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I know this is MDI-MD. Couldn't take the e-mails - she is NUTS! nm

Posted By: Ex-MDI-MD on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Boss sent me a nasty email, I replied and proved she was wrong, and yet no apology. sm - Dreaming MT


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Production e-mails
Sounds like we work for the same company!  I wonder if the whole company is doing that or just particular team managers? I really don't mind it that much, it kind of keeps me on my toes - but I can understand your frustration.
Question about e-mails...sm
I am trying to send an e-mail to my employer but it keeps coming back to me as a failure notice.  It states:  530 Authentication required.  Does anybody know what this means?
Did you save any of the e-mails

If so, then just include that with a nice letter to your past employers about the fact that your working arrangement did not work out. 

If that doesn't work, you may want to see if there is a way to sue her for defamation of character.  She has to have good grounds to be calling your previous employers.  Was this the lady at Seascript?  She seemed to have some problems, but I think she was getting help.

Save the e-mails you get and, when you
get one from QA person B that contradicts what QA person A said in the old one, reply to B with a cc to A saying in a very nice and professional way that you had understood it to be such-and-such based on what A had told you before. This will start a dialogue among the QA folks and, hopefully, the correct answer will be found and published.
No check from 07/16, 08/01, and 08/16..no response to e-mails
Thankfully I haven't had this problem before..but now I don't know what to do.  This is a lady who I've done work with for the past 3 years...very much in the first couple of years, and it has slacked off to only occasionally now.  I never had a problem with her paying in the past and thought we had a good working relationship over the past few years.  Now, I haven't been paid for these 3 invoices, and have gotten a couple of e-mail, late in August and early in September, that the check was on the way.  Now for the past week plus I haven't gotten any response to my e-mails..and still no check.  It's only about $350 or so, but it's the income I've always used to pay my credit card bill...and now without it, I've gotten late charges. I just wonder what my next move should be..or if there is anything I can do short of just e-mailing her again? I'm just really surprised that it's come to this...and I'm hoping she's just on vacation or something
MSN used to send me daily e-mails SM
telling me every single website they had been to.  But this would only work if they sign in under their own name and not "borrow" mom or dad's name! 
Anyone type their e-mails in all caps?

A co-worker sends the entire e-mail response in all caps regardless of the question.  I was always told it meant shouting.  If there is some other meaning please inform.





I've been getting e-mails explaining it.
Maybe you aren't on company e-mail or you haven't checked it?
Sometimes e-mails show no emotion
You are lucky to have a mentoree.  Take it with stride, and once you've gained experience, move on.  Words on paper can be misinterpreted very easily.
The e-mails show that they come from MT Stars

Any time someone e-mails you from a MT Stars post this message is attached to the e-mail showing that it comes from MT Stars.  Just because you didn't get one doesn't mean a thing.  They have to open a post and click on the blue to e-mail - they just haven't done it to you yet.


You are receiving this mail in response to your message posted
on MTStars http://www.mtstars.com

Your Message is available at:

If you didn't post the message and have received this mail in error
OR to report Spam Abuse, please disregard this message and inform us
at : webmaster@mtstars.com

...your E-mails have to have proper English and punctuation.
Am I alone?
RE: How do I set outlook express so my e-mails show up chronologically?
Tell them your ISP has installed a new SPAM filter and a it's intercepting a lot of your e-mails
Ask Greg or Frank or whoever is the current CEO. They can check e-mails from Hawaii.
Tired of blanket nonproductive e-mails that chew out everyone but are really only meant for a (SM)

for a few individuals.  These are so discouraging for the ones who are doing a good job.  Supervisors are not so important that they can't take the time to change the e-mail address so the letter is sent to only those who are messing up - and, conversely, if you can't take the time to figure out who is messing up, then you won't take the time to find out who is doing a good job, so you will never give a raise. 

Yes - my letter is perfect example of sending an e-mail to every supervisor and MTSO.  See how ineffective it is?  Makes you feel very defensive if you are not guilty of doing this.  Imagine how it makes me feel when I get these notes after working 10-12 hours to try to help you get caught up, and then you send out a note that basically says how lazy we all are.  Thanks a lot.  There are a lot better companies out there than you, and even a few who might appreciate high quality and high quantity work.   


amen. don't send me condescending atta girl e-mails. i know i do a good job.
i don't need a cheer-leader supervisor to tell me.
This may seem nuts, but....

My kids just left for school, one is a senior in high school and one is starting full-day first grade.  My husband left for work and I am so sad and loney and its only 8:29 a.m.  This is the first time I have been alone for more than an hour or 2 in years.  I guess I should work unfettered, which will be weird.  Even the dog is wondering where everyone is??? 

That is who said it. They are definitely nuts!LOL!
Also not nuts about it sm
slow, not user friendly.
Going nuts
I just saw my original post.  I am not going crazy just tired with learning all this stuff regarding digital and trying to land this account. Please forgive me!!

The patient recently returned back to her vulvar area, where she and her husband live with their 3 children and 2 dogs.

Must be kinda crowded in there....



Am I nuts
for hoping to get 1400 lines per day?
I don't think they are nuts, per se, but rather (sm)

so high all the time, dont know any difference.

btw:  the inventor of LSD expired yesterday at age 102. he musta been doing something right. lmao

I know. It is nuts. It's even
more nuts to read MTs on here defending poor little Indian MTs trying to steal our jobs. Maybe they'll see things differently when they get pink-slipped.
She is NOT nuts, she has a business to run.
What drives me nuts is
EVOO. I do not like that at all.

She says EVOO then says extra virgin olive oil????
Are nuts okay on induction???????nm
They're nuts!!... you were right...sm
only way it would be "aggressively" is if he said, "pursue treatment more aggressively."
What? Are you nuts? I never tried to make
Perhaps I am a little more observant than most, but I thought that I was friendly enough.

