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doing VR: Sure, you put your headphones on,..sm

Posted By: lara on 2009-09-27
In Reply to: editing VR...sm - Webber

listen to the whole dictation and while listening you make your corrections.
There is no other way to do VR. You HAVE to listen to the whole report.

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I use Phillips headphones; bought them at Sears for about $28 and they are fabulous.
Happens to me too - headphones won't fix it.
Doctors who can enunciate would help; although, to be fair, I find that nurses, PAs, and other support people are by far the worst when it comes to being intelligible. They should all be made to listen to several of each other's recordings before being let loose to dictate patient records.
I keep going through headphones (cheap ones), and am looking to buy a good pair for a change, preferably noise cancelling. Do the noise cancelling headphones really reduce the background noise (kids, husband, dog)? Does anybody have any ideas?
i was just told by a salesperson that MTs often think there is something wrong with the NC headphone because sometimes it will cancel out words, just by how they do their job. but i've seen some here say they work great. ??
Thank you kindly, I will look into them. With the noise level in my house sometimes, I am thinking of working in the shed, but it's not heated!
HI there i have 4 kids and a 5th including hubby and i love my Radio Shack noise cancelling. The even have a volume control on the ear pieces. LOVE THEM!
I was looking at noise cancelling headphones but they seemed big and bulky and like they would be uncomfortable after a while. I prefer the stethoscope style for comfort. The earbuds Hayseed uses look really nice so I might try those. Thanks Hayseed. Have to go back to work now so I can afford them though.
No, actually I've used several different sets of stereo headphones. I'm currently using a new set of ear buds from Radio Shack that my husband gave me for Mother's Day and they work a little better, but some docs are just awful! I haven't tried noise-cancelling headphones yet, but may have to soon.

Poor sound quality is my only issue with DSG, but lately it's becoming MORE of an issue.
I don't know if this belongs here, but I have a question about headphones.  I am looking for new ones, and just want to survey to see what other MTs prefer.  I need something that is noise-cancelling due to a lot of noise around me, but something not heavy because I have neck problems.  Anybody have any suggestions? TIA
I actually use IPod headphones and plug them into my speakers.  I think they are so much better than the standard ones I have for MTs.  Sound quality is excellent.  They run around $30.  You cannot even tell they are in your ears.  They are extremely light. 
Well of course I use my headphones (sm)
I listen to every word, I add headings, don't add spacing, speed up the dictation, etc.  I get nowhere with line count, yet looking at the comparisons, all these other people are amassing big production.  I just wondered if maybe I'm doing too much to make these reports look straight typed.  I'm pretty damn sick of it.
Not the OP...but stereo headphones did not help me.

I have Bose headphones
I have the Bose over the ear headphones - cost about $150, but it's the best $$ I ever spent.  Makes such a huge difference in how I hear the dictators.  Nothing compares to it.
MQ sent out headphones and weekly contests.
still don't let 'em though.
Is there such a thing as cordless headphones for transcription?
My cord bothers the heck out of me and since I am in need of new ones I thought I'd check with the experts (you all!!) first.