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I understand completely what you mean. I am in the same boat....sm

Posted By: lara on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: Well of course I use my headphones (sm) - anon

It is out of my comprehension when people claim that they do 400-600 lines per hour doing VR?

How can they do this, if there are a lot of corrections to be done ?

This equals 10-15 pages.

One can hardly do 400-600 lines just flying through the reports, without having to make a single correction, especailly if the audio is bad.

Are these VR software salespeople who claim this?


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I understand completely
about needing your paycheck when you need it. I am living paycheck to paycheck (usually not making it that far) just like 90% of MTs are. But if the funds were to be released on the 5th (Friday), they still wouldn't be available until Tuesday at 6 am, at least at my bank. So if they released them on Monday it would be the same thing, there at Tuesday at 6 am.

I completely understand what you are saying, and......
that could be my problem. I have the BOS on my computer, and I look up everything that I can think of that could be different from what my prior employer wanted. Maybe I am overlooking stuff. It is just so frustrating.
Completely understand how you feel
I have left two small nationals for this very reason.  They claim it is for the good of the company, but I call favortism by its face name and I don't play that game.  I want to pull work directly from the hospital and not have it assigned out by management.  Put me in a pool where everyone else pulls from the same order of prioritized work and I'm happy.  I don't suck face for anybody -- shouldn't have to in a *professional* setting.  I symphathize with your humbug feeling and loss of wages.  One way I dealt with it at one company was to change my hours that no one else wanted to cover.  I started getting the *easy money* reports once again that were not being assigned to teacher's pets as the pets liked to work when they wanted...not when it was good for TAT.  To me, if I have some ownership in taking care of the hospital, it helps the patients, the company, and ultimately myself.  I don't understand why some MTSOs don't get that part.     
I understand your feelings completely...
I also get discouraged because working over the internet we are nothing to these companies. They cannot see us or hear us. They treat us with such lack of respect, and I especially hate the sadistic behavior I see all throughout this industry of women toward women, manipulating people's work and messing with someone's livelihood.

Research online and you can find out each company's profits, yet instead of getting raises and perks, after the companies are profitting millions in 1 year, we have benefit after benefit reduced or taken away, and the pay just keeps decreasing. We are paid whatever they want to pay us. It is like we have no advocacy whatsoever, just like back in the days of slave labor and child labor.

I was hoping the old AAMT would step up to that challenge but they are even more self-oriented than the companies themselves. They are in bed with the competition and playing both sides.
i am in the same boat
i would be greatful for any advice from anyone
i am in the same boat
I am continually amazed at the English and grammar errors made by people in this profession!
Everybody is in that same sorry boat.
Same boat as you..
I've worked there seven months, same things.. evenings, weekends, and nonstop STATs.. and when I asked for a raise I got blown off.. Then, they wonder why people arent that faithful to be at their beck and call. I've gotten a hospital job and only work for Focus a little bit now. They sure want a lot but do not want to give anything in return.  Besides that, try checking your line counts. They never seem to add up. I can work for a dog for hours on end and hardly make anything.
Yep, I'm in the same boat as all of you.

   I too have small children and no way to stay on a "fixed" schedule.  Unless perhaps they let me schedule myself work every 20 minutes?  Hey that might work.  Something like:

8:00-8:20 work

8:40-9:00 work

9:20 to 9:40 work

10:00 to 10:20 work

and so on and so on....

Of course, that also means I might have to take breaks IN BETWEEN those breaks (kids need help with the potty, someone is hungry, the bus is coming, etc).  BUT if I can manage to squeeze in 20 minutes here and there, will they keep me? 

Welp, there goes my part-time job.  Who wants my un-done reports?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

was in the same boat with them.......
when I worked for them a little while back. What got me was that they only would give you 1 stupid job in your job at a time! Then, you had to wait for what seemed to be a long time, and I have high-speed internet. Anyway, at first, I was receiving pretty good workflow, but that quickly changed to nonexistent, and I agree with you that they are doing the overhiring thing. I am talking about them, alright, with my family, like they have in their ads, but it certainly is not very positive at all! Sorry, I call them as I see them!
I'm in the same boat
Not pregnant , but looking for QA by the hour.  Have lots of experience doing QA, but am only finding production pay.  If anyone knows of hourly or salaried position, please help!
We are all in the same boat

I think it is absolutely the worst part of working from home.... the fact that everyone thinks we are just sitting here watching TV and not really working.  The constant phone calls.  People say Well, can't you take a coffee break?  It frustrates me to no end.



