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Well, I HAVE worked on it for over a year now........

Posted By: sm on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: You will not be able to explain to some - Loving VR

and my primary account is 95% ESL and some of the worst I have ever heard in my 15 years, and I cut my teeth on East Indian dictators. I can say without qualification that the particular brand of VR being used on my account cannot and will not ever be able to get the ESL dictators, regardless of the times I make the same corrections on the same dictators over and over again or how many times the account is put through a readaptation. Heck, it can barely punctuate a sentence, let alone pick up on some of the nuances of ESL dictators. On one ESL, for example, VR puts stomp at the end of every sentence because he dictates stop at the end of each sentence. It's very time consuming to just take out all the stomps let alone correct the numbered lists, misspelled drug dosages (putting a period after mg, etc.) and correcting the just plain stupid stuff the VR puts in there. I guess what I am trying to say by my little rant is that not all VR is created equal. If yours is as good as you say it is, then I am truly happy for you, but please don't assume that your experience is everyone's experience.

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I worked for them about a year ago..sm
and they are a pretty decent company to work for. Paid on time, no pool work and easy pickup of work. Work slow downs occasionally. But would recommend them.
I worked for them for about a year sm
Nice group of people.  Pay always on time. 
I worked for mag until this year...SM
and it actually WAS a good company to work for. I had worked there for about 3 years this time and 6 months a long time ago. Glad I moved on.....
I have worked for them a year now.
No problems whatsoever.  I have never had a late or bounced check.  I've never had any problem with anyone in the office either.  We get along well.  I love my 48 turn around time, and the accounts I have are easy so can't complain about the low pay.  I would rather have easy accounts where I can produce a lot than to deal with difficult dictators. 
Have worked for them for almost a year...
I have been working for them for almost a year. I took the job there because they offered me about 2 cents more per line than any other place I was offered employment. They do, however, pay for headers, footers and pre-made templates.
I worked there about a year or so ago
and they treat you like you don't even exist.  Every time I reached incentive lines they zapped me with more ESLs.  They have alot of ESLs and there is almost no communication.  Also spent alot of time looking up addresses, words, etc.  Now I'm at Keystrokes and love it there!  Good Luck.
I have worked for them for a year
I started working there a year ago when it was still CyMed, and it was great then. Now that it is SPI, things are doing downhill...at least on my account. They are really asking for a lot of overtime and not willing to pay any extra for it. I have just had 4 job offers with other companies and I have an interview/test with a local hospital where I live, and I am in the process of deciding which one to take, and then I am out of there. I noticed that over the past couple of months, I have not been getting my shift differential for working evenings and the managers are getting very demanding. While they do always pay on time and do offer benefits, I would probably look elsewhere due to things being so hectic.
I worked for KS last year
At that time I was was making $30-35 per hour. The reason I was able to do so well is because the account I worked on had templates and this really speeds up production, plus I only had 3 doctors on that account....so it is possible, no doubt about it.
I worked for them last year and always
ran out of work. I had two accounts. The enterprise platform is sort of nice, but is quite slow and has more than a few hangups. The people are very nice, but the Webmedx experience I got just wasn't worth my time. So, I for one, know exactly what you are saying.
I worked for them last year sm
The one QA gal that I liked they parted company with, her choice. I liked her because she was the only one who would answer my questions. The night QA/team lead they had on my account was a nice gal too.

I found the MT manager, at that time, because they may have a new one, to be very unfriendly and if she did ever answer a question, she was rather terse with me and I have heard she was with everyone. I knew what I was doing and I knew their platform at that time too. I didn't need too much help, only with some samples for a couple of difficult doctors and some direction for one who would always dictate 3 OP notes on every patient.

I found the dictators to be fine, not the very best, but not bad either. The voice files were clear. They paid me on time, every time and I never had a rubber check. I don't mind being left alone to work on my own, so much of this didn't bother me after the first few days when I had to work to get my questions answered. When I quit for a better offer I tried to get in touch with the MT manager and was not able to get any response from her. I got their emails for another 2 months too, but that didn't bother me, these things happen.

One of the things that scared me off was that at that time, they were trying to set up to outsource for Spheris doing part of their work because Spheris can't hire enough MTs. (They have a new ad up every couple of days on another site.) The platform they were going to...seems to me it was Vianetta, but don't quote me on that since I don't remember exactly. I also don't have any idea if they are still doing this or if they ever really did do it to start with, but that was in the works when I was there.

If you don't mind having to work to get some initial questions asked and you don't mind working on your own without a lot of assistance, you will probably be fine. Touchy feely this company is not, but they don't run out of work if my experience is worth anything. I know I never ran out and I worked 2nd shift doing OPs only.

These are MY experiences and while fairly recent, they may or may not reflect what is going on at ATSI NOW. Much can change in a very short while.

