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Is this service in Wisconsin???

Posted By: WI MT on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Boss sent me a nasty email, I replied and proved she was wrong, and yet no apology. sm - Dreaming MT


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I'm in Wisconsin and I have Humana One (nm)

Portage, Wisconsin
RE: $2.32 in central Wisconsin
AccuStat Wisconsin
Does anyone know if they have clinic work? TIA!
Amphion in Wisconsin
Has anyone else got any feedback about Amphion out of Wisconsin? I was given this name by someone in response to my post and they spoke highly of this company. I just wondered what others have heard. Any info would be appreciated.
Amphion in Wisconsin
Thanks for getting back to me. Below is my "wish list." I have 15 years of experience in transcription and want to find a company that can offer:
1) Work weekdays from about 4 AM to 12 noon (but not assigned to a specific shift).
2) No mandatory weekends but can "plug in" on weekends and nights to make extra and do not have to get special permission.
3) Compensation by the page rather than the line if possible.
4) Assigned to one or two accounts that do not run out of work.
5) Accounts where doctors have normals (and getting paid for the normals).
6) Can use ShortHand word expander.
7) Have Microsoft Word - just a preference since I've used it before
8) Have done all specialties over the years but love oncology.
9) Prefer consults, discharges, H&Ps, etc.
10) Company provides hardware and software.
11) Paid benefits: Vacation (I get 10 days now), sick, holidays, 401K (matching would be wonderful), health insurance, et.

Obviously, this is a wish list and I can't imaging being able to find a company that can offer me all of the above, but these are the things that are of importance to me. I currently work for a service and do hospital oncology which I love, but am looking to make a change to a different service. I look forward to hearing back from you.
amphion in Wisconsin
Thanks for your reply. A few more questions if you have the time:

1. Did you have to go to their headquarters to train when you started or can someone who works from home be trained at home?
2. If you have to input patient name, medical record number, etc. for each report do you find it very time consuming and slows down your productivity?
3. How do you feel about the way you're treated routinely?
4. Are you happy with their compensation (payment per line, benefits, etc.)?
5. When you want to work overtime (over your 40 hour week) are you generally allowed to do so?
6. They require 12,000 lines minimum per pay period to be full time with benefits. Do you find it difficult to meet that requirement with the accounts that you have?
7. Do you like working on the Extent platform? I'm used to Microsoft Word and do not know how they compare.
8. Is their dictation usually clear?
9. Do a lot of the doctors have "normals" you can put in and be compensated for?

Thanks in advance for your time. Right now I can't think of anything else but if I do can I contact you again with questions?
Was this national in Wisconsin?
Just curious - I remember taking a radio button skills test and having to TX 4 files, and I passed, but decidend to go with another service.  If you did indeed not pass the skill set (but you don't REALLY know that you failed - just what they are telling you) - I would suggest brushing up with "Medical Terminology," by Davi Ellen Chabner and getting a Taber's Cyclopedic Dictionary (one that the nurses use).  Of course, I'm probably dating myself and there are better reference materials out there now - but those are what I used in college when I "almost" became a nurse.
I work for a company out of Wisconsin
I actually work for a company based out of Wisconsin. Are you happy with your benefits with Humana One.
46-year-old female - Wisconsin

I'm in Wisconsin. Go to www.talk.com to see if it's in your area.
RE: I was born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin!!
Encompass is based in Wisconsin
We have decided to add this to our current service not have a new service. It will be easier to sm

keep track of and will just be a different department. 

It looks like we will work out details over the next 6 months, talking with community college program directors as well as a few of the distance-learning course leaders to work on the recruiting end.

We will train current staff to mentor if they would like to do so and want to work in the office.

We are still working on production requirements, goals to set, pay, benefits and other fine details but we have 6 months to get it all in place with three months to pull it together after that with a tentative start date of 09/01/06.  We need to build the building as well, although that is already at the blueprint stage in a spot next to our current office. 