Yes - I am in the same boat - sm
Get so tired of these companies testing someone with obvious experience with even 15 minutes of dictation. Not useful and a waste of my time. I refuse to do it anymore. The best companies I have found let you just begin to work, no complicated platforms and if things don't work out on either side, no sweat. You can't tell by a test whether you are going to work out or not. Some have the nerve to test you and never reply OR worse yet, test you and you find out later you get the same rate of pay as someone with half your experience. That really sets me off. One of my biggest pet peeves.
In the same boat
My secondary has had low work for quite some time now. My primary, however, had enough work to carry my lines for awhile. However, the past 2 weeks both accounts have been very slow and I have not had enough work to meet my line commitment. This is very frustrating. I do hope it picks back up soon, as the timing is very bad for us financially. I check throughout the day and work from 8 a.m. to midnight checking for work, but this is hard right now with other commitments.
in the same boat

with Spheris for 4 years and had done very well but the last 6-8 months with one thing or another (changes in accounts, having to do all the most difficult work so it's hard to make a good line count, having to do editing for a while at 100% proofing to sound, and lots of micromanagement), paychecks are $500 or more less than than they used to be. I've made more using PTO but I can't get a day off anymore.  I had taken a part time job to supplement but now it's just making up the difference.  I work for 3 companies now and I am trying to decide what to do...

I'm in the same boat.
I do my 5 jobs, but then there are only about 2 or more left when I'm done, which leaves me to wonder how in the world there's going to be enough work to get my full lines in after training. I'm very concerned.
in the same boat
so to the single mom if you forgo insurance and now work as IC what do you do if you become ill? How are you covering yourself for insurance?

I am a single mom in the same boat. I found a great company. Low ESL. Basically one account. I don't want to switch but they offer NO insurance. My kids are also covered under their Dad. But I have been without any healthcare for over a year now. THis cannot go on. If get sick it will be a diseaster without health insurance. So I am going to be forced to move no. The problem I have encountered are similar to yours in that many companies that offer employee status want a specific 8 hour shift but many times work is not available for a single mom this is devastating because most of us need to do the bulk of our work during school hours which if there is no work this means we up all night making up time and exhausted the next day. Secondly, they pay for employee status keeps getting lower and lower. I have bene in transcription for 10 years and as my kids are getting a bit older I guess it's time to find a career change as this simply is not viable employment for a single-parent family. It's fine if you are married and on your hubby's insurance and just need a second income but those of who need to support a family and are the sole breadwinners this certainly is becoming less and less viable of an option to support yourself. Just my opinion.

I have tried and tried to break into QA hoping for an hourly position but those are also few and far between these days. The only options I see are to go into another field. It's a shame and a waste of experience and time to give up on career but given that offshoring and now VR I think the field is just dying out.
in the same boat
Apologize for the typos before I get blasted. Typing on the fly.
You and I are in the same boat.
I could have written your post, actually have written a post similar to that.    Good luck in your next aventure.  I am looking elsewhere as well. 
Yes in the same boat sm
I feel like I'm on the Titanic and the last one to jump off. I've been there 9 years and I know the ebb and flow of work and work has been low for the past few months. Just started on the new platform and have yet to make line count. I'm looking around, it's time for me to get out before I owe them the paper my paycheck is printed on.
Same boat
Tested with MD-IT and have heard nothing. I have also applied for two other jobs and again, nothing. Have you sent emails to follow up? I have just today, so stil waiting. Good luck to you - hope you find something soon!
I'm in the boat with you!
I worked for Spheris for 5 years and another company that sends work offshore. I put in my resignation and vowed to never work for a company that offshores again. I currently work for Webmedx and absolutely love this company. My work is slow only during the normal times in this business, and I have 2 great accounts.

So hooray for you!!
I am in the same boat, too sm
I just changed jobs from one that wanted me to work a strict schedule (also had low work volume) to an IC position with a flexible schedule but of course when I am available to type, the work isn't there!   
I'm in the same boat.......
I am more stressed over this job than I have ever been in the past 10 years. I try to explain to my husband also that I have to make a certain amount of money no matter how long it takes to pay the bills. I'm sick of working 12+ hours some days just to make a base count which pays crap.
We are in the same boat. I just did a sm
175 line report according to Word and their program only gave me credit for 135 lines. Stinks of something fishy.
same boat here
does anyone know if this constant NSA thing is only on the Enterprise side?  Saw that some are thinking of switching to the Chartmatrix side below. 
Same boat here at MDI
I was afraid to say anything, until I saw the responses about no work at MDI. I said something recently about my accounts, and they couldn't undestand why I had no work, and I even verified that I had no work. I have been asking about this for 2 months now. I know they took on new accounts and I responded I wanted to be on one of those and the next thing I know is that those positions were filled! I feel so depressed in the evening and sit at the computer waiting for work, and I have not met my line count for quite awhile now. This used to be a decent company to work for, and now no work at all. I wonder if they hired too many people. I'm down too, so I sympathize.
I am in your boat...
I, too, have declined job offers because of the weekend situation. I go to church on Saturday and wouldn't work, even if I stayed home. I don't believe in working on Saturday. I realize doctors and nurses have to because sickness and disease don't take days off, but I am neither. I also don't want to work on Sunday because that is the only day I have to clean, do laundry, or spend any time with family. This is just a job and most people get, at least, 2 days off of any job. My son gets 4 days off from his job. I just happen to need the weekend off and am happy to work the remaining 5. I understand, if no one else does.
Same boat as you,
only for me it was 36 years working strictly locally. Last fall my long-time boss closed his practice so I got thrown out here into the real world, less than a year ago....

