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Becuase it is a business with $$ as bottom line.

Posted By: You be MTSO and be as "fair" as you want. nm on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: True, VR could be a success for the MTs if VR salespeople - lara


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Bottom line on anything business is $. They can
IMO, the bottom line
after seeing all the negative posts must be Amphion (for no weekends unless you want them) and MDI-MD (for good Bayshore software).  Would most people agree?
Bottom line...
Amphion employs the best of the best...if you can't cut it, they cut you loose...simple.
bottom line
Take the 8.5 job.

You get healthcare.

You get 50% of your soc. sec. paid.
Bottom line: You have to look out for yourself,
Bottom line....
When Americans leave this country, or when work is sent outside of this country, they/it should accept the fact that things may not go they way they hoped. Another example is Lisa Ling's sister. American officials do not have the right to go into another country and try to make them change their laws just because the victim or person on the bad end of the stick is an American.

The Thai ppl are handling Carradine's case just as they would for their own people. Just because their country does not conduct CSI-type investigations does not mean that American officials can just barge into their country and make them do this or that.

These MTSOs who are rapidly sending work to other countries will soon find out that this is not the thing to do. It's just a matter of time before a major breach or misuse of information occurs.
You need to look out for your bottom line (sm)
While the people at MDI are great, that is not going to pay your bills. They created the situation you are in and you should not have to HAVE 2 jobs. I say keep the second job, you just never know WHEN the low work will happen again, and it will.
Bottom line...
If an MT cannot keep up with the demands of the job while maintaining high-quality standards, then they need to find a different profession.  If a person feels that at 7 or 8 cpl they will not be able to correct and proofread their reports, then they either need to find a job that pays enough to do that or they need to find a different profession.  Is it acceptable for a physcian to slack when it comes to quality because he isn't being paid enough?  Is it okay for him/her to begin surgery and leave it half done because he thinks he will not make enough money off of this patient?  You see, this is ALL about the patient.  It is not about US.  We are here to service the patient and create an easy-to-read, accurate document of their encounter.  I know for myself, the day I cannot create a high-quality, accurate report is the same day I leave this profession.
Bottom Line at Amphion
I have been reading all of the comments about Amphion and having worked there and done well and also knowing people who haven't done well I think the bottom line is that if you have 10-key skills (if you have to ask what that is you don't have them) you will do well.  Slow people and those who don't have 10-key skills will not do well at Amphion.  If you are fast and productive you can make a lot of money at Amphion.  It is not for everybody and certainly not for slowpokes.  Can we just see everybody's side to this drawn out saga and give it a rest now?  Thank you. 
Don't believe it if they say it. If it means the bottom line,
I think you need to suck it up and learn to do ESLs or you'll be left behind.

well...your bottom line is lower

than I would accept.  I currently make 10 cpl and will not go lower than 9.5 for transcription and will not go lower than 5.5 for edit.

Now, someone making 7 cpl currently will say....yeah, I will work for 8 cpl, that is a raise for me.

Also, there are some out there making 3 cpl for edit, if they were offered 4 or 5, they would take it. 

How can we set a standard like this?

Bottom Line -- Mgmt always says that
cherry-picking is not allowed and will be dealt with; however, it very rarely is. If management is not going to take care of it, nothing you can do. Just type and go on. This way, you will get up to speed on these dictators and it will not matter in the long run.
MQ - their bottom line pay 2 cpl offshore or pay us NOTHING for ASR -nm
The bottom line is money...
3 cpl for VR...more money in their pockets.  On the contrary to some of the replys to my first message...VR does save a ton of money for these hospitals, but these MTSO's know that the MTs can do more lines per hour with VR and hence, lower the pay to 3...so disgusting.
Of course the bottom line is that with the new platform anyone anywhere can get into all accounts in
all offices so it really doesnt matter where you are. I think MQ is probably just going to dump everyone into accounts that are behind and totally eliminate overtime or any kind of bonuses, etc. That is already in place in the NE so just a matter of time.
Bottom line, if you are happy with paycheck, you are okay. If not,
For Natls, $ is bottom line, which is why offshore as
Bottom line---Check with your supervisor.
If the CP does not state to insert apostrophes and you are to follow BOS2, then QA is wrong. The only way to clear this up is to ask someone who has the authority to make that decision.
Bottom line for me is the paycheck. Nice don't pay the bills.
and they dont care is offshored. Bottom line to them
the bottom line - Cherry-Pickers are scum,
should be fired, and should not even call themselves MTs. If you have a job, you type what is assigned to you. Don't like it?! Take up burger-flipping. Only incompetent MTs cherry-pick.
True. bottom line - our job is to produce accurate, legal - sm
medical documents in the ENGLISH language. No one is ever quite as proficient in a second language as they are their native one. We spend our whole lives continuing to learn the nuances of our own language. If my medical record affects my care, or a possible court case, and ESPECIALLY my ability to receive & retain health insurance, you better believe I want it typed by a person for whom English is their #1 language, and by someone who is paid enough to actually care about the quality of the job they are doing.
"chuckle" raise in 3 days, not to their bottom line advantage is it.
Hey gooble up this one if you like. Not me!!! I could understand if hourly, but we are not. WE are the one who lose already, learning there program, acct spec, formats, the various QA preferences, learn/get an ear for each dictator. We LOSE BIG TIME because it takes time for all that above stuff, we cannot just sit down and zoom off. Hey but grab IT see how the attitude is toward MT with 6 cents offer, it says something ya know.
Actually, SBC does allow it. I had my line changed to a business line and talked with a sm
supervisor who okayed it.  As long as I am listening to voice files, and not one computer talking to another, faxing, etc., it is within their guidelines.  :-)
Bottom line is administrators trying to save a buck. Many drs. don't want records going offshore.
Bottom line: What does it pay per line?
So go out of business. I know I won't help you for 3 cents a line.
I would go on welfare first.
Their line rates are competitive, and their bennies are among the best in the business. I'm happ

