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To my fellow QTers: What if the outsourcing talk is true? Just what does this mean .. SM

Posted By: SadQT on 2005-12-28
In Reply to:

to us, really?  I'm serious.  Will they take our jobs, or will they work alongside us?  I'm not trying to be funny or anything. I really don't understand what it will mean to us.  I did figure out the name of the outsourcing company from the post the other day, and I looked up the website.  I know the account work will be sent to India.  I just don't know if QT will take it away from us and we won't have any, or will they finally get other accounts and keep us and the Indan MTs too?  Has anybody written the Ny_____ company and asked if they are working with QT to confirm it - would they tell us?  Would QT tell us?  They said they wouldn't do this but now they apparently have.  I just can't get this off my mind.  :(

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fellow QTers what did you think of the e-mail this
QTers - post previously true
Thank you to whoever had courage to post about QT losing their large account, for all I know their only account at this point.  I had for months heard rumors of the work going to outsourcing and now our latest check sure looks like an Indian had signed it.  So figured work would always be light and would have to supplement.  But thanks to kindness of a stranger posting where the account is going, I won't miss a beat with a paycheck and with an account I have worked on for a long time.   So if those of you were doubting whether it was true, it is true and I believe they are still hiring for more positions at the company that starts with W.  Good luck to everybody.  How could such a good company go down the pooper so fast? 
For all the QTers who went to WMX, how is it going SM
for you?  I make that change myself, and I must say that this company is very impressive but I am having a pretty hard time changing over.  Anyone else like this?
Any long-time QTers here? Do they have enough work to go around? Thx. nm
My Fellow MT's I need your help!
The small MTSO I work for is out of the Houston, Texas area, also the account I am on is in that area.  As you know several cities have been devastated from hurricane Ike.  I have been out of work since late Thursday, and a little work is trickling in this morning and yesterday, but not nearly enough.  Anyone know of a company hiring PT to supplement my income. I really need something I can pick up fast.  I work on the ExText platform presently, but also have worked on DocQscribe, and Bayscribe, along with proprietary software and Word.  I have 30+ years experience and love operative reports, but can do everything acute care/clinic, all work types and ESL.  I am really in a financial bind right now with the possibility of losing my home. Need a position that pays bi-weekly, can't afford to wait 1 month before getting paid.  Dont' have health insurance as I have a 90-day wait, which will be December 1 before I am insured.  I need to try and get a temporary insurance as am diabetic and have hypertension, but cannot afford it.  Did manage to enroll in Walgreens health program, and get my meds cheaper than what I paid when I was ensured.  I have tried applying with some positions I had tried over the years, but turned down for various reasons, but think I've been black listed.  I guess you can say I'm sort of desperate now though.  Thanks you guys.  .
Thank you fellow MTs....
I am so glad to have people respond and will check into all of these companies.  Thanks again!  You are all very helpful and I appreciate it. 
See what I mean, fellow MTs? (see below)
And I think Bitemia's rage is just the very TIP OF THE ICEBERG. The rest is hidden just below the surface, and could end up sinking their ship. TT sure shudda' thought this one through a little better.
Was hired by Amphion two weeks ago, and even though I don't start for another week, was wondering how long until I get the computer, etc.  Don't want to bother them, but am getting anxious....should I contact HR or just sit tight?  Am REALLY excited about this opportunity!!! 
Fellow Transcender, I have had so
many problems with this platform.  If you make just ONE mistake, it screws everything up and you can't get back.  I did 3 reports in 3 hours today.  Very frustrating. 
Help your fellow MTs. Which company is this?
find an employment attorney and do it ASAP.

That's all I am at liberty to say.

A fellow TT'er
Your need to repeatedly justify yourself is really doing more harm than good. We know your story and we know by now you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your job, but these posts are really getting old. IMO you're repeated posting does nothing but turn off potential applicants.
maybe I will get an org. started just for my fellow MTs. nm
Except that I owe it to my fellow MTs to warn them off.
Fellow MDIer
I'm with you on this one. I have never worked for a company that had as much integrity as MDI.
Fellow Coworker


I work on 2 accounts and 1 starts with E and the other with H and they are both on the Escription platform.

My fellow MDIers
I feel your pain. Yesterday I got exactly half of my lines. I can't feed my family this way. What to do, what to do? I totally love MDI but 50% of my lines doesn't pay a California mortage. I wish they would give us some timeline as to when the work will be normal again.
To fellow TT MTs - what do you make

of the fact that we're only allowed to work no more than 40 hours a week?  I always used to work more than that, ever since I started full time with TT.  Of course I never expected to be payed time and a half if it was my choice to work more than 40.  Then all of the sudden strict 40 hours and no more.  What do you all think is going on? 

