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Yes very spoiled but very responsible and do chores. sm

Posted By: Mom of 2 teens on 2006-08-28
In Reply to: Parents: Are your kids spoiled? sm - Inquiring mind

Most kids are "spoiled" in some way or another. I have two teens who do not ask for any material things. They do not care about name brand clothing or shoes, etc. They are leaders - not followers.

They keep their rooms clean, help out around the house, clean the kitchen, bathrooms, help me do the laundry. Now that school is back in - homework and school work come first. My husband and I spoil our kids on our own just because they are "good kids."

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me for #'s 1 through 5. I also take the garbage to the dump every week. He mows the lawn on a riding lawnmower about 3 times a year and still complains I don't do anything, which is yet another reason why this marriage is going down the tubes.
Chores- sm

1. Laundry. - ME, though my daughter Jenny does help me fold if she is around when I am doing it.

2. Dusting and vacuuming the house. - ME (DH does it maybe 6 x a year)

3. Cleaning bathrooms; ME, but have kids clean their sink every week.

4. Cleaning the kitchen after meals. - ME (he does all the cooking though)

5. Lawn chores. --DH does all that, I am in charge of the pooper scooper in the backyard though, fun.
What chores?
I have a housekeeper who has been with me for years, will come whenever I want her to. My hubby does the cooking (gourmet)and yard (I might help a little there). Am afraid if I were to stop MTing my husband might expect me to do house clean. Ugh!!
1. Laundry - ME.

2. Dusting and vacuuming the house. - What?

3. Cleaning bathrooms. - I clean mine, and I don't set foot in DH's. It's scary.

4. Cleaning the kitchen after meals. - ??

5. Lawn chores - Both of us, when it's not too hot.

I'm considering getting a cleaning service. Ya think?
"As I tell my girls." That speaks volumes about your attitude. You need to be back in the 1950s.

No doctor, nurse or any other health professional bases their treatment on a typed report on the chart - and if any of your employees believe that bunk, they deserve to have you as a boss.
Wow, I must be a spoiled
I could never imagine staying in one job for that long if I was as miserable as you appear to have been for quite some time (20 years).

I have only been at this for five years. I have worked in two major hospitals, one clinic, and at home. I have always DETESTED working inside, especially during the day and especially with meaningless office banter and gossip, not to mention the snobbery of most upper management or "administrators".

This led to me to MT at home, which I love. I do not work for a large national with multiple benefits, so what you are offered sounds good to me.

Honestly, as long as you can keep your production going (overtime is not a problem where I work...they would love you for it) and not let the isolation that sometimes is overwhelming (for some...not all)from bothering you, it sounds to me that you enjoy working at home.

IMO, VR and India will not take all of the jobs before you plan to retire. I don't know where you live, but where I am, there are plenty of IC jobs to choose from. I am honestly too lazy to go after them because I like not having to deal with all of that. I like to get lines, get paid, and be able to play with my dogs and wear pajamas. So, in that way, I am spoiled.

I would try to secure another job before quitting my first, though. It can take a week or so to get used to your new company's system, templates, QA people (!), etc... to get your production up.

GOod luck and if you have any more questions, hopefully some of the nicer people on this board can help.
Yes too spoiled I think but that is mainly my DH - sm
I spoil them too, but not to the same extent. They are 6 & 8 now (girls). He seems to think he has to buy them something everytime he goes out of town (sometimes this is as much as once a week), so it can add up quick, and they were starting to ask him every night he came home from work "what did you get me", I told him it was way out of hand and had to stop. He had gotten better finally but still not quite where I want him to be. They generally wake themselves up in the morning, but if they are not up yet I wake them up. They pick out their clothes and dress themselves, brush teeth. I get their breakfast though and brush their hair. My 8-y/o does her homework on her own for the most part, I might sit with her while she does it, then check it when she is done. As for chores, nothing on a regular basis, but that is changing shortly, have quite a few things that I do that they can handle just fine. They both clean their rooms (the older one under duress); take turns cleaning their bathroom; and help pick up the LR adn DR (again under duress) when I want to clean/vacuum. We do not do allowances as yet, but are teaching the 8-y/o about $$. She keeps wanting games for the DS Lite, which she paid $60 toward the purchase of to her uncle for her birthday a couple weeks ago; she sells our eggs (have some chickens) and we let her have the $$ which she saves up to get things; granted the egg money won't get her far ($10 a month if that) so I have to keep an eye on how much my DH slips her (which drives me nuts, keep telling him to at least make her do something for the $ and quit just giving it to her). I just don't want my kids thinking they will just be handed $ whenever they want it from dear old dad. Hopefully my visions of the future will not come true.
Thanks everyone for your responses.  I am at fault by spoiling her so much; I really love being with her, I've been knitting sweaters and watching the Wizard of Oz with her and reading, she loves for me to read books to her and play with her, she's an only child and both her mom and my son work and they are young so you know how the priorities are at that age, nobody spends time with her but me so she's thrilled when I see her.  She cries when her Mom comes to get her and climbs on me saying "No" she doesn't want to go.  My son is usually busy playing video games or on the cellphone when she here visiting so she comes to me for attention.  I feel bad, but I really have to work, I've been out of work for 2 years now.  I appreciate all of your feedback.  You guys are great!!
Who does the chores in your house i.e.....sm

