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Yes, I have a teenager; and I've told him to wrap it

Posted By: up because girls these days have no cooth. on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: A drinking problem? - TT24

I also was a teenager myself in the 80s. 

I can say that in high school when somone popped up with child; they popped out of school early with another diagnosis.  Yes, mono, was one of the "illnesses" these girls supposedly had, so this type of thinking goes way back.  Let's brush it under the carpet, and no one will notice.  I am not so sure I like that mentality. 

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how would you know what i've been TOLD?
Usually they've been told by other people that

I think we can wrap up this

distraction issue by repeating the old saw "Never wrestle with a pig in the mud.  You only get dirty and the pig likes it"   Shall we retire the subject?


Look, if the pubs are going to get a bad wrap
I may as well ruffle your feathers!!!    (At least I'm trying to be PC by posting a nonpartisan-looking smiling)
Try to wrap your mind around this....
THe "wealthy" are the business owners who EMPLOY people. Helllooo. You give them tax cuts, they don't have to lay people off. That's a good thing. You give them tax cuts they can grow their businesses and employ MORE people. That's a good thing. Simple economics 101 that seems to escape the more Democrat among us. And I have NEVER been able to figure that one out.
she is a teenager

who got pregnant out of wedlock.  What a shame.


Not AS a teenager...
...I said he is acting with the bullheaded immaturity OF a teenager. 
Here's a deal - the pubs will take the wrap for troopergate if
Braaaaawk Osama takes the wrap for the rampant voter fraud he is perpetuating across the US.

He's a crooked scheister and the Dems are coming off looking like monkeys with their heads up their own heinies for swallowing his B.S.

Don't you think there's a reason Osamabinbama has to look for his voters by dredging soup kitchens and rock concerts and homeless shelters? I guess that's the voter 'base' in the Democratic party now. Air heads and pot heads. Greaaaaaaaat.
teenager didn't make it.....you need to
And no underage teenager drinks
alcohol right?  LOL!  Sheesh.  How many underage kids smoke cigarettes?  Making them illegal will just create more crime and a black market for cigarettes.  This thinking is absolutely stupid.  Do we not remember what happened during prohibition?
Naw, C. Mudgeon thinks he did ALL this as a teenager!!
Agree, Lurker...hard to wrap the mind around...
...It is so surreal in a way, all that happened, and then paasing the buck, and now the tide of human hate that in some ways is just as damaging as the storm itself.

I fear they will try their best to rewrite the story of what happened. It's already starting. Now the new poll is out saying somewhere close to half of Americans approve of Bush's handling of the emergency services. The conservatives are all agaggle over it - as if it was real. As if just saying so makes it real. Karl Rove has played this game from day one but they just don't see it. Not even with all the ultra conservative pundits turning on them, they believe a faked poll before they believe their own eyes and ears.

My brother told me a story once about a company he used to work for in Ft. Pierce, FL, run by a man and his three adult sons. One day my brother was taking a break with the three sons and they were reminiscing about the good old days (about 10 years previously) when they would load up their shotguns, jump in the pickup and head over to the segregated part of town where the black people lived, and drive around the outskirts of town taking pot shots at the inhabitants, killing as many as possible, laughing as heads exploded and children were shot out of their mother's arms. This was going on in 1962. The blacks couldn't do anything about it - the whites owned the city and the sheriff's office and if they didn't like it they were invited to get the hell out of town. The sons in question were from 12-14 years old when they were committing murder with their father's approval and assistance.

What happened this last week gives me the same unbelieving sense of horror and shame as I had when I first heard that story. I just don't know what to say about people so dead inside that murder to them is a joyride. That's kind of a dramatic way to put it, but this stuff really happened and I don't think these kinds of people have left us at all. I am sure they have not all murdered the defenseless for sport, but I am also no longer sure that defending and enabling murderers of any kind is very much better. They might not be shooting but they are certainly driving the truck around with a big grin on their faces, some of them. Not all, but a very dead empty and evil few.

