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Confused, not sure if you were addressing me, sm

Posted By: QTme on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: Not sure what this means? You think it is speculation or what? - Confused

but if you are, I've been in this biz for so long that I can see where one person can get a snippet of (mis)information which gets blown up to such proportions that people get crazy, really imaginative ideas. Pretty soon it all sounds like something from the National Enquirer--Our boss just gave birth to a goat!!

Seriously, though, until I know first hand, I'm not going to panic. I just can't believe that the account that I'm on would allow offshoring of its work to happen. If any of this is true and the account eventually pulls out, I'll check into where it goes and perhaps follow it. I followed an account from a company that got eaten by the squid to another one, which, alas, eventually got swallowed by the squid, too, and then moved on from there. I'm IC for 2 companies which I find eases my mind so much that it is worth my shucking out for my health insurance on my own. Peace of mind is everything. I'm not going to worry about this. I'd like to avoid this board, but it's like driving by an accident--I just have to look! :)

In the meantime, job security is individually keeping up with quality and production and waiting out the storm. Good transcriptionists can always find good jobs. We're not that plentiful, so we always have that card to play.

If I didn't come to this board and read all this stuff, I'd have no concerns at all. I have lots of work, my pay is always on time or early, and it is always the correct amount. I'm treated warmly with courtesy and respect. What more can I ask for? Oh yes, and the dictation voice quality is the best I've EVER experienced with QT. I'll ride this wave as long as I can. If I have to move on, I will, but with a heavy heart.

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You must be addressing someone else. I never got one.
Be careful when addressing
cherry-picking at any company on here, there is a certain troll cherry-picker who tells everyone to ignore it, calling us babies for complaining about cherry-pickers. Refer to the thread that the moderator closed awhile back.
Okay well you are addressing two different people.

I didn't write the post you feel compelled to reply to and classify that poster and me as the same person, but I did report your message as it is hateful!  Calling someone a retard is horrible and you are really showing your true colors.

This board is anonymous.  There are plenty of Debs, Lola's, MT, happy MT, etc.  The rules are no bullying.  I felt the retard post was offensive and said so and was going to let it go after stating how I felt, but now I feel you're just being a bully.  Do you like calling people retard?  That's absurd! 

If you're addressing me, I'm not worried.
I consistently exceed each company's expectations.

I don't share intellectual property in any manner with the other company whatsoever.

I don't use either company system for anything other than work for that company.

I'm not worried. If I were to be let go by either company, I still have the other and even if BOTH let me go simultaneously, I'll be employed in 24 hours.

I'm just not worried.
i would send them a certified letter addressing in it sm
that they are harrassing you, you have asked multiple times, and times you have documented on late night phone calls. request them to remove you immediately and given them 3-days notice from time of signature of acceptance or you will file suit for harrassment.
I meant instead of saying "just quit or something else as ridiculous without addressing her, prov
You must have me confused!
I only have 1 job, full time.  Transcend.  I have never worked 2 jobs and have never posted such a thing.  Sorry.  Wrong girl!

First of all, who needs feedback on every report?  If you are doing your job well, you do not need feedback on a constant basis, especially if you are experienced. 

As for they "steel" lines, i.e. steal, I'm not sure what you are talking about either.    Why would they pay for headers and footers when all the demographics come up for you?  I seldom have to spend any time looking patient names up.  I worked for a company who had you sorting through pages of patient info to get information and felt I should be paid for headers and footers.  In this case, I don't do anything, I verify what is already there and transcribe.  I do not know why your line count is so low, maybe it is the account you are on.  I've never had trouble achieving the bonus at the end of the pay period.

Like I stated before, I speak for myself and each MT has to find the company that fits them best.  Good luck in your search. 



Clarify your statement please, because I don't understand what you are trying to say AT ALL?!?!?!
MQ Confused MT

If you asked for a transfer, some MQ offices have put a freeze on that, if you office is closed, which many have already closed and many more will be closed by the end of the year, you have no choice where you are being transferred

don't get me wrong, there are good offices out there,(Ohio being one but supposedly that is closing also, why i don't know--it is a great office, keep it open) unfortunately all the MQ offices are not run the same so when you are hired it is the luck of the draw on where you are heading


here is a thought, when new MT's are hired, are they being sent to the offices that MQ knows that they are not closing'--why be sent to an office that will close in 3 months


are they still advertising for new hires??

