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Fortunately, not all companies are so greedy that they

Posted By: sm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Talk of "mass exodus" and trash-talking a great company - These people are unhinged

use VR to cut the line rate for MTs. Hopefully these experienced MTs who make more money doing straight transcription rather than the pay cut that comes with VR will find a better company to work for. For those like you who apparently never made that much doing straight transcription & enjoy VR, then more power to you, but why freak out on those who don't want the pay cut? Let them find a company who isn't trying to screw over the MTs by cutting their line rate for the same amount of work.

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Which companies aren't that greedy? nm
Fortunately my account is out of state, because in my
state we have a lot of manufacturing facilities and they all close down the week of July 4th.  I used to work for a hospital in NY and was told by MTSO that July 4th is a big deal there and things are very, very slow.   I'm actually doing an extra 500-600 lines a day, but that could be because some MTs may have taken vacation. 
It caught me by surprise too -- I'm right there with you. Fortunately, I have a 2nd job sm

so that helps take the sting out a bit.  I love the people and love the company, but I do not think maybe they realize what a big shock $30 can be sometimes.  To me, the more fair thing to have done would have been to say something like effective next check, we will be taking out double premiums until we catch up or whatever.  However, cannot unring a bell.

And I have always been a bit disappointed that they wait until the following Monday to pay us instead of that Friday, but for the most part it is a good company.  Seems like all of the MTSOs hang on to their $$$ as long as they can -- guess the interest is better in their pockets than on our paychecks.    I was stupid and am now waiting a month to get paid for work I did for a woman in Virginia.  Chalk it up to lesson learned.

Good luck to you (and me!). 

Fortunately, I work for a company that does not refer to their
employees in derogatory terms, as you seem to do. I would judge, based on the above letter, that you are from from being the perfect boss. Obviously you feel you should have time to have a family and a life, but no one else is entitled to that luxury because they are beneath you.

I think you would be much happier if you packed your bags and moved to India and the Phillipines and ran your company from there using slave labor. I am certain there are enough hospitals in those countries to keep your not-so-wonderful company in business while you pay line rates that will ensure you keep the peons in their proper places.

I can now see why there are derogatory posts about your company. Ordinarily I would ignore such comments and apply if I were looking for a job, making up my mind after that point if it would be a good job for me, but your post has convinced me that I would never want to put myself in any type of relationship with you.
I had the same situation this morning. Fortunately, a few jobs have sm

trickled in, so maybe it will pick up later.   My primary account is 2 hours behind me, so I guess people there are just getting startd.  I recently picked up 2 part-time jobs in addition to my FT position at TT, so I am hoping that maybe between the 3 of them, I won't experience a drastic reduction in income during the holidays. 

I have been a Transcriptionist for over 30 years and have come to expect a slowdown around the holidays, but not Halloween -- that was a surprise to me.  Regardleness, I love my job at TT and think the people I work with are great.  I guess it is worth toughing out the bad times in light of all of the good

In defense of poster with typos...Sometimes when you use so many expanders(fortunately = fty for me
so I bet she is a high producer 'cause she has awesome expanders... don't typos happen to you on the boards sometimes?  Or you hit enter too soon and your post looks like a first-grader typed it out...
Fortunately, I haven't had any problems getting call-backs...sm
I have been in contact with 3 companies within the last 6 weeks. I do have 18+ years experience, but just needed to find the right fit. There are good jobs to be gotten so don't give up.

Good luck!
He is GREEDY!!!
From his name, he is not an American born citizen. He's helping their poverty. They speak EXCELLENT ENGLISH?? LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!
I cannot BELIEVE you would expect a Christmas gift from your employer. I have been in healthcare for 30 years at various institutions and companies and have NEVER gotten a Christmas gift or bonus...
I agree with you. This What's in it for me attitude is disheartening. How many of us think of giving to or doing something FOR our employer? I am just grateful to have a job in this economy. That is my Christmas present.
oops...not about GREEDY but... sm
My subject line looks like I'm saying Who isn't greedy? LOL ! My post is referring to the Acusis CEO not being an American. (Whether or not he's *greedy* remains to be seen.)
What's greedy is when people
are always thinking about what they can GET rather than what they can GIVE. Gimme, gimme, gimme......

