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QT fears

Posted By: jenny on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: To my fellow QTers: What if the outsourcing talk is true? Just what does this mean .. SM - SadQT

Personally, I think you all have your knickers in a knot over nothing - people complain there is no work, then they complain there is too much, then they complain they get no Christmas, I love QT and will stay as long as they will have me, outsource or not (which I do not believe for one minute).  I also think it is just someone wanting to get something started that starts these posts.  When I was called to work extra a couple months ago I was told it was because they were training new people and could not find many transcriptionists who met the qualifications of QT and this was not office staff, much higher up.  I am not going to worry about it until when and if it happens, it is really not my concern as long as I have a job, a timely paycheck and no pink slips. 

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