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Yippee. I'm happy for you. Not everyone doing VR

Posted By: has it made like you do. sm on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: Really? - Snow Bunny

And obviously you don't work for Transcend or MDI-FL where not only is the VR platform crap, but the accounts are difficult accounts AND our Expander program still doesn't allow macros.  If you're making money, you must not have made that much before VR.  I was making over 9 cpl on straight typing at 400-450 lph on an account all ER and OPs.  There is no way possible to produce 900 lph to just break even to what I was making let alone to MAKE money on VR.  You may be using your macros in VR and doing the same thing you did while straight typing, but you're making less money doing it.  I don't care what company you're working for, they aren't paying you the same rate for editing VR as they did for straight typing, and there is NO WAY you're producing over 900 lph, so my statement stands about high producers not making money.  The only point you made is that you had to be a mediocre producer to be making money, otherwise you'd just be breaking even.

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Yippee! I am happy for you! sm
so glad it worked! I don't like giving suggestions and tips that turn out to be wrong! I will keep my fingers crossed for it to stay that way! hope your day is better today than yesterday! ":^)
Yeah - you're back now! Yippee!!!

I just got a really great job typing ortho notes and NO ESL! Yippee!
My daughter already started 1st grade - year-round school. Yippee! (nm)
Don't cap happy holiday season. Cap the others and Happy Holidays alone. nm
Heck, I did not say not to wish her a happy birthday! She deserves a happy birthday.
I was just saying her birthday was on Sunday!! :) Why does everyone always want to read something negative into everything on this board. I certainly did not mean anything negative by it! I was just makin' it known WHEN her birthday was!!
Glad to hear you found the perfect match....I am still looking for someone to really work my own schedule like they advertise. Enjoy!!! If you have any suggestions for me finding a place to work your own schedule, let me know..
YES, i am happy there too, after 5 yr!
To Happy MT
I am happy at MDI just wish they would send a little more love our way.  I switch to different accounts when they are short and work many weekends and if I am correct I have worked most of the holidays.  I get a phone call or email last minute that they need coverage and I do not say no.  I start early and finish late.  I have talked to others in the same boat and they are sad..  I know they merged with Transend and it takes time to  get things in order but when it seems that some get the bonuses and some of us are overlooked it does not seem right.  I think they need to look at everyone in the same light and do the right thing.
Is anyone happy with MQ?
Happy now!
23 the first time (then-husband got the 7-year-itch). 34 second time. I had two miscarriages the first time around. This marriage - We have two great little boys!!
I am very happy nm
Happy so far
Hi, I have only been with MQ for 7 months, but I have friends that have been with MQ and have tried other companies, and the consensus is...their new system DQS (DocQscribe) is VERY user friendly compared to other company's systems. AND, as far as WE are concerned, MQ is very flexible time-wise. But I have read other posts that maybe new hires are more chained to a set schedule. My friends and I are out of 2 offices that seem to be very lenient as to scheduling. Personally, I work more hours than I signed up for. But, if MQ were to call when I am away from my computer, (bathroom), like a poster below stated about a different company, I would be VERY aggravated, especially since I am post-colectomy with less than satisfactory results!!! (If you get my drift.)
Be Happy about it
My 20-year-old son suffers every day from injuries he received during his high school football career. He has had broken bones, dislocated shoulders, and he has to wear a mouth brace due to jaw injuries. The medication he takes for his jaw has caused a stomach ulcer, which along with the pain from the jaw, caused his blood pressure to elevated. He said more times than I could count, "I wish I had not played football." Support his decision and be happy that he is not out there getting all banged up.
Happy here
Look, most people who are happy with a company don't just get on a message board to say, "I had a great day at work today," or "I think I make a decent wage and I'm happy with it."  They get on to complain or ask questions or just to surf and see what others are talking about.  The people who are complaining are loud and you hear them a lot.  MQ seems to have more MTs who have been with them for 5+ years than any other company.  That should tell you something right there.  
Happy MQ MT
I wonder about the people that are so unhappy about MQ. Where did they work before? Was it inhouse? Did they come there direct from a school. What is it that makes the difference of some people being happy and others very disappointed. Why do some have an abundance of work and others have none? Is it the quality of work being done?
I am happy!
I am happy working at MQ. I come to this site usually for a good laugh, and sometimes I do post. I don't flame the people that complain all the time, I just wonder why they do?!?!?!

We should start a poll - Are you happy with MQ or aren't you - no big explanations - just a YES OR A NO. My answer is YES!
I am happy with MQ!! I think the people who are happy with MQ (and I think there are a lot) just don't take the time to say so...so today I am!!
I USED to be happy but......
I haven't had a decent line count in almost a week and it has been 6 months since I had a second phone line installed and I have yet to see a single dime in reimbursement that I was told I would receive.  Why do I stay?  Because this is my first MT job and I've only been there a year.  Who else will hire me at this point?
I am happy!!!
I'm happy!


I am sure that they are happy to have me
as an employee considering I am one of the only few who actually likes working for them. I am a high producer for them, as well. There would be no reason Medquist wouldn't be proud to have me as an employee. They need to get rid of the big fat losers like you.
How happy are you??
Are you not the same ER who was on here last week trashing the Amherst office?
I'm happy for you!

I, on the other hand, had my children in my mid to late 30's.  I'm 45 and have a 12 and 5 year old.  At 50, I'll have a teenager and another one who will be right behind him.  There is definitely something to be said for having your kids when you are younger, not to say I am not enjoying mine - I'll be pretty old when they are on their own. 

