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VR of ESLs can be weird. SM

Posted By: MissIndigo on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: ESLs and VR - gourdpainter

My very first account on VR had a dictator from Spain who was very hard to understand; no amount of familiarity helped completely because she slurred terribly. I was sure her reports would be a total mess, but she and it got along like dynamite (maybe the VR was from Spain also?), while it did much less well initially with much clearer dictators. Beyond figuring from my little home office, but it was fun to see.

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Thanks. Yes I heard from others many ESLs and many very difficult ESLs. nm
Is this weird?
I am new to this board and new to transcription in general, so let me know if this is usual behavior for companies that hire new graduates.  I was hired by a company a few months ago as an IC and worked for them for a week.  I was told that my accuracy was not high enough and was offered the chance to move to a RAD account.  I said I wanted to try it and she never sent me my login information even after I emailed her several times.  She kept telling me she was waiting for it and that I would get it soon.  It has now been several months and I haven't heard from her.  However, she did send my first (and final, apparently) check with $30 deducted from it for a pedal she said I needed that she had sent to me awhile back.  Anyway, this is probably a stupid question but do I need to contact her at all regarding dissolving my contract?  It seemed to me like she didn't think my accuracy was good enough and just wanted to drop me like a hot potato...has this ever happened to anyone? 
It just seemed too weird to me
I heard the same thing, I really liked her and they fired her for that, I did not feel comfortable with OSi after that.
If you thought it was weird why not get clarification, ask questions!! You can get good lines on escription if you read fairly fast, and its easier on the hands. Doesn't sound like you're in too much of a rush to go to work.
That is very weird. I've always used p.o. when I work for them. In fact, p.o. is on a list they sent me of approved abbreviations that they use! It is definitely not on the forbidden list. I hope you get it straightened out and that I never run into that QA person!
This is weird
I didn't see anything either that referenced what you are talking about. Why do you feel the need to post here in response to KS posts. Why don't you get a thread going about your own company and let people respond there about their experience instead. Happy for you too that you have found your place.
I sent her my resume, she was very interested and said she would call me on Friday or Monday.  She did not call on Friday or Monday.  Tuesday I received an e-mail in which she indicated she would call me later in the day.  Then, I received another e-mail later in the day that said that she would have to get back to me on Wednesday because her computer crashed.  Haven't heard a thing since.  This is very strange.  Even if she does get a hold of me now, I think I will pass.  I don't like being hung out to dry, as I feel she would not want to be hung out to dry.  I also feel it is very rude.
That's really weird.....
I have 2 accounts at Keystrokes, both on ExText, and I just get whatever jobs are highest priority first...never heard of picking unassigned jobs. That sounds weird to me.
Now that's weird...
When I worked there a couple of years ago and wanted to set up a second computer and router, I asked their help desk for advice and they not only helped me set it up, they advised me on the best router to buy. Strongly dislike Spheris and their ever down-spiraling pay, but must say their help desk was great.
Something is weird about them..
I tested about a year ago and they said I failed, uh yeah okay with 20 years' experience.  So then I get an e-mail a week later asking me to test again because the test was being scored wrong.  Needless to say, if they can't even test properly, what else can they not do properly?  Hmmm... makes ya' wonder don't it - heehee!
Seemed a little weird to me..
But knew right away I with my experience was not interested.  Sorry. 
Because when I was hired by FN, they said it was either a Saturday or Sunday rotation, didn't know having weekends off was an option, especially in this business. I don't get calls on my day off. I work my one day on the weekend (more if I want more $$$) and that's it.

This all sounds VERY strange as I work for Landmark and was never sent a FOB or a foot pedal ~ just went to work and that was it!  Is this something for some sort of special account they have?  I must say in defense of LM, I have found them a total pleasure to work for.  They use the Bayscribe platform which I downloaded myself with a link they sent me and I was off and running!  They leave me alone to do my work and all is well, so I think this must be some sort of weird and unusual misunderstanding you have had with them over this foot pedal and FOB because I was never required to purchase either one or sent either one to do my job for them.

