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here are some I had written down

Posted By: me on 2005-10-12
In Reply to: Thanks for the laugh...clitoral ooze..HAHAnm - WA

When state = Wednesday

Doctor was talking to a group in the background and said, in a thick Alabama accent, "y'all are leaning on me hard." This translated into "innominate Howard."

Able to answer simple questions = Able to staff with pulpitis instance.

Lungs clear without wheezes or rales -

Lungs clear without wheezes or Ralph. Don't know who Ralph is, but don't want him in my lungs..lol

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If it's written
everyday, it's probably written by you.  It's really amazing how some people on this board are so __________.  I put a blank because I really don't know what to call it.  Why is a reply a 'comeback'?  So childish.  If you want to argue with someone, get off the computer and go find your husband.  I don't lead that type of lifestyle.  I hope you have a good evening.
I believe it is written 1:160, 1:80 to 1:320
OMG!! I could have written this!
I've even returned to school and am taking Psych too!

I left the MT profession awhile back and am working among people again, and I'm with you. People in general are rude, insensitive and just plain mean. If they sense that you're not the type of person to pick on people, to fight back with them when they give you a hassle just for the sake of being a jerk, or if you're just plain old not interested in the high schoolesque gossiping, backstabbing and meanness, they see you as weak and come at you even more.

I was ready to quit today and missed being at home by myself with no one to mess with me just for the sake of their own amusement.

Geez, isn't it awful? And yes, that is why I started working at home in the first place. In the early 1990's I worked in-house and had a boss who was a mean, arrogant, control freak bully whose reason for living was to make my life hell for no apparent reason.

You're a nice person, I can tell, but I have no clue why people see people like us as targets for their wrath.

as written
You've been told 3 times to do it their way. If you cannot follow their wishes, then you do need to get out. I think you're lucky that they told you 3 times - most places would have given you the boot the one time you questioned what the doctor wanted.
why it is written this way
HIPAA is U.S. and we have no authority in other countries.  I was reading about advice to docs who choose to offshore...they are told to do the business-associate agreement (between a covered and noncovered entity) expressing that financial responsibility will fall on the offshore agent(cy) for any violations, but this article also goes on to say that basically, there isn't much one can do to get the money or do anything about any of those violations.  Pretty much, the way i read this is that the responsibility is going to fall to the US-based organization because that is who HIPAA and/or the JCAHO actually have authority over. 
Wow, I could have written that. nm
I could have written this
My MIL is the exact way you described in your message.  She finally did end up in the hospital in the spring with a pyelonephritis, played the poor-pitiful-me routine for a while...ugh! She's diabetic, but eats sweets like crazy (though tries to deny it), will NOT exercise, and smokes like a chimney.  I have no sympathy for someone like that whatsoever...We have distanced ourselves from her destructive behavior.  It's not worth it when we know she's not listening to us or her doctor!
This could have been written by me...
It sounds exactly like my experiences since transcribing at home. The best spaces for me were in closets. It's perfect.
1. Eveything is easily within reach.
2. You can close it up when you are not working.
3. No distractions and I want to get in there and get it done and get out.
4. Doesn't take up a other needed space.

I could have written this! .. SM
   It sounds like my company, and I can just about guess which one you're with.  My account, also, must have literally hundreds of dictators, most are great... but these last 2 days all ESL crap.  The Leads (MTs who assign the work) have to get their lines in, too, and no doubt they're not keeping the ESLs for themselves.  I got p - - - d off plenty, too, the same way you did... but needed to make lines before the end of the weekend, but wasn't goint to do it pulling my hair out.  I did the same, typed a few, went to bed. 
I couldn't have written it better myself...
Those are exactly my thoughts. Didn't work for Spheris or Medquist, but did work for Heartland before MDI. I am so happy I came to MDI. I am sure they are not perfect, but I think they are better than a lot out there.
I could have written your post! I am the same way you are/were in that
I've been with MQ over 6 years as an IC. I have looked around other companies, interviewed, and my mind keeps telling me just to stay put and give it a try, so I will hire on at 10 hours or so a week and just "get it over with" and see how it goes for 3 months or so. Can't hurt.

Of course, I have to stay in the same office with the same accounts for me to do that. Can't really be all that bad if you consider your line rate staying the same - is yours?

I am out of one of the CA offices and just love it there!