I hope this helps you.
When I worked there last year,
there was no time clock to punch.  They might let you split your shift if that would help.  They really don't pay very well and their incentive is not generous either, one cent per line extra, only for the lines past 12,000 per pay period.
I worked for them for about a year sm
Platform is okay, not great. You work live over the internet. You can only have 2 jobs in your queue. You do have to edit the header information quite a bit as the doctors don't seem to bother with it.

Lines -- i did fairly well on the line count there. I only worked part-time but it was not difficult for me to get 1000 lines a day. The only problem is you are assigned to a region of their hospitals -- so you have to get to know bunches and bunches of doctors. Some dictated all the time, but then you would get several a day you never heard of, so some days it was hard to get in a rhythm.

Pay -- pretty much standard to what everyone else is offering. They do pay on time, every time. They do offer bonuses when work gets stacked up (on top of the normal earned bonuses). Bonus weekends are VERY GOOD.
I have worked there a little over a year
and I would recommend them. Deb is great to work for, flexible scheduling, consistent work other than usual holiday slow downs.
I have worked there for a little over a year ...

I am only an MT but I have had no problems.  I have never gotten charged for a blank, although I leave very few.  I work at night, but I chose to because of the differntial.  I have a good account and I get paid on time every time.  I must be one of the lucky few that has a decent team leader even if he is indian (at least his name is).  He answers quickly if I need something answered and leaves me alone. 

In the end, only you can make the decision.

Sorry, but I have worked there for a year
and have never run out of work for more than an hour or so. Some people do have plenty of work, while others have none. I don't know why that is, but I wish they would fix it too so there would be nothing to complain about.
I worked for them last year-pay is low
Its been about a year since I worked for them, but
when I did (and I have on 2 separate occasions over the last 2 years), they were always running out of work. The pay was low, 3 cpl and 7.5 cpl. I don't know if anything has changed, but maybe someone who is there currently will respond.
I have worked for them for about a year
now. Absolutely love this job. I have heard negative things, but I think it depends on which account/supervisor you have. No problem at all. Very flexible, good incentive program. Just work when you say you will and keep your line count up and you will have no problems.
I worked for T-C about a year ago.....sm
The program they use is not difficult to learn, and the actual transcription is done in Word. You supply your own computer, software, etc. I believe they do supply the foot pedal; they used to, at least.

The management is okay and they don't bother you with a bunch of superfluous email. Pay is average to low-average, but they do have tons of templates and you are paid for the lines in the templates. However, if you are interested in medical insurance, they are a little high on their premiums and you would probably do better with your own policy. I think they offer 401K but not sure. Hope this helps.
I worked there last year...
on two clinic accounts. Pay was always on time, QA was good, pay was about average (8.5 cpl), good benefits package with decent premiums for BC/BS. I only left because the workload slowed down on my account, and rather than ask for an additional account (which I'm sure they would have provided), I decided to go back to being an IC (they are employee only). I don't know anything at all about their acute care accounts...their clinic accounts are on their own proprietary software which is better than some, worse than others, in my experience. All in all I felt the management and people were better than the last larger national that I worked for. If you're looking for work as an employee, you could do worse. Good luck to you!
I worked for them last year

I started working for them in October 2007.  I was brand spanking new, so I didn't get paid much.  Started out at 5.5 cents per line for typing and 1.5 cents for voice recognition.  I had no clue how low that was at first - I was just happy I found a company that would hire a newbie.  Then I got bumped up to 6 cents and 2 cents.  Lots of VR - easily half of what I did was VR.  I know they pay experienced people more than what I was making. 

The people running the company are pretty decent.  They had several people leave just as I was starting so things were a little disorganized.   The staffing person still hasn't taken me off of the e mail distribution so I still see the e mails asking for people to work extra and stuff like that.

The pay periods were waaaay goofy.  There was like a month lag between the end of the pay period and when I actually got paid.  That part sucked.  They would send out an excel spreadsheet with the number of lines credited for typed work and VR work that showed what the total pay was.  It was sort of weird and I always wondered where they came up with the line count.  My paychecks were ALWAYS way lower than I thought they would be. 

My only big beef with them was QA.  They were not consistent at all.  I'm of the mind set that you work with QA and make friends with them and they'll work with you.  You never got to actually know these people, though.  They were just a name on the site to check your work.  I would go along for a month or more doing something and then someone else would ding me for it out of the blue. That part was a little frustrating.

I worked there last year....
and I have a post regarding this somewhere a few pages back, so I encourage you to do a search. Anyway, they are employee status and offer a fairly nice benefits package with BC/BS at decent rates. I don't know about acute care but in clinic they seem to have a good flow of work. People are nice, pay was always on time. Pay is average, I started for clinic at 8.5 CPL. If I remember correctly full-time was 1500 lines a day, but don't quote me on that.

