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I am the original poster to this thread, and this was one of my SM

Posted By: SadQT on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: It doesn't matter to me if they are outsourcing... - QTMT

questions. What does it really mean to our jobs? Will they just work alongside of us on the accounts? Granted, I don't like it -- that is for sure -- but right now, I do still have work and plenty of it. Just wondering what is down the road. Someone mentioned the hospital that has all the Middle Eastern docs on it -- maybe the offshore MTs are doing that one?? I have all kinds of things in my head, and all of them are speculation. Really, maybe we don't need to know as much as we do. One thing is for sure, the info was leaked out when it was not supposed to be, but I do believe it and how it was said it happened because I have been told things before like that in the past, only not nearly this big lol.

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Original poster on this thread
What I was also trying to emphasize, is the fact that there is no grasp AT ALL of the English language, whether it be spelling or punctuation. Granted, I may not be perfect here but I am probably posting after a 12-15 hour day of working and not sitting on this boarding complaining and moaning.

A LOT of the the reason this profession has gone down the tubes is because some of the language that I see used here which, are terms that are used when sending a text message via a cell phone -- examples U= you, luv = love -- so on and so forth. This is a society who has become TOTALLY LAZY when it comes to the comand of the English language and spelling in general -- again, I have been in QA and I am not going to DING someone for a comma versus a semicolon, but it is blantant spelling errors that get to me. I blame this in large to the fact that when I learned to spell, I learned by phonics or is that fonics I watch television, read newspapers and see even the media making MAJOR grammatical errors and if you think I'm bad, you don't want to cross the line with my S/O -- he has written to various newspapers et cetra, commenting on the use of an apostrophe or semicolon. Bottom line, I got into this profession starting out working IN house, but I was extremely well read and had college level English skills in grade school, and learned at an early age how to use a library, resources et cetra which I found now in today's society are SADLY lacking.
can you help me understand if you are the original poster of this thread?
obvious contradictions so you have left me very confused if you are or are not the original poster.
OP = original poster. The person who started the thread. nm
Hello??!! I'm the original poster! I think I can respond to the poster who replied to my original
Not the original poster, but can I ask if you went
back to MTing from QA? I absolutely hate QA - I HATE IT. I feel like I am just a garbage collector of sorts. I miss transcribing so much. That was my gift. But everytime I mention going back to MTing, my acquaintances tell me I'll hate it and am moving backward. In a way, its easier physically, but I ACHE all the time as well. I never ever noticed that transcribing. I flitted in and out and made great $$. Now I just sit here for hour upon hour and its killing me, physically and spiritually! I would so appreciate any encouraging words from someone who truly understands!
I'm not original poster,
Not the original poster
Even if the original poster
does not feel that she owes the company the benefit of a two week notice, do you think it is fair to the rest of the MTs that work there that we will have to pick up her slack when she all of a sudden doesn't show up? Usually when someone is rude enough to quit without notice, it's not their bosses they are hurting, but their fellow coworkers.
original poster
I must say I am very surprised by your post, and have to say Thank you !
If you have always had work at a good rate you are indeed very lucky, and I am glad for you. It just is not the case with everyone, and especially those just starting out and in a very poor economic situation. A few kind words and a little encouragement from others is sometimes all a person needs to pick up and keep trying.
As I said in a previous post, I KNOW I have much to learn, but I also know I have come a very long way and work hard to improve each day.
Questions from a newbie may very well seem silly to someone who has many years of experience, but that doesn't mean you cannot answer in a kind and encouraging manner, you know?
This should be a place where we all can come for info., support, encouragement :)
Deb, I am the original poster, and I want to
explain that I have never said people working weekends are putting work before family or God, nor have I told anyone to get a life. This has gotten really out of hand, and people are getting lost as to who is posting what, but I am the original poster, and I have not once on this board bashed anyone. Just not my style. I asked a simple question about working weekends, never accused, never looked down my nose as I have been accused of. I am sorry if you think I have offended you anyway, but apparently I have offended some, but they are misinterpreting me as some on here would agree, the people that actually saw my post for what it was worth, not reading into something that was not really there.
The original poster had it as if the industry has
a blackball list. Speaking as a recruiter, I can tell you that we do not. There are people who might not be good for one company that might fit well into another so this kind of thing as I see it does not exist and if it does, I know my company does not participate nor does anyone I know who recruits.

If it exists, it only exists privately then, certainly not an industry thing.
not talking about the original poster
Original poster. I disagree with you.
We were told not to contact the original MDI team. I go through my 'team leaders(?)' who do not respond to e-mails. I run out of work frequently. I ask for work and get no answers. I do not like this new platform, but guess I'm stuck with it. The tech support is getting a little better, but still not what it used to be, even when it was not available all night.

As I said, I have been there forever. I work my shift, I work extra, but I do not get the letters of appreciation. The offer of an incentive is rare especially with no work available most of the time.

