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Are you telling me that they only have the one account?

Posted By: nm on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: To my fellow QTers: What if the outsourcing talk is true? Just what does this mean .. SM - SadQT


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as you can see, no one else is telling theirs either-sm
and they don't want anybody jumping on their bandwagon's either. They were very quick to mention who they had bad experiences with, but no one is telling who they are happy with, other than for the sarcastic MQ and Diskriter.
You just don't know - I'm telling you ..........
they'll hate it.
keep telling yourself that
over and over until you really believe it; say it like a mantra. There is nothing wrong with talking about what is going on as this affects current MTs and could potentially affect many other MTs. I am willing to keep an open mind as well as it seems others who have posted are as well; however, one cannot just look at one side of the story. There are questionable things.
She might be telling it like it is but...
I am sure there is a much more polite way of saying it. I know I wouldnt appreciate be spoken to in that manner.
Always telling us at OSI they will do this
? Why are you telling us this?
I mean, good luck. I just do not understand your attitude and why you are making this huge statement about your big decision to stay and telling us when you plan to work, etc.

Maybe you are directing this to someone in particular and I didn't catch it.
Thanks for telling me how to do this.
I do not have much experience doing zipped files.  Anyway I will try what you said.  Sounds easy enough.  Again thank you.  
Right. Just keep on telling yourself
Repeat it over and over again. I'm sure you can convince yourself with a little practice.
Why are they telling you they will be out
I would refer all of these to the supervisor. This is not part of your job.
But telling somebody to look for another job
is more or less avoiding to confront the issue all together, and throw out the bath with the child in it.
Telling you it was not a lie
Well, there is an old saying that if certain people's lips are moving, you know they are lying.....Just sayin'. If the shoe fits, wear it and if not, it plain old don't fit.
would you mind telling me (sm)

this Cindy-person's last name. You can E/M me if you want, in fact, I'd prefer it that way. I worked for a Psycho Maniac named Cindy before, and wonder if they're the same person!


gapeachxx@yahoo.com...thanks a bunch!

She's telling the truth about this one. It is
terrible, no work, system is out of order a few times a day, and they just hire more and more people when the accounts have no work on them. 
Well, they are not telling the truth! sm
I was offered an incentive package to stay with them and that was on eScription! I turned it down and left anyway. Prefer working for Americans!
Not to flame but telling me I don't

Thank you for mentioning things in your latest post that you left out of your first.  See how easily one can jump to conclusions?

For what it is worth, I ran my own daycare for 10 years.  I know EXACTLY what it is like to be the one responsible for every aspect of running a business day in and day out, when people don't show up or go to lunch and don't come back, having to meet laws from varies state agencies that are contrary to one another and smile the whole time.  I've started work at 5 in the morning and finished at 9 at night (while trying to raise my own two young children).  I know what it is like to cook for 95 kids EVERY day for a year because I couldn't keep good help.  I know that until I converted all my private investment into a nonprofit organization, I could not achieve the success with my business that I was able to do.  Imagine working for 10 years and having NOTHING left of it but a good reputation, no retirement plan, no assests, nada, because the effects you left on people and the benefits you offered were worth all of it.  Would you be willing to do that?  Not many would, I bet.

When you want to yell at me some more and show your true colors, you will turn away the good MTs whom you were trying to entice in your original post.  See how easy it was to fly off the handle.

I do wish your business well, but I stand by what I said.  I save you money by working from home and doing what I do.  Every year I get devalued by the onslaught of forces I cannot control.  If you want to toot your own horn, I would suggest a marketing consultation next time.


Good for you for telling it like it is (sm)

I work for a smaller MT company who, like the employer of the previous poster, seems to want to keep their MTs in the dark about what's going on behind the scenes. However, reading between the lines and according to the grapevine our company recently was apparently outsourcing some work to the Philippines, and apparently, when the hospital found out, they were livid! The MTs were also upset, as this was one of our best accounts, the kind that make the other slog work worthwhile - and they handed it over to the Philippines...well, recently, we all of a sudden had a whole lot of this account's work available once again - my guess is, no more Philippines! I hope this means the hospital issued an ultimatum - and this means they appreciate our work and understand that you get what you pay for.

