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That's probably the biggest question of all, and nobody knows the answer. nm

Posted By: SadQT on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: If the hospital finds out will they pull the account? nm - Worried for all MTs


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TT management does not answer questions that you ask them; only answer those they want to answer.

I know, work for a long time and tried asking questions, but they just beat around the bush and don't answer the true question that you presented to them.

Maybe it is kite flying weather where you are !!!

Yes, The Q is still the biggest, but

only cause of the million Indians now doing the work...

If the question is what is the biggest American-based MT company, absolutely not the Q.

She is the biggest wind bag of the
and suggest you all watch your backsides.
Me for one. I'm one of their biggest cheerleaders. (sm)

I have worked for some doozies, let me tell ya. 

Biggest doesn't mean best
When I worked at MQ I was just a number, at least at TT I feel like a valued employee.
They are still in business and one of the biggest 10 or 15. sm
I was hired at Keystrokes 2 years ago and have been happy since I made the change. It is hard to find a good transcription company, so I consider myself lucky, as I went through 8 companies in 3 years for various reasons prior to being hired at Keystrokes.

They are nice and personal and I make great money. They might seem smaller to others because they are not in the headlines like MQ or Spheris or others, but working for the other companies, I learned that other companies are afraid of Keystrokes because they do so well with their accounts. I decided that the same company name came up as a threat, in a good way, that I needed to be there and am glad I contacted them.

I think that the US only standpoint is a big part of their success. They know they need us, and we know they appreciate us. Win-win for everyone IMO.
One of my biggest complaints about this job is
dealing with these people and waiting for work to be assigned. They have taken as long as 30 minutes to get work assigned and they obviously can't read. I ask for 20 minutes of dictation and they give me 35. You know, 20 means 20; 22 or 25 maybe, but they take advantage every chance they get.
My biggest challenges (SM)
Even after 4 years of editing I still get frustrated when I see pure junk turned out by offshore MTs that I end up having to almost completely re-do. The frustration comes from knowing they'll still get paid, regardless of the quality of their work, as well as knowing your feedback often goes ignored so that the same mistakes are made repeatedly so, of course, you have to keep fixing the same things over and over again.

It's also very frustrating to know that as an editor, even though you've been given the responsibility of making sure the final product is acceptable to be returned to the client, you're paid very little for assuming that responsibility. It gets even worse if you have a boss who is pushing you to edit quickly, while still expecting you to be perfect. This scenario rears its ugly head if you're paid hourly rather than by the line.
The biggest thing is

to spell all numbers (Diabetes type 2, patient has 5 sisters), unless 2 in a row (we placed six 5-0 Vicryl sutures)

Hyphens are a big one (3-cm incision, 5-mm nodule, 2-mm laparoscope, right-sided, untrasound-guided). 

Followup versus follow up:  Take out the word up, if it makes sense... use 2 words, if it doesn't, use 1 word. 

You have to get the BOS 2.  There are several small things, but these are what I have seen on tests that you should know.  There is even a BOS 3 but most use 2 so you are going to have to learn it. 

Where else have you applied? 

The biggest thing is

to spell all numbers (Diabetes type 2, patient has 5 sisters), unless 2 in a row (we placed six 5-0 Vicryl sutures)

Hyphens are a big one (3-cm incision, 5-mm nodule, 2-mm laparoscope, right-sided, untrasound-guided). 

Followup versus follow up:  Take out the word up, if it makes sense... use 2 words, if it doesn't, use 1 word. 

You have to get the BOS 2.  There are several small things, but these are what I have seen on tests that you should know.  There is even a BOS 3 but most use 2 so you are going to have to learn it. 

Where else have you applied? 

The cut in pay is the biggest ripoff because VR is just
Other way around. The Q is the biggest, eating up everyone else.
The biggest insult is...

when the MTSOs hire new, or just not very good, MTs for your account that have absolutely no clue what they are doing and produce horrible quality reports.  I wake up in the morning and go to work to see that almost all of the reports for my usual dictators have already been done, with all of them having been sent to QA with no less than 10 blanks in each report! I do not see how this is productive for anyone--not QA, not the dictators, and certainly not for me, the loyal MT who has taken the time to learn these docs and stay with this idiotic company for years. I could have done all of those reports (reports that used to be mine) with no blanks..GRRR... 

Having multiple PT jobs may be an option for some, but there are those of out there that need benefits for our families.  I would love to just stick it to the MTSOs and leave them high and dry with their new overhires that can't even do the job, but I don't have that option until I can find a new full-time gig with bennies...something that I have been looking for now for quite a while but haven't been able to find.  

That's my biggest concern, too
The time clock - that's what I really want to know about. How flexible is flexible? Does that just mean you can pick how to split your shift but still have to be at your desk set hours? Maybe a current Transcender can answer that for us.

I understand that pay rate is case by case. A range would have been nice, but I suppose if they had said something like 7 to 9 cpl and you are offered 7 you may be mad since you know they pay others higher, so maybe they'll never tell us an exact scale.

