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I considered a lease once (sm)

Posted By: no lease for me on 2005-12-11
In Reply to: anyone have personal experience with leasing a vehicle - advice please

but when I found out my payment would be only $1 different I decided to buy instead. My loan was for the same length of time as the lease, had no "fees" attached, and didn't require a down payment. Make sure you read all the fine print on a lease. They can determine who services the vehicle. They determine "wear and tear" when you turn it in, early termination fees (you never know), and on and on. Any little dent that might be on the vehicle will need to be repaired, either by your insurance or out of your pocket, or they will charge you for it at turn-in. Beward of leasing salesmen that call you after you have already leased the vehicle and try to squeeze cash out of you. I've heard of that scam more than once.

The only way to end up upside down on a loan is to pay more than it's worth to begin with. As soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot you are upside down on the loan and will be for at least 6-12 months. You'd be better off buying a vehicle from someone else who made that mistake. Not a lease buy-back, but from a private individual who needs to get out of their loan and hasn't driven the vehicle into the ground in a year's time. With a year-old vehicle you can easily determine whether there are major problems with them too, unlike new vehicles where you just hope it's going to be okay. Check epinions.com and read reviews from owners who are already driving that vehicle. Good luck!

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We lease
It's a version of living beyond your means.

"Lease payments are much lower than buying" talk about needing instant gratification! Leasing per mile is always more expensive than ownership. You forget, at the end of the lease, you give the car back. At the end of the same $$ spent in car payments, you could sell the car and get MONEY back.

My husband is also in the car business and although he has a car that is now paid off, we've been leasing my vehicles for over 8 years. I also resent what one of the posters said about living from pay check to pay check and living beyond our means. We do not live beyond our means in any way and if we live pay check to pay check, I'm sorry we aren't as priviledged and as you and your family. You don't know everyone's situation so please don't judge those of us who don't do things your way.

oh, puh-lease. you don't have to QA here. nm
I'm sure you weren't the original "just me".  Lots of people use that as their name on here, as well as mtmt, mtmtmt, radmt, happymt, etc.  Due to the way this site is set up it is unavoidable.  If you want to post somewhere where your name is exclusively yours, this may not be the site for you.
Equipment For Lease
Hi! I would be doing part time transcription for two months and would need micro casette transcriber. Does anybody know if there is any company that lease transcription equipment. Thanks in advance.
Lease Equipment

Do you need a cassette transcriber. I bought one from ebay that works great. Think it was about $80.00 and never used it. Will sell it to you for the same. Or you can try EBAY.
my email:

Hope this helps.

I only lease. I want a new car every 3 years. sm
After 3 years, things need fixing. I have had no problems whatsoever leasing my vehicles. You can even bargain the price and lease amount. Negotiate is the key. I always get the 0 down, 36 month leases and they work out great. Mind you, I have to negotiate hard for the 0 down, but it always works out and the sales people given in.

I am on my 4th leased vehicle 2nd year. By next year, I will be ready for a new car again.

I personally like to lease and SM

decide at the end whether I want to keep the vehicle or not (I have low mileage also)...but if you have dogs/kids/heavy wear on the car (burns, stains, scratches, etc.) when you turn the car in they charge hefty fees for rehabbing the car.

I just like to have new cars under warranty, which is the great part about leasing.

System lease or buy?
If I had my own clients, wouldn't I have to make a large investment for a call in system?  Any advice on that?  Also, I did make up flyers and put them all over medical offices and I only got 3 calls and one came to be out of hundreds.
Busy MTg...quesiton for you, lease sm
I read your post that you are on DQS (all my accounts will be on DQS beginning Nov 15; right now, only a few are).

Do you use the DQS expander? I'm asking because I find it just simply dreadful and I use Instant Text, but have only been using IT for a short time and haven't gotten completely used to it.

The transition from MTShell Expander to DQS expander was difficult because the DQS expander doesn't allow for nearly as many expander keys. IT is pretty good, I suppose, but uses a completely different system so that is taking some getting used to.

Just curious as to what expander you use. My expander database is huge, but I'm having to do some major modifications for it to be used to any great degree in IT.


never heard of lease trader, thanks for the tip

I'm hoping to keep payments under 200 though, probably dreaming.

DH has been in car business forever, He says NEVER lease a car.
I alway lease, very 3 years I have a new car. sm
I works for us. I bought 2 cars and by the time 4 years rolls around I am tired of it and want a new one. So, the better option for us is to lease every 3 years. It works great and the payment is much more affordable.