I'm happy for you
Since your employer was confident in giving you more work, then I guess you have been doing the right thing this past year. Just keep it up and stretch those shoulders every now and then =).
Then I am happy for ya!
Glad you did something about it!
Very happy at OSi...
I am happy! (sm)
OSi is like a breath of fresh air (to me that is)! They have always taken care of me as a transcriptionist.

There are negative posts on the boards from less than mature transcriptionists who are trying to make a good company look bad. An opinion is fine, but some of them have gone past the line, and so, you have to look a little farther than the posts you see even the positive ones. With that, if you read about the company on their website and you feel it fits your life, then go for it, no matter which company. I worked for Medquist for 2 years and I didn't like the experience I had, but that doesn't mean the next person has the same experience.

Transcription is a God send to me and if the company I work for don't fit me, I find one that does. Each to their own.
to you and yours!
Happy X-Mas (War is Over if U want it)!
Let's be happy, come on who's happy with me !!!??? (sm)
Let me tell ya something, we gotta get cheery around here. Who's company makes them happy !?!?!
I am happy you are going well (sm)

but I only ask for 12 cents and I don't feel I am asking too much for the area I am in.  I would even negotiate to 11, but no lower.  It is a pretty good deal for them, but maybe they'd rather use India!  If I wanted to hire someone, I could not go lower than 11.  I think this area has had a lot of soliciting because it pays a little higher.  Houses around here are $700,000 and who the he** can afford to work for less than 11 cents per line.

So make an extra $1000 for me!

I'm happy at DR

Can't comment on working for DR as employee, but it is the same management/QA.  I work on only one account, if you work for DR directly I think you may work on more than one.  

Pay is average, but I am making lots of lines and $$ due to a platform I like (Word superimposed on their platform) and fair incentive.  My benefits through the hospital are excellent and very affordable (main reason for taking this position) with generous time off, etc. 

They do pay downtime, which is a plus if there is no work.  There are a lot of negative posts lately about them, but I have no particular complaints.         

I'm happy at OTI. nm
Happy with them
I'm sorry you're having so much frustration with them.  How long have you worked there? 
So happy for you
I won't say there won't be rough spots, but you're on the right road. The very best of luck to you and your kiddos. I've been in your shoes, and sometimes (when the bad times come) you wonder why you didn't stay, THEN you remember ... either you have to see/talk with him or something.

You and your kids are worth the best life has to offer. Good luck!!!
Happy MT to you, too, and to everyone
I'm so happy for him and you
Wow! While I'm somewhat happy - sm
To see I am not alone, I really feel for you. I can't imagine having to pack up for a move while trying to work at the same time.

My 7-year-old son is a lot like yours. He has to have constant company. He's driving me insane! I also have a 15-year-old daughter whose emotional outbursts and crises are never ending!

I love them all so much. It is wonderful to be home with them, but sometimes I wish I could be my husband. Out the door in the morning and can do his job with no interruptions. Then, he comes home late tonight, after a trip to Canada, plays with the boys for a bit and heads up to bed, leaving me sitting here trying to sort this day out. I think this calls for a bit of the silent treatment tomorrow!
Yes, happy 4th to everyone! (NM)
I'm very happy that you can
And I can dictate 450-500+ lph with only one or two errors per page, consistently, from six to eight hours a day.

Now, I think it's time we retired this conversation.

I'm so happy for you!

I share your joy; my guilty secret pleasure is blogging where I can write to my heart's content.  Unfortunately, it does not pay the bills!

thank you, again. and yes he is very happy..sm
he has room to turn around now and I know he did not like spraying on the walls either. He would always try to *cover it up* and could not quite get it. He doesn't have to worry about that now, so we are both grateful!!! thank you! :^)
How happy are you?
I feel that I must chime in at this point. I am also sick of hearing the same complainers all the time. Give it a rest already!! I have been working for MQ for over 15 years. Things change. Either accept the changes or find another job!
Oh happy day! sm
I just finished transcribing a job from a doctor who ENUNCIATES, spells names, and didn't rush through the job.  I wish I could tell him how much I appreciated it, but fellow transcriptionists, there is at least one good dictator out there.  Yippee!!!');>
You need to be happy.
It is worth a try.  Most likely they will take you back.  Good luck.  
Happy MT

Please do tell who you are so happy with.  I'm interested in checking out other companies with a LITTLE flexibility, decent wage, PTO that doesn't require 6 to 8 weeks notice, etc.... and is not in India!   Curious in Ohio


i am happy
i like it, i do. especially on dark rainy days and freezing cold snowy days. i really appreciate it. i take frequent breaks. i make good money and paying taxes quarterly hasn't crippled me but i know others struggle.
You were happy with them til now. Not their
Trying to keep everybody happy?

put up with domineering or rude people to interview.  Do the work yourself.  Darn it!  I'm tired of whining and comlaining recruiters who think that an MT has no right to be in the know when they are accepting a client.  If you don't like the business of hiring and firing, then do your own work!!!!     

This whole thread has been just ridiculous in the fact that this OP obviously wanted to stir up some trouble and gloat about being able to hire or not hire a potential subcontractor.  Grow up!   

I am so happy for you
I hope you love them as much as I love mine, even though mine broke, still would buy another one in a heartbeat. I believe it will help tremendously with your pain. Would be interested in knowing your thoughts comparing the two different chairs as I have the aeron. I hope you love them as much as I love mine. Just out of curiosity, why don't you question them about the seats breaking, see if you get a honest answer. Chair repair place I called said they used to break all the time, but in 2005 (I bought mine before 2005) they said they beefed them up. Let me know.