Confused MT-MQ
Some of the MT's at MQ have asked for a transfer and were allowed---some offices no longer allow transfers--I would assume that when you are hired you are sent to an office that needs help and I would hope to one that is not closing at the end of the year. There are good offices out there--if you are being sent to Amherst, please ask to go to another office, try Ohio, but I hear that they are closing too. Stay away from Amherst
I'm confused
do you mean that you didn't find out the pay until after you went through all that testing? I'm confused about how you would know what they pay if you failed the test or the mini-test. why would they not call you to discuss pay if they didn't want to hire you? was it just the pay that made you mad about the tests?
I'm confused
Okay, I am confused and this is hard to follow. Who is who and what happened to what? signed... sooooo confused!!! I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of this company and I thought she was direct, pleasant and really knew her stuff!!!
Yeah, they did. I am an employee of Diskriter.
to confused--sm
you are right, there is a company called Sten-Tel and I worked for them a while back for a short period of time. There may be more than one Sten-Tel company though in different locations. I was able to download work from their website, meaning their platform, I guess, complete it and then send it back to their website. They did the line counting though, which I never cared for. I had a really strang coordinator, though. He liked to keep me on the messenger all day long...even when I was not supposed to be working...and talk about his personal life. It was very annoying and he always gave me work from specialties I had never done, and for which I had not been hired. They always paid on time though. My company was from Massechusetts. I don't think that same person is still there. good luck.
Got the 2 confused. sm
Actually MDI-MD is the one I never heard from again.  MDI-FL actually is the one I got the job with and I think I made a great choice to accept it cause they seem really on the ball and actually care about how their business is run.   
Can anyone tell me if I am crazy?  I went to sign on to my transcription platform this morning and my antivirus program detected a trojan in one of the files that it uses.  I was told by company that I would have to deactivate my antivirus program while I worked so they could run their software which I was assured contained no virus and then anytime I needed to look something up on the internet, I would have to log off and reactivate my antivirus.  I have never had this problem until this morning and am I crazy for not wanting to deactivate my antivirus?
What are you confused about? nm
Ok, maybe I am confused are you all sm
saying that Acusis bought out DRC or the other way around or what?  I find your posts extremely interesting.  Inquiring minds want to know.  Perhaps I am not involved in these boards enough to know what is going on???  Call me uninformed. 
Okay I'm Confused
one of my therapists just told me that the Transcription Connection, Inc. we are using is out of Pennsylvania, not Ohio.  What?  I know for a fact that it is the company out of Ohio, due to the owners name being mentioned, etc.  What is my place of employment trying to pull now?  My therapists are just livid over the work produced, and how that it now takes 8 to 9 steps to process a report, instead of the regular dictate, transcribe, sign.  What a mess.  There is a folder at work that has nothing in it but reports sent back to us from the service with no client name, no medical record #, and no therapist name to indicate who the client is.  How in the world are we ever going to find out who these reports belong to.  I told them I want nothing to do with the downloading, etc.  This is going to be fun to watch.  My superiors are so prideful that they would never admit that they have made a mistake and continue down this path of DESTRUCTION!
I get confused sometimes when they
abbreviate, because there is TT and TTS (which is a different company).
Yes, I think that's where I'm getting confused too! nm

Confused here. Do you mean you get MT pay for
Now Im thoroughly confused.
Isn't your line rate the same no matter how many hours you work or how many lines your produce? Being paid (X) cpl doesn't ever change unless you get a raise or something.
I'm confused...

I'm getting really confused now.  All I have to do is sign in when I start my shift, but I do not have to clock in and out every time I get up from my desk.  I guess maybe signing in is considered clocking in?  I would assume you have to sign in at any company though.  Not really sure I guess, I'm pretty new home transcription.  

OSi confused me
Just a week ago I passed all the tests, carefully filled out the apps and was told by the contact by email that they would be in touch right away.  Then a thanks for your app we'll be in touch  I emailed the contact and asked her what went wrong, I would like to know , please.  She emiled me back and said they had no work but that nothing was wrong with my app.  I saw that they had no work on here - but this confuses me.  I have 8 yrs experince in -hospital acute, I did everything right and they put me off!  I was literally heartbroken.  I cried even.  I can't imagine what I did wrong.  Any clues?  I really wantd to work for them.
Very Confused
I have just signed on with MDI-MD. I am new to this and was never a statutory employee (told that is what I would be) or an IC and I have three questions:

1. I know a lot of people say that MDI-MD is very flexible, but I'm a bit confused. If we must work on a weekend day, how is this flexible if we want to go away for a weekend with our family, or have a weekend event or want to take a vacation? This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I feel that I am stuck now having to work on the weekends and won't be able to do much.

2. Also, if you want to work a lot on weekdays and work less on the weekend I understand you can't do that - the amount you work has to be about the same everyday (including the weekend day), and you have to commit two months ahead to how much you will do each day (including weekends) so they can manage their workflow. Again, where is the flexibility?

3. I have seen postings where people say they can work anytime they want from home. But if you want to get up and work in the middle of the night, and you've already filled your commitment, sounds like you can't do something like that, yet, there is no specific stop and start time since there are no set schedules, only a 24-hour TAT. This makes me even more confused.

