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Wow, you surely are a lucky girl! Please tell me the VR system,..sm

Posted By: lara on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: Our ESLs on VR are absolutely - VR here

platform and company.

In 'real life' there are ESLs that are not allowed to do VR, because the VR system cannot make them out and are left on straight transcription.

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girl-on-girl crime

Being remote, it makes it easy for someone to mess with your life if you get them angry, especially if they can manipulate line counts and the type of work you get. 

Perhaps that is why most of us don't speak up more, although that is precisely why we should. 

Who's going to be the overseer for this industry, to make sure that all is conducted fairly and within the law?  I don't think anybody outside the industry cares that much.  There are much bigger things to worry about right now, I guess. 



Lucky You ... I was not so lucky to work with that platform
Meditech - it was awful. I kept getting promised that my account was going to ChartMatrix, but it never happened and the Meditech system was SO slow. I loved TH, the people, etc. - so if you can get an account that is on ChartMatrix - hop on it. But, avoid the accounts that are on Meditech because I don't think they are EVER going to convert (and I waited quite awhile - couldn't take it any more).
surely they could tell
If there was a major MT or Editor error, all names would be copied on the email, including the lady at the facility, so surely when she would see names like Sringamurthy Jappathana she'd know it wasn't somebody local...lol
Surely you don't think they mean anything by that
statement! Cherry pickers will be tolerated and the only people who suffer from it are the ones getting the crappy reports they skip. Statements like those are placebos, make you think they care or they're really gonna do something when all they really care about is the client and TAT.  Long as it gets done, they don't care how or who. 
Well, surely you don't expect Spheris to
learn from the lawsuits the Squid is tangled in, do you? If your MTs can't get an accurate line count, then an accurate line count cannot be billed. Any time a company acquires another company, there will be changes (I'm not saying good changes or bad changes, just count on changes).

I worked at an MTSO who seriously wanted Vianeta but passed on it because of the line inaccuracy issue as they did not want their stellar reputation in the community to suffer. (smart move).
Surely they pay incentive as well if it's a national.
Doubt they are responsible for your every event such acct assignment, workload. I would imagine they have mgmt do that.

Lighten up. She was just trying to give helpful advice to some.

Ever tried counseling? lol

Surely you are not in this business. Just a passerby?
If this was repeat occurance, surely you kept last
I surely hope you will not approach sm
your MT career with that attitude.  As a newbie, your willingness to accept constructive criticism and advice will be what makes or breaks your success.  Something to think about.  The post made a VALID suggestion and if your response is to put up your dukes and run away, you'll never make it in this field.
Surely you're smart enough to figure it out...
If companies show the MT's work, that would pretty much be comprising the privacy of patients.

I wonder if this is a small shop? Surely someone here works for them.

Did you do any of the STAT work they had?  If so, may I email you?


surely they knew your secondary was that low - why did they crosstrain for it? NM
surely you don't think it'll be done all at once. and what if that date is the completion pro
Surely companies realize everyone is always "looking". I am sure even management checks the o
Surely had hoped for Christmas gift from TransTech again this year, but . . .

not.  Has any other TT'er (MT) gotten a Christmas gift of any kind yet from their employee -- Transtech ?

I guess I shouldn't have expected one, but I did . . . . 

Good luck to you MT-- you are surely a sad woman and I will pray for you dear s/m
If you really think about it, you are not allowed to use contractions in MT so my aprostrophes are not needed. There is no QA patrol on here so your little nitpicking about aprostrophes just goes to show that you have some sort of mental disorder and you really need help.

GOD BLESS YOU DEAR! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Get some help before you do harm to yourself or someone, please.
You go girl!

you go girl!!
Well help a girl out!
Where did you get it? How?
Go on girl!
I am an old PRD girl myself and (sm)
the ESP Expander that is written into the ExTex program reminds me of that; however, I also use my shorthand.
You Go Girl!!!!!
I'm with YOU, girl! - nm
sorry not that girl
i work on mdnetwork which is a great plaform but def do not get to cherry pick.  who cares though, all the docs are great so it doesnt really matter to me one way or another. 
You go girl!! (sm)
Too many want all the perks of a work-at-home job and the perks of a 9-5 run office situation.

I suppose they also want their dentist and doctor to work around their schedule also.

Not a recruiter, just tired of hearing the griping and inflexibility so many seem to have anymore, not everyone, just some.
You go girl!!
You go girl! nm
You Go Girl!
Yes please continue. Thank you so much. It helps me to focus on what my goal is and if something is not aligned with that, discard it. You never know who is posting on the other end and it may be their desire to have you stop, all the more reason to continue.
Right on, girl!