And MTSOs don't have greedy CEOs??  Who pushes outsourcing, VR, MT pay cuts, etc?  Not the hospitals!  The AAMT, et.al. have been around a long time before the MT industry went sour.  And who is the greedy middleman who saw a fast buck to be made with MTs?  Not the hospitals. (Guess who the middleman who's making that buck is.)  Does it makes sense that hospitals would pay their other employees the going wage for their respective positions and have a hand in undercutting only the MTs.  They (hospitals) have no direct say in our salaries.  Sure, they will try to obtain the most cost-effective contracts, whether MT, cleaning personnel, cafeteria workers, etc.  Who wouldn't?  Do you hear their employees blaming the hospitals when they're not paid prime wage?  They're making top $$$.  Let's put blame where blame is due!

You state that if hospital CEOs weren't so greedy, the poor MTSOs could pay their MTs more.  DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT, IF THAT WERE THE CASE, THE MTSOs WOULD PASS ON THE EXTRA BUCKS TO THEIR MTs???  Really?  Don't you think they'd put it in their own greedy little pockets?? ( If you're not a MTSO yourself) ... think about what makes more sense!


I don't think MTSO's are greedy
I think some may be greedy, but many others are probably trying very hard to juggle variable workloads with variable staff.

I know. I am an MT now, but was an MTSO - it's not nearly as easy as people might think.

We have to remember not to paint them all with the same brush...
transcend used to be good but they got too greedy -
too many Indians, too much crappy voice recognition that is not even close, a horrible platform that has multiple problems, line counts that are always a hours to a day late (reminds me of another company where no matter what I did I could never get over 1000 lines over the required minimum counts), and the nastiest ROMs in the business. You can have your transcend.
So you DO expect something - even a card. GREEDY !!
Now that the greedy corporations who offshore
our work have driven down our wages, not to mention risking patient safety, it really makes me rethink/regret my career choice. This used to be a great job.
It's not that they are greedy, they are bidding on jobs to low
The one company I worked for literally bid 7 and 11 cpl for a VR account and were only paying the MTs 4 and 8. That is the real problem. These docs/hospitals want rock bottom rates and there are so many MTSOs out there competing for these accounts that they are bidding us all into the poor house. JM2
No, it IS that they're greedy! These people want
ALL the accounts! At all costs! They think by 'dominating' the industry by taking as many accounts as they can get, that it makes them a better company. But how do they make a profit with those lowball bids? Off the backs of the MT.

Greedy, greedy, greedy, GREEDY!
All the big (which means GREEDY!) MTSOs
there was some way to blow the whistle on these guys and either get the rules for the MTSO industry changed, or else have these oinkers put out of business entirely.
Only problem is, the big greedy fish are
or undercutting them so badly they can't compete. And when you finally wipe out all the competition, what do you have?

Look what greedy, inept management and lack of
Greed is NOT good.
If that is not what she meant, and she was just talking about greedy business people, then...
why did she feel the need to say that the business person was Arabian? If she was just talking about greedy business people, then why would his nationality matter?

See my point?
I hope Debbie "outs" the entire greedy -nm
Ha -- good for you. If more people stood up to the greedy cheats, maybe sm
we wouldn't be facing this now.  I miss the day of the gross line, but that's hard to find anymore, and if you do find it, even then sometimes they try to cheat you and make it a 100-character line .. sheesh (okay, I exaggerate a tad, but only a tad).
Ha -- good for you. If more people stood up to the greedy cheats, maybe sm
we wouldn't be facing this now.  I miss the day of the gross line, but that's hard to find anymore, and if you do find it, even then sometimes they try to cheat you and make it a line with no margins  .. sheesh (okay, I exaggerate a tad, but only a tad).
What's greedy about it? Have always received xmas gifts/bonus as employee
TransTech and Medware, are these companies considered large, medium-sized or small companies? (sm)
Yikes.. That is only inline with companies like Focus and such. "Real" companies pay their MTs
decent rate.  I make over 5 cpl editing. So, if I got that slap in the face, I'd be outta there.
Do the research...most companies, and not just MT companies, do not pay for maternity leave...
we get time off but not paid...and I really don't even understand the point of you posting this...
How do you know which companies are Nationals and which are smaller companies.
Is there a list somewhere? I'm new to this.
By "most of the companies", I meant MORE than MT companies.
Sten-Tel is the platform. Different companies use it, pay and how companies run are different. nm
Nobody said MT companies were not for profit companies. (sm)....
As MTs we are an important segment of what it takes for the company to thrive, but we are still just part of the whole structure.