It's YOUR conscience, fellow MT
If you're cool with what you're doing, keep on keepin' on. *Shrug*

I'm not much of a gameplayer myself so perhaps that's where your 'logic' loses me.

Anyway, your justifications are now bordering on ridiculous and boring me out of my mind so I'm out of this thread.

Self-pity was NEVER an attractive quality to me.

My fellow MDIers
Is anyone else still sad about the demise of the MDI as we knew it?  It seems to me that the last bastion of integrity and respect for MTs kind of fell apart.  How do you all feel after these several weeks have passed?
Thanks fellow Webbies. nm

Fellow St. Louis MT HELLooooooooo
Hey, I live in St Louis, too, and would love to chat with others in my area. If you are interested, please let know, and somehow I can send you my email.
I need answers from a fellow MT who will be honest
Not trying to be nasty to my fellow QT people, but maybe we should THINK that they just need us

to work hard and go above and beyond the call of duty just because it's the right thing to do in this case to get things back in order.  That was an honest, heartfelt this morning....why don't we forget about what used to be for right now and just help out.  I thnk we'll all be glad in the long run if we do. 

Having fun, fellow Spheris-ites?
COMPLETELY out of work since 2:00P.M. on a weekday!!!!  How are we supposed to pay our bills???  This is insane!!!
Thanks! We all appreciate the warm wishes from most of our fellow MTs. sm
I'm not sure, but I think Mary may have emailed Dateline. I hope so! I will definitely be contacting them for an inside investigation. It would be interesting to see how things are going over in India.
you're welcome, fellow coworker :) sm

I don't know if your ShortHand could back up and put an 's' on the end of the word preceding, but you can do that with TASpeed (used to be able to do that with Smartype, and that's what I missed the most about it until someone found that you could do that with TASpeed.)  In TASpeed under Acronym, I use ss, then under Replacement type {bksp}s exactly that way, and then when you need to add an 's' to the preceding word, just type ss then space bar, and an 's' will automatically be added.  Can also do that with 'ly' endings, 'ing' endings, etc.  Hope this helps!

This forum is to network with fellow MTs and to ask
questions.  Many times, MTs have already searched references and will ask questions here and that is alright. And, while people should attempt to look to their own references first, sometimes a question can be answered quickly and that's ok, too.  Policing of who should do what, when, and where is not really necessary on this site other than by MTStars moderating team.
Fellow IP train rider here. For why pay was off,
I worked there and had personal friendships with a couple of the acct managers and team leads.  We were not getting paid for spaces. That is what I was told by middle management.
You even know when your fellow MT's call in at the last moment !

Wow, are you ever psychic!  You are either mgmt or a **wannabe**.

If not mgmt, these are your coworkers that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, unless you know them as your personal friends, and thank God I do not know you, but on the other hand DO YOU KNOW ME!

Hey fellow MTs! Will someone please share which co's pay for demographics. Thanks! nm
Any fellow Allstate Transcription....sm
MTs?  Just wondering. 
Thanks fellow MQ employee for sticking up
for the company. I also work for MQ and got tired of defending it and having to duck from all the daggers thrown by other posters. I work for another company, started last week, and have been out of work 3 times. They send out constant e-mails, ...we have 8 jobs would each of you do 2 so we can get them off the system? 8 jobs and they're freaking out. Or, we have no work, would you please check your e-mails to see when work is available and flex your schedule? Don't have this at MQ.
Fellow Californians, a question
Does anybody know if the UC system is issuing IOUs to its MT contractors and subcontractors?  I had a contract with them for years, back when it really paid, but now that the state is getting ready to go bankrupt, I am wondering what will happen to all the contract MTs who work for UC.  (I no longer contract with them, thankfully, but am concerned about those who do.)  Thanks.
Maybe a fellow MT who just wanted to cause trouble?
Apparently some had animosity towards her for whatever reason and blocked her on IM, etc., according to what another co-worker says below, and it really is easy as pie to make up a similar Yahoo addy, so not a whole lot of effort needed, IMO.
I hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful day and that we are all capable of making our line counts or even more.  Have a great day!!!!   
Question for fellow MDIers

Are any of you getting work today? I have been babysitting my screen for seven hours now and have had five short jobs all day.  Does anyone know what is going on?