At least now we can plainly see who they are.

Are you Sioux by the way Lurker? Don't mean to pry but just curious:) I have to take issue with the phrase though. I always believed it, now I don't believe it anymore. We're not all one. There are the people and then there are...I don't know what they are but they aren't human and they are not related to anyone but each other. I wish I could feel more inclusive about it but that's not going to happen ever again, I suspect.
The left has decided to make it about the teenager...
she is the one who is pregnant after all. It is each person's choice whether to take the high road or throw stones. If Sarah Palin's daughter had decided to have an abortion the left would have used that against her as well. Everyone knows that.

See...that is the problem here. The left thinks they know the common person, the "right," the middle class middle AMerica folks who have family values...anyone who thinks those kinds of people would attack a pregnant teenager in this fashion no matter what party her mother is in...does not know nor understand these people.

This perceived weapon that the left has picked up may well harm their candidate, because no matter how many times he cries foul, there are still his followers who want to go there. So we are left with two ways to view that. Either Obama is political posturing, does not believe what he said, and in the trenches is telling his people "sic her," or he is genuinely affronted by this and his followers are paying him no heed. Either way...it will reflect badly on his candidacy.
Do you believe everything you are told?
If so, that explains a lot. 
he was told to by

his Rove advisors - they are desperate.


Who told him? You?
Like others have told me..........sm
do your own research.
No from what I was told
they look at a map of your address when you register (this was my first time registering and my husband had to reregister in this county) and if they are careless about it they will sometimes send you to the wrong polling place.

Still makes me wonder!

My husband joked they were probably giving us the run around because we are Mccain supporters in an area of heavy Obama supporters LOL

YES WE CAN, yes we DID, told ya so, HE WON
he won he won he won
Don't like being told what to do, either.
What he SHOULD have told them
He should have told them where to stick their poisonous foodstuffs and lead-painted toys. I have no idea why we're buying their crap.

Do you really think that we are told what is REALLY
going on in Gitmo?
You must really be naive to believe that what the media tells us is the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth!
I bet it is 100 times worse than we are told.

Can't chew gum. Would've if I could've.

Even got hypnotized. Supposedly guaranteed to quit. Lasted 5 hours. Thank heavens I never smoked anything stronger.

They told her she did not have a right to speak and a lot of other
pretty awful things as well, Democrat.  I am sorry you are so blinded by the hatred that was shown to this poster.  Besides, she never said she spoke for everyone.
Well I guess you told me...

I was politely asking that you call us crooks and criminals on your board, where it will be better received and I was nice about it too.

As far as Foley goes, you will excuse me if I don't think running off to a secret rehab when you have been busted is an honorable thing to do. He got caught and he ran. Simple as that. Then blamed alchohol and a priest for his behavior. That doesn't fly with me. And he has not been convicted of anything, so I guess that makes it okay....neither have OJ or Robert Blake. They, let's see, how should I say it, got away with murder.  And, last but not least, are you not the one who posted awhile back quite a sermon on passing judgement. I seem to remember Bible quotes and all sorts of Christian-esque cliches   about judgement being God's to pass. Then, I hear McKinney is a joke, Jefferson is a bigger joke and Kennedy is the biggest joke of all. Yet they still get elected (by Democrats) which makes us all guilty of what...depraved indifference??? Judge not lest ye be judged. I believe you quoted that but here you are, on the liberal board, belittling Democrats, stating you don't care how we think or feel and that our Democratic senators are jokes. Not to mention how ridiculous it is to try to pin wrongdoing on one party, everyone included, you do it here on this board. All I asked was that you cease and desist with the mud. I do care what people think and feel and have tried to write respectfully keeping that in mind. It is not a bad practice and it is a practice, takes a looooong time to think before speaking or to filter through your heart first what comes out your mouth (or keyboard).

Truth be told

All stories, magazine articles, speeches are edited to reflect a point of view. That's the whole point (like inhaling). To condemn 60 Minutes which has been on for how many years and known as a vanguard of hard-hitting journalism as biased is facile.