Does this seem weird to anyone?
I was hired by a company and work daily, however, I NEVER hear from them, not 1 email or anything.  Is this normal that you are left alone like this and should count it a blessing?  Usually there is some sort of communication to feel like you are still in the loop.  Feels weird to me.  What do you think???
That's weird
I got a call Thursday from the team leader, asking me some questions, telling me about the job, the hours, etc. Then Friday the HR person called me. We chatted for about 15 minutes, and she offered me the job.

That afternoon, the tech person did a quick survey of my computer to check speed, memory, free space, etc.

I didn't hear anything, so I called the HR person yesterday. They said tech never got back to them. They got all my materials to me, offer letter, etc. within 1/2 hour.

Now, I am waiting on my C-Phone and my new laptop (I passed the survey with my current computer, but I'm gonna give that one to the kids) and they are waiting for my access to be granted by the hospital. I am hoping to start on Monday or Tuesday.

well how weird..
that us TT employees got an email today about how to fill out time sheets...don't put anything more on there than 80 total!! Unless, of course, it is a holiday. Found it very unusual since we never hear one word from them anymore.
In a weird way, I see your point

...and did from the beginning. I kinda thought it was going to be taken poorly and I don't agree, either about the Irish or bombs on board, but I think get you.

I think you are saying that when things seem to be calming down, people that need a drama fix push a known hot button to entertain themselves. I get that; however, I don't necessarily agree with every comment since then.

My perception, for whatever it's worth, is that for that to be true (both with this board and Ireland), you would have to operate under the assumption that there was full resolution and total peace afterwards, no residual strong emotions, everyone felt heard, and no one felt silenced. I don't think that is the case in either "arena."

When people feel silenced, as I am "hearing" both parties saying, then the elephant is still in the living room and some want people tiptoeing around it like it's not there just so they don't have to deal with conflict because it makes them uncomfortable. There has been no understanding or resolution between differing opinions and there won't be as long as people make up their minds not to listen or understand. You can expect residual posts for awhile.

The fact is, if this discussion makes anyone uncomfortable (when it is entitled "company board", so like...what ELSE do you talk about?), not to be harsh, but that person's comfort level is their own problem.

If that person is uncomfortable with conflict, change the channel (and therefore your own behavior) instead of trying to change the people around you. You can try to change what they do, but it seldom works and stirs up more trouble. It's more effective to change your approach. Not that I have this down yet myself, but when I can remember to do it, it does work.

The fact is, everyone who is still here must be drawn to the drama/entertainment a bit or none of us would still be watching...jagged little pill to swallow idn't it?:)



This is weird, I was actually under the thread I was
Very low and weird pay scale, Keep looking. nm
They still have work? Weird...
This whole thread is weird and obviously has some
ulterior motive - so much name throwing and personal smut details. Susan and now Tara? Sounds like Days of Our Lives. Give us a break. We're really not interested in whatever your personal agenda is. Buh bye!
I got one too, which I thought was weird
because I've never worked for them or applied to, but I assumed they got my info from AAMT or AHDI or whatever they are now.
what about the weird clock
the clock they sent for MT week, that cracked me up. Makes me dizzy to look at it, how does that help? Agree 100% about ASR.
Hmmm, that is weird...
I wonder if he was really calling from MQ?
Seems weird they would refer you to CS.
They are no longer accepting new grads from CS to work for them. They have done away with their Focus on the Future program and left many CS grads hanging who they had already accepted into the program. They say they will now only hire those with prior experience.

Weird, but not all that unusual unfortunately.
This makes people feel even more disconnected. I think most people who work at home don't want to be interrupted by a lot of extraneous chatter - and perhaps a few would even be happy if they didn't hear anything from one year to the next but those are the exceptions.

A very different problem is when you only hear about your screwups - otherwise, you just get silence on the wire.

