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Posts deleted - Stop with the name-calling. (SM)

Posted By: Moderator on 2006-01-02
In Reply to: LOL ... you win the kewpie doll. I wouldn't say "nuts," but definitely eccentric. sm - Dreaming MT

You don't have to agree but stop with name calling and disrespectful posts. Stop naming names.


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Why have all the posts been deleted that said they
didn't see anything wrong with this?
Were there some posts deleted here?
It's real confusing ... however, my 2 cents? There's no possible way you could reach 100K a year at 8 cpl. Anyone who says they do is fibbing, IMO, or else they never sleep or eat and just transcribe all hours of the day.

At 8 cpl, assuming we're talking the standard 65-char. line, I think you'd be doing quite well to reach $30K a year. JMO.
Why did so many posts from yesterday get deleted?

I have deleted the posts about errors. (SM)
We do not need grammar, punctuation, or spelling police on this board.


I think you got your wish - message from Goldbird- posts deleted
and I think that the only thing that is not allowed is offshore companies soliciting on the boards, I am pretty sure that there are offshore transcriptionists on here.  They can certainly lurk, but I think there is some posting, too.
Posts deleted and troll banned.
If you find other troll posts, please use "Report Message" button at the upper right corner (blue strip)of a message to report it to moderators.

Thanks for your help.
You will not get any straight answers here. All my posts from yesterday were deleted. Some Dr. Ahm
from Pakistan supposedly owns or owned this company now. Go to MTStars.net to see what is being said and then you can make up your own mind. From being on here yesterday, I have no clue as to owns this NEW COMPANY. No one has identified themselves.
No, I'm just sick of the nasty posts so I deleted the entire thread.

It's really quite unbecoming of some of you and is not tolerated.

Guess you missed the part about deleted posts. Sorry, can't repeat again
Posts deleted. Thread turned political. Take political
discussion to the Politics forums.
Well that is real mature, calling me a rimrod. Why the name calling?
I am not telling everyone to leave this site. I gave info about MTSTars.net to let us, who have been on this site MTStars.com for many years to make up their own minds. YESTERDAY, I never got a straight answer about the owner of this board and now I know, but I was in the middle of asking questions earlier and my posts kept getting deleted. I was not calling anyone names, like YOU have and I am not insuling anyone like YOU have. NOT offshoring? Well he is from Pakistan am I right? I still do not know the truth. Can you supply me with more information about Dr. Ahmed?
Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
stop and full stop
that reminds me of a doctor who had his own very unique word for period...he called it a "perikat".  All through the report...Perikat... perikat.... LOL
I deleted it through the (sm)
Control Panel.  Hope this helps.
Gone? Not so sure. Deleted? Definitely.
I deleted the message. nm
my post was deleted
all i did was tell the truth about her bad language in an email to me.  it was the truth and based on fact.  are we not allowed to post true events?
I know - my comment was deleted
.....I guess if you own the board you can delete anything you don't like being said about yourself.  So much for freedom of speech.
Deleted lines.
I do not count it if it is just a sentence or two. If it is say a whole note, or close to it, I do count it and send a note stating what I did.
This is a deleted website????
I had that problem and went in and deleted the ...
printer and then went back in and re-installed it and now it works. Good luck.
There were 2 or 3 other answers here that got deleted - sm
for some reason, they certainly were not offensive, so it is a bit weird. But what they said is NO! Not unless you work an awful lot (i.e. 7 days, probably 12-14 hour days). So yeah you could do it but you'd have no life, no husband either in the long run and no sanity.
Was this post deleted?
Messages deleted??
I really want to thank all you wonderful people who have tried to help me today. I am wondering what happened to all of the posts though, as I am only seeing a few of the many that were earlier this afternoon. Did the administrator delete some of them? If so, why?
Yes they get deleted. The need to post the
Selling business deleted?
May I ask why the selling business messages were all deleted?  Was something said that should not have been?  Just curious so that if I said something I do not do it again. 
I have no clue why my reply to you was deleted!
It was a friendly, I'm sorry you're going thru this, been there, done that post! This is beyond silly! Anyhooo, guess its not worth answering posts if they just get edited for no reason at all!  Maybe lots of others have answered you as well, but they disappear in a flash!
Moderator and everybody else, my apology was DELETED. sm
I had wrote an apology for coming across so nasty earlier and I am sure that the gals that were involved in this post read it before somebody deleted it and decided to give me a warning. 
Moderator, can I ask why my first apology was deleted?nm
We all saw it and all it said was sorry for coming across so nasty.
news items get deleted