So, I'm gonna do it and be filling my paperwork out shortly. Good luck to you.
I also am going to try for the 401 K since I've worked for so long as an IC and have absolutely no investments whatsoever.
I honestly could have written that....sm

back when I was in high school in the late 70s!  The first high school I went to was just like that.... there was a large snob/bully society  (the snobs were basically verbal bullies because they'd put down people that weren't in the  "clique", and I had some idiot teachers.  My algebra 2 teacher was so stupid that she would write a problem out on the board, stop, look at it and say  "oh that's not right" and then erase it, doing this 2-3 times per problem,... then wondered why no one had a clue what to do on tests.  

I was grateful when we moved to another town and the high school in the next town was much smaller.  The teachers cared about the students and teaching, and the students generally cared about each other.  There weren't snobs there because the area was economically depressed and no one had a lot of anything.  I was able to participate in a program with a local college where during my senior year I went to high school 1/2 day and college 1/2 day, so the 10 of us that did this (out of a graduating class of  99) graduated from high school with 30 hours of college credits completed.  We were also able to do this because the local college gave us discounts to participate in this program. 

When I've asked on classmates.com about some of the snob/ bullies from the 1st high school not a single one of them has had a great life.  One of the ones that was in the "it" girl group has been divorced 4 times now and is a heavy partier, and I've been told that she looks like crap from the years of partying.    One of the guys who was the most "it" for the males died from AIDS which he ended up getting after he moved to New York to get into acting, turned to a life of male prostitution and picked it up there.    The successful people are those who hung around with people like I did.  Out of the group I hung around with 1 is a pediatrician, another a dentist, another is an architect, another is a software engineer and every one of us has stayed in contact throughout the years and get together occasionally. 

I could have written this about someone I know, don't know the answer. nm
Typing as written

First of all, let me explain that I work not from dictation but a handwritten template that I fill in--typewritten "transcription" in turn.   The physician fills out the form while in the treatment room, circles correct choice from a list, etc.; sometimes the nurse does this.  I've been instructed for the third time to "type as written" when I've questioned meds or inconsistencies.  This goes against my training and principles (if that sounds sanctimonious, so be it)--when I can't reference things. I've had as much as half with questions and blanks where information was simply skipped. I don't have the patient charts to consult--just a stack of forms.  I have respect for the doctor professionally; her patients, many of whom have been coming to her for years, seem to love her.  Never had this experience before, either with transcription or as a secretary.  Most of the time my supervisors have been happy that I caught errors.  Please let me say these aren't nitpicky things--it is misspelled drugs like Demedex rather than Demadex!

The last time I said I wouldn't put my initials on the reports I questioned and was told I must put my initials "to tell who to return work to," even though I'm the only one doing transcription.  Furthermore, the office manager told me the doctor takes ultimate responsibility because it's her signature on the notes.  I'm going to comply while looking for other work, because this is one of many things we just don't see eye-to-eye on!  What do you all think?  How to deal with this?  TIA!


Beautifully written.


Good luck wherever you have gone. 

Well, duh, if I hadnt, would I have written
that. I am just so tired of seeing "recovering alcoholics," " recovering druggies," recovering anything that are supposed to be "heros." I JUST DO NOT GET IT when you put yourself in that position. Give me a fricking break.
You bet! And sometimes that's just the written part
Oh my Lord, I could have written
Thank you for putting this into words that I've been thinking all along.  Phewee on QA.  QA is for weaklings.  Learn to swim or get out of the lake!!!!  
You could have written my story
I have been a Transcriptionist for over 20 years. It seems the longer I am in this profession the less I make.
All I can say is what is written on my up-to-date
social security forms and the fact I just talked with them in January. I certainly asked the question, again, if money withheld when I turn full retirement next year and again told no, full benefits then. Like I told Doxie, just call social security and check with them.
I found it written this way, from a very
"He appeared comfortable and in no acute distress."

This appeared in an journal article I read published by the Cleveland Clinic. Don't think you can get more reliable than that.

I'd probably first send her a written sm

formal demand for payment including any bank fee/charges.  In the event you need to take it further you will need that evidence that you attempted to collect.  I'd give her a specific time frame to submit the funds (i.e. 7 business days) via cash, money order or cashier's check. 

I'd send the demand certified mail/return receipt for your proof.  You can explore in the meantime the procedure for filing a complaint, etc., but that's not going to be a "quick" thing. 

I could have written this post
I think its the same all over. And nobody's saying why, that's the thing that galls me.
beautifully written.. but I'm an IC...
what do I use to fill in the blanks?

I only experienced this first hand not by jobs being sent overseas, but by women in my own country under-bidding me out of a 7-year account I Had....
Obvious that law was written by men
Do they think that because we have breasts we can't drive correctly? OMG.

