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Question for webbies

Posted By: anon on 2009-09-27
In Reply to:

How much editing are you doing?  Are you adding headings?  Are you making sure all punctuation is correct?  Do you read ahead and correct without listening word for word?  Are you looking for quantity or quality, or can you have both? I can barely crack 200 lines an hour, so I wonder if I'm overediting. TIA.

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Thanks fellow Webbies. nm

Possible suggestion for IT and/or AHK Webbies
Gals, I would love some tips for speeding things up on AHK, I actually just downloaded the app and have no clue what to do with it (need time to read up on it, which I haven't had).

Anyway, so no one has to divulge email addy here, could you create a post in the Productivity section of the company board about this, that way we can email each other through work addy's or more freely divulge our private addy without spam threats, etc.

Seriously, I would love to learn some good codes for AHK usage myself - though I do not own IT and just cannot afford it right now.