Hope this helps, good luck to you!
Worked there last year.
The platform was Emdat Inscribe. I believe she hires IC status only. Pay was above average and always on time. Owner and QA very nice and easy to work with. I have recommended this company to others. It didn't work out for me for personal reasons, but I would go back and work for them again.
I worked there about a year ago.......... sm
I understand they have undergone some changes in the year since I left them. Someone I know who is still with the company says they no longer pay for spaces and there have been some other changes as well. The management was okay, although a little on the thin side. It sometimes took the account manager a while to get around to everyone, although she was very efficient and proficient in her work. They offered PTO that accrued, but I think their insurance was pretty high, especially for family coverage. Hope this helps.
I worked there for a year or so...sm
and I have to agree that they are good people. Communication is good and straight forward, from management on down. I can't say that about every place I've worked! Patriot was so-so, not the best or worst platform I've been on. I only left because I decided to go IC full-time. If you're looking for employee status you could definitely do worse.
I've worked for MDI over a year now
she worked there for two months - last year
By the time her last check arrived it was another two months after she had sent the equipment back. She would call everyday and get a different response as to why she still hadn't gotten a check for her first two weeks. She wasn't angry or about it, just frustrated because she thought working at home would be a godsend, but in this case it wasn't. It was unfortunate that she did not try other services.
I worked for them for year and miss them...
I know precyse pretty good, as I worked for them for years.  I just decided after being there so long and was not completely satisfied that I would go elsewhere and see if I could find something better.  The supervisor did manipulate, in that she would tell you it was okay to work Mon-Fri shift, but then there would not be any work during the week and tons on the weekend.  Another word, you'd end up practically working every day of the week trying to get your line count in for the week.  If you can work the weekends, its a wonderful place to work.  PTO money goes into an account and you can withdrawal it whenever you want.  It accumulates so much for every hour you work.  Good affordable benefits (Aetna), life insurance, everything.  Easy platform.  Just that schedule thing ruined it for me.  If you like weekends, I'd say do it, it's one of the best ones out there.
I worked for them for a year. Things seems to (sm)
be fine until I found out they lied about my pay. They claimed I would get 8, but they only gave me 7. Also, they had me on the only good account they had where I could get 300 lph. When they saw I got that consistently, they put me on a lousy account where I was lucky to get 120 lph. I asked and asked about that to no avail. I would say stay away.
Well, I worked for them for about 6 months last year.
It was not a terrible experience, but it was not a wonderful experience.  Everything about them was just mediocre.   Not much to say, really.  Maybe that's why there aren't many comments. 
Last year, I worked for Diskriter and
received a HUGE box of candy via UPS.  I thought it was very nice and I was totally surprised.   
I worked for them a year some years ago ...
Was VERY unhappy there. To echo another poster, I got stuck on third shift and was never able to get off. Was placed on a HORRIBLE account with 99% ESL and terrible sound files. QA was strict (which I didn't have a problem with) but was also nasty and could be unreasonable. When I say unreasonable I mean that on this account they couldn't fill in most of the blanks that I was leaving either, but the feedback was nasty and sarcastic. Low pay, mediocre benefits, unresponsive tech support, and I wasn't all that impressed with the supervisors. On my final check with them they shorted me close to $150 which I was never able to get. Had an extensive list of requirements for you to work for them which was not commensurate with the payout that you received. They did, however, have DD and pay was always on time. Some had errors in the amount of their pay every now and again. Others may have had another type of experience there, but this was mine.
I worked for them earlier this year (sm)
They are very nice people and paid on time DD. Platform was easy to learn as well. I had to quit because my daughter was very ill, but had that not happened I would still be with them. Good luck.
Can you not see my name? I have worked with this person for over a year

and it would be HER that told all of this to several of us.  We actually could not believe she was not fired for her behavior if she was telling the truth about what was going on.  Now maybe those things she told us were true and maybe they were not.  The point is that she was either blowing smoke then or she is blowing smoke now but she cannot have it both ways.  I hope if she is telling the truth that she is vindicated by the law.  But knowing both parties here,I think that she is an absoulte fruit and it ain't gonna' happen.  I replied to the original post because so many of you jumped in and said, sue, sue when you only heard what the poster chose to make public here and I wonder how many of you know the poster personally or the company's ethics.  I do - and that is why I replied.  Again I say, this is no union job ducky and I just cannot see why you think that any company would have to go to these lengths to get rid of someone they did not want when see you later, good bye, farewell would work just as well and furthermore if all of you could figure out what a giant error it would be for a company to pull that kind of stupid prank, why wouldn't the company be able to see the same thing? Let us know how your unemployment and lawsuit comes out.  I still say karma. 

I've worked there for over a year
yes we have Indian counterparts who handle our IT department, but our MTs are in the US. At least I'm pretty sure Georgia is in the US last time I checked....