This is especially upsetting, seeing as most females who are getting permits are teenage years and breast cancer is not so common in that age range.

As an aside, a friend of mine had to go in for a mammogram a while back. Her insurance company refused to pay for it. Said it was not a necessary exam because she is "not old enough to need a mammogram". Her doc found a lump and wanted the test. Why is this not necessary?
very well written. I agree. nm
You should get written notification in the mail,
followed by a certified letter, followed by formal notice from the sheriff or a process server.  There are things you can do to prevent foreclosure, depending on your situation.  I found out that my mortgage holder had a special program in place for hardship cases where they refinanced the loan to bring it current and reduced the interest rate.  Mortgage lenders can also defer payments.  There are grant programs available in some cities or counties where they'll pay your house payment for you.  Other programs include no interest second mortgage loans to catch you current.  If you wind up going bankrupt, you don't have to include your house in the bankruptcy, but you do have to have it brought current in six months or something like that.  Banks don't want your home or car.  They want their money.  The thing is that if they sell your house or car for a reduced price, you're still liable for the balance owed plus legal fees unless you bankrupt.
You are a decent woman, and that was well written.
I do also think that the moderator needs to ban the person who has been so inflammatory here so many times, particularly on the subject of motherhood. There's no need for responses such as hers to be allowed when we all just want a forum to chat and, hopefully, be supportive to each other. I'm off to watch Lost now, my one great indulgence :)
I could have written what you wrote, but I have 1 more thing to add..
I find that most of the MTs where I do QA are so very nice and take their feedback very well. They try so hard at the difficult ESLs (which is all of them) and I too know that it has to be grueling to do some of them knowing my take-home money depended on those dictators. We have a wonderful group of MTs, some good, some trying, but they sit there day after day and endure. I will give them credit.

I have also seen very poor quality for no reason, but I won't go there. Those folks should not be in the profession at all. I have seen that at many companies.

Hats off to all of you MTs who endure the hard work and continue to hang in there. You are recognized for what you do at least by some.
I found the other links I had written down.
digiscript, transcripts.tv, and fantastictranscripts. You can Google them to find the websites. The only place I actually ever worked was emediamillworks/FDCH.
I could have written your post, Madam X
Except my DD and I are a few years older. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be on food stamps and Medicaid. And now, of course, the dilemma is if I start to look for another job, I have to make sure it's going to pay enough for me to give up the food stamps. The income guidelines are actually quite generous for medical for kids -- wish I had known about this earlier. I can certainly see how people get hooked on this. In the meanwhile, though, I am going to stay at my crappy job just for the experience.
Yes, it is long, and lots of it is written more toward
programmers who use it.

It's a good program, but it does have some quirks. Sometimes I find I hit some combination of keys that gets everything stuck in uppercase for a while. It goes back to normal after a bit.
I am in total agreement with what you have written
This job was quite enjoyable in my younger years and while it sounds like pay was low back in the 1980s, the cost of living was low as well.

Another 4-5 years of serious studying and I could have possibly obtained a degree in an area which had better job security, had a future I could count on and didn't require 50-60 hours of week of work to bring home 50G.

Plus, at 48, my hips, hands, hearing, have taken a beating that I am not really being compensated for, most jobs after 20 yrs, land a person into a supervisory position of some sort that allow the worker to teach what they know, and yes, to relax somehat and let the young and spunky ones keep up the grueling schedules.

So, in retrospect, I would have gotten student loans, applied for grants, did what I had to in order to acquire a higher education (I wanted to be a doctor).

As per AAMT BOS 2, is times two written
as x2 or x 2?  Thanks a bunch!
oops. I thought the OP had written it...sm
Sorry. Good poem, anyway.
Oops! should be written not writing
Not racist at all - a very well written post.
Absolutely. Maybe a paper needs to be written for (sm)
JAMA & other MD publications. Most of them are in the dark about who often does their dictation (India), and what that's doing to higher-quality US MTs. If we all get forced out of this business by below-minimum-wage pay, there will be no turning back, and ALL their clinical documents will be done offshore. Their malpractice insurance premiums would have to go considerably higher to cover all the botched diagnoses & care that could result from that.
Contracts usually written by MTSO..sm

So, naturally, in whose favor would we expect it to be?  Right!!  2 things I would get absolutely straight on a contract, though, is hours or schedule, if any is to be considered, and a definitive line rate, not in vague terms.