I will always have a car payment as I get tired of the same old thing after a while. So, knowing that, leasing is the best option for me.
I am with you - I lease, love having new car every 3 years. nm
Do not lease. Big financial mistake for you. (nt)

To those that lease puters from MQ with DQS on them, what brand do they send you? Thx. nm
Anyone lease their vehicle? Need pros and cons please - sm
Am considering trading vehicle, and was advised because of the low miles I put on vehicles (under 25,000 miles in 5 years), that I would be better off leasing than buying.  Would appreciate any and all thoughts and things to watch out for when leasing from those of you that have gone this route.  TIA.
Suze Ormon on TV advises to NEVER, EVER lease a car. (NM)
You are correct. Developed by a transcription company, but a division also lease its use to sm

facilities.  I knew that, but had never encountered anyone who works with it in the real world who doesn't not work for the specific company that developed it.  They keep us pretty much in the dark about that stuff.

anyway, when the platform is working well, it is not impossible to make over 300 lph.  350 would be rare, and depend a lot on formatting, what you are paid for and what you are not paid for.

I seriously considered it myself because

my former coworker kept telling me how great it was.  She planned on getting rich off of it and retiring by the time she was 35.  She was too busy promoting her "home business" on company time and the company computer to even get her work done at her regular job.  She's still not rich or retired.

Also, there are a lot of negatives out there regarding Ameriplan.  There is one dentist in my entire state that accepts Ameripan cards.  No other medical providers will even consider it.  One good post by someone trying to sell Ameriplan doesn't negate lawsuits, BBB complaints, and thousands of people who weren't given refunds when they requested.  I would never stand behind a company that wasn't ethical and honest with people.

Believe me, I understand what it's like to work hard and still live paycheck to paycheck.  However, "Posting advertisements or solicitations of business" and "spamming" are against MTstars terms of service, which you agree to when using this site.  Selling the discount cards (and/or recruiting people) is what you were trying to do, so be honest here.

Have you considered......
Where I work, there are a people who actually work part time, at 30 to 35 hours per week so that they do not have to meet the high line count for full time. If benefits is not an issue for you and you are paid by the line maybe you should consider 30-35 hours a week instead of 40. I am sure you would not loose much money and making rate would not be a problem because you would have that big gap i.e part time rate is 5,100 and full time rate is 10,200 that would mean your only required to make 5,100 a pay period even if you are 30 to 35 hours a week......then you would'nt have to work so hard and you could have more time with you son. From what I have heard from other MTs...it was actually a relief for them to have to go part-time because they did not have all the pressure anymore.....it is something to think about. However, if insurance/benefits is an issue than I could see how this might be difficult.

You might also want to try getting on earlier, ie. 4 am to 7am and then once your son is off to school get back on and complete your shift. I wish you luck. I am sure something will work out.
Have you considered
asking your company if you could copy someone's? You wouldn't happen to be working on ExText and using the ESP would you?
It's not anything I considered, but I just...

Googled scoping and came up with quite a few hits that should be able to give you some info.

re: anybody ever considered
A lady I know is married to an HVAC man, and she got a general contractor's license. She makes money off it, but subcontracts all the work out on building jobs. Her husband does the HVAC part.
Anybody ever considered

becoming a plumber or some other type of construction?  My husband and I are looking at things we could do together.  Don't even know if a woman could do the job and I'm 54 so might be too old to cut the mustard and been doing MT for 9 years so out of shape.

Is 4 cpl considered too low?

Is 4cpl, 65 character line including spaces and hard returns, very low for a new graduate?  I've been told that this is exceptionally low.  BUT, with companies offering MTs with 5+ years of experience 7-9 cpl I thought it was a fair wage. 

Am I wrong?  Am I working for a MT 'sweatshop'?  The accounts are not difficult, and no ESLs. 

Now after hearing some people tell me I am working for peanuts I am wondering if I need to find a different job.  I like these accounts, but I also want a fair wage.  I was told we'd renagotiate pay when I got off full QA.   Am I being taken advantage of?