Question for my fellow MDIers
We went for weeks with insufficient work so I took on a side-job, which has been reliable and plentiful.  Now my previously-empty MDI accounts seem to be overflowing and MDI wants extra work.  Has this happened to any of you?  What did you do?  I want to be loyal to MDI but, given that there was low work for so long, I am inclined to keep the other job as well just as a backup in these economic times.  Of course, I will always do the required lines at MDI but I am at a point where I am now afraid to put all of my eggs in one basket.  What do other people think?  I just feel more confident having two sources of income rather than one alone.  Is my thinking wrong here?  I'd really appreciate some feedback as I think I am too close to the situation to see things clearly.
Question for my fellow MDIers
Just curious, is your situation getting better?  I have been sitting here for four hours and have done 300 lines and my account just ran dry.  What are you doing about your situation?  I do NOT want us to bash MDI, am just looking for some positive suggestions as to how others are handling this dry period.   Let's exchange ideas and keep it positive.  I am not encouraging a bash MDI session, just looking for some solutions.  I do not want to leave because I love MDI, but I also need to work, so am kind of in a dilemma.  Ideas? Encouragement, etc?
How many of my fellow MDIers got replies to the
emails with personal questions that were sent?  On the conference call they gave a general email address, but also said that if we have a personal situation or concern that we needed to ask we could send to Carlotta or Dorothy.  How many of you that did this got a reply?
MT LITTLE is just sharing an experience, you better listen to your fellow US MTs.
I dont know why even other countries can view this site. MT LITTLE is just giving a general warning to everybody concerned with the MT industry. Kasmir pls go home.
this is the last place I'd guess fellow workers to be...
during work hours in order to get an answer. Doesn't anyone work?
Well said, fellow member of the smarter gender.
Very well said.  The only male MTs I have come across in my many years, have been at 60% accuracy (I QA'd them, so I speak from experience), and then they are absolutely shocked, horrified and rude when they never make it out of their probationary period.
Any tips/hints/advice, fellow MTs???

I am posting to ask my fellow MTs for some tips/hints/advice/suggestions.

I'm starting a new position tomorrow which uses the Meditech platform.

Yes, I know MediTech is rather antiquated, clunky, and a general pain.  It's the version where one cannot type into Word and paste into MediTech; everything has to be typed directly into MediTech.

It's been EONS since I've used MediTech and I'm going to be very rusty.  Does anyone have any quick tips, hints, or refreshers they can throw my way to make my transition back into time a bit less stressful? 

I appreciate anything you guys can offer


Old Faithful - How kind and thoughtful of you to do this for a fellow MT
No message...Just didn't want your random act of consideration and kindness to go uncommented on :-)
Hey fellow coworker, I work on an account
that starts with P, what about you? Do you do VR and if so what platform?
To all my fellow MDI'ers: Things to ponder...

Hi all

I have been with MDI for over a year now (part time) and really like it! Most times my accounts have work. I am going through some changes at home and am really trying to make some serious life changing decisions so would like to get a few opinions:

My husband and I separated in April. I have been home for 6 years with my youngest child, and he is in first grade this year and absolutely love being home for him. Summers of course are the most difficult, I do not send him to day care and we do more things together in the summer, love it!  However, as of last year I have been trying to get into a local LPN nursing school here and have succeeded and am scheduled to begin September 8, but here is my dilemna, I am having second thoughts!  I now don't know if this is something I really want to do and why I am having these thoughts. I do like being a medical transcriptonist, but feel a little burned out at times. Plus, I am not sure if I can afford to go to school, my first loan installment (cost of living) will not come until November.  I have a little money set aside, but it is going quickly. I am trying to determine if I can support me and my son on just an income from MDI or if I should really change gears and go to school. I love the flexibility of working at home and am sure I will miss this, but nursing school is very demanding and the job itself once I am out there. Like I said, I love being a mom and able to have the freedom of doing this from home. So, how many of you support yourselves or your families on the income from MDI and is this something I can reasonably expect to be able to do? I have been doing this for 15+ years so I am definitely experienced. Plus, I do not like the idea of worrying about taxes, but if I go to work as an employee I will lose more of my freedom. I like being an IC. I did work for Medquist for almost 7 years and left them to come here and there is a world of difference between the 2 companies.

What would all of you do? Stay with MDI or go to school? And if I do go to school, I would keep MDI very part time at least until I was through with school. But, do you think with all the changes going on in the transcription world we will eventually have no jobs or our jobs will change drastically? How can I decide what is best for me and my son?

Please any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks!

Thank you DTS. I love my bag! Happy MT Week to fellow DTS employees.

Looking for fellow employees of Health Information Partners..sm

Since they sold last year and I did not accept the job with OSi, I have had one crappy job after another.  Just curious to know where everybody ended up at, so email me if you like.


Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of
as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.
Uumm, fellow MTs. Why would a hospital director be coming to our lil ole board??? nm