We did not want to cause flames and bashing by listing the company name as there are always so many negative people on this site, but we are national with over 200 transcriptionists, located outside of Chicago (40 miles west) and have the best team of transcriptionists around!

We will have an "official" announcement after the first of the new year. 

Thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions!

9 p.m. in northern Wisconsin and it's 82 and HUMID, oh dear..nm
AccuSTAT in Wisconsin. Great company, IC only. nm
AccuSTAT in Wisconsin is hiring for an ER account. See the Job Bank for specifics. IC position. NM
My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
I am not asking for a service, I AM the service looking for recorders
It is a service job and they should
help parents with small children and also the elderly. I think a normal healthy person with "more than a bag or 2" should not have them help them out to the car. It causes the cashier to have to bag, therefore delaying the progression of the line.
PS on Cox service
Did anyone ever receive any surprise charges from Cox, as this is what I plan to use to offer online service to others, i.e., long distance, etc.?
Do you have your own service? I ask because
that it is possible, especially since she has some educational background in the medical field. I certainly would not waste money on an MT course in this day and age (at least not if I am gauging the career opportunities available to MTs by what is said on this board).

I am NOT saying that just anyone can sit down and type, and being an MT is as easy as that. We all know that it is not. However, I was able to break into the field almost seven years ago by having a mentor from a local transcription company (I am in GA too, btw). If you are planning to provide her with work and review her work, provide feedback, etc., then there is no reason why she cannot do it, unless she is just not cut out for it, which you would both know pretty quickly. If she is cut out for it, then it sounds like it could be a great opportunity for both of you, if you are wanting to grow your business. If you are not going to do this for her, she will likely have a really hard time finding a job, unless someone else is willing to do so, and if you are working for someone other than yourself, then you likely do not receive a high enough rate to be able to pay her a decent wage and still earn something for editing/mentoring. (Certainly not saying that you don't -- I obviously have no idea what you make, but not many people who are transcribing for others make enough to share that way :).)
My service is actually going to be (sm)

Comcast here in the next couple weeks.  Verizon is offering a 30-day free trial.  In the meantime I will keep my cable internet just in case I'm not happy with Verizon.  My cable internet service has been very frustrating for me, as far as not being available at least once a week for a couple of hours, always during my normal working hours.  So, I guess it's worth a try. 

ASP Service
Finally :-)I am negotiating with one doctor to be my direct client. For that I need some ASP service where he can dial in as toll free and I can get dictations thru FTP. Anyone please recommend some best ASP with minimum per line cost & reliable. Thx!
do you still do this service?
If so, are you happy without the middle man?  Right now I don't have extra money to fall back on so maybe I should work PT with my present company and try do 1 account for now until I feel comfortable doing my own.
So what service do
you use for your car?
Could you tell me what the name of the service is?
You know, if it's "AT&T Small Business Plan" or something. I just want to ask for the right thing. About how much do you pay total for it? Thanks so much for the help!
Which service you are using?
I am interested, if it's .07/min.
Every service does it different.
I have found what is correct with one account, is wrong with another. Also, I try to give them what they want. They hired me for my help with their work and they are the boss. If I feel I am making good money, they can have it the way they want. If they want to be that picky, go ahead, as long as it is worth the money for me.
Have been looking into another service as well (sm)
I have Comcast and it is on and off sometimes, depends on if they are working on it. I am dreading the winter weather, because its out more than its on it seems. I looked into FiOS with Verizon, it is not available here yet, but their high speed is and they want a 2 year contract. Won't go that route to lock myself into something I may not be happy with, if u find something, let me know, but Comcast isn't the answer in Bucks County area
I don't know if it's possible with a service. nm
How's that for service?

A strange thing happened today.  My husband, who is a hospital-employed MT who works at home, got a phone call from a doc at the hospital.  It seems the dictation system was down, but he needed to dictate.  He proceeded to dictate over the telephone while hubby transcribed.  He dictated both an H&P and an OP note. 

It was strange, but kinda cool.   