Very well written - hope he reads it! nm

Which companies have written policies against it?
Just curious...
By the way, I had to pass a written and typing test to get a job
with a national and I must have passed both parts. I have been with the same company now for five years and they must be pleased with my work. I don't hear any complaints from them. I'm certainly glad that they were willing to give me a chance to prove my handiwork because it is really very pretty.
For a minute there I thought I had written your post! If you sm
get an answer to your question about where does one go after 30 years in this business, please post it because I too feel I lost 30 years to this profession and am still waiting for some respect and fighting for decent pay. It's hard to explain how I feel to anyone who hasn't done this work. And yes, it is disheartening to see our profession in such disarray and all respect shot down because we are looked upon as chess pieces in the game of greed.
Jude the Obscure, anything written by Dickens
Vanity Fair, almost all Victorian literature.
Be diplomatic and professional. Sent a written request
again asking to see a copy of the report so you can see where it was QA'd so you can make a notation of it so it will not happen again.  If they don't respond, I'd forget about it, unless it happened again.
Well, well, well. Found this blog written by a surgeon sm

who says what he REALLY thinks about the JCAHO. Funny, I found it on Google when I typed in JCAHO and q.i.d. since I wasn't sure what to do about q.i.d. ........


The Death Star of American Medicine

I wish I had written this (JCAHO Unplugged; registration required), because it gives voice to the feelings that I (and probably 99% of the physicians in this country) have about the Death Star of American medicine -- JCAHO. A few excerpts (emphasis is mine):

That is why it really upsets me to watch the JCAHO people walk through my hospital like they were navigating a toxic waste dump. What upsets me even more is the utter paralysis of normal activity that occurs months before their visit and the huge sums of money spent on mock drills and consultants to prepare for the JCAHO invasion. JCAHO (the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization) arouses more fear in hospitals than MRSA gone wild, and their "visit" has a greater institutional paralytic effect than circulating a neuromuscular depolarizing agent through the ventilation system.

A few unsigned verbal orders, or an anesthesiologist carrying a syringe of Anectine in his or her scrubs, or not locking up I.V. bottles of normal saline will result in conditional or provisional approval, and failure to take remedial action within 30 days may result in the death penalty, which for the hospital means bad PR, and more significantly, loss of all federal money. That's right, you can get the chair for parking tickets in the JCAHO world.

It doesn't matter that the hospital admits 50,000 patients a year, saves countless lives and performs daily miracles. Write q.i.d. twice and you can get your liver transplant someplace else.
"A response by Russell Massaro, MD, FACP, Executive Vice President Accreditation and Certification Operations, JCAHO, follows Dr. Cossman's screed. The only thing I can say about it is that he makes clear that unannounced surveys will be forthcoming in 2006. Oh, joy!

A lot of the press in the past few days has been discussing issues such as oversight, accountability, and clearly expressed legal authority. JCAHO operates without any real semblence of these niceties, and does so with all the subtlety of a bureaucracy run by Darth Vader. Watching hospital administrators lose bowel and bladder control the minute a JCAHO inspection is brought up has always reminded me of Vader's underlings wilting in his presence --- and for good reason. Without the JCAHO seal of approval, they cannot operate an otherwise well-run, caring facility. The organization, as it was originally intended, was designed to ensure a basic level of safety for all hospitals. It has now become yet another "certifying" agency which must come up with new "critical" problems to fix in order to ensure its ongoing existence (those of you who have gone through the most recent mental masturbatory experience of banning QD and QID in orders know what I mean). What is most galling to me, however, is that hospitals must fork over a hefty sum for these frequent torture sessions, and the inspections are done not by practicing physicians or nurses, but by folks who long ago gave up the difficulties of actually caring for patients for the safety of a clipboard to hide behind.

Maybe I have my metaphors mixed up --- JCAHO comes in like the Death Star, but leaves no room for different institutions to solve problems in their own way. The JCAHO mantra can really be translated as "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!" As a result, I suppose JCAHO is really The Borg.

Article written by Spheris India CEO. I think
additionally, ask, as well as receive, written documentation.
No doubt...things can be written off for taxes you know...
I believe that is the first excuse I have heard like that about QA...ha
I got a written certification to participate in swimming
class for senior center but guess what, no breast exam or gyn exam that went along with that. Where does it say breast or gyn exam here? Donít believe this story.
So on AMA web site it says plantar flexion is two words? Let it be written?
Is the AMA the Holy Grail, the Constitution and Clark Gable's footprint(HUH)?