I have considered that myself but have yet -sm
to find a product that I can get my hands on cheaply (i.e. wholesale) in order to re-sell at a good profit, not 1 or 2 dollars. I have 2 boxes of stuff right now that I plan to put on ebay, old kid toys basically, books, etc. Don't care much about making a bundle just want to de-clutter my house some, one man's junk is someone else's treasure and all that jazz. I have toyed with the wholesale designer clothing scene (returns/imperfects) but it requires connections and basically buying a tractor trailer worth of clothes for $5K or more, nothing to enter lightly. As with most risky ventures you have to have money in order to make money (i.e. stock market). But in regards of gettign out of MT I have just gotten my CDL for bus driving, have 10 more hours of training (paid too at $8/hr) then I can substitute drive for my county, yeah! Within a year I should have my own route (don't have to use my own gas either to get to work, nice, they have a shuttle pick you up at home), work 2-3 hours a day and get $60 a day for my trouble, a lot better than I make doing MT. Great thing is I get paid 12-months a year and make about $1K a month which is not much less than I make now and I work a lot more than 3 hours a day. I still plan to do MT but cut back some so I can reclaim my life a bit. I will still have freedom to do what I want during the day and have a well paying PT job (which they call FT and it has benefits too, health insurance and 401K). So it is an interesting alternative for me and will give me a steady income and I will have job security too unless I have a ton of accidents for some reason, but really don't expect that to happen as I am a good driver. In time may apply to the USPS for driving the smaller mail trucks (not tractor trailers, different CDL class), have to get 1 year experience before I can consider that. Just looking at my options for the future as my DH wants to retire in 8 years at 55 (who doesn't?)(I'm 7 years younger by the way) so I need a job with good health insurance IF we have to change insurance that is, something I do not want to do since we have phenomemal coverage. Doubt this helped you at all but maybe it will get you thinking of other avenues other than ebay. Good luck!
Have you considered therapy?
We were considered a valuable
not just a sweatshop drone. 
Have you considered asking your instructor
for help? After all, you are presumably paying for your education. Shouldn't the school be helping you when you have difficulty? Why should you expect working MTs to drop everything and help you? Maybe you just need to put more time into your studies. If you're going to be a successful MT, you're going to have to learn to figure things out for yourself.
Are you serious? Is 1400 really considered low???
Have you considered the Kinesis?
I have the Kinesis Classic and I have tried several types of keyboards and find this one has the lightest touch that I have personally tried and it also stopped all my finger, hand and wrist pain I had prior to that. They are pricey and take some time getting use to but, to me, it is well worth it. I can't even type on a regular keyboard now. I use one even with my laptop.
Patti, have you considered

considered overnighting tapes?  Find an excellent MT to subcontract and overnight the work back and forth when you need time off (we ALL need time off!!!).  If your clients are willing to wait days for you to do the work that has built up, they may be willing to wait an extra 12 or 24 hours for overnight.  Once you train your sub, you can go on vacation, your client's office staff overnights tapes to your subcontractor, the sub overnights the reports back. 

I know how it is to come back from vacation and have piles of work staring at you.  That is one of the reasons I stopped taking my own clients and now only subcontract from services. 

Trolls are considered to be the certain--sm
individuals who frequent the board and post responses to other peoples posts that could be considered rude or inflammatory, just to start an argument.
Been at it 33 years - most likely that's considered well beyond
what are considered ops notes?
I currently type clinic reports but I would like a change. I was considering ops notes. I am not sure what it means when a company indicates Ops notes experience.
No lawsuit even considered

I nor my friend have even considered a lawsuit.  I just get mad at being pre-DISQUALIFIED no matter how good I am at my work.   I have had to deal with this problem all my life, so it is nothing new. It is just that  I have never been visually disqualified for anything before in regard to work and this was a real eye-opener to me. 

And for the record.  Morbid obesity is a legal handicap and so is being left handed which I am both.  It is just sad.  Oh well... I will continue to work where I am appreciated for my job well done...and so will my friend....:)   They pay me way more anyway. 

I think it's really sad when 0.095 is considered good
I made that over 12 years ago. To know that MTs really believe that 9-1/2 cents a line is mouthwatering pay these days just shows how much the industry has changed for the worst and isn't ever coming back to us.

All our skills, knowledge, intelligence, experience, work ethic, and everything else we bring to the table as MTs is worth little more than 7 cents a line, if that, no matter if you have 10, 20, 30+ years experience.

To get the ever-evasive 10 cents a line, you either have to jump through hoops with the most awful ESLs or American mushmouths you'll ever hear in your life...OR...you'll only get 5 reports a day because there's not enough work to go around.

I admit I'm just beating a dead horse. I really need to get out of this business, I know. I rue the day I chose medical transcription as my career of choice. What a stupid thing to do.