That's fine if you want to be told
you aren't worthy of an MRI, right? Because it's too expensive?
I told someone to shut up

because for some people....they just cannot seem to post anything worthwhile.  All they do is repeat the same stuff and call people names.  If you have nothing of value to bring to the table....please feel free to shut your trap as well.  I know what our country is facing and I stand by my decision of picking John McCain.  I believe him, what he stands for, and what he says.  I do not believe Obama.  If you differ in that opinion....that is your God given right.  But bring something to the table other than insults.

He has told it like it is for many many years....
You know, they should have told us this two weeks ago....sm
but I suppose it took that long for it to make sense to Bush (yes, and I did vote for him, bash away).

But someone, anyone....should have explained this before.

And I agree. They need to give us the entire details once they know them, so we know what's really going on, not just innuendo and fear tactics....from both sides, really.

They are going to need to explain more about the return on investment part of it in another article I read here the other day. If they play it right, there should be no raised taxes, and this will help the economy tremendously.
NO! that's what you're TOLD. s/m
Watch Lou Dobbs and tell me he's biased.  Give 'em all hell, Lou!.  If anything I think they're biased toward McCain, so there.
Hmmmmm...who was it told us to go
Wow. Guess nobody told them that
I told you it was a hoax!
The story made no sense from the very beginning. What is really amusing to me is how quickly the rabid right-wing posters jumped all over this story. Makes me wonder about their judgment and their ability to make an intelligent decision about voting.
the truth is not told
Just evasive answers
Did you believe everything Bush told you? n/m
Well, they were told this would happen
There were MANY trying to yell this from the tops of their voices before Obama was elected. They did say he was adamant to get rid of "free speech"; after all, he certainly DOES NOT believe in our constitution, so why should that be a stretch.

He is already trying to pass a federal law prohibiting anyone from being able to have their own thoughts....

For instance, if a pastor refuses to marry a gay couple, his church will be targeted.

Already a photographer in Arizona refused to photograph a gay couple's wedding, stating he did not believe in those unions, and they took him to court. He has a PRIVATE business. He has every right to refuse. But no, the gays had to go and file papers against him. Just shows you what they are really all about. Nothing but hate!

The talk was already out there about Obama wanting to do away with conservative radio or TV, or for that matter, any religion that doesn't think his way... but no, so many fell for his crap hook, line, and sinker.

The inability to have free speech will only slap those in the face that love him when they can no longer disagree with ANYTHING their government does, which is our constitutional right.

You're right....they're going to get change like they've never seen before and most are so unintelligent or just so enamored with him, they don't even see it coming. Of course, most of them didn't pay any attention to who he really was before they voted for him either.
A doc told me that nicotine is more..
addicting than heroin. At this point, I can see why heroin addicts can't just "quit." I stopped trying to quit - just the thought gave me the jitters.
and at the same time, I am told...
that I should support whatever ridiculous thing Obama says or does. It is interesting, isn't it? I sure hope that it never comes down to the bunch of cowards living in this country to protect themselves, and, no, I am not talking of you personally. I have no idea whether or not you fall into that category.
I Told You It Was Coming
Well, i suppose you told me...
consider me properly chastised.
My mother always told me
Ignore them and they'll go away.
Our physicians are already being told --sm
what they can and cannot do for patient care, by the pharmaceuticals and insurance companies! They deny claims left and right to people younger than this on a daily basis. It's not just the gov't that patients have to worry about! We already pay month after month to big insurance companies (who need bail out money yet on top of it), and they tell US what we can and cannot have as far as medical care! I see no difference than gov't telling us what we can and can't have.
This is what my sister told me
We grew up Methodist (12 years of church/sunday school in a Methodist parish). A few years back she became mormon and she was into baptizing every single person in our family (and her friends) who had died. This is what she told me. - By baptizing them they now can enter into ? (wherever the mormons go) because they weren't aware of the religion when they were alive, and now they are safe. We argued and argued about it. She even had the nerve to tell me after my mom died that my mom had expressed wishes to become involved in the mormon religion, but didn't get to before she died. So now she is okay now that she has been baptized. I told her that's funny because I was just visiting mom (who lives on the other side of the states) the week before she died and I had rosary beads that were blessed by a priest (although I'm not catholic - got them from a priest on the plane), and my mom was holding them and wanted to say that prayer of Mary - forge the name - Hail Mary full of grace, etc, etc., and she also asked for a Priest to say the last rites prayer when she was in the hospital. Sis was not real happy that I called for a Priest for my mom.