The company that hired me got gobbled up by Transcend earlier this year, and so far, nothing has really changed for me. Yes, it was scary. Have any of those fears actually come true? No, not for me. Am I still nervous, in view of all the 'just you wait, they'll screw you over sooner or later' talk I hear? Maybe a little... but I can't live my life in a constant state of fear, so I just keep on going and try not to think about it. Why borrow trouble when it's not actually staring me in the face?

How to prepare? That's hard to answer. If you're the kind of person who thrives on change in general (I am not) then you might be better prepared than the rest of us. I can only offer the somewhat trite-sounding advice to just do your job and take it one day at a time; keep your eyes open to other possibilities, and if at any time you find yourself in an untenable position, start exploring those other possibilities.

And all this and 50 cents will get you tomorrow's newspaper. Just remember to breathe. Sorry I don't have any better answer than that. But best of luck to you, and to all those whose lives are being turned upside down.
I am new and do not want to rock the boat but I am going to sm
point my lead to this board and let them know. I had a few inconsistencies when Penny talked to me and let them go because I knew about the company. But this is different. I should have said something and didn't but nw I wonder if I should have. What would you do?
I'm in the same boat, not trying to take it personally. nm
Im in the same sinking boat
I imagine one day all of this stuff will either be VR or physician generated as a lot of physicians are going to these templates and fillintheblank and a lot of incompetent MTs without babysitters, clothes or transportation just happy as peaches to have a job. Shame on these companies!!!
In the same boat as you, over 30 years
and I have seen my salary go steadily down. Soooo glad now it is not imperative to earn the really big bucks as in the past (I can work part-time and have starting this year) but if I had to work and get this, make a living, I know I would be working probably 60+ hrs a week. I work 32 hrs per week now and my salary is about 24 thousand a year whereas in the past I made 40 thousand plus with just about 8 more hrs a week. This is not the job it used to be and would not tell anyone to try this and want to make a living anymore. Too much unrest, companies outsourcing, pay going down.
I am in the same boat. Trying to stick it out
Glad that we have 2 incomes here. When I was a single mom could not have afforded to do this. What a shame!
Me, too. That's a very crowded boat. I'm getting off before
I agree..I am in the same boat...(sm)

I left MQ over 2 years ago after several years and went with another company.  Found myself in the same situation there..no work, then went to the company I am currently working for.  Had plenty of work for a while but due to overhiring and low hospital census, I'm back to square one.  I never thought this would happen at the company I am working for now.  Everyone else there claims they have plenty of work.  After much soul searching I have decided this company just doesn't want ME anymore.  I guess they are trying to phase me out of my job.  I was the first person hired on this account when I started with them over 2 years ago and now I'm completely indispensable. I thought I was a good MT, have 20 years experience.  They must feel otherwise because they say there are no other accounts I can go on.  I love this company and don't want to leave but if there is no work in my account and they can't give me any more accounts, I have to look again for another job. I'm over 55 years old and it's unbelievable to me that I can't find a company that has steady accounts. I wish anyone looking for a new job in the New Year lots of luck!


Don't jump the boat too quick...sm
Good morning! I feel your frustration. I have been in a situation like that and actually did have to leave the company. Being that it was just a holiday weekend, I would suggest just hanging in there a little longer. The company I work for takes about a good two or three weeks to get back to normal after a holiday, especially if not many MTs took PTO. Maybe give it a couple more weeks and see if it improves. Ask for a backup account to learn while you're out so you at least have that for next time. I know it's hard to be patient, but it might pan out. :)

Blessings! :)
MTs being afraid to "rock the boat" is exactly
I am in the same boat, too. I left a company...

that was always late with a paycheck to work for a new company.  The new company was okay but my hospital was so huge that learning every doctor put me behind the curve.  I tried VR because I thought it would help me catch on faster, and it did, but I am finding my overall VR production is still only 20 to 30% over what I averaged straight transcription at the other company (and they were shorting us 15% on our lines). 

