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ESLs and VR

Posted By: gourdpainter on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: Wow, you surely are a lucky girl! Please tell me the VR system,..sm - lara

Obviously there are ESLs and there are ESLs.  Some of those I have done over the years I have often said God Himself couldn't understand what they were saying so how in the world could a computer program understand? 

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Thanks. Yes I heard from others many ESLs and many very difficult ESLs. nm
Arrrgh!!!  Is there any company out there that has a minimal number of ESL dictators?  This is my second week with a new company with a VA Clinic account that has to be at least 80% ESLs--I just cannot do them.  If I have a good dictator I can transcribe them with no problem--even with the myriad of drugs I'm unfamiliar with.  I'm on the verge of resigning.  Thank Goodness it's Friday!!
It comes with the territory. Focus and try harder.
ESLs for Joy
Joy if you keep at it, you will become familiar with what ESLs are saying.  It is like anything unfamiliar, allow yourself time to become familiar with the ESLs.  It is difficult, but it come together for you if you keep trying.  :)

There are maybe 3 doctors across the whole company that are ESLs.  I don't know if someone confused the name of this company with another or if things were different in the past.  But since you are not working in pools and there is very little ESL, you can request not do have to do them.  Also, you are paid higher for the more difficult dictators, so it doesn't waste your time.  But you are not "forced" to do anything awful, like some places I have worked before.

Out of all the nationals that I have worked for only 2 didn't have "clunky" software.  There is better software and there is worse; the software here is in between.

There are no more ESLs at TT than ...
I have had at the other company's I have worked for and I have been at this for 25+ years.
Just make sure you can type 100% ELS - and I mean, I haven't had an English speaking doctor now for DAYS. I have been doing this for nearly 15 years, and I have NEVER struggled like I am struggling with this account at Transcend ... I literally cannot understand a dang word these guys are saying, plus with the bold this, list that, don't do this, make sure to do this ... all I can say is, good luck. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be at Transcend. I'm losing money BIG TIME.
Many ESLs, but....
Many ESLs but most are good dictators.  Most accounts are specific with what they want, how they want the set-up and format to be, etc. But once you get it down, you have it.  FutureNet is an excellent company to work for.  They have plenty of work, very flexible with your schedule, they do not bother you throughout the day (they just send an email about three times a day to let you know the account count for the evening), pay is ALWAYS ON TIME EVERYTIME....People are very nice and supportive.  I have been there almost a year and I could not have found a better place.  Everyone has their opinion, but my opinion of it is THEY CANNOT BE BEAT!    Hope this helps.

As far as ESLs, it all depends what account you are assigned.  Some hospitals have more ESLs than others, and I have also found that certains states have more ESLs than other states in the US. 

I was on one account that had some wonderful ESLs.  I actually preferred them over the American doctors who like to talk at 3,000 miles per hour.  The ESLs seem to enunciate their words more clearly.  Again, every company has ESLs; they are just part of the job.


Used to ESLs
I've done them my entire career and I don't know how any account wouldn't have them.  I much prefer them over the fast-talking Americans. 
If you are going to try to avoid ESLs in this business, I would just avoid medical transcription all together!
Not all ESLs are created equal..................the ESLs that I had experienced at SS were of Russian descent and that accent was tough to pick up.  Mind you, I had 15 years in the business at that time, all aspects, all work types, and it was VERY difficult to pick up that accent.  However, with samples and help, it can be done. 
The ability to do ESLs is integral to being successful in this business. If you do not want to learn to do ESLs, you are severely limiting your chances of success. I have four huge hospitals, about 80 percent ESL, and that is perfectly fine with me. I always have work and always make great money.
I had ESLs too (sm)
Very poor sound quality.  I was almost in tears myself.  I left the company after trying my best.  Everything I read was good, people were extremely nice, just hated the ESLs and poor quality I had, so I moved on. 
more ESLs?
I am wondering is it common for companies to give new employees the accts others don't want, or are they just trying to 'break us in' good?
I still wouldn't just up and quit without asking someone for some samples or feedback. Take note of the people around us, we are no longer living in a world of just Americans. We have to expect that we are going to see more and more of this as time goes on. Best to make the adjustment and learn it now.
I do not think they have any more ESLs sm

than anyone else. Of course, I used to work for YOG and had an account that they admitted was 92% ESL (!!), so I guess nothing phases me anymore.

The other poster is right -- some of the worst dictators are the docs for whom English is their FIRST language, yet they talk at the epeed of light, mumble, etc., and seem not to care.  A plus with most ESLs, they tend to say the same things over and over again in their review of systems and physical exams, so you can make normals and such.

TransTech is a great place.  I wouldn't let the thought of ESLs scare me away if I were you.  More and more, it is the nature of the business. 

Good luck!  