Although I didn't feel this way initially, I am starting to feel like I don't know the rules for what I'm getting into and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.
IC? I'm confused...
It states: full time transcription...flexible work schedule...

Am I right to assume it's ok to work whenever you want as long as you produce a certain amount of lines per pay period?
Okay, I'm still confused about something...
I understand exactly what you're saying about how easy it would be for absolutely anyone to make up a similar Yahoo addy to yours, but didn't the supe just hit Reply to the fake resignation e-mail, which means you shouldn't have got the response? Was the fake Yahoo addy maybe disabled right afterward, and so she got a bounce-back and then used your real addy from her address book?

I don't doubt your story, which I think could possibly have been a hideous ''prank,'' if you will, by a disgruntled co-worker. I just don't understand how you actually received the ''good luck'' reply to the fake resignation?
Confused already
If a posting says that the job requires Dictaphone or equivalent, is it a safe assumption that this is a C-phone? Dictaphone has its fingers in so many pies, I can't keep track of what all counts as dictaphone anymore. I have the C-phone, but gave up my land line a year ago, so I don't want to waste a brilliant cover letter for a position I can't get anyway.
MQ has no IC status. No one is an IC. Perhaps confused??
JLG is in Oldsmar. Maybe someone is confused above. nm
Pay Rate - I'm confused - help!- sm

XX cents per typed character as per AAMT guidelines ??  Does this mean no spaces?? I was told I would be paid for spaces, but now I'm confused.  Help is greatly appreciated.

I'm so tired of being ripped off, I thought this would be a great fit for me, but not if no spaces.   Ugh!

Is this another joke? I'm confused.
I'm a little confused. Do you mean 3/4 of a cpl or 7 and a half cpl? sm
Because if you are meaning 3/4 of a cent per line that seems REALLY low.  Maybe I'm just reading your post incorrectly. 
I am confused about companies
I am thinking about leaving my current job and am trying to research - are Trans-Tech and TTS the same?
Confused with Amphion??
I work for a company doing editing and transcribing on 2nd-3rd shift - I've been with them for about 6 months - working on 2 different accounts.  Amphion contacted me from a resume I had posted on this board.  They were offering me a 3rd shift position and just would not take no for an answer - I tried to explain that I was happy where I was and that anyway I could not work two jobs at the same time - for 2 different companies.  They called me several times and emailed me almost every day - I just don't know what to make of this.  I have read so much negative about this company on this and other boards - and I never really applied with them - they approached me from a random resume.  The 2 ladies that called me seemed almost desperate.  Anyone know what's going on with them now?  I'm staying where I am because they are doing VR editing and I wanted in on the ground floor with that - since it seems that is the way MT is going.  Just very confused right now as to this situation.
confused AFTER test

I had begun the process of trying to get on at eTransPlus and had finished the application process as well as cut/pasted my resume.  I was immediately sent to do the mttest and once finished with the first part it then told me I didn't have enough experience.

What the hell?  In total, i have 8 years of experience, thank you very much, of clinic, in-hospital and at-home transcription experience.  Did anyone else run into this?  I don't know if that meant I did poorly on the test or what. 

Also does anyone have any current info on this company, their platforms, pay rate, schedule, etc.  The most current information is greatly appreciated.  Please email me to discuss the juicy details .


Thanks in advance.

Dear Confused:
You are not alone, dear.  There seems to be many, many that promise this and that, benefits that sound great, pay sucks, etc., but I like many would like to have a life.  I take pride in my work even if others do not notice, I will work extra when needed, but that does not include 24/7, as it seems if you do it a few times they rely on that,  even though if you choose that route you are considered not a team player and will also work the extra mile if there is an incentive, which in most cases there is not.  I now have a happy home though I always look to see what is out there just to be looking.  It is our perogative to go from job to job if we are not happy because that ONE job will come along sooner or later, you may find out the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, but a chance you may have to take.  I love what I am doing and that is why I choose to work at home as a medical transcriptionist.  It does not, however, mean I have to be at a company's beck and call whenever.  I have worked both clinic and radiology and like both, clinic because usually no holidays and radiology because the pay is better.  I now work for a company that never bothers me; no phones calls, no daily emails except for my appointment sheets.  Only occasionally will get an email saying they have extra work and asking for any help from anyone, not just me, if we have the time.  It is wonderful not being bombarded with petty stuff on a daily basis.  This is an ideal position. You sound like me, getting all worked up, then it is hard to concentrate and do your work in both quantity and quality Hang in there. It is not the end of the world.  I am wishing you the best.
I am confused about this board

Granted I am relatively new to this website, but I thought the purpose of this board was to be able to network, ask questions and get opinions from other MTs about some of the different MT companies.