Maybe my best solution is another company and hopefully it will be great. My misery is that I have no work and no one addressing my problems, communicating with me, etc. I do not consider an e-mail to the entire staff every day with most of the accounts out of work something to look forward to.
interesting... (not original poster)
How you seem to make the time to respond almost everytime there is something negative about Cardioscribes when you should be tending to your employees/applicants. Yes, I am speaking now. I was 1 of those who questioned others if they heard from Cardioscribes after applying. You posted saying I can email my resume directly to you, which I did. Then you said you had to leave the office for a couple of days (couple=2) and you would get back to me. I emailed you back 1 week later and no response (8 months ago).

You expect the original poster to communicate and give advanced notice of quitting?

And no, I will NOT apologize for my unprofessionalism either. Guess why?
I agree with the original poster. sm
I too have had my time in MT hell just this past week. BUT, it hasn't changed the way I feel about the profession. It is about the patients and to me will ALWAYS be about the patients. I am not going to make quality suffer or anything else in lieu of a paycheck. I may not like it and if I don't I will find something else. I see and hear of too many MTs who don't give a rip about quality etc and only quantity, lph etc and forget their are patients behind all this.

I don't like the changes anymore than anybody else. As badly as I have been treated, like many others and as mad as I am about it, I don't think all MTSOs treat us as faceless nobodies! We do only have each other to talk to and the negative comments are warranted but they have to be taken as they are ment to be taken and that is just blowing off steam.

A professional MT is not going to let any of this get in the way of quality. If I find I have to let quality go out the window just to make more money, then I will get out of this all together. There are many MTs who feel just like myself and the OP.
Im not the original poster, but I miss being able to see the last msg written SM
like when it was displayed on top. That way if someone had a question on a word or a question in a report it would be viewed by more people. Like me right now stuck on a word. LOL>
Gee, ya think that's maybe why the original poster asked about SCHOOLS??

Amazing! Obviously brains are not too much of a requirement...Ya just had to get that dig in about how hard it is due to medical "language", yadda, yadda.  Give it a break and say something we or the original poster DIDN'T know!

that's not what the original poster wanted to do - at least not how I read it
No..it's not the original ad. The poster was just reposting so she could ask who the company was.

I wasn't responding to the original poster.
I was responding to the poster above who said women were being exploited.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs. The original poster sm
is probably from Virginia or there abouts. Mild winters are usually in the Virginia area as I get lots of snow and cold where I am.

The ocean is 1 hour away, the mountains 2 hours away, and everything is at our doorstep.

Good luck trying to find out exactly.
2000 lines a day at $0.18 cpl. Believe it.....Not original poster, another one making $$$$. nm
I meant for this to show as a reply to the original poster!
did anyone get a response from the original poster? this post is just fishy, especially since they
I had posted that question right up under the original poster and prior to her post being answeredsm

Looks are deceiving and I AM paying attention.

also, the original poster asked how to stay production with small children...
not whether or not MTs are being exploited...
I dunno, another poster on this thread was offered 7 cpl too
Early on in the thread, a poster told the OP she should just suck it up and do the job.
Sounds like this is the suck it up poster trying to back out of what she said.
I'm original poster and a high level 4 as well with high ESL accts, which I've always had...sm
My accts (10+) for the previous 12 years were all in the LA area. I consider ESL at Webmedx easy, even though my WebmedX accts are supposed to be high ESL. ALL of my STMs accounts are low on work--quite low. I've added more accounts. Not helpful if all are low in work. My supervisor at MQ was more helpful than my Webmedx STM.
I'm not the original OP, but thanks for this tip ...
I've done searches on companies in the past also and couldn't find recent feedback on them. In fact, the last time that I did a search on Precyse (a few weeks ago), like the OP the most recent posts were from 2006. With the tip that you gave this gave me much better and more recent hits.

Thanks again.
Please see my original response.

It's a good company.  With all the negative posts on this board about platforms not working, people not being paid on time (or at ALL), I can attest to the fact that TC is a good company, with none of those problems.  In the 4 years I've worked there, my pay hasn't been late even once (has even been early a couple times through the direct deposit system).  Their training and QA are very good.  The owner is dedicated to always improving the company and is very loyal to her employees.

Good luck in your search.

Original question.
Now if it is a matter of scheduling an interview or start date and then not showing up by a recruiter or trainer that is a different story but that was not the question to begin with.

Actually, that was the question to begin with. The OP stated that the recruiter said she would call for an interview and then did not. Then stated she would call during the weeked and failed to do so again. So, that was the original beef.