moving on is telling it like it is
I too have had horrible experiences. I think we both were previously working for the same company, a company highly recommended on this board. It was a huge disappointment as far as lines. It was impossible, too many foreign dictators and something funny going on with the line count. You wrote me and told me about Keystrokes. As well, I read your many posts about KS. I took a chance with your advice and accepted a job with them. You were speaking the truth and not just another recruiter. Thank you so much for recommending them and posting your experience with them:)
You are actually in the "I'm telling" mood?
You're going to tell?  What do they care?  They should know where they stand on this board... Why do you think they keep hiring from here? 
I would say Monday should be the telling SM
day.  If there is no pay and no indication of when you'll be paid, I'd get out of there FAST and also post the name of the company.  They've had plenty of time to correct their supposed **error*** cough...with the payroll company.
They can't sue you for telling the truth...nm
Would you mind telling me....
where you've gone.  I, too, work for MQ as a flex PT, but would LOVE to get out.  I used to be a SE too!  All these changes are making me nuts, but I've been with them for 13 years now, and I'm afraid to make that move.  I have 4 kids at home, and would love to have that scheduling flexibility!  Feel free to email me if you want!  Thanks for your help!
keep telling yourself that while I tell you a story
Main job $23/h plus incentive (which is very easy to make). Full benes. 20 weeks PTO/yr.

Second job REAL IC 11 cpl including headers/spaces.

So go ahead and laugh your way to the bank while I strut down to the credit union, which by the way, is better than a bank LOL

I don't mind telling you
My clients tell me they receive bids for anywhere between 12 and 16 cpl. I won't say what I charge but that is what is out there.
Thank you for telling this experience.
I've worked for companies before where the powers that be have no transcription experience and it wasn't a great experience.  With this information I will take them off my list of possibilities.  If a long time employee shared all of this I think the writing was on the wall.
Thanks all for telling your stories about
these companies. I have been looking for a new job and have applied at 10 the past week with only All Type responding. Guess I will not even bother testing.

I appreciate learning from the experiences of others. It avoids a lot of heartache that way.
Would you mind telling...
me where you work? Is is a small clinic or do you work for one of the big transcription companies? Thanks for the info.
Sure can't figure out why telling the sm
truth upsets you so much. I will put this MT way too long up against you any day of the week as far as quality and quantity! I am fed up with folks on here acting like anybody who has been doing this for 25, 30, 35 years needs to retire. For your information I am 53 years old, far from being too old to do anything. I have seen the stinking changes come along in this profession that have forced wages and line rates down the tubes for experienced MTs. I have listened to the complaining of the newbies who don't want to do the work it takes to succeed in this business, the ones who want it all right now etc. etc. and its sickening. Somebody needs to tell the truth and stop walking on eggshells around folks like yourself.

Oh yeah I almost forgot......even with wages and cpl going down, us old-timers still make a good wage because we have done the time and got the experience and don't have to have our heads in a reference book or the internet every other word! But you don't get that proficient until you have done this for a long time do you?

If you knew what you were doing, you would know the difference between a real question and a question by someone who is just too lazy to look for themselves.

You get over yourself!
Now, why is that? Because I am telling the truth?..sm
Do you prefer that I tell lies and be a hypocrite? Isn't it better to realize facts and be proactive?

It does not help to put one's head into the sand, clinging to the past and lying to oneself.

It does not help to close one's eyes. cover one's ears, keep quiet and ignore change. It will be a bad awakening.

And this does not only apply to MTing.

Would some one mind telling me ....sm
or pointing me to the particular thread that will enlighten me as to why an MT's identification as become such an issue?? I'm seriously not trying to be nosy. I am one of many other professional MTs that post on this forum and have done so for years. Hopefully whatever is going on doesn't pertain to me, but the information may be beneficial in the future.

I'm telling you, this sounds like
Spheris.  I said it in earlier post -- yesterday, or whenever.  Here's what happened to me: You had to clock in. WHen your shift was up, you had to clock out, say at 3:00, no more transcribing.  If you couldn't get your line count in, then you had to request additional work time.  I was never, ever granted that additional work time. i really felt that I never would have been, had I waited until blue in the face.  I would bet they have to pay time-and-a-half. It was next to impossible for me to complete lines that I was supposed to in that time period, too stressful.
I'm just telling you, it's going to be changing.
To WMX cheerleaders who are telling us

to stop whining because we haven't tried the new platform yet. I have been using the platform for a year. I just got done doing a report that STILL required extensive editing, and lucky me, I am going to be paid even less!  After a year, I repeat, a year, this wonderful magical ISR is still making the same errors that I have to correct over and over and over and over, day after day. I certainly do not see where that is productive. For example, it puts 5 to 0 nylon for 5-0 nylon. How many times should you have to correct that for it to finally learn? I have made that correction hundreds of times, and it still doesn't get it.  It leaves out whole chunks of sentences and doesn't even get words that are perfectly clear. Some reports turn out good, some are complete garbage. My production has increased a little, but no where near what they claimed. 

So stop telling me to calm down and give it a chance. I have given it a chance. I will be very interested in what you think of it after you have used it for awhile.

