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Posted By: Snow Bunny on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: This is the thing with editing VR that most people - don't/won't consider. sm

>>>People who are generally fast at straight typing or have a lot of macros never make money on VR.  It's not possible. 

Sure it is.

>>>Even if you happen to get a good day when every single report is 100% accurate (and believe me, those days are very rare), you still have to read the entire report. 

Those days are very rare? Maybe for you but not for me.

>>>That takes the same amount of time as if you had the macro and just read it as the doctor dictated it...but the difference is that you're only getting paid "editing" rate for VR.

There is nothing you can do on the keyboard that a skilled VR user couldn't do. Let's say, Dr Davis wants me to use his standard cataract procedure. All I have to say is "Davis standard cataract" and it all appears on the screen, in a flash. You can utilize the macro/template function of VR to import something like a standard physical exam template to the screen and then issue the commands to insert the correct info, i.e. vital signs.

I think I made my point.

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