Both modes (dead silence and 'no news is good news') of communications violate everything we've learned over the years about work-related social interactions - and in my opinion, both of them are extremely unhealthy. In fact, they're both evidence of bad management.
that was a weird post
sure, not sure. Wow
Dermatology has more weird words ..
than I thought could exist. However, I enjoy it a lot because, for the most part, the docs speak clearly and seem to be more interested in dictating a good report than the usual doc. Also, I find the field very fascinating. Didn't realize there was so much going on with our skin!!
well that's weird. Why not contact them personally, then? nm
No, not weird, everybody pushed and got the work done. There will be more. nm
Job Seeker's Board? There when I look also. Weird! nm
weird question -- and why should it matter?? xx
I worked for co. with weird spelling and often
Right! TT says the count is correct if you use weird
Weird, I had work this morning and all day. sm
I will say that if you are going to hit no work, generally it is on a Monday a.m. after payroll ended Sunday night; everyone who was short on hours during the week ends up making up time on Sunday nights and it takes a few hours for Monday's work to stockpile.

There's a BUNCH on there now!
Maybe I have a weird sense of humor,
but in my 14+ years as MT, I have never heard the term *offspring* used in a report in this context, always children or kids. I have had many animals over the years and so this is why my first thought was that and it just struck me as amusing (need this ever once in a while to keep me going on days like today...only down to 85 degrees at midnight and no air conditioning).
"Easter" is starting to weird me out.
You mean, like, ecstasy? Weird, but I'll try it! (nm)
I agree they sound weird - let's ask her! nm
What a weird thing to say - some of us have longevity - sm
I'm pushing 9 years and there are lots of MTs with many years there too.
If they have stuff in weird locations, the techs will
from my hometown DeWitt, Iowa, weird!
Isn't that weird? I gave mine the heads up, too, and no one ever called!!
Which I wished I had known, or I would never have given the heads up! Ha!! 
Post here from Jan. said start off at 6 cpl & go up to only 9 cpl thru weird tiers of difficulty.
weird pay scale, hard to make lines, can't
make money, currently training women in Trinidad to do our job. 
It is weird. I worked for the Florida Hospital thru Diskriter.... SM

back in 2005 when Diskriter first landed the gig.  I had to take a drug test, see my personal doctor for a physical and have him fill a very long and involved form, and get a TB test all for a facility I would never set foot in!  It took three long weeks for me to get through all the red tape and actually start the job.

The work was okay, but it ran out and you had no secondary account because you were employed by the hospital.  So if you wanted a backup account, then you had to go through more red tape to actually be an employee of Diskriter too and there was a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that came with that because Diskriter was managing the transcription department for this hospital and the hospital had a contract that said that Diskriter could not put the hospital's employees on Diskriter accounts without express consent from the hospital. 

The supervisor of the hospital employees was employed by Diskriter and was incompetent.  We weren't able to get sample reports, normals, etc. out of her.  We always got the standard I'll look into that or It's in the works.  It seemed she had no contact with the hospital HIM department at all.  However, they could have a new person in that position now.  Like I said it was all brand spanking new back then.

Oh and your benefits were out of Florida.  So unless you're planning on flying into Florida to see a doctor or have an operation, you're basically screwed.  The bennies may have changed too by now though -- so who knows.

After three months, I just decided it was all just too much and left.  All the hoops I jumped through to get the job and then to have the job be such a disappointment was just irritating!

I did not post the comment, but what is your goal with your weird comments.sm
that nobody understands and have a rather belligerent undertone?

What are *handles?**

What do you want???
I would be worried about identiy theft, getting all your personal information, then that weird stuff
then all that wierd stuff.
Arrrgh!!!  Is there any company out there that has a minimal number of ESL dictators?  This is my second week with a new company with a VA Clinic account that has to be at least 80% ESLs--I just cannot do them.  If I have a good dictator I can transcribe them with no problem--even with the myriad of drugs I'm unfamiliar with.  I'm on the verge of resigning.  Thank Goodness it's Friday!!
It comes with the territory. Focus and try harder.
ESLs for Joy
Joy if you keep at it, you will become familiar with what ESLs are saying.  It is like anything unfamiliar, allow yourself time to become familiar with the ESLs.  It is difficult, but it come together for you if you keep trying.  :)