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sitting in my computer room, typing away when my boyfriend at the time, called me from work. nm

Posted By: typing4dollars on 2006-09-12
In Reply to: What were you doing when the WTC was attacked 5 yrs ago? - nm


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This is fun, Happy. A very small sitting room SM
off our kitchen is my office. Windows wrap around a corner, and a small old mahogany desk with drawers, of a type you've all seen many times, looks out over the northwest half of our hill and, like Lynn, the birds and other critters who live here with us. No closet, but an old cherry sideboard and hutch holds an amazing amount of stuff. I Google almost everything these days, so no books, paper, etc, needed at the desk. The room's in soft yellows and reds, some favorite paintings and chochkas. Right now your betta and snail are seeming the height of drama; my cats don't do much besides lay around and occasionally narrow their eyes at the birds. A loveseat and spring rocker do always await anyone who cares to come interrupt me, though. :)
Yep, I am rich, that's why I sitting here typing in the middle of the night!
Of course when I'm done, I'm gonna hop in the limo and have Jeeves take me to NYC to breakfast and get my hair and nails done.  Wanna go?  There's room in the back.  I mean, it is a limo!
As if we don't do it enough sitting at the computer! (sm)
If I do transcribe while I am dreaming I surely don't remember when I wake up. I'm usually passed out the second my head hits the pillow. Don't remember a thing when I wake up. Heaven Forbid!
this has been around for years - although handheld is fairly new - was juust a computer in each room
Sitting here waiting for work
I hate it when this happens.  Sitting here waiting for a job to get into the pool.  This is so stupid.
I am also sitting here with no work again from Amherst. I dont believe this.
Do most companies that offer this way of typing usually download their part onto your computer? sm
Or am I thinking of something totally different.  The past few companies I have worked for have downloaded their programs onto my computer.  I receive the files and send them via internet through their computer.  Is this the same thing?  Sorry, I know how to transcribe but am computer illiterate (?sp).....thanks...
It's time we all called NJ. I called

They can't provide anything in writing.

Nobody knows anything - keep telling you to call your supervisor.

I smell something worse than New Orleans coming from NJ.

Any time I travel and don't have room for my keyboard I use a pillow in my lap or prop
it on the edge of the desk.  I find it also takes some of the stress off my wrists and I tend to sit straighter in my chair.  Takes a bit getting used to, but if you travel with your own pillows you can use your own and it won't be so bad.   You could also go to one of the office warehouse companies like Office Depot and look at their keyboard trays.  They may have some that slides or clamps onto a desk that would work for you. 
AT the same time, if he had just called you
on the phone and dumped you, you probably would have been insulted at that. There is no nice way of getting the axe - perhaps labor laws or the company lawyers insist people be told in the office when its something as serious as letting staff go. Think about it - if you had been brushed off in a phone call, you, or others, would probably complain they hadn't been told face to face. Not his fault actually that he's 5 hours away. Also the whole thing about keeping you hidden spoke volumes about the character and integrity of the company - something not on the up and up from the start. You will probably look back and be so happy this happened some day.
A girl I work with has one in every room...
I personally can't find the time to even put up one!!! I admire your spirit and wish I could be more like that. At one time, I did have one in my living room and my bedroom. I really enjoyed it, but at that time I had a little more spare time on my hands. Now with 2 full-time jobs, no time. I wish I could hire someone to come decorate for me! But you know, the decorating used to be part of the fun. Am I just getting to old ??  or too worn out?? I'm not sure which. So you go girl, put up those trees and put one up for me! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU!
Me too. We get called all the time, especially on weekends....
It seems some people do not want to work at all on weekends, but if everyone would just get on and do 300-400 lines, the ones at our MSO would not be called every weekend.
typing time
They do not expect you to work 40 hours total typing time. This is the amount of time that you need to be signed into the symptom making production. When employed on an hourly basis, you do get your designated breaks, one in morning, lunch, and one in afternoon. If they are not allowing these mandatory breaks, they need to be reported to the labor board.
First time typing for ESL......
I typed "buttocks injection" when he said "Botox injection". (red faced here) Well, it sounded like buttocks to me!! :)
Isn't it time we all called Frank whateverhisname is?

In the midst of this joke about letters and phone calls from village idiots who

have no answers, and now no work, and lies when we ask for answers --

isn't it time we all confronted Medquist?  I'm sure ready.  I'm angry enough and

broke enough to raise unholy sand!

