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You better stop working for yourself then because you're the one

Posted By: a decent MT on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Yeah, you sound like a really nice person - Not here

who started all the sniping and rudeness with your sweeping generalizations.  If trying to hire a good MT has you that frustrated, maybe you shouldn't be in management.  There are plenty of negative people out there who don't have what it takes to run a company.

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Maybe should stop working so dont have to
Here is one that will say up front I am not going to stop working
just because this consultant to the stars thinks we should. Everyone else go on strike, not this lady.
I decided to stop working two MT jobs and just keep the one - sm
but I work at another job totally unrelated to the medical field. I was getting too burnt out doing transcription and the taxes were killing me.
Why would my foot pedal stop working? sm

My foot pedal I use on DocQScribe just quit working.  I've had it for only 2 years but someone told me it might be too old and just died.  Anyone know? I've tried everything.


Help please!!! Is there anything that would make my c-phone footpedal stop working?
Maybe it got deprogrammed?  It was unplugged for a couple of months. Any suggestions please?
you are still an IC when you're a business, you stop being an IC when...sm
you incorporate. Then you become an employee of your corporation. Most home based businesses don't require a business license. Since you aren't having customers traipse in and out, nobody really cares. No advantage to getting a tax free ID since you aren't collecting sales tax. The only thing you really should do when you get your own account is to set up a business checking account with a credit card attached to it. The physician office should make the invoice check out to your business, not you. The separate account simplifies bookkeeping and keeps the IRS happy. No need to really incorporate until you are making about $50K a year. Then you might want to think about it to save on the SS taxes.  If you do get your own account, find a CPA that you can talk to (i.e. approachable). There are self employment IRA's etc that you will want to take advantage of. As far as getting up enough nerve to walk into the office, I call it "the $10,000 question." All you need is one acccount on your own to make an additional profit of $10,000 over what you are making now. But the only people who get paid that are the ones who get up enough nerve to walk into the doctors' offices. Are you one of them?
If they're of college age & paying for their own way, how will you stop them? You let them go and
You're absolutely right that we are worth more, so when are you going to stop


Stop correcting. You're not the grammar police. (NM)
LOL, maybe you should stop reading anti-Bush blogs because you're wrong.
They're still working on that...nm

You're working against us, then.
You can buy just the Start/Stop software w/o the pedal if you're able to use your pedal as a VEC
Well, if you're working in Word
you can use that Word Count and do the math yourself, or there is Abacus.  I don't know of any free line counting programs.  I work in Word and just use the tools in word to count lines.  You highlight the document and count it that way through the tools menu.
They're talking about working for sm
a company doing VR, not doing VR on their own.  Those are the "editing" jobs you see. 
Does anyone else feel like you're always working
i feel like i'm typing constantly!! my whole life is type type type type type
do you ever find yourself "editing" when you're not working? sm
I find myself, like when I'm reading a menu or magazine, newspaper, etc, always finding the grammer errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, and it drives me--not to mention my DH--nuts! I guess it's out of habit, but I can't seem to turn the "editor" in me off!  I'm always, instead of enjoying the story or article, or whatever I'm reading, looking for errors or typo's.  Does anyone else ever do this? I guess I'm obsessive/compulsive.  Think I could get work comp for that?
Nine cents is fine if you're working for someone else. sm
But, not so good if the account is your own. :)
We're working on the website for better optimization.
I assume you're working in Word?
Did you record the Find & Replace macro? You'd get more help if you posted your macro code so we can see where the glitch might be.
Misha, you're almost working for free--
--doing this. There are many general transcription companies that pay real money. I know, because I work for a couple. General transcription is a real industry with real people supporting families with their income. Whoever is paying this low a wage is LAUGHING at your gullibility.
Go to bed. Get off the thread. You're tired alright. Looks like you have been working
all day trying to defend MQ. Get some rest. When's second shift coming to relieve you. Hope they have something more original to say. RIGHT? Whoops, my caps are starting to run away with me and I can't stop myself...... I have been reading too many of the multiple personality CAP person's posts. HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP
...to change the magnification of your page. If you're working in
Works perfectly. Just keep it minimized while you're working. nm
There's a quick way of doing this if you're working with Express Scribe.

