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Do the majority of MTs reread or relisten to all the reports you do and how much time does this take

Posted By: MT on 2005-07-17
In Reply to:

or I suppose rather which is more effective and takes less time. Do you do this for every report you do. Do the big nationals require this. I suppose it depends on your QA score if you need to do this.

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I know this has been discussed before but how long does it take to relisten to reports that you have
typed. I know some people do that and some dont. So far I have done okay on QA but if I dont I was just wondering how much extra time per day you figure you need to relisten to reports. I usually do about 30 to 35 medium length reports acute care or 1800 to 2000 lines. What errors do you find mostly when you relisten or is it not worth the extra time it takes. Just curious.
Do you relisten to your entire reports after you finish each one or how do you
edit your work before you send it in.  Do you reread each one.  Sometimes I think you can miss a word if you dont but not sure how to edit before sending without making minimum wage.
HIPAA is a joke, The majority of reports go to 3rd world countries, for pete's sake. nm
Majority of time, no MTs. Right now..sm
however, a lot of people are leaving one of the big nationals, some after many years of service. Many are very experienced in multispecialty/acute care transcription, so until that settles down, there are a lot of good MTs looking at the moment. That's probably why you are seeing conflicting reports. In my personal experience, the majority of the time, there IS a shortage of well-trained, experienced, and reliable MTs. The good ones often get snatched up quickly, net good-paying jobs, and stay at those jobs, so they aren't always looking. Timing is everything. ;)

Also, to answer your other question, if a company is offering only 5 cpl, they are likely going to get responses from 5-cpl MTs so that certainly can play a role. IOW, the very good MTs typically won't respond to an ad for a job paying only 5 cpl, as they realize they are worth far more than that.
Thanks for sharing. I also travel A LOT..and the majority of the time things go smooth, but sometime
Last time we went on vacation, I forgot to pack my keyboard that I had just bought for $50 and had to run to Radio Shack and get another cheapo for $30. Then, the hotel internet was AWFUL and kept cutting me off so production was sloooooow..Overall, I just check ahead to see what the hotel offers in terms of internet etc..and I do end up having to pay anywhere from $10-12 a night at hotels but it is worth it so I am not missing work or using all of my PTO time. We're heading to Mexico next year and the hotel has wireless so I think I'll give it a whirl. We have a condo in Hawaii and I have sat out on the lanai all day looking at the ocean and working. It was the highest production I have ever had. The only downfall I have found is trying to remember all fo the time changes so I am starting and stopping when I am scheduled. Hawaii is 5 hours different from home so I had to factor that in. In any event, thanks for sharing and I agree. Vacation can be fun AND productive.. LOL
The last time I did reports per page...
was about 3 to 4 years ago, and I was getting $2.50 per page then.  I did about 10 pages an hour, so I was making $25 an hour.
I shouldn't have RETYPE the reports all the time because the MT
doesn't do their job. They don't read over their work. They add and leave out words. They misspell words as if they don't have any spellchecker whatsoever. They completely SKIP dictations in the middle of a 30 min tape. NO IT IS NOT MY JOB TO TYPE IT. IT IS MY JOB TO EDIT IT. I would rather spend my day EDITING because I am an editor.
Find my reports changed all the time.
In ChartScript you can view and edit previous reports.   Anyway, I have found tons of my work which I know is not the way I typed it.   I just let it go and so far have they have not said anything.  If, however, I was told about these mistakes I would say something even though I know QA would be right.  Agree, they think they know it all and some really don't know jack.
Long reports, dead air time

Does anyone have any good tricks for dealing with the long reports with huge segments of "nothing"?  On top of that, the people I am dealing with are ESLs so that's slowing me down enough already.

At this point, all I do is speed up and fast forward but am wondering if there are other ways to compensate for this issue.

Seems like someone would teach them how to pause when they stop dictating! 

well, it IS work related. I edit those reports all the time.
Unfortunately most docs don't care; they don't even read the reports most of the time.
It's OUR job to comply with quality standards.
I do reports all the time where patients have asthma, COPD, emphysema, and

even cancer and continue to smoke.  In our local paper they are following a woman in her battle with cancer.  She continues to smoke, as does her husband.  They were broke before the cancer diagnosis, having to borrow daughter's babysitting money to pay bills.  Just think how much money they've blown on cigarettes.

I've even known one man with a trach who smoked through his trach.  