You said what I think every day -- afraid to check how many hours I really work, setting up each and every job in a software platform that makes me take my hands off the keyboard every 2 seconds.  It is a waste of my time, but I doubt I could ever return to the world where you dress up every day, get in a car, fix my hair, get my nails done, etc.  I have many regrets about doing this work, but those stated above are not amont them.  My regrets are yours - no raises, no appreciation, and knowing that the big guys travel back and forth for meetings (what a joke in this day and age of online meetings).  If only they split all that money up for us poor

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!
you go, girl! I'm very happy with MQ...and have been for
 no one likes to hear that, though!  So I have to work a little harder to make a little more money, so what? I'm a big girl, I can handle it!
You just said everything that I was thinking also...you go girl!!!
You silly girl!
To Texas Girl...

Actually, my BOB - 10+ accounts for which I have 3 primary accounts out of - has standardized client profiles, no need look at client profile for each account or try to remember different rules. All now have the same formatting rules and ADT info requirements and very few dictator-specific differences. I realize that not all service areas have done this yet and not all areas of MQ are managed the same and I probably would not be as happy if I were in one of those, but I stuck it out and they made the changes promised in my area and I am now so much more productive. The accounts are better than I had before MQ as far as number of ESL and other difficult dictators, the ASR reports on average are good and I can more than make up for the 30% cut in pay on them - only get on average 5 or 6 a day though.

I guess it depends on where you end up when hired at MQ how good or bad things are. I have moved around a lot over many years in this business and probably will stay here until retirement if I am able - depending on what happens with CBay and all. I have found the right fit for me with MQ with adequate pay, the schedule I want, plenty of work, reliable paycheck and PTO - a big plus after a stint being IC, and nobody hanging over my shoulder watching my every move. The only time I ever hear from anybody is in answer to a question I have asked and the daily TAT logs from my PS. That is the way I like it, leave me alone to do my thing. I have no reason to leave.

I am glad you found the right place for you, having only one account that is always busy is the best situation to be in. You are lucky because that is not so easy to find anymore. 


you go, girl, i know exactly what you are talking about
Woohoo...you say it girl!!!
I get so sick of people not taking pride in their work and if everyone did there would not be so much complaining about it...
Hey girl! Email me.......sm
Your old TMTS friend, LOL!
I do clinic notes too. Just curious how long you've been with your current company and how much experience you have? I'm getting ready to post mine. Thanks!
I was a Girl Scout
I'm always prepared :) LOL!

I don't keep all the eggs in 1 basket because I have been around this track a few thousand times. It's also why I make sure I can use all the new modes of transcription to my advantage. I think that's key to the future of MT. Keep your skills up, and not just your typing skills. Learn. Network. Have the quality to back all that up. You'll have work.

Southern Girl
I have a friend up in San Francisco and she bought this nasty little starter home in a dangerous neighbrhood (gangs, drugs, but it was the only place she could afford to buy) for $350,000K. They are afraid to go out of their house at night. I once saw a two-bedroom condo listed in the SF paper for 2.2 million.
thats what ya call girl power!!!
Thanks, green eyed girl!!! If I end up getting a new job,
I hope I can count on you for help when all of my resources are exhausted. How long have you worked for the company you currently work for?
Give a girl a break...

Why aren't people allowed to speak here without always getting chewed up and spit out and told what a dumb u&^^%$$#@@*** they are?  Ask some questions. Offer a similar experience.  Hey person with head cut off, how might we support you, or did you just need to vent?  I just had a few days of that, put me into a tailspin.  I'm unfortunately not in a place to be able to ride with it. Lovely, nice company, however.  It was temporary and my mind was put to ease.  I just WISH I had the liberty to ride it; unfortunately, I just can't right now.  So, problem solved for me, but I hear you loud and clear.  I rather get tired of being married to this thing 20 hours/day.  I'd scale tall buildings for these nice people, but mortgages are mortgages..hang in there.  It really doesn't mean your're an ungrateful jerk if you fret over no income.  Why do forums make people so cranky?  I think I'm going to do a study on the sociology of the virtual community.  It's interesting.

are you kidding? no more games. GO-GIRL! n.m
You GO girl! Have unforgetable holidays.
Please don't get me wrong. Love every decade. I like the water. I dislike sinking ships and, regrettably, this is certainly one of many. Pathetic...I feel your loss.
Technology. Imagine 2026...........

Hey girl, greetings from the northwest coast of Fla. sm
did you take that ASR test yet? I know Spheris has a few new accounts coming on board too but I don't think you'd want to go back to that. Cornerstone was not my cup of tea but loved TWS. If something isn't broke, don't fix it.
Question for Happy Girl
How do you find the schedule? What holidays do you work? Are you allowed any flexibility, even as far as working a 12 hour window or not?

Thank you for answering.
oops sorry, kyradmt, I called ya a girl

Georgia girl must work for medscribe!!
Because you make no sense and you aren't being helpful. The company gives bad accounts so it's hard to make quota and then calls and berates the typists. How is that the typists' fault? duhhhh DUHHH... the typist is leaving and just passing on the info
You go, Girl! Hope you're feeling better! nm
Smmmmokin'!!! Good luck to you, girl! nm