Seems as though someone else is feeling hostile today though. Get up on the wrong side of the bed, perhaps? LOL :)

I think if it is THAT important to you, then you should read the thread again and you may be able to see who tried to make someone feel *badly* here.

I do hope you feel better soon.

P.S. I am unable to use the bad S word that you used in your post. MTStars says it is a bad word and prompts me to edit my post.
nuts? Are you suggesting we need have
why are we so concerned with sending work overseas??

This nation is so concerned with fixing problems everywhere else in the world and not focusing on our own!

Why do we constantly send work, money, military, etc etc etc overseas when we have homeless, starving, children (and adults!) here in the USA? We have students who can't go to college because they can't afford it and the federal government won't help because they are not a minority! We have people who can't get jobs for the same reason!

How about this?! Why don't we stop looking at race, background, and gender, and start looking at qualifications? Why don't we stop judging what people need based on color?

But i'm getting off track...

This country has a serious issue, and it starts with companies like AHDI. Rather than lobby for "a standard" they need to lobby for our work staying right here. When there is such an over abundance of work here that no one goes hungry and everyone has a roof over there head, then we can send it over there. I know there is such a romanticism about helping foreign areas. We see it everywhere. Celebrities adopting foreign children, missionaries wanting to go to China but not bothering to minister to people in their own back yard. Yes, we need to help, but we need to take care of our own also!

There is something wrong when a basketball player makes millions and a teacher barely can get by on his or her salary. What kind of country have we become? We place more value on entertainment then on morals and education.

When will it stop? We are going to dig ourselves in to such a hole and we are going to pull down all of our greed, immorality, conceitedness and every other vile thing we have become down on our heads!

I'm sorry I just don't understand what is so great about our country anymore. It seems we've got it pretty twisted. It won't be long before we start to reap what we sow. And I promise you, in the healthcare world, if all of our transcription goes overseas, and the documentation process becomes sub par, next thing you know the lawsuits will quadruple, which will raise the cost of healthcare, which will mean absolutely no healthcare for some, and so on and so on.

But hey, all in pursuit of the almighty dollar, right???
Thank you, I was going nuts, that helps.
I agree completely. He is nuts.
But what did I miss with Johnny Depp???
How about nuts? Almonds are healthy. (nm)
Thought I'd heard/done it all. This is nuts!! sm

Doc comes on and I thought he had a poor connection or something because his voice is shaking... he says, "Sorry, I'm jogging and I'm a little out of breath..." 


Needless to say, I'm not enjoying this dictation.

Long report too... he's a cardiologist... lol... maybe explains the jogging...

Okay, just had to vent.  Back to work.

That totally drives me nuts....
they just keep talking right on through the yawn as if we can even remotely begin to understand what they are saying. Sheesh!
I tried that out once...WAY too many emails...DROVE ME NUTS!!!
I think it's nuts that it's still in beta test but we still would have to PAY to take it. sm
If I'm helping YOU develop your product, I should not be paying! When game developers need people to beta test their games....the game company PAYS THE TESTER!  AAMT is absolutely out of their minds.
My mother does this and just drive me nuts! (sm)
Not that this is the only thing she does that will drive you to drink :)
yikes ! ESL driving me nuts

Just a quick vent - for the last 45 minutes I have mostly been listening to the sound of her breathing with an occasional "continuing dittation" thrown in here and there followed by more breathing .  I even heard someone in the background say "You can push 1 to put it on pause" which she does for a split millisecond and then continues back with her breathing/"continuing dittation"  pattern.   Not having a good day today.   Beam me up Scotty, Please !

Are you NUTS?!! Stay put with your own account! sm
I have been there - had my own account(s), gave them up, and went to work for a national. They are so unreliable to say the least!

Honestly, having your own account is the best of both worlds, more money, less headaches, etc.

I am now back doing my own account(s) again and loving every minute of it. Stress-free living and no headaches. Keep within TAT, send my invoice, and get a fat paycheck! What more could you want?!!!

Really think long and hard about the choices in front of you and best of luck whatever you decide.
my shortand is driving me nuts
It's running so slowly behind what I am typing that I am really messing up and have not even added that many items to it yet. I need it for a job I have that you cannot use autocorrect, which I love, but have to use shorthand.  Is there something I can adjust so it does not lag so far behind
Thank you for clarifying. Drives me nuts
when people just read the first 2-3 lines and think they have the story.  Although, sadly in the end would agree that he probably would not be the best motivational speaker - but I would have said that before his probs began - he just does not seem right for that kind of organization - but those are my personal feelings only.  Thanks again
Oh nuts, it didn't copy. Sorry. nm
Those short reports drive me nuts also (sm)

Ever get stuck with those 4-line reports with a bunch of demographics?  You end up making no money.

And then you find out you're the only one that's doing them.

Quit!  Do yourself a favor. 

Absoluuuuuuutely abSOfreakinglutely drives me nuts.
Yes, "myself" drives me nuts as well as "further" for sm
"farther" and "anxiousness" instead of "anxiety." TV newscasters are really getting bad. They're adding "ous" to everything!

leave them right there, no matter how much it drives you nuts!
I did this for a week with my husband. Pretty soon his stuff was all over the house and come one Monday morning he about had a stroke trying to put together something to wear. Guess what? After that he started putting his things away like a "big boy" because mommy was not there to help him all the time. This is what my MIL should have done when he was living at home, not catering to his every need and constantly "helping him"!!!
how about pecan pie, use food processor for the nuts.
or a cheesy-egg dish, ie, keesh (however that is spelled).
and the doc spells "orientated." drives me nuts.