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here we go

Posted By: Snow Bunny on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: so, where do you get the information to dictate? - bancheeMT

>>> mean, how much time do you spend on listening to a report and turning around and dictating into your machine.

I listen and dictate at the same time.

>>>Just curious...a male friend of mine suggested I do this years ago already. He said, why not get a voice recog machine, and use it with your job.

I don't think you could afford one of those machines. A small system for a doctor's practice would rent for about $12,000 a month. The larger systems put out by Dictaphone, used in hospitals ... Yikes!!! Maybe $500,000 or more, possible a couple of million.

>>>Is this what you do, Snow Bunny? I am awful curious, because I was thinking of asking my employer, if they would pay for one of those machines so I can do my job better.

I do medical transcription as an IC for service. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software on my system. Instead of listening to the MD and typing things, I listen to the MD and dictate things. It's just a different method of output to the computer screen.  

>>>We could probably eliminate about half the MT work force...maybe that is what is happening already, why MQ is always out of work.

I can't answer for MQ, but I do know of one Kansas-based hospital that saved over $2-million a year because they stopped outsourcing to US-based MT services. They have in-house staff (paid hourly) to do the editing, *IF* that's what the MD wants. I can post the link if you're interested.

>>>You have been doing this a long time and whether you know it or not are probably paving the way for the future.

How far down the future are you speaking? It depends upon whether or not hospitals are willing to invest in the major systems (see above). Sometimes people focus too much on the tree rather than the forest, so to speak.

>>>I am the one who keeps trying to get everyone to check out what the MOHCA is doing...within a decade (my opinion) med records may not even need editors at all...

And editors are needed for what reason? Is it to make sure that the preposition compliments the adjective except when the adverb modifies the pronoun? (oh please)

How did hospitals survive without editors for years and years and years? It's the AAMT that started banging the drum on this stuff. Until then, you typed what you heard but just made sure things were grammatically correct.

But that's for another time ...

>>>They are pushing for standardized text rather than free text, where a doctor does not even dictate anymore...will be a thing of the past.

IMO, it'll never happen, at least not in your lifetime.

>>>My question is, then what?

Then ... you have a decision to make, now. You can:
1.  Find another career right away.
2.  Worry about it, if and when it happens.
3.  Keep your eyes and ears to the industry and, if you see things seriously headed in that direction, look at your skill level to see if you could find another line of work, and then pursue it if need be.

At my age, I'll go behind door #2. But if I was in my 20s or 30s, I would definitely choose what's behind door #3.

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