  1. Laundry.

  2. Dusting and vacuuming the house.

  3. Cleaning bathrooms.

  4. Cleaning the kitchen after meals.

  5. Lawn chores.

For our house, my husband & I split the laundry chores, he does the yard work, everyone pitches in for the dusting/vacuuming, the kids clean their bathroom and my husband & I alternate cleaning ours, and we rotate who cleans the kitchen after meals.   The kids also don't get an allowance - this is part of their "living" experience; however, if they want to do extra work like clean extra areas that aren't theirs then they can make some money.

Maintenance chores...sm

Computer users can do the main maintenance chores without taking a class because Windows provides simple point-and-click interfaces to things like disk cleanup, disk defragmenting and backup.  The other important things are running antivirus and antispyware software and keeping them up to date, but most of these configure themselves to update automatically.

One thing that can be tricky is installing and configuring a firewall, depending on your particular situation and version of Windows.  However, firewalls have also become much more user-friendly in recent years.. 

Eliminating a virus once you have one is another matter, some being so nasty that they resist removal.  For these,  "a class" in computers won't give you the expertise to exterminate them anyway.

If you Google "regular Windows maintenance" (including the quotes so it's treated as a single search phrase), you'll find lots of reasonably nontechnical advice online that will tell you everything you need to know to keep your Windows system in good running order and as reasonably well-protected as possible.



She sounds spoiled
She sounds like a self-centered spoiled employee, IMO.  Does she not take pride in her work?  If not, she is in the wrong field.  I think if a Transcriptionist ever gets to the point the errors don't bother them, they need to consider a profession change.  Yes -- they're small mistakes right now, but how long until she transcribes the wrong medication dosage or something really big?  As I tell my girls, a decimal in the wrong place can mean life or death for a patient if the doctor does not thoroughly check the work and calls in a wrong dosage.
What chores around the house does everybody have "blindness" for??
Right now I've 8 ice cube trays with ONE ice cube in it and the garbage is balanced in a delicately constructed pyramid 12 inches above the level of the garbage can and the "structure" has extended onto the top of the chest freezer it sits next to.  I'm gonna see how long this can continue! 
Family of 4 - we share most chores; however,
for the laundry - I do all laundry and fold, they put their own clothes away in their drawers or hang up in their closets.

Me, husband, and 2 teens (1 boy and 1 girl). They are both great about helping out around the house. When the trash is full - one of them just automatically take it, empty the can, etc.

Lawn chores - all my husband. He wants it that way, as he is very particular about his "grass".

Lazy (spoiled) dictators
They're so used to somebody (like us and/or nurses, etc) picking up after them and waiting on them hand and foot, that they just don't think they need to bother.  When I worked on-site in a hospital, it was easier just to get the chart and write their dis summaries for them, but of course we can't do that from out here so I guess we have to use our mind reading skills. 
Parents: Are your kids spoiled? sm

For instance, do they do chores that are age appropriate, do their own homework, get themselves up in the morning and ready for the day if they're older than say age 10?  Here's how it works in our house:

6-year-old:  Responsible for cleaning her room, feeding her fish and bunny rabbit and her bathroom each week.  Puts dirty clothes into the hamper and puts up clean clothes except those that have to be hung, which we do since she's not tall enough.  Likes to mop the kitchen floor so we let her do that.  Does her own homework after I make sure she remembers the directions.