In-document typing time
I'm an employee (at present).
How much room do you need on your hard drive if you work for 2 companies at once. I know this is a
stupid question but I am ready to buy a computer and I am thinking of going part time with 2 companies and each one has their own platform but I dont want to pay for some hugh unnecessary computer. Can someone tell me what has worked for them if you work for 2 separate companies.
A nice sunny room just for me in our finished lower level. Love my cocoon room.
I called my supervisor one time when I had submitted my resume for a PT job. Just to let her

she might be getting a call for a reference.  I assured her I was not looking to leave my current job with her, that I was just going to do some PT work for this other company.  She appreciated my honesty and thanked me for the heads up because she said she most definitely would have assumed the worst.

Having said that, the two companies were hospitals that I worked for.  When talking about MTSOs, I would imagine that they don't like the idea of you working PT for the competition, so I can understand your not wanting your current employer called.

I like the idea below of putting Independet Contractor and the years worked as an IC on your resume and not actually listing all the companies you work for.  Then just submitted a list of references for them to call.  That's a good idea especially if you've worked for several different companies because of low work, etc.  I think I might use that on my resume!

It hasn't been called AAMT in a long time. nm
when typing military time, is it, for ex: 1645 or 16:45 nm

you will be on the phone the entire time you are typing.
Are you talking about using a Verizon cellphone? I would think you have to have a landline in your home to work.
Are you using two speed typing engines at the same time?
Or did I read that wrong. If that were possible, it'd be a breakthrough.
actual typing time mess

I know exactly what you mean. We see it in E-mails all the time where I work. Although they aren't enforcing it, they do ask that we work our full shift AND get our lines in. I know Dictaphone Extext tracks your typing time and you can see that when you check your line count. It gets really depressing on the speech editing because actual typing time is a LOT less, so it takes longer to get my time in.

This is another way to get more out of the MTs. I think it's all crap, especially since if you were to go over 40 hours a week you won't get paid!

Oh it is a lot of extra typing that takes time which I don't get paid for! nm
Couldn't work any other way. I love being portable, and the equipment takes up so much less room.
I have never had my own room. I shared a room with my sister, went away to college sm
and had a roommate (whom I am still close to) for 4 years, moved back home and back to sharing a room with my sister while she went to a local college and then got married. In fact, after 17 years of marriage, this is the first time in my life that I have had my own dresser, not just the top two or bottom two drawers!

I could never live alone. Not for fear but for loneliness. I like my alone time but I love to have people around.

actual typing time versus hours worked-venting here

I just have to vent about companies that keep track of your actual "typing time" and then say you are not putting in your 40 hours.  I always come up short and not by just a few hours.  They have said I worked only 60 hours when I worked 80.  But they say "their system is not wrong."

For one thing when you look up old reports or do research on-line or if you walk to the fridge, that shouldnt count as "not working" as long as you are getting your line rate.  Also something is wrong because I dont take that much time looking up things.

Also how can they get by with making you work 40 hours when you are paid "production?"  This is wrong.  Either pay me by the hour or leave me alone!!


Acute care work is operative reports, consultations, H&Ps, emergency room, DS basically the type of
dictation found in a hospital setting as opposed to a clinic setting in which you just type office notes and minor procedures.
I'm no computer genius but my monitor does it all the time sm
When??  When my cell phone is near by and something goes on with it, like a message comes through via email (I have a BlackBerry now).  However, it did it before with my regular cell phone too - so I came to the conclusion that someone nearby was getting a phone call or something.  Nothing has ever happened to my monitor...
Yes, it is called ESP. Instant Text and Shorthand work
Maybe in the recycling bin? Or you could restore your computer to an earlier time?
How does it work with typing common phrases,

But how does that work in relation to typing phrases that are common usage, the patient, return p.r.n., etc. 

