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I can do a whole bunch of lines but

Posted By: My take on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: MTSO will try to convince you YOU are the only 1 - not making those types of lines. Any gripes, SM

my company never ever gripes about how many (in my case) I do or donít do. I know we probably have a set amount (donít have the number in front of me right now) so I guess I am ok on that point. Never worked at any place in the almost 40 years I have been working that had issues with the amount of work I did, in fact just the opposite, told before did too many and also told made too much money at another (only 2 MTs for a 200+ bed hospital).

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You all are a Sorry Bunch

Is it really that bad here?  I aint management, just a lowly MT, doin my job.  First day here on the boards.  All this negativity is certainly not helping the overall morale.  Guess if everyone would quit reading/talking bad about it all you all would be so much happier with your jobs. 

sorry bunch
oh we are sorry all right.. sorry we ever trusted this company....LOL
thanks a bunch
i just wasn't sure and needed to know my options in case the CTS becomes a real issue as we're fixing to go into debt for a new place.
Thanks a bunch
I used to work for Spheris before going to a local hospital.  I have seen negative stuff about lots of companies.  I really liked working for Spheris.  I would have stayed with them had I not needed insurance.  I appreciate you opinion.  It makes the switch a little less worrisome.  I am starting with Diskriter in a couple of weeks.
Wow! Thanks a bunch!

Yep and I got a bunch of really bad ones. nm
seems like a bunch of

foreigners on here talking about doing editing? Your posts are FULL of errors.  I am an American MT editor.  So, this is where all the jobs are going, and you all do not know how to even do the jobs at all, let alone the right way. 


Thanks a bunch!
I had the interview yesterday afternoon and it went great! There was a short test that I had to take over the phone and I got all the questions right.

All that's standing in my way now is the transcription test, but I've already completed it and sent it back. It wasn't too tough, so I think I'll be ok!
Thanks a bunch
for the info! I have 30+ years experience and am hoping they are not a company that only pays 6 or 7 cpl. Think I will apply and see. Thanks again!
Not a bunch. Same one. no msg

Thanks! This helped a bunch. I know have my
questions answered.
Although I didn't go through a bunch (sm)
I worked at my last place for about 8 years, but they started having so many problems, I had to leave, and I HATE changing jobs.  I got lucky finding TT on the first go-round.  I must say also that the people who complain about no work are the primadonnas who only want to type 1 account - their loss. 
What a bunch of retards..
Sorry but that is a bunch of bull. SM
How did you get on this earth? Were you not someone's child?

Your comments are totally ridculous, rude and disrespectful.
What a bunch of crapola
If I were you and I had told them up front I had no acute care, I'd have 2 words for them:  STUFF IT!!  You don't need that kind of treatment and there's a world of difference in acute care and radiology.  If you were transitioning from acute care to radiology there should be no problem but radiology to acute care is a whole different kettle of fish.
Add WebMedX to the bunch
Just heard back from WebMedX- add them to the bunch - anyone know anything about them?
Why not do it yourself instead of getting a bunch of people?
That is what I did, and I don't have to share any profit with anyone. It is somewhat hard to get accounts, especially right now though. What I did was I purchased a book called The Independent Medical Transcriptionist, and it tells you most of what you need to know. Good Luck!
I cannot and will not let a bunch of people sm
on an anonymous message board sway me for or against any company.  I speak directly to the recruiters, MTs working for these companies and find out the facts.  Then I make a decision.  Pro and con on this or any board makes no difference to me at all.  If I make a bad move, I get out of there fast.  I will know in 1 week whether or not I'm going to make any money.  As you obviously have found out, taking notice of what people say here leads you down bad paths.
You have been most helpful. Thanks a bunch.

You helped all of us worker bees with your information.  I decided I really don't want to work for a company who offshores anyway.  It's like aiding and abetting a traitor. 

That's a personal preference and not meant to rile or judge you or anyone else.  We are in dire times, and we all have to take care of ourselves and our families the best we can.

This board is a life saver.  I take my hat off to all those who answer questions and provide useful information.      


I may be the turtle of the bunch,
but I cringe when I see what else is in the system from my co-workers' prior documents! (same scenario as you describe)

I really wonder how some people even get hired??!!
1800 lines is easily achieved. I average 300-340 lines per hour. nm
s/l Amphion to me. Great bunch and then some!!
Bless them:)
They are a wonderful bunch of people!! However,

having said that....... unfortunately, the pay is extremel low for QA.  I do not know what it is for MTs or even if they have US MTs.  The work is plentiful for QA and pretty darn easy.  BUT, even though it is easy, 2-3 cpl for full edit is just really not worth it.  You really have to bust your bum to make any money at all. I don't mind working hard (believe it or not :)) but you can't kill yourself for peanuts or you would be better off working for Old Navy.