15-year-old:  Has to clean her own room and bathroom - alternates the bathroom cleaning with the 6-year-old since they share a bathroom.   If she cooks anything that's not a meal for everyone she has to clean up after herself.    She's now learning to do laundry - my DH always took care of that for her in the past or her mom did, but  I've forced the issue that she can do her own laundry now that she's 15.   Also has to do her own homework without help from us.  For instance, while doing English she commonly asks for the meaning of a word.  I tell her to go to webster.com and look it up or grab the dictionary - which is how we learned as kids.   Also her dad (and bio-mom) used to help do her homework by looking up stuff and writing the answers which she'd re-write but that stopped while we were dating as I got him to realize that he wasn't helping her by doing this and she needed to do her own school work and not whine to get him to help.  She is also required to get herself up and out the door for school in the morning, on time, and knows that if she oversleeps and misses the bus because she's goofing off then she gets no PC or TV privileges for the day.  It only took her 1 time of missing the bus  to learn to get up on time. 

What about your household? 



You know, people are totally spoiled now
When I started out we worked on typewriters (do you know what those are?)- some had correcting tapes - you hit the backspace and typed the same mistake, took that off and then you backed spaced again and continued typing. On the first several computers we had no spellchecking at all. Where I learned we had to have less than 3 errors (either medical or English) on a page before we could get production pay. Our work was much, much better than what I see just being posted on here with the misspellings, etc. I use spellcheck now but only because, first of all required and secondly just makes me feel better but not a crutch for me in any way.
Anyone doing home chores today instead of working? sm

So far we've put out 40 bags of mulch around the flower garden area as it was time to refresh it, and then I've put in a fence in the back yard for the dog (deal alert - if you have a small dog that won't jump over a fence, you can get 150 feet of kennel fencing that is 3 feet  high at Lowe's with the stakes for just under $100, and it took me less than an hour to figure out how I wanted it to look and install it... and I'm not a home improvement queen!). 

The dog feels like she's in doggie heaven running around without having to have her tie-up ropes and my neighbors  across the road should be happy that I've spruced up the flower garden area - especially since they just put their house on the market.

Now I'm ready for a nice long Calgon soak!!!

One Shiz Tsu here...spoiled rotten! 1 year old.nm
Less than 1 yr, spoiled selfish baby vs confirmed bachelor
Entertain them? Chores? Church on Sunday? You women are a joke!
How you are reading that into my statements is really a hoot! Please tell me you don't have children! My, we are all on the defense over this - how many of you have no relationship with your kids? Soooooooo sad!!
No, just what he's responsible for

Oh, but you/we ARE responsible ... sm
Whose name/id number goes at the bottom of a report, the MT or QA?  In my company, we do have access to viewing past reports, but only that.  We do not have access to the sound file on that report; QA does.  We cannot change anything on an uploaded report (before it is signed by the dictator); the QA can.  I have looked up past reports I have done for the purpose of reference, maybe, a medication or a doc's name.  I have seen things changed around which I know I did not put in there, which I know is not correct and against the acct. specifics for that account, but its MY id # beside the doc's signature line, not the QAs. 
Totally agree. Her kids are brats and spoiled with dirty money. I know she works
The responsible thing to do...
if you believe in the bad seed (which I do, but not in this case, sounds like abuse/neglect to me) is to place the child in a home for troubled children where she can be treated and kept away from innocent people who she might hurt.  Some of these kids can become homicidal.  I've heard of people waking up to a 6-year-old standing over their bed with a knife, stuff like that.  You can't as a parent just send her back to her mother just to get her out of your hair.  If she's that dysfunctional, she needs to be in a residential facility where she can either receive help or be monitored.  Sounds like her mother will only contribute to the problem.
I was responsible for BC for years. After having #2 I was
unable to take BCP and refused to use other methods, which left him in charge.   He didn't like his main option so opted for the vasectomy.  It was $350, a 45 minute procedure done in the doctor's office, a day of pain and a couple more of discomfort, but he never missed a day of work or had any issues afterwards.   The weird thing is that our insurance would not pay for it, but willing to pay 3 times that for me to have my tubes tied. 
This is very true. They are not responsible
I know it sounds harsh.  Late checks and no checks at all are two different stories.  I've learned the hard way with direct deposit as well.  This is not a sure thing either.  Sometimes due to holidays or weekend days, it can go in late.
MTs have been responsible for their own DEMISE. (sm)

By allowing people to do piecemeal transcription at below livable wages, and them thinking it is a GOOD tradeoff -- it has diluted our profession down to nothing livable.

