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Given the opportunity, I would have

Posted By: francie on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: He is a constitutionalist? I didn't know that. - I still like Ron Paul's ideas on that better. n

voted for Ron Paul.  However, Obama taught constitutional law and a constitutional lawyer.  He has stated more than once that he will UPHOLD the Constitution. 

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your opportunity to judge Clinton's

behavior by voting for/against him is officially over.  Break on through to the new millenium.


Equal opportunity basher....... sm
I'm an Independent, and have been for years, because I don't uphold the Dem/Pub party process any more. It may have served a real purpose when it was initiated, but those times are long gone. My Daddy was a true-blue Democrat and it wasn't until his later years that he really began looking at the issues and the politicians as a whole rather than through the bipartisan microscope.

My opinion, now that the big event is behind us, is that everyone (at least the ones on this board) voted in their own conscience. Most of the posters here seem to have researched the issues and applied their own opinions as they felt led and I don't think anyone needs to be told "I told you so" or needs to rub in the fact that their man won. As Chele, I believe it was, pointed out, we (collectively speaking) have placed a man in office, and while the future ain't lookin' too rosey right now, we all need to pull together and get through whatever the fallout may be the best we can.

FWIW...I've never been happy with the "solution" to the Kennedy assasination either. I think it was poorly handled yet expertly covered up. Be that as it may, the person(s) that were really behind this have to deal with whatever recompense they have coming.

To paraphrase Hoover, "A crow in every pot and forget about the car!"
BTDT. This is an equally offensive opportunity.
Equal opportunity for all Americans is not a new vision.
Get with the program.
I think some of it is the opportunity to express some covert racism.
Hate speech is an equal opportunity killer.
neither can you.
Eugenics and master plans.are equal opportunity
Its all about the source and what their driving agendas may be. Readers who believe in and promote master plan theories based on racial purity would be WAY gullible to be convinced of other conspiracy theories, no matter how idiotic the are. Those of us grounded in reality, not so much.

Scouring the net on the topics you named (especially govt takeovers) speaks for itself. If you cite sources from the whack world, don't expect to be taken too seriously.
Another Rope-A-Dope Opportunity for Russian President Medvedev

Quite apart from Obama already having been sucker-punched diplomatically by Putin and Medvedev (but apparently having learned nothing from it), and having absolutely no confidence that the Russians will be honest brokers anyway, I hope Obama leaves us enough nukes to deal with Iran and North Korea - and whatever rogue countries they sell their missiles to.


It has never been a winning strategy to deal with regimes like these from a position of reduced strength.  Never.  Ever.



Evidently, my conservative friend, there is no opportunity to be missed in attacking Bush.
And threads are being hijacked on the conservative board as well.  It's amazing.