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Good grief, you started this all. You should have just waited. Xanax to the rescue. nm

Posted By: steppin' back on 2007-03-31
In Reply to: I simply said, let me know if it is abnormal. - I am patient.


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We played our rescue's favorite game if she started looking worried when a storm came up.
Normally we would do as mistoo does and ignore the storm, and she did fine. But one storm was particularly loud, so she seemed a bit anxious. I got down into "let's play" position on the floor, and proceded to play a nice loud growly-bump game with her. We had a good time, and the exercise not only distracted her, but the physical exertion calmed her nerves and made her very happy.

Recently I kept my sister's dog for a week and discovered that fireworks cause her to shake terribly. I called my sister, who had never seen her quake with fear - because they leave the dog outside all the time. So all those times fireworks have gone off in the neighborhood, her dog has been outside alone, quaking in fear. So sad. For her nerves I put a T-shirt on her (supposed to be calming to put on semi-tight clothes) and let her sit in my lap on the couch. Yup, all 50 lb of border collie up on my lap, LOL.
Good for you, I love people who rescue homeless pets. I take in cats myself
Oh good grief
Whoever started this, "It's your responsibility to look up an address" should be drawn and quartered. Leave the secretarial work for the person who gets paid by the hour.
Good grief
OMG!  You have got to be kidding yourself here.  First, Barney is Zipper, MQLover, Frankie Boy who ever else  you accused and now she is MQ whiner?  Listen to yourself. 
Good grief!!!
Reading these costs of living it's no wonder people are so grouchy all the time.  I've always been pretty frugal...no mortgage, no car note, no credit card bills.  Total expenses including food, probably under $1000 month, don't keep track.  We spend a lot on eating out and just generally having fun. Simple 2 BR 1 Bath house on 8 acres,  One Ford F150 that's 6 years old, one Dodge Ram that's 4 years old.  Living just the way we like it...not having to worry about drowning.  Not exactly paupers, total income around $7500/month.
oh good grief
Oh good grief. (nm)
Good Grief!
The average Joe should be SO LUCKY to have a 6.4 or 4% decline in wages!  Health care keeps going up and the doctors keep raking in the dough left and right.  If you can't see that, there's something terribly wrong.
good grief!
I hope you are okay.  Did anyone see that show on the health channel last week where the little girl about 12 was trying to purge and put her fork  down her throat and it slipped?   The tines were barely seen in the back of her throat.  Talk about scary! 
good grief!
Don't you have anything better to be so judgemental about! Withholding help just because of the way someone *wrote* something! What difference does it make? This is a *forum*, not a federal document!
Good grief
I am very sorry to hear things are rough for you right now, and well wishes for you and your family.

You have always been so helpful here, and know that many of us appreciate your insightful take on the issues we all share as MTs.
Good grief
I am very sorry to hear things are rough for you right now, and well wishes for you and your family.

You have always been so helpful here, and know that many of us appreciate you sharing your insightful approach to the issues we all share as MTs.
Good Grief
Scary isn't it?  I agree, I would "accidentally" forward to a higher upper.  This is totally ridiculous.
Oh, good grief.
Why does everyone think that they should only get the type of work that they want? It is up to the employer to see that ALL the work gets done and sometimes you may have to do something you don't like. Granted, you should not have been told that you wouldn't have to do DS. However, to say that you were lied to is a bit over the top, don't you think?

With all the griping that goes on on this board about work going overseas, to sit here and complain about the work that you do get is non-productive whining.
Good grief!
Can't even imagine working without a spell check of some kind. Am wondering if there are programs that you can download on the computer you use...even having to re-download every day? Sure hope you can get it "fixed" -
Good grief--

It was meant as sarcasm-- I guess you didn't "get it".  What I meant by it is why was HE worried about not speaking English when none of the ESLs give a rip.



Good grief you don't get it do you? sm
When this all started it started with someone posting about not wanting to work weekends, holidays, nights, when their kids were at a soccer game, blah blah.

You people have absolutely taken one post and stretched it all out shape.

I am neither bitter or miserable in my profession. But, the posters who whine about hours and days and no work when they want work are the ones who are bitter.

Seems to me the ones that are complaining about all that are the ones that don't have a positive attitude as you like to put it.

I am not on a pedestal and I don't think I am better than anyone. But, I also know what it takes to make it in this profession......a lot of hard work over the YEARS and willingness to hang in there. I see people on here who have been in this profession 2-3 years and have worked for 5-6 MTSOs! How the heck do you get anywhere job hopping like that? IMO you shouldn't even be working for an MTSO at that point.

I really don't care if you or any of the other whiners and complainers give a rip what I think. The profession is the way it is. Its not going to change to suit those who don't want to work and it may even get worse.

Get use to it or get out. Keep complaining about no work, no work when you want it, weekends, nights and holidays. Waste your time. I am going back to work.

As for myself and others like me who have done this for years, we will have a job when you are out looking for a job at Walmart. Personally I am glad, at least some of the whiners will get weeded out.
good grief
That sounds like a gigantic mess.  I'm glad I bailed when I did.
Good grief!
IF you have your own company
IF you have good employees
IF you can find accounts that will pay well

Just trying to figure out, as long as they're making claims, why stop at 60K?!!
good grief. ESL saying, "intermittent" LOL

Good grief!!! At least she uses a bb name, unlike...

those (yourself included) who only add a few words in the signature line and never use a "name" twice.