If they don't read their reports how do they know what's wrong with patient next time he sees

Yer right... half the time the docs dont even read the reports. (nm)
LOVE teaching hospitals and long-winded reports. Less ADT time which I'm not paid for.
Hate filling in ADT screens w/ searches just to do a one minute report.
No. If I have had a particularly tough ESL, I might relisten to
that paragraph but never a whole report.
I always reread

I never send in a report without relistening to it.  I first type all the dictations at once and then speed up the dictation between 200% to 250% and go over everything.  I leave everything to the proofreading, checking up words, referring physicians, correcting mistakes etc., unless the doctor is really slow and then I correct my mistakes as I go along, but still proofread.

Since quick typing is so essential, I don't want to stop typing in middle to check things up and I found mistakes so many times (even small things like an extra comma, a missing letter, he/she, etc.) that I don't feel I can send it without proofreading.

I'm not the OP -- better reread
I simply googled it the same as you did and the same as the OP did. 
If you would reread you would see
I said I worked more than 1 job always through my years when I had children to raise. I always worked and kept at least TWO jobs, sometimes more. I would have fell on hard times IF I had not been willing to get out and find jobS. People sitting waiting are putting themselves behind the 8 ball. I never wanted to have less, always be comfortable and that is what I strived for.
Speed up the sound when you relisten. nm
I reread each report.
You might reread it, too. I'm just sayin'. nm
You should reread her post . . .
I happened to notice that she did not post that until after my youngest was home (a clue), and the content of her post suggests that she was pretty happy that things went well for her kids on their first day . . . one down, 179 to go (what do you think?)
Please reread the post above yours.
I think you might have misunderstood what the poster was saying. Her post and your post are apples and oranges.

As a former recruiter, I might waive experience (not testing) from two of the big three, after talking to the owner. Depended on the QA situation at the time, as every "newbie" needs more attention, regardless of school.
I just reread your post
and wanted to add that I did sign papers, I filled out papers, I included everything I wanted in the settlement, and the issue is the VIN# not being included, and that's what I have to have in order to get his name off the title.  The crook just didn't give me copies of stuff at that moment and said he would be sending me out copies, which he never did.  After the hearing (since I've never been through a divorce), I assumed I wouldn't get any paperwork right at that moment and thought, again, it would be sent out to me, but it wasn't.  Hope that makes more sense.
Went back and reread and it is
in YEAR you reach full retirement $1 for every $3 you earn. In the years BEFORE full retirement age, then $1 for every $2 you earn. You are really penalized for taking retirement in the years leading up to your full retirement age. Before FRA 1 out of 2 and year of FRA 1 out of 3. All that mess cuts out completely when you reach your full retirement age- still working, nothing to pay back to the feds.
I go through the entire dictation first, then go back and relisten
for any blanks.  Sometimes by the end of the report I've learned the accent and can fill in the blanks. 
I only relisten if I was falling asleep while typing. -nm
You need to reread the post. I didn't say
all the freebies were scams. 
How much do you make hourly if you relisten. What type of perfection are you looking for?
I mean I listen very carefully as I go along and address issues as I go. If I took the time to relisten, I would make half of what I make right now and I can't afford that as a production transcriber.  Seriously if you relisten, what is your hourly wage to produce a report considering all things.
QA that is so picky it makes you go back and relisten to the whole thing.
when it causes people to live in fear of losing their jobs because they get a major error from doing a new specialty, you wish you weren't helping out on the new specialty, and tend to turn off the computer.
Full audio relisten before sending in work
The hospital recently hired a new supervisor for the transcription department. The MTs were just informed that there are quality issues. They have requested that the MTs perform a full audio relisten to ALL reports before sending them in. Not a read over or proofreading on the fly, but a 100% relisten! I don't mind doing this on shorter reports but some reports are 10 minutes plus. This is going to be incredibly time consuming. I feel like speaking my mind, but I like the company I work with and Christmas is coming and this is not the time for me to be out of a job. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation? Thanks!
proof, slow down, and relisten to the entire dictation...sm
until you see that you are not leaving out the little words.  It worked for me!
After 18 yrs, I proofread as I go.. Nobody should sit and reread every word when on production.
You're very lucky and obviously aren't looking up addresses or having to relisten to slop over
i don't find mistakes if i spot check. so i don't relisten. costs money you know.
paid to type and listen once as i type.
If you submit your reports on time and correctly, you get paid correctly. Pay has been on sm
time for 2 years now. 1st and 15th for employees, 2nd and 16th for ICs. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, it posts the next business day.