Just wondering - doesn't anyone remember probably about 1998 or 1999, if I recall correctly, when almost all the jobs on the MT job boards would pay at least 9 cents a line for experienced MTs?

At that time, I remember it was the norm for MTs to come on the boards and complain about any companies who were trying to get away with paying experienced MTs a measly 8 cents a line! LOL I remember those days well. That's why I have such a hard time with 8 cents apparently being the norm even for EXPERIENCE now, when it was higher a decade ago. And 9 or 9.5 cents being considered frickin PRIMO pay. ..? Uggh!!!

I'm just royally ticked. I know what's happened & no use going back and rehashing and torturing myself, so I have to let it go. Maybe go get a waitressing job here some time this week, too ;)
I considered polysomnography, too....sm
There's a school nearby that offers it. Then in researching online I found a chatboard much like this one, but for polysomnographers, and the complaints were rampant...long boring hours, understaffed, low pay. Didn't seem like much job satisfaction. Gave me a bad taste, and I dropped the idea soon after.
Isn't this considered a policitical discussion?
Along with daycare, mothers working, breastfeeding in public, cosleeping, religion, politics, and all those other hot topics that are just going to flame anyways?
Isn't your husband considered family? LOL
Come on, let your inner child out.  Which movie star do you have a crush on?
Driving a van was actually considered "cool"
Have you considered a split shift? DH and I

are on separate schedules (though I have some flexibility) and we find we have to plan private time.  I'm a night person, he's a morning person - just doesn't work very well.  If you worked Sunday through Thursday schedule you'd have a chance to have some time to sleep on Friday and you could still have a weekend and not be dragging your butt.   If kids are all in school you could sleep during the day and working nights might not be so bad.  There will be a period of adjustment and there will have to be some compromise about when you sleep and when DH takes care of the kids, but you do what you have to do. 

Has anyone ever considered going to med school after years of MT or
Have you considered Physical Therapy?
Or occupational therapy? There is a great need for it, it helps people, and you generally don't kill anyone (grin). While it takes a master's degree to be a physical therapist, the assistant is a 2-year degree.

I have an application in to the physical therapy program at my university, and I'm a little nervous because I'll be turning 50 my next birthday. On the plus side, I won't have children surreptitiously sticking the cat into a Ziplock bag while I'm trying to study this time.
You are considered the transcription supervisor, yet you are the only MT. SM

So what exactly do you supervise?  Yourself? 

I think you are being territorial and I think they could hire Claudia Tessier and you'd find something to complain about. 

If 35 hours is considered FT, at what point does
OT kick in, anything over 35 or at 40? 
I considered this as a career a while back...

I was actually training to be an interpreter for the Deaf and when that wasn't turning out to be what I thought it would be... I was looking into other options involving the Deaf community.  Closed captioning was one of those options and at the time (this was about 10 years ago) they were doing live-captioning but it was NOT work at home.  Of course, there may have been companies who did pre-broadcast captioning as well, this was just the part I had heard about/was interested in doing.

I always assumed the typos you see were due to people typing 500 words/minute, not voice recognition.


Is p.o. considered dangerous abbreviation?
This is not considered a disabling condition...sm
There are wrist supports that you can wear that will prevent this. I use one called a "thumb-wrist support." The web site to get it is:

Since I work more the usual 2 jobs, I wear this starting about 2 hours in and don't experience any pain whatsoever. I use mostly the one on my right hand but if I work more or through my usual days off, I use the left one as well.

You'll find out that temporary Work Comp is available for this condition, but never a condition that would afford you disability.
Would a doctor be considered professional if
saw patients at home so they could stay home with their kids?  No.  The original post in this thread listed several things that make MTs look unprofessional.  Working at home with kids is another one, whether you like it or not.
so, what is considered "competitive pay rate"

Hi I am an independent contractor and have been for about 8 years.

But it is about time to look for more work So I was browsing transcription jobs and most of them say the "compensation" is based on competitive pay and experience, etc.  Then the one that actually listed it's rate was 6 CPL.  woah.  Is that considered low or competitive?  or is that normally what people start out at?  At 10+ years experience I'm hoping I don't have to settle for that... unless they have a bunch of templates and say the same thing all the time! haha.

Just curious as i consider myself pretty new to the concept of having employee status.  It's been a long time since I have been and I know change is always hard and I never like it...

Any suggestions/companies/anything to get me started?

Thanks guys!