She was smart to leave. I should have left a long time ago. I have lost thousands of dollars by giving this account a chance. I gave it months and have worked with the staff on trying to make things better, (long story). I have plenty of experience with ESLs but not 80-90%!! It usually takes me a month or two to get used to an account at the most, not this one!! I just got offered another position this week, and as it turns out I have done this account before working somewhere else so I know it is a good one. I can't wait to start making a livable wage again!! It is going to take me a couple of years to make up for the lost wages for giving TT's account that chance.
I am very proficient at ESLs but you can't make a living doing almost all ESLs!! There needs to be under 50% at least for crying out loud so a person can make a decent paycheck.
I would not like having to send so much of my work to QA all the time. I take pride in the quality of my reports with high production and little to no blanks. I understand blanks at the beginning when you are getting used to an account but after that you should rarely need stuff sent to QA but obviously that is impossible if you have such a high percentage of ESLs. Who has time for that???
There are ESLs (sm)
But I remember the sound quality to be horrible as well. I felt like a piece of equipment too, with the fakeness of the supervisor to make you FEEL like one big happy family. I moved on and now make twice what I did at Amphion.
How are the ESLs?
ESLs - sm
I probably do about 75% ESLs and most of them are right off the boat and barely seem to speak the language.  However, they do tend to use the same ROS and PE over and over and I have been able to get the hang of most of them through sheer determination.  My big beef is I am docked every time I leave a blank and send to QA because of their unintelligible mutterings that QA and then QC will often leave that same blank.  Tell me patient care is not being compromised here with blanks in reports that no one can fill in. 
ESLs are everywhere --
The ESLs on my end are
for the most part from India, I believe but I was shocked that Escription could get the first word that they said so I would not worry about where they were from, it really does good with ESLs, in fact I have some English doctors that it does not pickup as well. I was a true disbeliever before I actually started it. Oh, did someone tell you you would be doubling the amount of lines and also do you do any straight at all with the VR?
Not my hospital...mostly ESLs and you need
at least three years experience just to apply.
my acct has about 80-90% ESLs
my back up account is worse. 
Seems like the ESLs will eat you for lunch
I know they had one good account but think that has been filled. 
I can live with some ESLs, but I don't - sm
Really want to do predominantly-ESL work. Would you say that the work is mostly ESL?

TIA, by the way!
What about their accounts? Do they have ESLs?
lots of ESLs
There are very few jobs where you don't have ESLs, but
some have less than others. 
Most nationals are going to have a lot of ESLs. sm
I was told by one MTSO owner that they needed American MTs to do that kind of stuff overseas because they couldn't ship that stuff out and expect any kind of quality in return. So as long as there are crappy ESL dictators, they will need American MTs.

I think it is funny that even their own people can't transcribe that stuff.
80% or more ESLs on accounts, otherwise okay!nm
thanks for the info on the ESLs
anything else specific besides this?  ESLs can't be that bad can they?  As long as you have the same account don't you get used to them after a little while?  At least that was my experience during school... 
It's already become a biz consisting of only ESLs for most of us..
only with the good docs going to the new MTs.
mumbing ESLs

I've been doing this for 18 years and I firmly believe that ESLs are getting worse and worse and worse.  I think that as their population in America grows and grows, they rely very little on the English language outside of work so they don't get in as much practice at speaking well.  Here's what I do:  Transcribe the report, leaving A marker every time it's a really bad mumble.  Listen twice or three times only, then move on.  When you have reached the end of the report, go back and tackle each blank one by one.  I am amazed at how much faster I can figure out the blanks with this method.  Most of the time I hear right away what I couldn't get the first time through.  I hope you have a platform that is conducive to this method.  Good luck! 

I believe there are a lot of ESLs on the accounts that are not the best. nm
Yes! My account had about 50% ESLs. nm
Same here.  So many ESLs cannot make production.
I have found with VR that your ESLs
seem to work out better a lot of the time than our English speaking people, ?? I thought when I first started on VR there are just some they would never be able to understand and not so. Making this long story short, even with the reduced pay (very reduced in fact), I am so glad because VR can pick up a lot that I otherwise would never be able to understand from them. Seeing and listening to VR, I am really surprised at just how well it works with these dictators.
I do too...took me a bit to get the hang of my ESLs...
but doing fine now, just took perseverance, dedication, and patience. My docs are all pretty good. Sometimes the volume is low, but that is to be expected, and I plan accordingly.
I know how to do ESLs hahaha
Where did you get the impression that I do not know how to do ESLs!  I have done them for years at above 99% QA for crying out loud but 80% you cannot make a living doing, at least the kind of living I want!  I am only willing to do 20-30% and have never settled for less....  My question was about VR, not ESLs.
heard they had a lot of ESLs (?)
For every 40 ESLs I type, I may get

One American doctor and he talks at warp speed slurring his words.  All else are ESLs and even they are speaking broken English at warp speed.  What happened to the physicians who could speak English and speak clearly?

It is so frustrating and demotivating.  I am going to sign on to work now.  Oh what fun!

Have a productive night everybody.

I dont know if it's more ESLs

or if the ESLs are just getting worse.

Then you have your English-speaking docs getting worse on top of it...

TRX but lots of ESLs
OMG, so true about the ESLs....
and they lied about that little bit of information in the interview too.
Really crappy ESLs. nt
Depends on how you are with ESLs
Some people get used to them. If you're one of those, that's definitely the way to go. Some people NEVER get used to them, and if you're one of those, you should definitely take the other one...it might pay less but you'll be able to work a lot faster with doctors that you can understand.
That's fine for someone who's okay w 95% ESLs.
To each their own.