I like the work, everyone I work with is pleasant, a few hiccups along the way but nothing crazy.

But hey, to each his own. Last time I checked just about every other US company had their IT based out of India, the Philippines, etc., but I don't see anyone going after them!

When I worked there last year they provided me
a C-phone. 
Funny. I worked a year and NEVER ran out of work (sm)
I was on one account. Literally only one time in the entire year did I have to go to a second account. However, I can do every single work type and have tons of experience. There were some ESLs, but it's nothing like the tough ESLs I'm getting elsewhere.

OTI was wonderful. It remains the best company I have ever worked for, and I've worked for many. I left because there weren't benefits, and I had to have them. If not for that, I'd be with them. Great people.

Their QA leaves you alone unless there's a problem. They don't give you QA scores - you either do an acceptable job, or you will hear from them.

You work when you want, just get the line count in every week. There's no schedule.

Software is a little dated, but not really MT unfriendly. Just could be improved. Not made by MTs and needs more input by MTs.

Friendly people. Absolutely the best out there if you don't need benefits.
That was my question the entire year I worked
for them. There will never be enough work and they will keep overhiring. Not sure why
I've worked for them since July of last year...

and I started out with Express Scribe software and no foot pedal.  They never told me that I had to buy anything and they did provide the AAMT BOS, and medical spellchecker, and drug dictionary amongst other stuff that I am too tired to think about at this point.  Just an FYI.


I worked for them a year ago and quit, but now I work for them again and....
I am very happy.  I could never get any work before or if I had a question I could never get it answered.  I am now on a different platform at a different hospital and am happy.  Pay is also always on time (direct deposit.)  I could care less if they are indian run, they pay me on time and leave me to my work.
also worked there just a short time last year .. nm
I have worked there for over a year now and have had absolutely no problems
They pay is on time as long as you get your invoice in on time. The work is there,and the QA people are awsome
AccuStat in Wisconsin. What's going on with them lately? I worked for them last year, am thinki
of contacting them again.  Is anyone on this board still working there? How is the work flow now?  Any comments? 
I haven't worked there in close to a year now, but I was very happy while I was there. nm
This is true..Put it this way. I made $45,000 this year but worked 3 jobs and at least 60
hours a week and sometimes up to 80. I have no desire to do that anymore. I'd be happy with $35,000 working 40 hours a week. What a dream job.
I worked for TSLLC for a short time last year
They pay hourly for editing voice recognition reports. Back then, very few of the reports were very good quality, most of them had to be pretty much retyped. The software might have learned some of those by now though, not sure as I didn't stay to find out. One thing I was told AFTER I started working there was that your hourly rate will most likely go down. During the first 3 months, you get paid the hourly rate you agreed upon and then they start charting how long you're actually playing the voice file and that's what you get paid for. In other words, every time you stop the voice to make corrections, you're not getting paid. They also constantly sent emails with stupid mistakes that other MTs/editors were making and I just got annoyed and quit. But all in all, it was actually a good company and I always got paid on time, and if I remember correctly, it was weekly. I would just recommend asking for a higher hourly rate to begin with or making sure it won't go down later, put something in the contract or something. Hope this helps and wasn't too confusing :)
I worked there for over a year...left because of lack of work...
one months lots of work, the next three months no work, so on and so forth...when there is a little extra work they do a big hire and once again the faithful MTs who stick by them have no work...I have been gone for over a year and it is still the same way...
Amphion does but they refund it after a year of employment so it worked out nice. NM
I worked for them a year or so ago. Good company. Owners a little quirky at times, but set sm..
set accounts so can build speed with repetition.  Pay on time and treat you very decent. 
my first year I made 16k. Doubled that second year. Going on year 6 with (sm)

two local accounts I earned 23,000.00 and a national I earned 35,400... 58,400 this year.  Don't ask me how many hours, though, I really have no idea.  I'm pretty motivated.  (When people ask me how many hours I work a week I reply as many as it takes  I'd say 40-50/week.  I am also a fitness instructer and personal trainer, about 5 hours a week or so.  Decent money (sometimes under the table!) but mostly I just do it for fun and to be social and wear cute work-out clothes. 

that first year was a rough one... but I consider it part of my education. 


I'm pretty motivated. 

Last year, there was a letter sent that told us what we earned the previous year. sm
In the past, it has been all or nothing; if you did not hit the lines for full time for the year, you did not get PTO. I talked to my lead this morning about a last-minute vacation and she told me that the yearly packets are going out in a week or so and that the new policy will acrue PTO by the pay period or month. I like that a lot better, but she also made it sound like they are upping the amount of lines needed to acrue PTO. I normally get between 15 and 20,000 lines per pay period, so I am sure that will be fine but I am worried about the periods that have lower volumes, like most of January every year.