I am also extremly frustrated at having to do all those admnistrative things.  Looking up CCs, looking up patient demographics, changing work types, looking up who signs off on this resident, looking up the spelling of this doctor 7 states away...come on. 

MDI was absolutely not the last life boat.
end up losing out with that attitude. I felt the same way when my career at the Q ended, but found there is still a whole world of smaller MTSOs out here who are still very successful, still make great money, still have great accounts where ESLs are the exception, NO offshoring at all, and you can feel part of an American company again, just like the good old days. MDI is not the last lifeboat, but perhaps the last big sellout to India.  Just start looking smaller, and you can find your dream company. The smaller MTSOs are out there and on the rise, I believe, as many clients are tired of the behemoth MTSOs and the garbage they churn out.  Heck, there are lots of client out here who still use tapes!!  Don't let the big guns fool you - we will always have a career though it may not be with the giants. I mistakenly went with the bigger ones thinking they represented job security when the polar opposite was the truth! Good luck to you and don't think that MDI was anything - I worked there for a while and it was OK. That's all - just OK. There are plenty of OK companies.  Trust me.
What floats your boat, makes no
difference in my world. Like I said, most companies out there not only not paying the once rate of 4 cents per line for VR but are going to cut that even more. If you make more, hey have at it. If it does not affect my life, donít really care what you or the next person strives to do.
I am in the same boat, used Verizon Freedom, got nailed.
Now need to find something else.  Think I am going to go with Vonage!!
Well, whatever floats your boat, but you aren't getting paid
unless you charge extra for those tasks or incorporate them in your line rate, which is terribly difficult for a new MTSO to calculate when they have no idea how much time they will spend. I'm guessing you haven't been an MTSO for very long. I don't know many long-time MTSOs that don't get annoyed at the endless stream of staff requests, but anyway, to each his/her own. You usually aren't that jaded until you've done it for 10 years or so. lol

Either that or if you do end up with a lot of business, maybe subcontract all your transcription so you can handle only the business angle or find an assistant to do those things. In any event you must charge or you're working those hours on your own dime, and there are plenty of hours involved in those tasks if you build up a decent clientele. (Not even mentioning the time you spend if you want to subcontract work, filtering through resumes and training.)

That's only honesty and not a rose-colored glasses view. I said before it has its own set of perks, but there are also some cons to running your own service and I feel it's only fair to state those as well. Knowing those upfront might help you formulate a plan for when those things crop up instead of being surprised by them later. JMHO, of course.
I am in the same boat. Low worrk all week then the weekend comes ..sm
and mass emails are sent out that we are expected to be on and working to make up lines.  I work on Sundays and have Saturdays off but get emails that we must be on and working to make up lines/hours.  It gets old and this is my one and only day off as I work my other day off to try to make up lines.  I refuse to work 7 days a week so I don't. 
when you rock that boat, you may fall overboard
Unionizing is not the answer. all that does is make the union richer instead not the MTSO. It doesn't make the employee any richer, for sure. My union experience in the past has hurt me more than helped me, and I would never want to be part of any union again. Union bargaining hat costs thousands of thousands of jobs in this country. But the union goes on, just the working people are out of a job.
I'm in that boat too - got a spare life vest?

Your boat's sinking just as fast as other MTs' boats.

Seriously, gourdpainter, I have been in the same boat as these people, you are retired, remember?
When I had to work and make a living I took most things that were thrown my way, because I had to have a job. If my boss told me I had time off and then changed their minds and I did not have in writing, then that is what I went along with. I hardly think now since you are retired you have the ability to tell others about what they should do. I have retirees tell me they think I should retire but now I am saying to you, let these people decide on their own what they want to do and it is different when you can afford to sit back and say that. You get retirement, they donít!
Okay..I think I missed the boat all the way around. Where is the "company forum." I didnt find
anything in the newsletter area except old news.
I am in exactly the same boat, 10 miles from small rural town, don't know any local
MTs even after 12 years in this community.  I need to find something with decent pay and the same kind of flexible scheduling.  I too had planned to stay with MDI through retirement and this has really thrown me for a loop.  I would just look for a new career right now if not for the fact my kids are still young enough that I would like to still be at home/available, especially when one has a chronic illness and his needs can change on a dime.
I am not completely sure about this,
but I think in India and in general in the 3rd world countries not every doctor dictates typed reports. I can image that they just keep their handwritten notes.

Correct me if I am wrong on this.