I'm waiting to talk to HR before deciding on what to do. Pay is very important, but is still a secondary concern for me next to truly flexible schedule.
You know - that is the biggest thing I don't like about MDI --the E-mails!
For being an attorney, she certainly can not spell or form sentences correctly!!
Isn't the biggest difference in tax rate? NM
You mean WebMdx in the middle there, don't ya? And biggest co. does not mean best,
Now that's the biggest crock I have heard yet!
The only reason anyone works is for money. If they have money, they usually don't work. Nobody is doing this for charity or putting themselves last for a lousy recruting job? Please! LOL!
The biggest national MT company....nm

This is the biggest problem with Radiology!
If you are paid by line and having nothing but short reports then you get shorted on pay. If you get paid by report and having nothing but long reports then you get shorted on pay.

Are you being paid by report or by line? If by line then I really would not worry about report quota on a daily basis because it will all work at in the end. If however you are paid by report on this account then that of course is a totally different story.

I will only work a Radiology account that pays by report. I have found that for me I make the most money that way. I have been paid anywhere from $1.10-$1.50 a report. I am now an IC and make $1.50 a report with a wide variety of work.

Good luck.
Hey TTMax. I was one of the biggest supporters
of TT. Apparently the feeling was not mutual. Maybe you can get the ops now that I used to do. No sour grapes here... just did not work out. Wishing you well in your career there. See ya.
They are losing their biggest and one of few rad accounts. sm
My manager told me that it will be gone by the end of the month. It is in NH.
That will be the biggest problem with this whole deal and do you know what, MQ could care less. No
money out of their pocket if you sit with no work. They could care less. Which office do you work out of. PROBABLY AMHERST
I meant WebMedix. Sorry for the typo. Biggest does not
mean best, I agree!
Yes OSI Xpress biggest line ripoff ever
yep, and biggest treads always reek MEOW
clowns. good for a laugh but scarry.

That is the biggest bunch of horse puckey ever.
I DESPISE Escription, I hate it, hate it, hate it and hate VR no matter what the so-called better platform.  It does NOT take me half the time to do a report.  If I can type 250 lph I can edit 350 lph AT BEST.  I DESPISE Escription and all that is associated with it.  Oh and yes, I WOULD LOVE to go back to the old way.  And there are plenty of MTs, we all know that--it's just that the work is going elsewhere to uncivilized third-world countries and the patients have no clue their records are being so jeopardized. 
Biggest problem with MQ is they put too many people on the accounts and guess what. You either have
nothing or keep going into multiple accounts which presents its fair share of problems plus big time QA problems and quality problems and MQ wonders why they lose accounts. They STILL dont understand it is better for everyone including the client for the MTs to be familiar with the account. They just dont get it and I guess never will.
lol They are the 2 biggest MT companies in the world and growing every year.
I can answer that question with a simple answer!
Strengths - none.
Weakness - all.
Keystrokes for radiology. They are the biggest for radiology out of all of the companies out there.
I have been there 2 years and have been very happy. I make a lot more money than when I worked for Edix/Spheris.
Two are hospitals, one is a clinic. The biggest one is a clinic that only does sm
oncology. We cannot post account names here and do not give out that information until confidentiality forms are signed.

I can tell you that a very, very large oncology hospital will be starting on March 1st that will need 30+ transcriptionists to run smooth.
So what? I don't have to answer anything.
And by the way, MQ does not know that I work for Spheris. :) They are very much aware.

It is amazing to me how many of you people just want to screw someone. You're not happy for whatever situation.

It's NO ONE'S BUSINESS whether I work for 1 company or 3 or 6. I could care less what you think. I'm no more in danger of losing either job than anyone else. Furthermore, it's no skin off my nose if I DO lose them. I will be employed shortly thereafter. I have plenty of money. I'm not worried.

No need for anyone here to be upset or angry about my situation. It is shocking how absolutely miserable most on this board are. It's becoming quite amusing! No matter what ANYONE says -- everyone raises that shrewd eyebrow and turns their mouth down and mutters and mumbles, "just you wait". You sputter warnings out like you've been imprisoned and are angry someone is not held captive like you are. TOO BAD.

I have a great situation - it has been that way for years. If it goes on until I leave this business, great. If it doesn't, I'll just find more work. It really isn't that big of a deal to me...why in the world would it be so bothersome for anyone else?!

It really sounds to me like some people don't have enough to do in their lives! Well, I do and I'm thrilled with how things are going! It's a lot of hard work, yes, but it's very rewarding.

Everyone can go one with their lives. Hahahaha What I do in mine has NOTHING to do with YOU!
here is your answer
her replacement has been working for WEEKS training to do her job and nobody has said a word. Check your QA.
CPT will be a 5-digit number. 99201

ICD-9 will be 3 numbers dot and one or 2 numbers after the dot. They add new numbers every year after the dot to make a total of 5 instead of 4 so it will be more specific.

Here's a good reference for you.
Anyone know this answer?