What was your original company that you like better? nm
VR can be really screwy sometimes but not like the original here
If VR were like that, you could retype the entire thing before trying to correct all that mess. I like what I make and I do not think leaving home and going into the work field now most are not going to make what they could with VR with most. Even Walmart has been having layoffs.
My original post
I apologize for stirring up a hornet's nest however, I see soo many people complaining on here about the fact that they only want to work certain hours, they don't want to work weekends, and so on that it angers me. Yes, I work weekends, but that is because of the fact that my s/o works on the weekends, so generally I take a day off during the week, that way, I can run my errands. I am an employee for a company, however, I really don't have set hours, nor do I work a straight 8 hour day -- I generally work more, because like all of us, I have bills to pay as well and know approximately what I have to make to be able to have a roof over my head and food on the table. I am my sole support and live in an area with a relatively high cost of living as well. I was making great money up until a couple of years ago, but things happened and I have had to take a job at a lower rate of pay, but at least it is a job. The key here is being flexible in your hours. If there is no work available, then maybe there will be in a few hours and you have to explain to friends and family that this is how it works. Luckily for me, I found a great fit with a company, its only one account, one hospital and I have never run out of work.
How original, Ms. Suit!

In my original post about this, I wanted to say sm

edict rather than law, but figured I'd get jumped on using that word.  One of the late-night talk-show hosts referred to it as a law when one of the guests was baiting him to say, Merry Christmas. 

The point is, you knew exactly what I meant in the first place.  Oh well.  Glad I gave No Name a LOL!  Laughing is healthy. 



On GIMT's web site, it says there the original
company was bought out by a national?  Does anyone know who that national is/was?   I am debating whether to apply with them.   I have heard good things about them; however, know absolutely about them right now.  Flexibility?   Pay?  QA?  run out of work?  inquiring minds want to know.
Yes, the original post that started this all was by DK.
Maybe you should reread the original post. sm
OP thinks no response required when you apply for a job. 
not he original responder, but also happy OSi MT

I'm happy with my pay, the flexibility, the fact that I've been able to advance from a clinic only MT, to acute care MT with their help.  I rarely run out of work and when I do, it's only for a short time.  I'm currently paid better than most of the jobs I see advertised here.  I love working on ExText, which is one of the main reasons I was able to move from clinic to acute care, being able to look up past reports and see what in the heck it is they're saying. I'm paid by direct deposit and it's there every time when it's supposed to be without delay. 

yup, that was it! And I was original responder, not someone else being critical :) nm
Re: The flame by my original post
Folks I'm sorry someone considers my post a flame.  That was not my intention, but then again I have never been treated worse by an employer in my whole professional life.  That's why I'm looking forward to working for a company without local roots and the small town, small-minded mindset it brings.
Ummm, ever see the original MT ID field?
Go to your original post. Scroll down a bit and look
for the see related messages in blue.  Click on that and you'll get past posts. 
follow up to my original post

I see certain people on this board, who post under the same names and I can take a 1 hour break, a 2 hour break or a 3 hour break and they seem to be whining and complaining about life  -- yet they can get new puppies, new kitties, new other animals but BOTTOM line  -- oh gee no work  guess what people  -- I have to swtich back and forth between 2 accounts on my MAIN account and 2 accounts on my secondary  -- I literally work till I dropand thank heavens, I am in a relationship where my significant other understands  -- yes, we ALL have to deal with being on hold with India, but that is where you take a day, to pay the bills, vent with customer service reps, etc and move forward  -- and like I told my other half  -- bill dosent get  paid its YOUR responsibility  - a relationship, whether it be marriage or othewise takes 2 people.

And as I mentioned before, TAKE THE time to learn online resources as well  -- for example, if you hear Kem-7 THINK Chemistry-7  -- learn punctuation, grammar and most of all spelling and --sorry been working from 7 am to 11 pm -- with VERY few breaks  -- might help in the long run


Did you answer the original question that was ask?
And, if you can't answer the question why respond with three more questions?

You don't strike me as being very darn bright.
By the way, I nearly forgot this original post, as
I got so absorbed in reading the GREAT posts below.  I am now so proud to say that I have just done what you suggested, and am now joyfully employed with one of the three companies you listed - go US MTs! I left the company-who-shall-not-be named due to these issues, and feel I have at least tried to do something.  Its a good feeling, too, for a change.
The ORIGINAL post ONLY intent was
to help protect fellow MTs from working for this schister of a MTSO. THAT IS ALL.
No more information needed in so far as what steps we are taking to secure payment, except that we will prevail. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT.

think you need to read the original post again. NM
your original post about is it fair sm
to have these horrid dictators for the test. Back to the question......YES IT IS. That is probably a sample of what this company does. You took the test, you didn't like it because the dictation was bad, so move on! Yes this profession has come down to lines and cpl etc etc and its a darn shame. If you don't want the crap don't work for a company that has crap dictators. I don't know where you are going to find that though. All companies have accounts with bad dictators. you are bound to get some of them. Doing them all day long, no I wouldn't want to either. That is why they tested this way because that is probably the account. Believe it or not, there are folks who have an ability to decipher these dictators (I don't want it either). It has changed old MTs like me who have been in this business for 35 years.

Bad dictators have always been part of the profession, its a part of medicine! You don't have to do it, you tested, you didn't like it...GREAT move on