care about its employees. I have been there a long time (7 years) so I have seen them grow from small to large. There have been a lot of changes through the years, all positive, and if someone is not there now, they really do not know what is what. This year alone, we have added benefits including PTO that posts quarterly so that you do not have to wait a year, paid life insurance, dental insurance, additional life insurance to purchase and vision insurance. These are in addition to great health insurance that only went up $8 compared to my husband's company that went up $180 per month, Aflac, 401k and other benefits.

Yes, there are a lot of happy people working there but not every company is for every company.

Did they have a lot of problems back 7 years ago, 5 years ago, etc? They did but they worked through them and improved themselves and continue to do so.

I make great money, have steady work with very few exceptions and have great benefits. I was remembered with a card at Christmas, every birthday and with a gift each MT Week. I have received little thank you gifts here and there, get OT pay when asked to work it and do not get bothered as long as I do my job. Their standards are high but their pay is higher than most as well.

THAT is why there are so many happy people at Keystrokes. If the company didn't work out for you or you didn't work out for the company, it may be time to try them again as things are always changing for the better. If you did not work out for them, tell them that you can improve as well. I bet they'd listen and consider that.

Are they perfect? No, but they are as close to a perfect job as I need and want. As long as they keep improving and not making bad changes, I will stay until I retire in 8 years.
Transcend offshores, so I have a pretty good idea...
where the 40-50 reports are disappearing during *your* night (*their* day shift).

DSG supposedly doesn't offshore, so darned if I know why we keep running out of work, though I'm guessing just plain old overhiring; no doubt of displaced MTs from other offshoring companies, so it affects everybody, regardless of whether the MTSO actually offshores or not.
Reply to Is Keystrokes a good company to work for
I have been in this business for 15+ years and I can honestly say, I have worked for quite a few different companies (Heartland - THE WORST OUT THERE; Softscript, about as bad and Spheris was so/so) and Keystrokes IS THE BEST!!!  I love my account and my supervisor and they do NOT hassle you as long as you are working. I have never heard a negative thing from anyone in the company yet!  I get paid on time and have taken time off in the last 3 months I have worked for them!  I SAY GO FOR IT!!   Okay, I will get off my  now!!   Anyway.. Keystrokes ROCKS!!
I honestly hope you will have a good experience with Keystrokes

I'm sure that not all the supervisors were as hyper as the one I had - she drove me crazy, wanting me to work practically 24/7. The last couple of months I was there, during a 63-day period, I only had 3 real days off where I didn't work at least a couple of hours which ended up turning into five or six. Add that to working 10-12 hours during my 8-hour work days, and I just plain got burnt out.

But that was only one particular client (if you would like the name, please email me). I am sure there were other clients that she could have given me, but she kept assuring me that this was the best client she had.

So I would just say make sure your lead is 1) looking out foryou and 2) telling you the truth (the third time I caught mine in a lie, I quit).

Good luck!

Keystrokes clinic MTs, do you make good money?

IME it's hard to make good money doing clinic when paid by the line; some of the notes are only two sentences long.  Just wondering if it's any better at Keystrokes, i.e., good combination of short and long notes.

Transcend sends all the good work to India and leaves all the
garbage for the MTs in the States so they can keep the indian slime working. n donkeys are that do the work. Transcend is not a good place to work
Keystrokes has new insurance (finally) that is reasonable and good coverage. sm
The cost for a single person is $404 per month but they pay 1/2, so it is $202 or $101 per pay check (1st and 15th). I received my papers and card and rx card last week and the coverage is better than the BCBS that I had with others. $20 per visit co-pay, instead of $50.
That's good news. I love Keystrokes, and I hate to think of them selling. sm
The people are great, and I truly feel that I have finally found a home.  Still, business is business.  I have a friend who has been with Transcend for years and is very happy there, but I want no part of it.  I plan on working until I'm 70, so I'm crossing my fingers that the bottom does fall out for me before then. 
Keystrokes....very flexible, tons of work, great leads, good pay...
I love it there...
Ditto for Keystrokes. The two companies seem very similar. Congratulations on finding a good place
It is nice to know that there are growing companies who treat their employees well. Keystrokes is the closest I have come to YOG and that says a lot!
Minimum lines for FT used to be 60,000 keystrokes a day, about 925 lines. Pay was good. Just not a
Transcend bought MDI, so if Transcend sends work offshore, so does MDI. nm
keystrokes ad..can someone tell keystrokes their banner ad needs a hyphen...quality-minded