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I am not and was not bashing her and all that. sm

Posted By: Dreaming MT on 2006-01-02
In Reply to: I worked for Signal as well and Signal and MDI-MD - are the 2 best companies I have ever

  I was just trying to vent with colleagues over some of my frustrations.  I didn't call her names, nor did I suggest that she is a bad person in any way.   My only complaint with her is that she never admits she is wrong and never says I am sorry.  But that was yesterday and this is today.  I have vented and I'm fine.  I really didn't mean to stir up such a hornet's nest.  I have no ill will or whatever.  I just sometimes feel that there is a lot of talk about professionalism, but sometimes it is just talk. 

I never worked for Signal, but I love MDI, and I do not think, as some have suggested, that she goes around deliberately overhiring, nor do I think she is nuts.   She may be a bit eccentric, but we all are, I suppose, in our own way.   If nothing else, she is a good businesswoman, and that just wouldn't make sense to deliberately cause so many MTs to be miserable with no work.    I have to assume there is some kind of plan in the works.   I do believe she cares about the MTs and making sure there is enough work.

I wish this thread would be deleted -- it was just a frustrated plea for a sympathetic "ear," but now has turned into some meanspirited bashing, which I never wanted.

My apologies to all for being a part of it in any way

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You most certainly WERE bashing.
Otherwise you would not have come on a public message board and posted what you did.  It was rude and unprofessional and as I said in another post, I hope she finds out who you are and FIRES you.  How ungrateful you are. 
I don't know why all the bashing sm
on this board when against people who have done this for years and years. If a company calls you to ASK you to do a stat or whatever, you can always say no. I have done MT almost 40 years and I am not yet 60....will be soon. It is the way the business is.

The only way to get out of this is to work in-house and there are not many of those jobs left. Personally for the money that most in-house jobs pay, I would rather work for the MTSO at home.

Not everybody who does MT has that spouse with the second income and they have to work and do what they have to do. My hubby and I have made it work for 36 years. Kids are now grown and gone and have homes and careers of their own and never suffered. My husband and I worked it so that, most of the time, if one was working the other wasn't so the kids didn't have to have a babysitter. There were times when we did use babysitters, etc but we tried our best not to.

There shouldn't be "bashing" on either end BUT, I believe there are many MTs that don't have years of experience that dont' understand this is the business. You have to work when the work is there.

Keep doing what you are doing and you wont' have to worry about work. I never have had to in all the years I have done MT except for the usual holiday type slow downs. Even with all the Mt going to India, etc, I think there is always still going to be a place for MTs with lots of experience. Just my opinion.
Bush bashing
Administrator-- could we please have all the Bush bashing placed on the political board where it belongs????
Here's my take (I'm not in the mood for bashing, either!)

I enjoy belonging to AAMT because they keep me informed about what is going on in the industry. I live in a rather rural area and we do have a small component chapter in our area which I also like, as it helps me stay connected with people in this profession in my particular area (networking).  Our meetings are not held on Saturdays, so the other poster who said that may have experienced that, but not in my area. 

I do enjoy going to the symposiums--they are not that expensive and I learn a great deal as well as network with other people in my state.  That is priceless, in my opinion.

I also like being involved with a professional association, as I take my profession seriously and want to associate myself with the professional association, and AAMT is it in that regard.  If there were other choices, I might feel differently. 

Are they perfect?  Heck, no!  But, the members do elect the people who make the decisions and therefore I feel my voice does get heard.  Do they always do what I want?  No, but no organization would, as everyone has different opinions. 

I think it is a personal choice.  I've been in MT for 25+ years and a member of AAMT for the past 12.  I make a very good wage, and yes, I do get compensated for my CMT, though I understand many do not.  I am proud to be a member and plan to keep up my membership as long as I feel my needs are being met which is networking, continuing education, etc. 

MT Bashing by nurses

I found this on a nurse's blog - they were talking about MT mistakes they found in charts...

Nurse #1:
I tried to get a job as a medical Transcriptionist for extra money, and no one would hire me because my 15 years experience of direct patient care does not qualify me to be a transcriptionist. Oh really? Or, I guess I mean, Owe Reilly?

Nurse #2:

I have no idea why they wouldn't let you work as a transcriptionist - what sort of special training would you need that you wouldn't already have?! It might be a good way to make ends meet if there came a point where a nurse couldn't stand up for so long anymore. It doesn't seem like it would take much in the way of critical thinking skills...

We don't use critical thinking skills?  Darn, then maybe I should look into the career opportunities at Burger King...


Don't turn this into a Bush bashing


That's not bashing? Coulda fooled me.
Wasn't bashing you Nana!
I just thought my post might come off like that LOL. Guess I was sort of agreeing with you! Didn't want it to sound wrong since I attached it to yours!
what's wrong with my typing? Are the bashing
and insults starting for lack of logic?
LOL..i wasn't bashing you..just found it interesting.
Why are you bashing her for making a sacrifice for her family first?
Good grief!
bush bashing? Do you like paying 5 bucks a gallon for gas? NM

get a life.

No, I need to work with some coworkers with "class", not low rental boss-bashing cats!

And what I love the most - if Frank himself called one of them, or actually walked up to them in an office, they'd fall all over him, gushing about how great he is to work for! Guaranteed! Its just so "catty" to claw his eyes out on an anonymous message board and giggle, giggle, giggle. I'd be saying the same thing to their faces as well, except I'd probably be their supervisor and would be canning their catty behinds.