I found it in their Knowledge Base.

  1. Go to the Settings window and select Control tab.

  2. Click the ADd button under the "System Wide Hote Key Assignment" heading (at the bottom).

  3. Now press the key conbimation that you will use for the command (e.g. Ctrl+G) and then select the "Copy Time" option from the dropdown list.

  4. Click the OK.

When you need to add the time hit your new command (Ctrl+G) to copy the time from ES and then Ctrl+V to paste it in the desired location.

Hope this is helpful!

Me, too. I told my kids that since they're not in school and I'm working two jobs
just to try to keep the utilities on, they get to do chores. Don't even get me started on holiday stress. My extended family sent me gift cards, so I'm using those to buy for the kids. I even offered to pay them $5 an hour for cleaning so they'd have Christmas money. Instead, what are they doing? Watching TV in their pajamas still. That's OK. I'm about to go unplug all the electronics in the house and give them a big chore list with NO pay.
I hate when companies treat us like we're working for pin money

Am I supposed to be happy when a company only gives me 200 or 300 lines a day when they promise you a certain amount (that is higher than that)? How would the company employees (not us lowly transcriptionists) feel if the company told them that they were only getting paid 100 dollars this pay period, that there wasn't enough work. Not enough to pay bills and keep food on the table, just pin money.


If you're working in Word, if your Standard & Formatting toolbars
I agree with this; hence, my query about how folks who say that they're working for SERVICES ...
are making this kind of money. 
Yes. Three months paid training? That's just ridiculous unless you're working
in the office.  What service can afford to pay an MT for three months of training?
You're right, i spend way too much time on this board when should be working, I am just so burned
Ctrl/T is for terminating a job. What are you hitting those keys for while you're working? ExText
You hit the nail on the head. We're working harder, longer, and less pay. This is the only profe
that you make less now than you did 10 years ago. I remember making 10 cpl and thinking I should be making more. This is so depressing. Where did we lose ground, what happened. I find myself sitting here for 12-15 hours a day, every day, trying to make a living.  All I have ended up with depression, weight gain, losing my friggin hair, and stressed out the max. I miss my family, my friends, and mostly my life. It went with all of the dignity I had.  Now, it's considered "average" to be offered 6-7 cpl for years of experience. I do not know whether to cry, scream, be insulted, offended...or all of the above. Even 8 cpl is pathetic. I make 9 cpl now and still struggle. I am going back to what I know best..insurance billing. At least, my job will never be replaced with Indians and VR.  They will always need me and I will get raises and compensated for what I know. I am done with this depressing profession. Good bye 14 years, hello bright happy future.
stop and full stop
that reminds me of a doctor who had his own very unique word for period...he called it a "perikat".  All through the report...Perikat... perikat.... LOL
You're working to make money, not to spend money.
These people should be ashamed of themselves taking advantage of people this way!
You get more working the evening or night shifts and working w/o benefits. And producing like a mad
Ditto....granted I am not working much these days, but am currently trying out a new way of working
when I do work which seems to be helping.  I am timing myself and keeping a log of how long it takes to to type however many minutes.  I am averaging anywhere from 13-18 minutes of dictation an hour now doing this.  Granted the time fluctuates between who I am typing, and if I have to look up names, addresses, etc., just depends on the division I am doing at the time.  But work that used to take me 3 hours to do is now taking me under 2 hours, I am also trying to put in more macros as I go along, which slows me down initially but pays off in the long run of course.  I was working "all the time" before but took forever to get done since I was not applying myself. This new "attitude" has helped me a lot.  My goal, in the Fall, is to do 90 minutes a day consistently at 6 hours, and then maybe get up to 120 minutes a day at 8 hours, still while having at least half of the day free (do 60 minutes at night, and the other 60 by Noon).  Thereby doing 1200-1400 lines a day.  I have never really buckled down and done more than 8000 lines per pay period, so it will be a nice change.  Maybe you can do something like that and have a specific knock off time as was suggested below. 
Working holidays? Out shopping in stores where someone IS working

that holiday you refuse to work?  Grocery stores, food joints & seems any store is open on holidays and you expect them to be fully staffed, so why shouldn't we?