I was contracted to do all clinic work, if someone else is typing it...
that's money out of my pocket.  Not too mention it is kind of irritating to waste the gas to deliver work when I all I have is like 10 notes to deliver because someone else typed the rest.  And if I don't deliver those 10 notes, then I'm going to hear about TAT!
Wasnt that a rip. They must have called every person on every account to work. I cant possibly
figure that mentality. PLUS we get nothing extra for weekends, nothing extra for  holidays ZIP. They overload the accounts and so we have no work. Why would they pay weekends or holidays when they play this game. Somebody is pocketing something but it AINT THE MTs. I hope every MT in that office inundates Mt. Laurel with complaints until they replaced the people that did this and not to mention their STUPID STUPID PICKY MQ point plan. That is a horrendous joke. Somebody up there needs to be removed and quickly.
I don't understand; how does "speaking reports" work? Isn't that called dictating?
Is there a setting on the computer that causes your internet connect to time out - I cannot stay
My "techies" come to the house and most of the time get it fixed here. They built the computer
It's always the first thing a computer person asks me...lol! And it works a lot of the time. nm
I work for Spheris, was docked by QA for typing 02/13/08 as a date SM
instead of 2/13/08 (dictator said "two" not " O two", and I read this garbage!!! Holy crap batman...
Where do all you guys work, typing 2000 lines a day?
Looking for stable company.....
I work part-time hours with full-time pay...
I made over 26,000 this year...
What is going on when every time you start computer - there are numerous empty folders, cannot find
A computer's OS (operating system) is only meant for a 1 time install on 1 pc. People like yours

who abuse this are just looking for a cheap break, jack up the price (theoretically speaking) for the rest of us, and are asking for a myriad of problems on their pcs.  To deter this behavior, about 1 year ago, many computer companies ceased to include all software when packaging the pc for shipment.  It is because of software abuse/misuse, computers that are delivered with a pre-installed OS are delivered without the OS + other necessary software, due to behaviors such as yours and many others.  However, if you call the company and verbally request all software: OS (installation CD), as well as other necessary software (tools systems, drivers, diagnostics, utilities, print driver, internet security, and WP/Word/Excel, et al), they will gladly send it to you free of charge.

Your point was? You called me jealous and lazy, and suggested I work an 8 hour shift.
Now you're being "nice". I am NOT worried about others.  Why would I want to work an 8 hour shift and produce 1000 lines if I could be missing SOMETHING and increase my production?  How mean-spirited you are. I would LOVE to produce more and work less, so that I could spend more time with my loved ones. And to read on this forum the astonishing line counts most MTs are claiming to make regularly - well, I'm either doing some really, really wrong, which I would like to fix, or I'm not doing something that I need to be doing, which I would like to fix! Thus, my sincere question.  Truly I believe it is time to leave this board, though I used to LOVE it so much, cause you just can't get an honest thread running anymore about anything - even trivial threads turn ugly by 2 to 3 posts, let alone INFORMATIVE ones like how honestly asking my fellow MTs who are huge producers HOW they do it? As in straight typing or using normals and standards?  I try to hang on this board and stay "positive" despite the negatives, cause I really like it here and I really like the admin, etc, but I'm not a glutton for punishment.  I know a lot of the old regular MTs who actually carried on intelligent conversations have gone to the board where you have to pay $$$ to post.  Apparently, one can still have kind meaningful conversations over there - guess the $$ part weeds out the trolls?  Don't know, but its sure sad.  Please, don't misinterpret this as me thinking anyone would give a hoot if I left here - cause I know now there will be the normal "good - who gives a crap? good riddance" flames, but really, the MTs who are so trollish are just ruining it for themselves.  Thus is their lot in life, though.
Why the stupid idiots called everyone to work on the holiday to make sure they meet their 1 hour TAT
Boyfriend who is depressed.
A great therapist I used to work for would tell folks in your situation, that you ARE not trained in counseling, therefore, you can not help him in the way he needs. It's just not your job so to speak. Go easy on yourself, it sounds like you have been very supportive, you now just need to decide how long your willing to do so.
You should take the boyfriend out of the equation. sm
I don't understand what you mean financially you can't leave? I'm a single mother (divorced) with twin boys age 11. My net income is about 2,000 a month and I get child support of $500.00 a month. I'm sorry but the phrase "I stayed because of the kids" is no good. I do believe you need an emergency fund.
My daughter is 10 also and just had her first boyfriend...

I was very upset about it at first.  At my friend's suggestion, I sat down with my little girl and asked her exactly what she thought it meant to have a boyfriend.  I asked her if they would be holding hands, if they would be kissing.  She was shocked and a little embarrassed, but I'm glad we had that talk because I don't think it occurred to her that he might expect those things. 

I also made it very clear that young relationships last days, not years.  So, when he broke up with her after 27 days (she counted) she wasn't all that shocked and probably took it better than she would have if we hadn't talked about it. 

Boyfriend is a contractor
Horizontally, but my boyfriend has to cut his off and eat it
He had his two front teeth knocked out as a teenager playing baseball. They fixed his teeth, but he can't bite down into anything like that...corn on the cob, apples, etc. So he cuts it off with a knife and eats it.