By the way, there is no Sophie on radiology at Keystrokes. Must be a troll.
Do any of you find you miss a word sometimes if you dont reread your transcription. I wonder what
causes that and how to avoid it without totally going over every report.
The MR reports were being filed. Referring physicians/medical care providers reports were not.
This is a hospital radiology department with in-house MTs and a clerk who is in charge of the report distribution.
Yes she did play the single mother card. Reread the last line of her post... (sm)
the one that says, "She has really messed things up for this single mother."

Now substitute the phrase "single mother" for "black person", so the sentence would read: "She has really messed things up for this black person."

Now tell me you wouldn't believe somebody was playing the race card if they wrote that? It's the same with the "single mother" crap. The difference is that a person can't choose what race they belong to, but a single mother DOES have a choice. They can choose to:

A) Keep their legs closed.

B) Use multiple forms of birth control simultaneously to avoid getting pregnant.

C) Get sterilized.

D) Be more selective about who they sleep with.


E) All of the above.

So, it's not a matter of interpretation; she was playing the "single mother card" the same way some people get accused of playing the "race card". A pity party is a pity party, no matter who it's coming from.

I find you do tend to skip maybe a word sometimes when you dont reread. I guess

your brain doesnt keep up or something.  I dont know what causes that.

The two sentence normal reports will balance out the 3 page reports.
I am Wendy too
A majority of . . .
one.  How interesting.  I will certainly believe one person over the countless others.  Uh huh. 
The majority of us do far, far less than that, unfortunately. Definitely
I think the majority of mistakes are
merely typographical or expander errors.  If MTs weren't paid such rotten line rates on production, maybe they could afford to relisten to and reproof every single report.  However, the people responding to the original post have evidently never made a single mistake in their entire lives.  Ah, yes, condescending, snotty superiority complexes on the rampage.  I'd be interested in seeing the MT profiles on those quoted reports, how many lines per day they produce, how many years of experience, and so forth.  For that matter, we could all sit here and rip on the mistakes we've found on completed reports, but personally, I don't feel better about myself by trashing other people.  My self esteem isn't measured by how stupid I think everyone else is like some people on this board.
By the page if the majority
of your work types are diagnostic plain films, such as chest and bone x-rays but if you have a lot of MRI's, CT's and special procedures such as catheter placement and removal, PET scans, angiograms and stent placements then by the line is more profitable.
The vast majority...
of kids do not get wrapped up in the things you did.  My DH is a  public school administrator and sees this stuff playing  out first hand.  He sees all the trouble makers and generally it's the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" syndrome.  Once he meets the parents, he can usually tell why the kids act the way they do.   I tell my kids that peer pressure is bunk.  The ultimately responsibility for making bad choices lies with the individual.  You can only be pressured into what you want to be pressure into.   You can't blame the schools totally, which by the way are not any worse than they ever were.  I was a teen in the 70s and there's nothing much new going on.   Ever generation thinks it's worse now than the good old days.  In the 1920s they were aghast at girls showing  their ankles. 
The majority of mine do not even...
bother saying that, they just continue on as though nothing happened... !!!
The majority of normals are seen
Normals can also be a repetitive statement that the dictator makes, which you then turn into a normal so you do not have to keep typing the same thing over and over again.  Some use shortcut keys or Expander program.  I am not an expert on any of these as I do not use them.  Some who work in MS Word use autocorrect to expand terms or phrases that are said time and time again by a specific dictator.  I use autocorrect in Word and like it.  Hope this helps.  
So the majority would feel ?
If the remote MTs are employees and are scheduled for 8 hours for coverage, the company can require them to work a complete 8 hours ?  This means that the ones who can produce more lines in those 8 hours will be paid more, while the ones who produce only their line count will get compensated accordingly.   The schedule is for a reason and needs to be followed for coverage.  Some of the MTs are only thinking of the "required" line count, not thinking in hours.   Maybe the wording should be changed to "minimum daily line count".  Just want to be sure it is not a far-reaching thought to think if you are an employee and are scheduled for 8 hours, that you should work 8 hours.  I know situations vary, but do most of you work a complete 8 hours, or just until you reach your minimum line count ?  Thanks.
Can't stand the majority of them...

I have several on my account that just make me cringe.  One ESL tries to talk so fast she stumbles over nearly every word and says, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, repeatedly.  Another ESL ends every sentence like its a question, like a teenage girl.  I have one American woman who adds an extra ah-syllable at the ah-beginning of some of her ah-words.  Took me forever to figure that one out!  I had one at my first job who practically whispered huge operative reports.  Nuts!

I had another American this week that had me pulling my hair out.  She had someone else reading the PE and lab results to her in the background and then she was repeating them.  Drove me crazy!