LD Service
You may want to try magicJack (visit www.magicjack.com) - the service is $20 per year for unlimited long distance.  Phone plugs into your PC via USB port.
For the fax service on your
computer, you have to pay a monthly fee which can add up. If you do a lot of faxing, it may pay off. If you do not fax often, just buy a fax machine. Bought one for $39 recently, saved 70% at new egg.
AT&T is the worst service, but what else do you
expect. It is all handled by those dumb east indians that think they have everyone fooled by making up American names.
Not in the service but hubby is...sm
Im sorry that your husband is in such a mess but there are other ways of handling it. My husband is just finishing up a 20-year career and I know very well the things that go on. Your husband should have used his chain of command...that is what it is there for. My guess is he will get a court martial, probably go to the brig for a while, and get a dishonorable discharge.
Okay to work for more than one service.

Is it okay to work for more than one service at a time? Do you have to be IC to do that, or can you mix and match with employee status?  Is a small service better to work for, generally, than a national?  If you work for a clinic can you also work for a service at the same time? Thanks for any input.



Working for more than one service.
Thanks for all the input. I appreciate the help. I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket.

Sale of MT service
Can you please post contact info? Possibly very intereted here. Thanks
Looking for dependable DSL service
I have had Adelphia and now have Bellsouth both with connection problems. It seems everytime I turn around my internet is down and not in my area but with my puter. I have to use Bellsouth webmail cause my outlook is always getting hung up. I call and they have to set me up with a new ISP# to get connected again. Very frustrated. Anyone out there have a good DSL to recommend. TYIA.
IC vs SC vs Service continuation see sm....

I was reading the posts below....I've been an MT for 14 years with 22 years of medical experience.  I am working for less than 9 cpl on some of my accounts.  I would love an explanation of what the difference is between IC and SC.  I take work from another small company..they do not EMPLOY me nor do they offer me benefits but I have always assumed I was an IC in this case.  In reality I am subcontracting from them as they do not pay any taxes or anything for me, right?

I would love tips on how to increase my production.  The company I was working for lost my major account so I need to make some changes and would love to email with other MTs who could offer me some advice!

Thanks in advance!

That's all I will do. Every service I work for. nm
Unlimited LD Service - sm
I use Verizon Freedom.  I am wondering if anyone who uses this service and has had it for quite a while has had any problems with them, as in not wanting to cover their usage or receiving an expected phone bill for usage.  I use about 8 hours per day. 
I use an independent tax service myself.
He charges by the form and I have the usual business use of home and other deductions. It has never been more than $200. I can do it myself, but I like the fact that he guarantees if there are any questions or audits HE WILL represent me and be present for any questions. He has some sort of extra certification but I would have to pull out the old papers I have to know exactly what they were.
I had a doc tell me the other day that they were paying a service 7 cpl...


customer service

We tried for five solid weeks to get signed up with Vonage.  Wasted well over six full hours over the telephone (we just have a plain old residential house, some question of a second line coming out of the house, but no other complications) with 99% ESL's who could not communicate properly with us.  The savings were the carrot in front of our face, which is why we were so patient with having them try to get us set up, but because of one fiasco after another with JUST TRYING TO GET US SET UP, we decided it was not worth it.  We will wait until it has been perfected.  Also the 9-1-1 was a very important factor, as was Privacy Manager for us.    Weigh your options.  Best of luck to you.

Why is that so surprising? If the service SM
is $100, $20 is really 20% (a normal tip). 
Try Kayak service. sm

I used www.kayak.com online service last year for motels and car rental. Got decent rates on both.  Good luck!



Beware, you may not have 24/7 911 service. sm

In my area, Central FL, a little girl died because her parents had Vonage and did not read the fine print that indicated 911 service was only during normal business hours and that you have to take other action if you need emergency assistance during off hours. The parents just kept trying and trying, instead of using a neighbor's phone, etc., and so care was delayed and their daughter died. So, if you get it, read all of the fine print.

PC Online Service
Anyone there have any information about PC Online Service. My phone charges really high and would like to have something little more inexpensive. Reliable? 
$50 for their service, if you decide to use them.