When it was considered a livelihood and it was something we did  to have as a job, we were paid decently.


We were taken seriously.  It was a skill that had respect.

MTs are just a bunch of women working from home (out of sight out of mind), somebody to be ridiculed, with nobody out there representing us to legitimize us.  When we worked in offices and hospitals we were THERE - we were REAL - they had to deal with us.  Now we are a mirage, they can talk bad about us and have no repercussion.  We are not there to defend ourselves.  You yourselves know how much easier it is to talk about somebody who isn't there than it is to talk about them to their face or to talk about your friend. 

When so many are allowed to just drop in an hour or two a day for spending money, with a second person picking up the overhead expenses (living with hubby, etc) - it messes it up for this ever being able to demand a REALISTIC pay for the skill.


Just a reminder of why we have to accept things like 6.5 cents a line  as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR.


Do you think my son with his PhD and who acts as a consultant has to take a reduction in his fee because he works out of his home.  HECK NO!  A skill is a skill.  He charges and gets paid for his value, not for whether he wears blue jeans or a suit to provide his expertiese which it took him years to learn.

It took us years to get these skills -- and now we are having to give it away basically because we work in PJs and can go to the store when we want to?????   THAT'S HOGWASH, but it's exactly what is happening.  Think about it the next time you are asked to provide a skill you paid dearly to learn - and you are asked to do it for less than minimum wage.


As an IC do you feel responsible...

As an IC, is it my responsibility to contact the doctors offices to notify them that I may be gone for half the day due to a personal appointment.  Is this necessary?  Is this something IC's do normally?  I feel obligated, in case someone calls for an urgent report or something else related to a past report.    I somehow feel on the other hand, that I am my own boss, I make my own hours, so I should not have to notify them. 

What is your perspective?   


Keep in mind QA also is responsible sm
for 30 or 40 different accounts at a large company.  I get account specifics at mine, but they change at least once a week, constant emails to us about how this facility wants this and this one wants that.  I am getting hammered to produce so many jobs per hour too and 40 accounts is a little much to keep track of.
Kids might still be responsible...sm
Something has changed in your computer system to cause this to start happening. I assume you haven't added or removed any hardware, so that leaves software as the potential culprit.

Among the possibilities for such software changes are:
1. Malware (viruses, etc.).
2. Web page scripts and applets.
3. Operating system updates.
4. New installs - games and other applications.

The information you provide is insufficient to offer anything more than very general advice, but that might not matter if you can find out what's changed.

Check first to make sure that no one has installed anything on the system since before you first noticed this happening. Then, find out what everyone is doing on line that has anything to do with viewing or listening to media (internet radio, etc.), playing games or instant messaging with audio/video features, as these sometimes install their own "players" that have been known to play havoc with sound card drivers.

The best idea of all, of course, is that no one but you ever touches your work computer. You run a lot of different kinds of risks when kids (and even other adults) use your work system.