Yes, I took off for the first time on Christmas day, in 18 years and it was great, but I worked Christmas eve and this whole past weekend.

Someone has to do it!

working IN A HOSPITAL is different than working at home.
Someone can steal you identity from the internet if they want to. Why would you go to the time and trouble to jeopardize a job that requires some level of skill to steal someone's identity or medical records? You could get a job as a retail clerk and get info easier than going through the testing required to become an MT.
Somehow working at home translates into not really working
My in-laws are the worst. Whenever they plan something last minute and my husband says that I had to work, they say, "but she works at home!". When I one time mentioned I had a "schedule" and basically punch a clock and work full time, I don't think they believed me. They will sometimes call mid-day during the week if they are in the area to see if I want to go for lunch, etc! The best is, my husband doesn't make all that much money, so where is it coming from, the money fairy? I am ready to strangle someone! So I know how you feel and I'm sorry it upset you. You are not alone.
For Pete's sake, you're not terminating a pregnancy, you're just typing a report after the
It's already been done before you even hear about it, and NOTHING changes regardless of whether you or someone else types it. Sheesh.
It's not funny when you're on a board where language is one skill you're selling.
Hope you're gonna have a glass of wine while you're relaxing

in your spa goodies. Congrats!

Stop going to the doc, then! Oh, you NEED them though, huh?! LOL nm
I definitely want it to stop
I just don't want to lose my mother in the process.  I put myself in her shoes.  What would I do if my husband of 15 years was making advances at my daughter?   I don't want to get too graphic with some of the things he's said, but definite harrassment.  If I brought things to light, it would put her in an awful position, so I thought I could get it off my chest by telling another family member.  We don't exactly have a warm loving relationship as it is, so this would be like the last nail in the coffin.  I just want it to go away, so I stay away, but the guilt is awful.
Just stop already!
I agree - why get the boat rockin' again!
Yes, I think you should stop
doing this. Were you banned from this site and used the proxy4free.com thing to get back on?
Just Stop It . . .

Think of what people in the hurricanes went or are going through--NO THING is permanent--relationships with our loved ones are far more important.

If you have not made use of an item in a year and it is easily replaced, donate the item (if it is in good condition) to charity.

Irreplaceable, important, legal papers go into the safe deposit box. Keep a fire proof box with cash in it at home along with a disaster bag. Pay off credit cards and put cards in the safe deposit box. Keep the accounts open if needed for an emergency.

I always stop and say hello because SM
He's always reluctant to interrupt me, so I take the time to stop and say hello. :) I would say TRY not to get upset and just try it his way for a while.
just stop
you are SOOOOOOO catering to her, and i was glad to read you express that with your comment about the norman rockwell picture.  yep, that is exactly what she is doing.  It's ALL ABOUT THE WRAPPING and you and sibs are either paper or ribbon, whatever suits her whim.  Either way, you are it's all about what you REPRESENT .... but her her eyes, it not -- repeat, not -- about YOU. wrap your mind around that thought and just decide you are not going to be one of the props she uses to stage her house for others -- the friends she invites to impress, via YOU!  i know that deep down, you know this.  so, just say no thanks, DO NOT give a reason, DO NOT give an explanation, just say you have other plans and let her wonder.  be the man that you are.  don't be a wuss. Enjoy!  
STOP...STOP....STOP...trying to keep up
You cannot compare yourself to the people on this board. Do you mean you have only been doing transcription for eight months? If so, you're doing fine!! Eight months is not a lot of time. The speed with come with the experience. Just keep at it and use those auto keys! Give yourself another eight months, and you will be getting a little faster!! Good luck and let us know how you're doing in eight months!! :)