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you are awesome...

Posted By: bancheeMT on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: here we go - Snow Bunny

thank you, for answering, and in such a clear-cut way. you have certainly given me food for thought.

I have about 15 years to go, and am inclined like you for the old #2.

now, with your system, the Dragon, you bought it yourself? and you make tons more lines than without it? that is the system I was considering asking my employer if they might offer.

does your employer know you use it, do they approve?

that is what my boyfriend had suggested (excuse if it was not clear), the systems for personal use, like you have, and to use it with my job for a national. just like you do, he said why not dictate it rather than type it yourself.

you really find it makes you more money?

thanks, for letting me pick your brain as it were...

best to you.

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take essential oil and mix with salt and do a hand scrub. feels awesome, smells awesome, and very r
Awesome!! You are welcome.
One of my favorites is the "Ties Suck" tie (written in binary). Wish I knew someone who hated ties!!

You made my day!! Finally, I did a good deed LOL
To each their own, and yes, he is AWESOME!nm
Thats awesome!

You are awesome! sm
Congratulations for changing your life for the better!

Remember what the word "decision" means: It literally means "to cut off from." That's not flimsy like a New Year's resolution that people break. You made a decision. The day may come that you get weak and tired and think maybe things weren't so bad or maybe he has changed. Be READY FOR IT and plan now that you'll stand by your *decision*.

Not anywhere near Illinois, unfortunately. Keep reaching out. Call the local YWCA. If it's like here, they'll offer free counseling and help to people, often the majority of which end up being abused women trying to leave their husbands.

You are a wise woman. I hope you realize that. No shame in asking for help. People want to help you! This will all be history someday. Don't you already feel stronger? I bet it feels pretty darn good. Stay with it!
WOW! Thank you! You are awesome!!!
You did not leave a place to email you at...I am going to bed as it is late where I am at, but if you include it later, I will for sure email you and maybe we can encourage one another..I am REALLY, REALLY wanting to get this weight off of my mid-section....THANKS AGAIN!!!  Have a GREAT night/morning! 
I love the Idol tours, they really put on a good show. They are not coming close by me for this one though, so I am bummed out!!
This is awesome, thank you!
THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to answer my post.  I got kind of depressed at first when everyone said the price was too low, but I've read over the suggestions and the encouragement and, well, I feel a lot better.  So, THANK YOU so much to everyone.  Some of you offered that I could e-mail you for more help, and I will do that!  All your posts have given me some good insight and some things to think about, so I really appreciate it.  You guys are the best! 
Awesome!!!! nm
That's awesome! sm

You always give great advice on this board! 

I've been doing this 20 years, and always wanted to have my own accounts/business, but I've been afraid of failure.  This week I started sending out letters to local physicians.  I'm feeling good about it.  I think I can do it now. 

I love the mentoring idea.  Someone mentored me 20 years ago when I had no experience whatsoever.  So, whenever I get some accounts, I think I'm going to do that as well.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Wow - that's awesome!
Congrats on landing the account too! 
Yes, we usually go to Disney World..but we just went to Florida (for a cruise in May) and it's stinking hot so we didnt want to go there until like next spring. California is pretty warm this time of year but it's not humid hot like FL..Vegas is our first love.. We just got back from there a few weeks ago. We go like every 3 months and I, of course, take my computer there too LOL.. gotta mix business with pleasure and I certainly couldnt afford my passion, TRAVEL, if I didnt work some while I was there. I am addicted to WORK and also TRAVEL.. People always say..you work too much..70-90 hours a week but the same people say I travel too much..go figure.. My motto.."I do work hard.. but I play HARDER
Doin the happy dance for you right now.  You should be pleased as punch.
That'd be awesome if
You could have it populate dates and such from Outlook.
Wow it is awesome to know that he actually knows there is someone on the other end...