Well, aren't you just grand! Wow! You have three whole years in at your company! Boy!  I have about 20 at mine - does that make me grander than you? Or at least MORE responsible?? Or fabulous? Your post makes no sense - why am I answering?  Who knows!  If conditions are deplorable at a new job, shall MTs stay to cover the cost of our training? Feel sorry for the poor company?  That's what you are saying, and I think you are TOTALLY WRONG. I think most MTs would agree with me. An IC can't try out a job with a doctors' office to see if its a "fit"??? She'll be IRRESPONSIBLE?  Talk about sounding like you're management.  Is this Lee??? Since you are now calling me on my character, I can assure you that the company I was trained for totally misrepresented the job to me on hiring me.  Had I known the truth, I would NEVER have accepted their offer.  You are calling me irresponsible - I assure you, I am the complete opposite, though shall I debate it with you?  I'm so responsible, I'm boring. But I am also learning to stand up for myself, INTERVIEW THESE COMPANIES BACK, asking everything from A-to-Z upfront (which still doesn't help), and NOT stick with a creepy new job more than a few months because it cost THEM $$ to hire/train me.  What about the MTs??? So many of us lose big $$ by trying a new job.  Read the posts on here daily - companies that promise to pay training pay, and then don't. Or they word it ever so cautiously, so you THINK you're gonna get paid X amount, but you don't.  Or the companies like a large national who FAIL to mention that you might not get your computer set up (provided by them) and actually running for a week or two, waiting for techies to get their act together, while the poor MT sits there INCOMELESS.  Or the companies who fail to mention that for the first solid 2 weeks of employ, you will be on 100% QA hold with a maximum of 5 jobs per day. Nothing based on quality or experience - no exceptions - just "the rules".  Wow! I can really feed my kids on that $$!  Or the account they promise will be like 50% ESLs and a "great one" turns out to be the squat account from you-no-where that NOBODY will type.  Or they hire you at 9 cpl, with bennies at certain production, and you find later that NO ONE EVER meets the line counts, thus, no bennies!  Which is why you took the job!!  And, by the way, did you NOT read the fine print that says your cpl rate plummets if you DON'T hit 2000 lines per day? Gee, didn't the recruiter mention that??? Please. I could go on and on, and we're supposed to be RESPONSIBLE and worry about the company's costs?? Give me a break!  Spend the months and months on end literally that I have interviewing, testing, and being hired by several of these companies NOW and then you'll more than understand why my attitude is not sympathetic to those who hire us. I've been told I'm the best thing since apple pie, a shining example of what an MT should be, and offered 6 cpl!! Ha!  Unreal. I am responsible, and would like the same from these potential employers. I also would expect a modicum of respect from my fellow MTs, even those with "fabulous" jobs.  I can assure you - fabulous jobs can disappear literally OVERNIGHT.  Happened to me and about 10,000 other MTs, or rather 9,9999.  Thanks for the support. If you ever hit the job market, save me email and write me.  I can save you the time and effort by steering you clear of at least a dozen companies.

under a rock....BUSH is responsible....sm

Your president Bush, whom you *sound* like you voted for...is most definitely responsible for fulfilling his family's nearly 30-year pact with the Saudi's at ALL AMERICAN WORKERS expense.  They had a deal from nearly 30 years ago and now the Bush dynasty is paying them (the Saudi's) back by selling ALL OF US OUT, including our  PORTS!!!  He has jeopardized ALL OF US due to his NEED/WANT for global acceptance of HIM.

If you cannot *see* this - time for you to get some serious help.

Responsible? No. Want/intend to? ABSOLUTELY
Wrong. MT wont be responsible for anything.
executor is responsible for filing the return.
As far as taxes due, no one else is responsible for those taxes - it should come out of the estate. I don't know how much money is involved, but if it is in any way significant, I would hire myself a tax attorney post haste.

however, and you didn't hear this from me...I wouldn't give Bush one more red cent.
Why is this so upsetting to you? He sounds very responsible and aware to me. sm
I don't think he is "throwing away opportunity" by quitting football, he's just venturing in another direction....his academics! I can't believe you're not happy about him WANTING to focus on his academics, which he obviously already has since he has a 4.0. He's extremely likely to get scholarships for that.  I would be proud that he was mature enough to not only know himself well enough to know when something is not satisfying to him anymore, but to quit it in a responsible way, by telling you about it, by going to his coach about it.  I understand the team mentality, and the importance of being responsible to your team, etc., but you shouldn't be forced to be loyal to something you don't believe in anymore, and certainly not guilted into it. Let the boy concentrate on math and physics! He can be smart for a lifetime, he can only play football for a limited number of years. Academics never gave anyone a concussion.
People like you are responsible for dumbing-down our "profession". If...sm
I were hiring and you applied, I would say get lost. As a professional, if you expect a professional's pay per line, you need to be able to transcribe ESLs, period. Suck it up and learn to understand.
We are not involved in "patient care". The dictator is responsible for that.
good luck to you!! Do something about that truck..you are responsible for any damages unless you
it taken without permission (different than stolen).
Agree wholeheartedly - have to learn to be responsible someday - hopefully already know
Sounds fraudulent but the doctor who signs it is responsible.
You have your W2 showing very clearly those taxes were paid. MQ is responsible for those taxes
because you were a statutory employee. That is the responsibility of the employer to pay those just as though you were an employee.