Do you feel better now? !! Business is business, most of it should be confidential. Why post on a
Trying to build his business? He's been in business over 15 years!!!!!! sm
I also had a hard time, nearly impossible actually, getting paid. The owner does this on the side; he is very involved with other things.
A line is a line is a line. Doesn't matter if we are talking about radiology or acute care.

1600 is not a fair minimum requirement.  Sure you can achieve 1600, it shouldn't be the required minimum.

If you don't know what is confidential, you have no business being in any business.
This is confidential information and should not be divulged. It is one of the biggest problems a co can have. If you have to ask...well I won't be able to explain it to you
Why don't you just go to the bottom
about Transcend, also many more if you search the archives.  Nothing has changed since 4 days ago. 
there is more down the bottom...sm
dated 10/8 starting with Lynn. Apparently SS is claiming they told this supposed Lynn person to post and see what other people say. Is that right? For all we know, Lynn is someone from SS. It's causing chaos.
If you go to the bottom of any page
there will be page # at the bottom.  If on page 1 click on page 2 to see the newest of the posts that have scrolled off.  You can then do a Ctl F to do a search.  I don't know how sensitive the search is, by I've seen it Cymed and CyMed. 
Usually they had a sticker on the bottom to tell

you what model # they are.   The majority of the foot pedals are Infinity brand and made in various offshore countries. 

If you know what platform they work on you can advertise that, and also the # of pins, or if USB, serial port or game port. 



At the bottom of the post, it should say
reply by e-mail Click on that and type a couple of words and send it and it will get to me. :)
Look towards the bottom of the page...
there a few comments.  Also try a search using MDI-MD, might turn up more comments that way. I've been interested in them, too, but last time I applied, they were only hiring for C-phone account and needed unlimited long distance.  I wonder if they will be going to internet only in the future, as I think they have some accounts that are internet.  Anyone know?
It's all about the bottom dollar
Who's going to buy all those cheap products when the peons have no jobs and thus no money.  I fear things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.
I would bet my bottom dollar you are
under 50! It is really funny because I hear these young starlets talking about how they would never have a face lift. I guess not in your 20-50 age range.
Not individually yet, but at the bottom of the - sm
post they did say the order in which people would go:

(8) The stepwise reduction in workforce will be based on the following:

- all independent contractors will be terminated;

- all MTs who produce less than 200,000 KS in a pay period will get their notice imminently;

- all very recent hires will get their notice on or around November 12th;

- MTs who produced less than full time Keystrokes are potentially subject to notice at or around November 12th.

That seems like more notice than most places give.

Probably if you go to the bottom of this page...
and just go by the page numbers you should find some recent stuff.
Right idea, but 8.5 cpl is far too low. Bottom
I say 'and up' because with 30 years' experience, Im only making 9.5 cpl, and am starving on it. 10 cpl should be newbie pay. Dont forget how close 8.5 cpl is to 70s wages. This is the 21st century, and we're working for 19th century wages.
No, but the bottom of the barrel after - sm
In-house MTs picked out the few okay dictators.  Now all my accounts seem to be is garbage ESLs right off the boat who scream, snort, whisper, and seem to speak in their native tongue while they bang the phone around, shuffle through papers, eat, talk to the staff around them. 
If you will go to the bottom of this page and go back
you will see a number of very good and informative postings about TH.
It's fair if you want to live off of bottom pay.
Then it is fair. You can make good money by the line but you have to work 24 hours to do it.

No thanks. I have not been in the business 30 years for nothing.
Their pay is bottom of the barrel. You could easily

A recent job search placed them at the bottom in terms of pay and the schedule they assigned me. Move ahead to something better.

There is a thread at bottom of this page about TT
If you click on your message, near the bottom you will

see in blue - see related messages or something similar.  Click on it and it will show you the most recent posts.  You do need to use your own judgement because management posts too and of course their posts are all favorable and basically say the same things, about how the MT wasn't reliable, couldn't do the work, poor quality, etc.  

I was viciously attacked a month or so ago.  I spoke the truth and the person(s) that posted don't know me to make the statements they did. 

I worked for SS and it was the worst place I've ever worked.  I won't repeat it here, but it is all well documented in the archives. 

I will join you at the bottom, no jobs for me either..nm
Waaaay down at the bottom of your screen sm
is a link to Moderators and at the very, very end is a link to contact us. It will take you to adminstration. Scroll all the way down the page and you should see them. Hope this helps!