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Do your own homework.

Posted By: Financial GuruToo on 2005-12-10
In Reply to: Not true. There are times that renting a home and leasing a car make more sense. - Financial Guru

Renting and leasing are NOT good options. The other poster is right. You pay more for something you don't even own.

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Where are YOU doing your homework?
If you want to get ahead financially, check out this site for your homework:


also Money Matters on MSN

I was spinning my wheels financially for years before I started taking advice from people who know what they're talking about. I'm not debt-free, own a brand new home and my cars are both owned free and clear.
Do your homework.

These are just a couple of summaries; there are thousands. The actual document is big & difficult to read, but eventually, if you plan to lead a movement using it as your primary support, you will have to.

You have to speak the speak or you will look ridiculous and make whatever movement you are trying to start (& everyone in it, & every MT by association) look equally ridiculous. For starters, you have to know how to spell 'HIPAA' and what it stands for.

Unless you can come up with some proof that it is illegal to offshore American work per se, HIPAA is the only leg you have to stand on, & that is assuming you can also prove there are absolutely no privacy laws in any country but the US where transcription is taking place. Righteous indignation does not a class action make.

Math homework
To the best of my recollection...24 would be the LCD, so something like this?

2/3 - 1/8 = B
16/24 - 3/24 = B
13/24 = B
please do your homework before getting in a tizzy. sm
Research EMR. It is of no threat to us.
Just to be clear, you're asking them to do your homework for you, right?
Totally off topic. Math homework help..please

Son is out of school due to chickenpox and teachers are sending home the homework w/o samples. They learned a new thing in math and it's been a LONG time since I did this stuff. The sample in the book is really no help. Is there a website I can visit too?

He needs to write out the equation and then solve the problem. How would this be written out. There are 25 more questions like this and I'm lost. After he gets the answer he needs to put it in the equation and see if is the correct answer.

B + 1/8 = 2/3.

THanks for any help.

Endiqua, do your homework about the company's past
they have changed names, changed locations, and also joined up with a company that was sued for "falsifying line counts" to their transcriptionists. If you think I'm lying about this, you're wrong. I worked for them in their office and I know how their system works.
NumbersUSA has done their homework on this issue. If you have questions, ask them. They will answer
tell you exactly how their petition is bound legally. NumbersUSA has made HUGE differences in curtailing illegal immigration.  They are really a great group of people.
You charge your kids to proof read their homework.