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I don't know that it is true, I haven't asked, don't feel

Posted By: QTer2 on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: To my fellow QTers: What if the outsourcing talk is true? Just what does this mean .. SM - SadQT

like they would tell me if true.  I haven't figured out the company name yet, still trying and I doubt seriously the offshoring company would tell us who their clients are.   There is a ton of work, so I don't see offshoring (if it is happening) is affecting me.  They have one account that is very difficult and they are unable to keep MTs on that account and maybe that account is being offshored, as it is mostly ME dictators anyway.  

I know for a fact that QT management does monitor the boards and I feel like they need to address the concerns or they are going to find themselves in a bad situation. 


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I haven't asked about any other companies

I am quite happy where I am at.  I don't know where you get that as we don't even have screen names to go by

I haven't but the company I used to work for asked
MTs to take a cut or risk losing the account because the account wanted to go offshore. 
Quit yelling. Don't assume they haven't asked. nm
I haven't gotten a response to the ONE should-be simple question I emailed and asked. (m)
I also wondered if anyone thought about the contracts we signed last year and if you felt that was related to this. I personally feel it did, felt like it was preparing them for something, to be protected. It says they can change our pay at-will pretty much though.
Sad but true. You're asked to work NOW, then asked to stop NOW, then go again and then stop
If you dont get off the minute the hospital asks, even if you have no idea that they have requested that your to be off, then the hospital MTs steal your work right out of your queue and I mean reports you have already done. I dont understand the concept of having a contract with a hospital and then having to fight for work with the hospital MTs. We should have guaranteed work during our shift and enough of the the hospital wants you to help right now and then a few hours later they want us to stop working as the work is too low. It is crazy and I couldnt work like that so I had to quit.
i don't find that to be true, i work there & haven't had problems with pay. sm
never have i encountered disorganization or rude people so far. maybe things have changed or wrong company?
No, I haven't been. I told my true experience of working for that company.
I don't have a negative attitude.  You're the one who can't handle it when someone disagrees with you.
Not true. Hired to do ops, daily asked to "help out" on DS, HPs, etc.

I feel if it sounds too good to be true,
there usually is a catch..susan
I hope that's true, might make me feel a little better...
Even if they are being charged less, the rates companies are paying MTs to do VR is grossly unfair. There is no way it takes half the time to do VR as compared to regular. You still have to listen to the whole dictation. Maybe 65-70% would be fair, not 50%.
I feel the same way...I love working for Keystrokes and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful jo
When they called me and I asked them if they offshored, they asked me why that was my business!
Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of
as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.
I feel the same way. I'm irritable because I feel
and that my years of experience overall, and past few years of busting my @$$ for them hasn't been appreciated or noticed in the least.

We're all just cogs in the wheel.
Not necessarily true. That is not a true test of skill.
Do you know how many people get others to take tests for them? It happens and it happens more often than you might think. The only skill that shows anyway is that you can do it.

We are actually more than a transcriptionist. We are specialists in our field and we are supposed to know some things regarding anatomy and physiology as a working base. That's how we can judge if a physician dictates something in accurately and many do because they can't pronounce or just are not thinking. That's why our skills of basic knowledge come into play and that means basic knowledge of body parts. If our job was just to sit there and type without thinking about what we are transcribing, then all patients are in trouble and this is just based on what I see as a QA person.

It's more than just knowing how to transcribe and some of the companies have discovered how to know what your basic knowledge is based on what you have picked up with your experience by utilizing your references etc. Hopefully that utilization of your references has taught you something that does stick in your head.

Beliefs like yours are just so far off base. You have to know what you are doing. It's not just about being able to listen and type. Base knowledge is a very important thing and the services have to find a way to know that knowledge base that is there in your head.

This may be true... and that is philisophically true, but
and pay bills while being screwed? This is what I think the OP is scared of... I certainly agree and honestly think it is unfair to put people in this precarious position... on one hand be grateful you still have your job, or a job, and on the other, immediately there will possibly be a cut in pay, for which you may have to give up your home, or medicine or reduce your budget for food. I don't know if I am the only one, but I think the OP still has a good head on her shoulders and that may be the problem...at least for employers out there who are switching to VR.. and their employees
I haven't, but have been looking too
I have also been trying to find something on the internet for these types of listings.  There are millions of ads for MTs and QA specialists, but it is hard to find a good site for managment positions.  I have had small success with Monster and Hot Jobs.  If you do find any other good sites, will you please let us know too?  Thank you and good luck with your search. 
Haven't you
experienced everyone Anna? Congratulations on the 2-month mark!

Sucking up on the boards for the boss to see maybe? You might just keep this job.
No, I haven't tried everyone,,,
and thank you for the congrats. I do hope you're doing better these days.

Come to think of it I haven't either
Line counts all in the fingers and the transmission. I better get a tuneup? Sounds like a bunch of hokus pokus to me.
They haven't, I got something
I haven't gotten one either yet.
Should be soon, though.
Hey, how come I haven't gotten any (sm)
samples for all the cesspool accounts I get? We get switched from account to account with no samples whatsoever having been provided.

If you can negotiate being assigned a limited number of accounts then your chances at success will be better.
of course you haven't, why would you

How nice of you to brag about it to others, though.  Hope it makes you feel better about yourself.