you missed them - they got deleted by the administrator nm
oops-thought I deleted the ads from that..sm
sorry, I did delete one advertisement and then upon posting - I see there are 2 or 3 more ads in the post from dictionary dot com - SORRY folks :(
Why was question about Healthcare Associated deleted?
It appears to have been deleted. I forget - sm
which board it was on, this one or gab? Anyways, I had said to possibly use call blocking to block your sister, or to unplug your phone for 15 minutes or so during the period she calls you back. I remember someone else suggested having her number blocked but have her calls forwarded to a cell phone if you have one. I'd look into another phone line as suggested below; they are not that expensive (get it with no LD, just the basics and use it for your virtual call center if you can). You can write off the cost of your phone lines on your taxes on Sch. C, so they do help offset your taxes some. Or you could just try to do an extra 300-500 lines a month to cover the cost of the phone line. Good luck.
I did post a site, but it was deleted???
I don't get it.
My bad...I guess thread was deleted.

It is really irritating to have the replies deleted
It is the other huge MT website but one other time I put the name on here and they deleted it. This

is actually the first time I have really seen a lot of people on that website rip MQ because usually they have nice things to say. There are a lot of very unhappy MQrs right now.

You are starting up again. Admin had deleted you before and now you start up again. sm
You are pitiful.
Reply deleted -- do not post names. (NM)
My original post has been deleted, read this...
How can you give positive, sound advice to someone who may not live in the same area as you. Every state is different. As far as being afraid for our jobs, yeah, there should be a certain amount of fear, because as an IC you could wake up one morning and your job be gone. Same as employee, I understand, but there does not have to be a reason to let you go as an IC. I am a VERY professional MT who takes my job seriously and I do have a bit of fear at times, I have kids to raise. You cannot tell her that she is not savvy on her own company, she was only asking some questions. I thought that is what this board was for, to ask questions. How could you find anything someone asks amusing or disgusting....maybe you should search into the term "professional" and maybe you are not so savvy in your own company. :)
I don't know but if by MTSO, half the messages would be deleted
I just posted a response here and WHY was it deleted? It was not insulting
I was just asking why everyone seems to be so unkind as this person does and just asked for moderators. The nasty posts should be deleted, not questions pertaining to that. Makes no sense to me.
Part was cut off. Deleted it from the hard drive. I would
like to get this working so I can test with other places.  If not, I dont know what to do.  I have an Infinity foot pedal and it works fine on DQS so I dont want to go out and buy foot pedals not knowing what to buy and if it will work.  Hopefully this tech guy will have an answer since he works for the company I am testing for. 
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

I dont want this whole link deleted so they are saying exactly the same thing about being asked to
work and have many backups and no work. Same exact thing. Probably many more that dont come on here that are just as upset.
Administrator, 'Sam' is still posting on the other boards. Can't those ads be deleted? nm
Her post was deleted and was talking about audio transcription something or other.
Need help on tech board before my post is deleted a third time. Thanks. nm


PLEASE HELP!! Just accidentally deleted 1 hour file in Word...sm
It wasn't one I was currently working on.  Is there a way to recover it??
Thread on Jax Transcription is actually on the company board and not deleted.
Apparently no one has any information, just speculation.