Not trying to be argumentative, just think sometimes we get that "I'm the quarterback" attitude and forget that we can't get anywhere without our line men.
Companies that outsource to other companies?
Anyone know of any reliable companies that will outsource to American companies and pay a decent line rate? I am amazed at what the companies charge and then want to offer in this business anymore.

2 companies with that name. Was this the NJ job? nm
I have been through a lot of companies and
they are all the same.  I just found that out not too long ago.  I am with a company now that everyone cheers about.  They are just the same as everyone else.  Nothing to cheer about IMO.  This business has gone downhill fast.  Sad.
What companies, if any,
. . .

. . . hire and actually promote professionals who have forgotten more than many MTs know, have years and years of experience, work when needed, don't rock the boat, and produce excellent work?  At my company, the editors and managers usually have just a few years of experience as an MT, if any, and many have no management experience.  Some managers have never even seen a typed document.  That doesn't make sense.  What companies give one a chance to actually grow with them?  Any of them?  How do the promotions go to those who took an on-line class and have been an MT for 2 years?  Kudos to anyone who could answer this . . . Bewildered 

He said that some companies do that, but
usually when they do there is a reason for it, so told me to keep an eye out for future class action lawsuits or that sometimes they use it as a means to withhold severance pay, etc.  IMO - basically it's a CYA letter.  Atty agreed.  But again, IMO, why be worried about a CYA letter if you have nothing to CYA for?  Any company that wants ex-employees to sign a release from future lawsuits is definitely not up for nomination for Employer of the Year, that's for sure and just one more bit of proof that it isn't the MLSs at fault.   I'm not concerned about it, but I'm sure as heck not signing it either.  I just think it's hilarious that a few Transcend groupies come out of the woodwork ready to blame the MLSs that left as if they weren't the GOOD transcriptionists and that's why they left.  Seems to me if they weren't any good they wouldn't be able to get hired anywhere and so would want to stay put where they know they have a sure thing.
Some Companies...
Charge you per report for their useless template. What a rip off...
QA Companies
Anyone who works as a QA; I am curious as to what you think of the company you work for?  Good or bad.  Looking for a new QA position and would like some information on the companies.  Thanks.
Here are some companies
First Choice Medical
QT Medical
JLG - some accounts still on WP.

That is all I know of right now.

Good luck.
Some Companies Pay Less
Some companies, especially small ones, lure you in by starting you at less and tell you that once you're off probation in a couple of weeks your line rate will be raised a couple of cents.  Months later, despite quality work and that pitch-in attitude during backlog periods, you're still making 6 cents a line.  A lot of good begging does....What a joke these companies are...........
Any companies out there?


1.  ENT, cardiology, family practice or internal medicine work.

2.  Require a minimum line count of 500 lines a day with the option to do more.

3.  Word based with a 24-hour TAT and have direct deposit with assigned docs/accounts?

Are there any companies out there using DQS except MQ? (sm)
If I were going to try to work 2 companies at the same time until I could decide I thought it would be easier if they used the same program.  This old dog is getting too old to learn too many new tricks at once. 
That would be companies. If you
want to make it in this biz, you have to learn to spell!
Are any companies besides MQ using VR right
Not sure of any companies (sm)
I've worked on it for hospitals.  I am not aware of any MTSO's that use it.
Diskriter has some ChartScript accounts.  A lot of hospitals use ChartScript also.  I used it with my in-house job.  Very productive platform. 
None of the companies do! That's the name of the
There are probably less than 5 companies
(and that is probably stretching it) that don't offshore.  I've interviewed with probably 8 companies the last 6 months, all either offshored or had less to offer me than QT.   I immediately turned down all the companies that offshored (that I knew did anyway) and all the others I turned down because it would have been a significant cut in pay.   We have a no frills lifestyle as it is so there isn't room to take a cut in pay.