At least the Enterprise people have some glimmer of hope that maybe it won't be a cut in pay for you, but for me, it was most definitely a cut in pay.

Thanks for telling the truth and for explaining

in my post above.

Yes, I knew going in that I wouldn't get any PTO for a year.  I made the mistake of thinking in terms of "vacation," never thinking I'd need it as backup for all the system problems.

And, yes, I knew the problem wasn't the sound card, and I'm very glad that others are backing me up on this, acknowledging that it's a company-wide problem with the platform.  It's not always all the MT's fault.

I was only trying to tell the poster to think long and hard.  Accepting a new job is a big decision to make.

Not defensive, just telling the truth.

I'm not the owner.  I'm an employee.  And if it appears that I'm touchy, it's because I know for a fact that one of TC's ex-employees has done nothing but trash the company, to the point where I had to stop communicating with her because I was tired of hearing non-stop negativity, when she didn't even work there any more.  Maybe you're not that person; maybe you are.

Either way, it's a good, solid company, and potential employees shouldn't be scared away by negative posts concerning it.

Have a nice day.

You are lucky if they are telling you anything. OSi doesn't tell us anything
and they lose accounts all the time because of TAT problems but they never own up to it. Just to have some communication and honesty would be a dream come true for us. At least there is always work because they are always so darned behind.
Good for you! I'm not telling, either! It's personal! nm
Fine, You try telling your clients that and let us
know just how long you stay in business. :)

In other words, you do it first and if you are still in business 5 years from now maybe others will do the same.
My complaint is different QA people all telling me something different. nm
If you only complaint is QA telling you something different, then show them !!
However, you said the account was too difficult for you. So, I assumed you could not handle it. If the QA dept is incorrect, point it out to them and show them where they are giving you wrong info. Simple as that, if that is really all it is.
What in the world is doust? Just telling her what is up.
I got a M-F 1st shift schedule just by telling them that is sm
all I am interested in working.  They said, okay!
Always nice to me. Maybe you needed too much telling.(sm)

I used to be QA for another company, and when you have to tell the same person the same thing over and over again, you do get annoyed, and maybe it comes out.  Can't really say, cause I've never had that problem with them.  I do know many of you on this board and others don't like to be told you are doing ANYTHING wrong, so I can only imagine.

And they're not believing what we are telling them.
Would you mind telling which IC company? NM
Would you mind telling which companies, especially the SM
9.5 cpl? I love OPs, have been doing them exclusively for several years. Thanks.
Obviously, they're telling the truth.
You're proving them right. Posting responses like the ones you are to posters on a board (even the ones who nicely say they don't like the company) absolutely prove how bad the place is and that you probably ARE management, as any MT would simply say they disagree and why, not try to attack a person's whole integrity just because they don't like a company.
WHO is telling you that they understand if you want to quit?

LOL Remarkable is right. I was just telling my hubby s/m
how sick I am of the whole remarkable thing. What is remarkable is how they think that repeatedly telling us we are remarkable will make us forget that our families are starving (metaphorically--or perhaps literally, in some cases).
I find this job posting telling to say the least? sm
RE: the job posting looking for a person in-house, among other things, to answer 150-200 emails a day to fill in blanks. I know my job and English is my first language, so I don't have to leave blanks. I will not work for 8 cents or less per line either. You get what you pay for, I guess. Guess it comes down to the almighty dollar.
Yea, they were telling us we'd be history way back
I believed it, but I don't now. Speech Rec is a tool - one of many 'means to an end', but certinly not an end in itself.

Actually, at one point in about 1990 my hospital was planning on getting a dictation system where once the doc dictated a report, it was stored on a huge server with all the voice files on the patients stored, rather than paper files. They believed that if any doctor in the hospital needed a report, he could just dial in and listen to it, and paper, as well as MT's, would be eliminated entirely.

I forget why they never did go to that system, but probably there was some sort of a legal problem with it, not to mention the expense and the potential liability.

It would seem to me that a purely mechanical medical record, with no human intervention from spoken to stored, would among other things, create problems in court, and wouldn't be admissable evidence. Sort of along the same lines as why court proceedings aren't just taped, with no court-reporter needed.
"Make her an IC" - very telling phrase!
Your phrase expresses precisely the travesty I'm talking about.

What you're saying, in essence, is that they might 'make her start up her own business', because that's what being an IC really is - being in business for yourself.

If I were to knock on your door, grab you in a headlock and tell you that I was forcing you to start up a hot dog vending business, how many nanoseconds would it take you to call the police (and probably the men with a butterfly net, too!)?

This is just disgusting - on about six different levels.