No, I haven't, but...sm
...I've worked on an account that had TONS of abbreviations, a veterinarian account, so they were all new abbreviations, and it was a nightmare.  It's so difficult to decipher exactly what letters they're saying, and if you're not familiar with the specialty it can be a nightmare.    Of course, they do request chiro exp, so I guess this person would be familiar with the abbrev, but the abbrev part scares me away.  Some doctors just seem to MAKE UP abbreviations.  I'm just getting back into the game after some time off, so I'm SO dreading the application/testing aspect, which I know all to well can be sooooooo stressful.  Good luck! :)
They haven't even been in biz for 7
years....but if you are enjoying your NO benefits, NO holiday pay, NO overtime pay, NO sick pay, on and on, then more to ya babe! Owners are on vacation all the time...just waiting to retire.
No I haven't...
because there is no need to.  When a formula has worked for me for several years to the T and suddenly after a program upgrade it changes, I know it has changed.  Of course they are not going to tell anyone it has changed.  They might not even know themselves until somebody complains.  Ooops, got a job, gotta go....
I haven't been to their website in a while, but they used
to advertise about how they had the best MTs in the industry.  I worked as a QA and know for a fact that if they are breathing SS will hire them without or without experience, so that is an outright lie.  At this point a warm body is about all they can get to work for them and even that might not be for long. 
I haven't. In fact...
the thought never even occurred to me till the other day when my Editor told me another girl on the account almost went with them but chose not to. She's now in the same boat I'm in and regretting it, I'm sure. My editor knew people who worked in-house for this account but have since lost their jobs and she has no way of finding out where this account went. I definitely can't ask the owner of the company I'm with because emails go unanswered 99% of the time.
Well, I haven't seen ads like that for some time SM
so I can't help you with company names.  The only thought I have is that your best bet would be a small local MTSO in your area.
I already do, and haven't even started yet
I had the most terrific interview!  It sounds like a great place to work, I'm thinking it's a good place for me to be.  She made me feel *appreciated* ...and after MQ, that's a very nice feeling.  It also sounds like I can really just sit down and pound out the lines and make a lot of money, which is what I really want. But the appreciation is nice :)  And Bayscribe looks like it's going to be a breeze, PLUS they converted over my PRD Expander file, so I don't have to start from scratch making my abbreviations all over again, terrific! 
Maybe you haven't been there long enough

I don't know what you consider great money during training but from what I understand, I would go broke if I had to work for the hourly rate.   I make much more than that and have for quite some time with this company. 


They aren't all bad.  There are ups and downs, just like anywhere else but I'm satisfied.

haven't heard anything about them....
but I did a Google search and here is their website: www.archivus.net
how do u know if u haven't worked for them?
mq seems nice 2 on the surface.

just curious
No, I haven't had any QA problems at all
I am very happy there
I haven't gotten particularly bad dictation and
really good dictation.  I did switch from not using the quickbar to using it and I'm not sure if that's when I noticed the change or not - but it makes sense that if you are using the quickbar you are not typing out as much so you should be making MORE, not less.  Maybe I will go back to not using the quickbar and see if I make more again, but I don't really think that's it.  Something's funky is all I know.  If I could make $30 an hour on a consistent basis I would be happy, but I just can't seem to do it ever anymore. 
I haven't been cheated

After working for two Major companies, I think Cymed is a great place to work. My adjustment to pay without spaces started before I worked for Cymed. I heard the hospitals won't pay for them. My line counts are always high and match my paycheck. Maybe I have more years experience or my word Expander is bigger than those of you who are unhappy. As far as I am concerned, I've been out there in the MT jungle and Cymed is the best by far!!

I haven't had enough work at MDI-MD lately.
I get up just to find there's no work.  Then it will start coming in and I start working, only to run out.  Hard to keep a rhythm going when you keep running out of work. 
I haven't heard anything.
I am interested because I do medical billing as well. I am waiting to hear back to see if they hire people to do this from home.
I haven't left, but....sm
I'm seriously thinking about leaving. I've actually been testing and sending out resumes for the last week and a half. They must have way overhired. My pay is almost 1/4 of what it used to be. It's been horrible!!!
haven't heard
I spoke with a recruiter there for a long time two weeks ago and was emailed benefit info etc. on the company by that recruiter and told I was going to hear from someone else in a couple of days. After that I found out from someone who works there that they received HUNDREDS of applications that weekend and that is why we have not heard back yet!
No I haven't heard anything :( SM

I did pass a test with Echo, though, and have decided to accept their offer.  I'll be working part time for Echo right now, so if PMSI comes available, I could do both (I told them--PMSI--that I wanted to work part time).

I e-mailed A again, but still haven't heard back from her.

Just Me

No, I haven't heard from them either. NMd
I haven't heard of any (sm)
I work there too part time.  I rarely see anything posted about them, good or bad.  You can email me if you want, just state you're from here because I don't open up any email that I don't recognize someone or something about. 
Is she still there? I haven't heard from her either. nm
The reason I haven't already done that is.... (sm)
... that I don't think any of the potential employers in this area use MT Jobs or MT Stars to look for employees. My old employer had some secret way of finding new employees; never could figure out where. Yet I don't want to be knocking on doctors' office doors, either! I do have some docs I used to type for in a hospital setting, before I quit, that might be able to provide leads. Do you think a letter or call to them is proper? (Esp. since some work for the hosp. I now type for thru a service.) Don't want to step on toes, just want a low-volume, high-paying supplemental account so I don't starve to death for the sake of staying with a co. that offers health ins.
Haven't heard
anything about benefits changing. I am an Editor and we just got a simple email that we are going to hourly instead of salaried as of Feb 1.  We used to get paid for down time but I think that's a thing of the past as well now.  Nobody tells you much of anything.
I haven't received it. Please try again.
I haven't heard anything yet either.
The website says they are still working on scheduling and hope to be done this week, so maybe we'll hear something soon???
Haven't applied yet
But considering applying.  Sounds like a good company so far.  Thanks for the info.  Let us know how you like it.  Good luck!!
LOL - haven't run out today yet.