Hmmm..I think a bunch of us are waiting...nothing yet.
Hogwash, that test is a bunch of
Bunch of posts about Focus on pg 2 here, near the top and then down a few
Pay is a bit low, but great bunch of people. sm

Clinic work is super easy -- 7 to 7-1/2 cpl -- and I think acute care pays 8-1/2 cpl.  They pay once a week, direct deposit, work is done in Word.

Hope this helps.


Can some TTers e-mail me? I have a bunch of ???
about time sheets and so on.  TIA. 
What did you want to know? Nice bunch of people. nm
Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me
who cares what other trades are doing. Those guys make plenty of money in construction. These days MTs are lucky to make $15.00 hr and then have to work like sweathogs to get that!!!!
Hogwash! lol. What a bunch of baloney.
The program is theirs, the content is yours. It is my understanding that MQ will, or at least used to, help you to transfer over your content from another program when you are hired.
nm, i must have been doing something wrong, now there's a bunch, thanks! more coffee.....
This company is run by a bunch of idiots
It took them 6 months to realize that I didn't work there anymore, even after telling like 20 different people that I had quit!
Is this the company that laid off a bunch of
MTs at Christmas and sent the work to India? 
A few apples try to spoil the whole bunch but cannot...sm
I am happy with FN and say it with pride. Every situation is not always a good fit for all parties involved. Had I listened to all the negative energy exerted on this board about 95% of the transcription companies I would not have never had a job with any company. When YOG was still in existence people complained about Carol and she was crazy, she was this. Guess what, never had a problem with her, paid on time and made plenty of money. My problems came when MQ took over. Needless to say had a wonderful working relationship with Rita, April and many others then and it's still the case now.

If you took a vote, the people happy with FN would far outweigh the unhappy ones.

It's over, move on and find another job.

Take a look at the person looking back at you in the mirror, trying fixing yourself first, and find some peace and happiness within self. Then and only then will things really start to fall into place.
Bunch of whining ladies
Andrea Renner does not care about postings here, she thinks the moderator will remove it! Seems she considers hard working participants here as bunch of whining ladies!
Have you ever been on a call where a bunch of MTs are allowed to sm
speak at will on a call like this?? LOL - Oh you never get off the phone. If your company is big (like 100 MTs or more), there's almost no way to have an open call allowing people to discuss things at will. There's no time to fit everyone in!
I'd like to know why this bunch of crooks hasn't
I can think of a few MTSO bigwigs who could use 150-year jail sentences.........
It's like an entire industry run by a bunch of
With a little luck, and some back-at-ya kharma thrown in for good measure, maybe one day some of the MTSO CEOs will be Bernie's new 'neighbors'.
10 lines per minute = 1500 lines for 150 minutes - average. nm
I average 1200-1400 lines per day with a national, and am only getting around 600-800 lines per day.
It's been this way since the day before Thanksgiving. I've been doing this for almost 30 years now, and more often than from Thanksgiving until the new year is the slowest time of the year. I have some months where I am swamped with up to 2000 lines per day. I stash that little extra money, and take advantage of a handful of extremely slow days this time of the year to actually cook dinner, decorate for Christmas, or do Christmas shopping. I actually anticipate this slow time every year and have grown to enjoy the breathing time. Any time I have attempted to pick up extra work with another company to supplement these slow times, the minute I get adjusted to the new accounts, etc. I have no time to finish all of my work because my full time job with national gets slammed again. Hang in there if you can, and hopefully your work will pick up significantly around New Years.
They work with you to make sure you get the lines required or the amount of lines you want...
I have never had a problem getting more work
Makes sense. The new plan will cause a bunch of us (sm)
to leave rather than take reduced rates/benefits/whatever. Of course the ones that will be going will be those of us with higher rates per line. Yet another way for them to reduce overhead.

Has anyone heard more about when the plan is coming out?

I think we should all bombard Human Resources with inquiries.
Yeah, and do you have to fill out a bunch of demographics
and garbage without being paid for typing it all when it takes longer than typing the actual report?
Bunch of new employees on the MTDesk boards seem to like it there. nm
This happens over and over I think when a bunch of people get hired at once. Some places are better
Reminds me of QT. Same deal, bunch of people SM
from YOG (sorry, but true), went to work there and everyone joined the bandwagon. Then kaput.

I truly wish better for all MTs at TT. Seems like they have a good team to start with.

I'm sure I will get flak for posting this. I wish you all luck. I hope it is the dream come true everyone wants. I wish all MTs well and peace in the world.
Wow, they sound like a bunch of desperate stalkers!
Glad I don't work for them!
I agree. It would just turn into a bunch of complaining, and (sm)
I'm  not into that - have no reason to be.
Transolutions has a bunch of con artist recuiters
Aren't they the company that laid off a bunch of MTs and
sent work to India a few months ago.