If you were transcribing a 70-character line with spaces at 9 cents/line, how many 1-page to 1 1/2-page reports would have to be transcribed to equal $100/day (about how many)?


Your answer is......
DQS - AKA DocQScribe - is a program that transcriptionists use to transcribe their reports.
Answer (SM)
If the Reply-By-E-Mail option is not available for the post you want to reply to, you need to make one in your post and ask the poster to e-mail you.

To use this option in a reply (not starting a new thread), scroll on down until you see the Post A Reply To This Message button on the right and click on it. You will have a field to enter your e-mail address.

Just using the Quick Reply link does not give you the option to enter your e-mail address.
they have an answer for everything
even when it hurts our pocket.  I use to think that they treated us fairly but now I think we are just another number to them, and they could care less.  Like you said, too many policy changes, seems like something every week.  Also, I hate it now when you call the office you talk to custom service  That should tell you something right there.  We are not employees now, but customers, only we are never right, as in the customer is always right.  Just venting, but it is really upsetting when my paycheck was half what it was 4 weeks ago.  They also do not pay downtime if your QA IA under 97%, did you know that?  
Answer for ya
Both nationals I have worked for had me put the files on my desktop for them and do virus scans and such and then they tapped into my PC to finish the installation. I hope that helps.
That I can answer...sm
According to the person I spoke with, one of my past colleagues (a supervisor, actually) gave her my name.  What's odd, though, is that I haven't spoken to or had any contact whatsoever with this person for about 10 years!  Seemed very odd.
Can anybody answer that for us?
I'd appreciate it - I've been doing this a long time but there are so many companies out there it gets confusing.
To answer you ...

If you already have a computer you will perhaps need to purchase some equipment, depending on the account(s) you work on.  I only work on accounts that use DVI VoiceWave.  If I were to work on an account that used a different system, I would have to purchase the new system.  But to make my life simple, I stick to just the one I originally purchased.  X-press did not gouge me for anything.  I lost my long-time job due to voice recognition and I knew that I had to make some important financial decisions regarding setting myself up as a contractor. 

One thing I will say regarding X-press not hiring too many people:  You can be a good Transcriptionist and not make the cut.  There's a difference between being a good transcriptionist (one who knows her English, grammar, punctuation and terminology), and then there's the great transcriptionist who is proficient in all the above PLUS knows all the nuances of transcription - knowing radiology inside and out and knowing when the doctor is in error, knowing a cut off word rather than leaving a blank because of experience.  I work with a small handful of women.  We all have extensive radiology experience. 

You can't just fall into a job with X-press.  But I think it's worth it to work hard to get in. 

Because there are no benefits working with X-press, it might not be the best place for a single person or single mom.  Because my husband has benefits with his job, X-press is a good fit.

I work two accounts.  One account pays 9 cents a line and the other pays 16 cents a line.  If I worked weekends on the 9 cent account, the pay would be a little higher.  And if we end up working a holiday, you do get holiday pay.

Vacations are worked out amongst co-workers.  I've never had to cancel vacation plans.

X-press is nice because you get your own accounts.  Like I said in my original post, I have worked with X-press a little over two years.  I have worked the same accounts the entire time, so I have had the same doctors the entire time - I really appreciate that.

i dont work on touchtype platform but the other platform they have.  do you work there currently?  i am on one of the oldest accounts that they have I believe.  i really like it.  i believe the owner is in charge of the account that i am on. 
I can answer this one.
You haven't transcribed the entire report. Verification on the rest of the report, outside of the blank, only requires a comparison between voice and text. It is much faster to simply listen while reading/scanning the transcribed text.

As well, any dictation that is questionable already gives you the suggestion or expectation of what it should/might be. You are just not working as hard to produce the draft product. The MT already has done that task. You are finishing the product.

Your expertise in medical terminology, English grammar, spelling, anatomy, medications, laboratory values, etc., is what you are being compensated for.

Another point is that very few MTs can actually type at the speed of the dictator without ever pausing. If you can do that, perhaps you should be go back to transcription if money is your greatest motivator.
Here is your answer
They consider full time to be 40 hours per week and you have to do 11,000 lines per pay period.
* Best Answer Ever * ~ Thank You!
KS doesn't use just 1 specific platform. Each account has its own platform.
The answer is --

Avoid this company like the plague!! Vindictive supervisor that keeps pets and tells lies/changes rules to suit herself.  Management charges for tech support even.

My answer even though not the OP. sm
I left after 6 months because I could not keep a strict schedule, and that was what they require. I have 4 kids and working 8 hours is not feasible and they would not bend on that. Sometimes you need to have a few hours off during the day when you have small kids, and they were not very lenient on that. I couldn't give them what they wanted (a fixed schedule) and they couldn't give me what I needed (flexibility to work when I can) so we parted ways. That was the only reason. I am now with a company that doesn't keep tabs on me; they understand that some days just get away from me and I am not able to do more than an hour or so. I took a pay cut for that flexibility, but I really don't need to work as my husband is a good provider.