Good grief, you are way off the beam....sm
What is appropriate is that the patient's doctor asked for blessings over this patient's health. What IS inappropriate is *your* interpretation of appropriate and inappropriate. I sure hope you never transcribe my reports and become the filter for or against information that is put in my records!
Good grief. The point is that it
isn't 'whining' to state that MTs have to have much experience & knowledge, and there are a lot of physical effects and mental strain, and considering all of that, the pay is really lacking in our profession. Those are the facts. An IC at 8 cpl is AWFUL pay, by the way. Just because you don't think you deserve any better than that doesn't mean the rest of us feel that way.
Good grief. I hope you are kidding, please. nm
Good grief! Housekeeper in the South? SM

If you are set on housekeeping, I do know people who clean houses for a living and do very well. One woman even went on to own her own business. But in a HOTEL? I'm sorry to say this, but are you nuts?

If your MT skills need polishing, there are different tapes and courses and WHATEVER you can use. Perhaps someone here can assist you.

As another 50 something year old woman, who works for a National, so far I have made $30,000 this year. I realize that is not a lot of money, I'm not exactly busting my behind, but you can make money. Please stick this thing out. Housekeeping is not an option, except in one's own home.

Good grief, charlie brown. nm
Good grief, back to the future. nm
oh good grief - hit by a flying troll
I remember gas 25 c - cruising main street after buying $2 worth Ha, that was after I bought a pack of cigarettes out of the cig. machine for 35c - man o man those were the days when I was cool
Oh good grief. Every company defines
Good grief, hope it doesn't have too many changes sm
If so, we should get our money back on the 2nd, geez! Enough is enough.Some of the 2nd is wrong anyway, leave us alone!
Good grief...multiple personality disorder???

Good grief people, what;s up with all this drizzle stuff??

Good grief. You'd make an employment decision
Honey, you need to get a grip!

Oh good grief! No way. The only Dixie I know of is a forensic medicine person...
not a former bank manager.  Maybe there are 2 of them. 
Good grief, no. I'm not a mole. I'm not admin or mgmt in any form.
I'm not QA. I'm just an MT like everyone else on this forum.

I'm allowed to have my own questions and curious thoughts.

Good grief.. Fortunately ours is only chasing oncoming cars, so just
oh good grief. Haven't we heard enuf of this? Educated people are just

starting out that is really good , I started out at 5.5 c
You really cant go by the line count. Is this company going to give you a set amount of minutes to transcribe or are you able to pull what you want whenver you need it. That has a big part to play in how many lines you get.

Also is this clinic or acute. Clinic normally has shorter reports (but not always) and acute can be pages and pages or very short.

I think I was getting anywhere from 600 to 1000 a day first starting out, but it has been so long ago it is hard to tell.
The good days started unraveling when

The nationals started buying up the mom and pop MT businesses that started cropping up in most cities in the late-1980's and early 1990's. Most of these were small businesses with a few local doctor's office accounts and hospitals, had a guy who ran back and forth picking up and delivering tapes, and everyone got along fine for the most part aside from the expected competition between local companies. Then came Medquist, Transcend, etc. who swooped in and started scooping up these companies by the handful, and pretty soon we had what we have today. It happens. What started out as a good thing (computer networking) making us able to leave the offices and work from home, continued to evolve into what this business is today. Now it's taking off in another direction with voice rec and overseas MT's who work for peanuts. I've seen this business evolve from the IBM Selectric, a tape player, and a bottle of white-out to what it is today, and it's amazing what changes there have been in the last 27  years. Who would have known!

I am in #5. I started the poll. Just curious what others think is good.
no message
Jan, take a Xanax, please...
No one is attacking anybody.  I simply said I did not think his/her post was funny... that's it.
Just started podiatry, need good reference book.
I think that's pretty darn good! I just started VR on Dictaphone
and I'm having trouble breaking 2000.  It seems like it would be faster just to transcribe.
3rd giveaway for Scavenger hunt started. Good luck!
What works for me....Valium OR Xanax..sm
that'll get the kinks out!
I can symphathize with you panic, but even on Xanax,
Are you crazy? How can you offer ME A XANAX???
Didn't you read my so many posts this afternoon on the Gab board regarding this HORRIBLE drug Xanax which causes hallucinations, nightmares, zombielike conditions, is addictive etc..

You got me rolling again.

You get a Xanax, a double dose for today, so that you do not only see 1 ghost of your grandmother sitting on your bed, but 2 and maybe your grandfather's too!

You are blabbering only nonsense, take 2 Xanax
and go and have some scary nightmares!
Maybe you took them already, therefore your senseless postings!

MissAnthrope or Xanax - would you please reply

Would you email me about Van Belkum?

what were they going to pay you for while you waited? nm
NEVER sat and waited.
Among others, I have worked for MQ as an employee, and for MDI as SE. If there is no work, i go do something else. I check back and try again throughout the day, evening. If i cannot be that flexible on a given day, i just let them know, i was available, but the work was not. at least i am productive in SOME kinda way then.