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And exactly what are your qualifications that you

Posted By: feel you can tell an owner how to run her company? on 2006-01-02
In Reply to: LOL ... you win the kewpie doll. I wouldn't say "nuts," but definitely eccentric. sm - Dreaming MT


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job qualifications
Hi, I'm only three weeks from finishing my transcription classes and the majority of the job postings I see require 2+ years in acute experience. What kind of job settings are there for beginning like myself? Thank you!
job qualifications
Definitely go with a hospital at first.  You will not make the money working from home without experience.  You get paid by how much you type and how fast you can do it.  You will be disappointed in your pay.  Go with someone who is going to pay you an hourly wage at first.  You will need as much experience as you can get.
what qualifications did you have when you first started. do you still do MT?
150-200 e-mails a day? regarding? i have worked for years and have rarely e-mailed a supervisor for anything. what sorts of questions can be ongoing on a daily basis?

i don't want to call HR department until i am sure i qualify so that's why i asked what requirements are necessary to supervise.
Is QA supervisory? What were your qualifications to get into QA that leads to supervision?
Where do you plan to go from QA?
While you're questioning qualifications for govt' office
How about Nagin, who had no updated disaster plan in place and blamed the federal government for his lack of expertise and experience?

How about Blanco who was told by none other than the Bush administration to start evacuation proceedings days before she ever did?

Tunnel vision, anyone?