Anyway...I don't want to make this a religious discussion cos that's for a different board, but just telling you how my sister explained it.

I too still don't get it. I think it's more of a "feel good" thing for them. The person is long since gone and gone on to whatever realm they go to after they leave and I don't think there are different religions where they go - which btw she has already told me once I pass that because I'm not a mormon I will be on the same level with Charles Manson, Jefrey Dahmer, etc. But if I become mormon I will be elevated up to the next level. No offense to anyone on this board (I actually attended mormon services for a year when I was in the service), but it's just too "out there" for me and goes against everything I believe in, but so do all of the religions.
I respect what you just told me. .....sm
It is true. GP, and I noticed also JTBB, seldom react to unfair, ridiculing and ignorant personal attacks. They just let it slide by and stick to the issue. That's also what the moderators always tell us, but sometimes I just cannot let it slide, when some comments reek of stupidity and most of all injustice and low-life.
I am not so experienced yet when it comes to the right behavior on forums. Maybe I am too impulsive, but I keep trying.
Again, also here you are right. GP has sort of good-natured humor, mine is more sarcastic, but to the point, but it is more insulting, inticing and therefore alienates me from the disagreeing posters.

I honestly respect and appreciate your reply and I will try to follow your advice.

I am a political independent (more to the democratic side) and a religious liberal (not extreme liberal, I heed some restrictions, e.g. same-gender marriages, but pro-same-gender unions, they have the right to be happy. If that's the way that makes them happy, nobody can withhold it from them.

I am sure GP will be back, if she doesn't post for a while that does not mean that she is banned, she might be busy otherwise.

Again, thanks,
"WE" were never told about anything.....
That's the problem. We, the citizens of this country, the ones who the govt is supposed to work FOR, put this into law without even Congress being consulted....without congressional consent...PERIOD!

The only "objectives" are being pushed through quietly by Obama and unless people wake up and start protesting loudly and clearly, and taking back this country, we are going to be another russia.... for those that don't believe that, then ask yourself why Russian politicans AND European politicians are telling Obama he needs to stop what he is doing, that he is heading down the wrong path; the very one THEY have already been down! How telling is that?!
Moore has always told the truth.
That's why the Wrong Right hates him to viciously. Really all you have to do is look at who they smear the most vehemently and you will find some of the bravest, most honest, humanitarian and patriotic people in the nation.
In one paragraph you have not only told me more than I ever wanted to know.

You have outlined and described in perfect detail the problem with why your arguments can never be recognized as anything but dividing. Gt, believe me, this is not all about you, which it always seems to end up being about in your posts.  The fact that you refuse, not fail, but refuse to accept anything, any explanation, any single example of the image you project as well as your close-minedness, is illustrated in every post that you make. 

But then again, Bill Maher probably would have told him where he could...sm
go stick the Freakonomics book, and that would be the end of Bill on Fox. LOL.
People are not believing this because their told

their believing this because they are experiencing it.  You all honestly think everyone is stupid.  All you have to do is step into a Wal-Mart, a Target, or have your kid come home and tell you that if you wish people Merry Christmas or bring any Christian symbols to school they will be sent home and/or punished. 

I don't have a problem with the other holidays, but it is discrimination when you can post the other holiday symbols in the public, square, businesses, or schools but you cannot post anything about Christmas or the reason for Christmas which is Christ.

Maybe because I told you that you were misusing it one other time. nm