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I leased a car once

Posted By: j on 2005-12-11
In Reply to: anyone have personal experience with leasing a vehicle - advice please

and I had no problems. When time was nearing to turn it in, I received a bunch of stuff from GM re damage assessment (cigarette burns, things they consider to be more than normal wear, dents, etc) and was nervous about turning it in, but when I took it to the dealer the guy walked around it, asked if it had been in any accidents, wrote down the $ amount of the damage and signed off on it. He never even opened the door and looked inside, nor did he check the mileage. Later I was talking to a salesman and he said they load up the leases and send them to auction and nobody really gives a ratz patoot about mileage or damage. Not sure if this is how it's *always* done, but that was my experience. I was over on mileage, but nobody ever said a word. So, while it was not a bad experience, I did sort of feel "raped" afterward for having paid all that time and then just turning it over and walking away from it with nothing. I haven't leased since. My payments were really low, though...much lower than if I had been buying. It was a 1999 Grand Am....nice car.

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I have leased 2 cars and have never had a bad experience. (sm)
Presently I lease a Trailblazer. No down payment, payments of $448 a month including an additional rider I chose for wear and tear coverage. 5 year lease. I can turn it back in 18 months early if I choose to. It's a nice way to get a higher end price car for lower payments.
Leased a truck for four years. At the
end of that time, purchased the truck because we had put so many miles on it, and they financed for another FIVE years to keep the payments about the same. Won't try that again!!!!!!!!!!!!