I know as far as my own situation is concerned, I have been an MT for over 20 years and am currently trying to wade through the multitude of companies out there in order to find the two or three companies where I want to put in an application.  I am trying to find the few companies that I think will be a good fit, for both the company and for me, hence the need to ask rather specific and pointed questions about platforms, pay, benefits, etc.


But, I have seen a number of posters who say that we should call the particular company and ask our questions there instead of asking on this board.


So, here is my question.  What then, if not to ask these types of questions, would the purpose of this board be?  And why do so many posters not want us to ask (or answer) questions like these?

You've got something confused because NO WAY were they
getting paid $3.50/line.  The rate may have been $3.50 but it wasn't measured in lines. 
now totally confused
Okay, I'm really hoping someone can give me some perspective or focus here because I honestly have no idea where else to look.

I completed a community college medical transcription program at the top of my class. After 6 months of sending out resumes and not even being called back, I was finally offered a QA position with a local company back in early May 2007. I'm paid $0.02 per 55-character line, which basically translates into working my tail off for not enough money to live on my own. I've also done transcription, but the major account providing all that work switched over to a computer-generated system. I now proofread oncology exclusively.

I have heard that actual editors get excellent pay, usually salaried. What I cannot figure out is how one goes from lousy pay per line QA to a good salaried position as an editor. I suspect that the answer is something like 10 years of experience. If this is the case, after the experience of losing my transcription ray of hope to an electronic system I now wonder if my best bet isn't just to go back to school and become a coder instead.

I don't mean for this post to sound whiny, because I am extremely grateful for my job and being given the chance to prove myself in the industry. It's just that it's not making ends meet, and I don't have 5-10 years to stick it out before it does start making ends meet. I would greatly appreciate any guidance, wisdom, or job leads anyone has to offer.


I guess what I'm confused about
is the insistance by the company that you be employee status versus IC.  I specifically agreed to employee status with a committed work schedule to try and avoid this situation.  Why would one commit to be available expecting to be paid if this is not the case.  I know how the whole feast or famine situation but I though the employee status eliminated that.  I guess that is incorrect.  Thanks for commisurating with me though.  I feel a little better
need opinions, so confused
I was hoping my fellow MTs could help me.  I work full time right now (8 hour shift) but the work is just not there for the 8 hours.  I am then put on a secondary account with of course not as much pay and not as good line count.  I am considering going down to part time and then finding another part time job which would allow me more flexibility in my hours and possibly even more money in the long run.  Does anybody else out there do this???  Could you give me reasons why or why not to do it?  As far as insurance, I do not need it so that is not an issue with going part time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am soooo confused right now  
Well call me confused (sm)
I am an IC. I own my transcription business. I am the sole proprietor and SOLE transcriptionist. It's just me and my 3 clinics.

I filed a 1099 on the request of the hospital who is in charge of the specialty clinics I transcribe for.

Everything I do is legal in the eyes of my accountant and my lawyer. I have no employees, no subcontractors and no IC's working for me.

Please explain why I'm not considered an IC.

As for account specs ... well maybe I live in a wonderful world but my accounts use microsoft word, have no platform and I use templates I set up in my own computer.

As for administrative tasks ... I bill once a month, I answer a few phone calls requesting stat notes a couple times a month and a few times a month I'm asked to fax a copy of a previous dictation.

For my trouble, I'm working my own hours, giving 24 hour TAT and am 1000% times happier than I ever was working for a company dictator and a national.

To Transcenders...I'm confused...sm
I am suppose to train this week to start work for Transcend.  I have been getting the daily emails about account status and it looks like there is work, but I keep reading where there is not enough work to go around, so I am confused.  Is there or is there not work?  I really need to know what is going on before I officially go through training.  and then it is too late.  Thanks.     
Yes, someone is either confused abt the acct - b/c that sm
is like a radiology pay rate - or they are confusing with a different company they talked to!
Nope, not confused...

So... if you weren't offered 7 cents a line, that must mean everyone who is offered 7 cents is either lying or confused? That's a bit narrow-minded and naive.

MT30+, You are being confused,
I believe, by Confused, with another poster. Check out Whew on the main board. I think you may be two different people but Confused has confused the situation and believes you are one in the same. Shame to start a war if this is what happened. Anyway, congratulations on your new job. I hope it works out well for you.
You've confused me with someone else.
You are not confused or trying to understand
Your entire post is a slam against the person who feels wronged by LM... and you have no way of knowing if their complaint is legit -or not.

Makes your post seem like a transparent defense for LM - and is suspect.

As to public boards? Why do you care what someone else publishes? A nonpay issue is extremely relevant to other MTs because it's the one thing we won't tolerate. Warning others could help prevent another from getting cheated (even a delay in pay is cheating)...