This is wonderful! I cannot thank you enough... I am going to contact Humana. All I need is to cover myself and my son for Rx and office. I will let you know how it goes, but I have a feeling you may have saved the day for me... Thank you SO much!
Thanks so very much for posting that. And for the melatonin, I was wondering if it was seratonin or melatonin, this helps. You are right. I wonder what's the difference if we get sleep during the days? I am going to read up on this definitely. If the insurance companies or anyone else takes advantage of this, the workforce will decline at night. What about the 24-hour staff decline many service organizations need? Like hospitals or transcriptionists, police officers, nurses, EMTs, etc. Even the 7-11! Some people can't afford a hike in insurance. I know I can't with a family to support. Well, maybe we'll get better differential now than we have already (doubt it). Oh well, can't worry about it because I am sure there is a study somewhere that says worrying leads to cancer too. Thanks again for the link.
You are very clever. Thanks for bringing a smile to my tired face. and Merry Christmas to you, too
You are AWESOME!
Keep up the good work!
Now I can keep my danish warm without having to take time out to go downstairs to reheat it in the microwave. That will save me a bunch of time and translate into increased productivity! Isn't technology grand?
I had no idea that could be done.  I am new to ExpressScribe as well.  I am learning more about it everyday.  This is super helpful to me.  Thanks!
Awesome thank you
I kinda do that same thing -- only I'm secretly putting $$ into my business account for my "vacation fund."  He NEVER wants to go on vacation and always says we don't have $$.  Well, i HAVE to have my vacations.  So whenever I get enuf $$ put together, i present it to him and book that cruise! 
awesome tip
Thanx! Also, I'm gonna check out Play It Again Sports myself and see what I find :)
Hey! This is AWESOME!!
I am so proud that you got an article in Advance! I am one of the charter members of the ATA. Way to speak for us. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!
AccuStat is awesome!!
They not only have great accounts but they care about their MTs. I love them and I think you are crazy to go anywhere else!!!
You guys are awesome. Thank you!!!
Awesome post...
Sounds like you have a neat husband (and family)!
Awesome! Maybe there is hope after all :-)
awesome keyboard
I just love this thing.... I will buy another to keep as backup..Finally an ergo keyboard that does what is supposed to do....:)
I think Curves is awesome!

The support and the women-only atmosphere make it a great alternative to a regular gym. 


Have fun!

TY- that site is awesome :)
Thanks, Radguy! That was awesome!

pug- the most awesome dogs ever
I've had 2- they are the greatest
That's awesome, Fatty! Thanks!

It was great to see Myron Cope on the video.  I moved away from Pittsburgh 22 years ago, but have always been a Steelers fan - once a Steelers fan, always a Steelers fan!  I often think about Myron Cope, he was such a colorful announcer and personality.  I was glad to see he is still alive, God bless him!  He is the guy who invented the terrible towel, too. 

I am psyched for the Superbowl!  Go Steelers!!!

Awesome! Good for you - keep it up! nm
24 was awesome tonight except
I can't believe Tony is dead. What a bummer. First Michelle, then Edgar and now Tony. I wonder who will be next!!!!
Thank you so much! Tony's is awesome on everything!
Wow!! Didn't know you would do that - awesome
thx for passing that on--awesome! (nm)
Definitely an awesome song!
That's awesome and very rare, I'm sure!

OMG...that is an awesome idea! sm
You're a lifesaver for me! 
Helpers are awesome!!
I have my own accounts and between myself and 3 MTs, I have it covered so that I only work (only, ha) Monday through Saturday. Sunday is my big fat day off!! It is awesome though because I just have staffed my other MTs S-T and T-S so my hospital has 7-day a week coverage with me floating all over the place with my day off Sunday and I cover when my MTs have emergency days off. I hope this helps!
Awesome post.

DirecTV is awesome...sm
We've had it for at least 10 years, maybe 12.  I've loved it the whole time, and now, with TiVo, we are so spoiled that I couldn't go back to regular TV if I tried.  Now, I can watch what I want when I want, by just recording it on TiVo.  Since I work evening shift, I miss most of prime time TV, so TiVo helps me out.  DirecTV has reasonable prices and a wide variety, and coverage here is better than any cable ever was.  Considered changing to Comcast, but they tried to rip us off, so stayed with DirecTV and I have it in the livingroom and my daughter's bedroom so she can watch Disney without driving us nuts!  It's the best thing ever, but do treat yourself to a TiVo unit to record your favorites.  You'll never regret it, and some packages come with it now for free with new customers.
That is awesome... just goes to show with
to give yourself a break, can really pay off.  Wow, that is a tremendous accomplishment and to be commended.  I am also a believer that there is money to be made no matter what you're transcribing really, but I think a lot depends on what is to your liking as well.  Some do really great with acute care, but I think it is definitely more cumbersome to learn new dictators all of the time and all that you have to know for the different specalities.  I commend acute care transcriptionists as well for their versatility and knowledge.  I still keep radiology in my heart, as it gave me my start, but I am definitely a clinic gal now.   
Awesome! :) Congrats to you too! :) Thanks
Awesome reply!!
Thank you very much for your experience. Yes, this is what I was hoping to get from my initial post. Is this something I could do part time just to earn some money and fill my free time. I've gotten (aside from the nasty snideness that we'll just ignore) quite a few good suggestions on either online courses or community college courses I can take. Depending on the money I want to invest or save. I'll have to look into both.

Part time is all I'm looking for. Sounds like after I'm done with the training though, my little one will be all over the place! But, I am mainly interested in something I can do while she is asleep at night - I don't sleep a whole lot myself - or napping during the day. Heck, even on weekends when my wonderful husband usually hogs our little one since he doesn't get to see her much during the week. He is more than happy to keep her busy for me. We'll see.

Thanks again for your RATIONAL and insightful reply. It is very appreciated!!
Awesome!! Thanks for sharing ;-)