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never heard of lease trader, thanks for the tip

Posted By: advice please on 2005-12-10
In Reply to: ooh....just did. I have some advice - lilworried

I'm hoping to keep payments under 200 though, probably dreaming.

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We lease
It's a version of living beyond your means.

"Lease payments are much lower than buying" talk about needing instant gratification! Leasing per mile is always more expensive than ownership. You forget, at the end of the lease, you give the car back. At the end of the same $$ spent in car payments, you could sell the car and get MONEY back.

My husband is also in the car business and although he has a car that is now paid off, we've been leasing my vehicles for over 8 years. I also resent what one of the posters said about living from pay check to pay check and living beyond our means. We do not live beyond our means in any way and if we live pay check to pay check, I'm sorry we aren't as priviledged and as you and your family. You don't know everyone's situation so please don't judge those of us who don't do things your way.

oh, puh-lease. you don't have to QA here. nm
I'm sure you weren't the original "just me".  Lots of people use that as their name on here, as well as mtmt, mtmtmt, radmt, happymt, etc.  Due to the way this site is set up it is unavoidable.  If you want to post somewhere where your name is exclusively yours, this may not be the site for you.
Equipment For Lease
Hi! I would be doing part time transcription for two months and would need micro casette transcriber. Does anybody know if there is any company that lease transcription equipment. Thanks in advance.
Lease Equipment

Do you need a cassette transcriber. I bought one from ebay that works great. Think it was about $80.00 and never used it. Will sell it to you for the same. Or you can try EBAY.
my email:

Hope this helps.

I only lease. I want a new car every 3 years. sm
After 3 years, things need fixing. I have had no problems whatsoever leasing my vehicles. You can even bargain the price and lease amount. Negotiate is the key. I always get the 0 down, 36 month leases and they work out great. Mind you, I have to negotiate hard for the 0 down, but it always works out and the sales people given in.

I am on my 4th leased vehicle 2nd year. By next year, I will be ready for a new car again.

I considered a lease once (sm)
but when I found out my payment would be only $1 different I decided to buy instead. My loan was for the same length of time as the lease, had no "fees" attached, and didn't require a down payment. Make sure you read all the fine print on a lease. They can determine who services the vehicle. They determine "wear and tear" when you turn it in, early termination fees (you never know), and on and on. Any little dent that might be on the vehicle will need to be repaired, either by your insurance or out of your pocket, or they will charge you for it at turn-in. Beward of leasing salesmen that call you after you have already leased the vehicle and try to squeeze cash out of you. I've heard of that scam more than once.

The only way to end up upside down on a loan is to pay more than it's worth to begin with. As soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot you are upside down on the loan and will be for at least 6-12 months. You'd be better off buying a vehicle from someone else who made that mistake. Not a lease buy-back, but from a private individual who needs to get out of their loan and hasn't driven the vehicle into the ground in a year's time. With a year-old vehicle you can easily determine whether there are major problems with them too, unlike new vehicles where you just hope it's going to be okay. Check epinions.com and read reviews from owners who are already driving that vehicle. Good luck!
I personally like to lease and SM

decide at the end whether I want to keep the vehicle or not (I have low mileage also)...but if you have dogs/kids/heavy wear on the car (burns, stains, scratches, etc.) when you turn the car in they charge hefty fees for rehabbing the car.

I just like to have new cars under warranty, which is the great part about leasing.

System lease or buy?
If I had my own clients, wouldn't I have to make a large investment for a call in system?  Any advice on that?  Also, I did make up flyers and put them all over medical offices and I only got 3 calls and one came to be out of hundreds.
Busy MTg...quesiton for you, lease sm
I read your post that you are on DQS (all my accounts will be on DQS beginning Nov 15; right now, only a few are).

Do you use the DQS expander? I'm asking because I find it just simply dreadful and I use Instant Text, but have only been using IT for a short time and haven't gotten completely used to it.

The transition from MTShell Expander to DQS expander was difficult because the DQS expander doesn't allow for nearly as many expander keys. IT is pretty good, I suppose, but uses a completely different system so that is taking some getting used to.

Just curious as to what expander you use. My expander database is huge, but I'm having to do some major modifications for it to be used to any great degree in IT.


DH has been in car business forever, He says NEVER lease a car.
I alway lease, very 3 years I have a new car. sm
I works for us. I bought 2 cars and by the time 4 years rolls around I am tired of it and want a new one. So, the better option for us is to lease every 3 years. It works great and the payment is much more affordable.

I will always have a car payment as I get tired of the same old thing after a while. So, knowing that, leasing is the best option for me.
I am with you - I lease, love having new car every 3 years. nm
Do not lease. Big financial mistake for you. (nt)

To those that lease puters from MQ with DQS on them, what brand do they send you? Thx. nm
Anyone lease their vehicle? Need pros and cons please - sm
Am considering trading vehicle, and was advised because of the low miles I put on vehicles (under 25,000 miles in 5 years), that I would be better off leasing than buying.  Would appreciate any and all thoughts and things to watch out for when leasing from those of you that have gone this route.  TIA.
Suze Ormon on TV advises to NEVER, EVER lease a car. (NM)
You are correct. Developed by a transcription company, but a division also lease its use to sm

facilities.  I knew that, but had never encountered anyone who works with it in the real world who doesn't not work for the specific company that developed it.  They keep us pretty much in the dark about that stuff.

anyway, when the platform is working well, it is not impossible to make over 300 lph.  350 would be rare, and depend a lot on formatting, what you are paid for and what you are not paid for.

I don't even agree with what QA said, but they are QA. Question them, and your out the door.
Now Ive heard that before.:) nm
That's not what I have heard...
What I heard...
And is strictly speculation... Phillips will dump MQ and Spheris will snap them up... and we all know what happens to those who work for Spheris! Can you say hello Bangalore?
I heard it too AND
Not heard anything about it
I am sure you have heard this before..
there is no such thing as a dumb question.

you are asking questions other people wish they had the answers to but are afraid to ask.

and you are correct in your assumptions, however, your on-call status might have parameters; for instance, between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m.
Anyone heard of LTS, INC?
I was thinking of applying at LTS, INC  but I was not sure if they were reputable! If anyone has ever heard anything about them, let me know!  Thanks!! 
What I heard
I heard September 11th is the day we are all supposed to boycott.
This is what I heard is better to do
Of course, we all need gas, and as another poster noted, just not buying gas on a certain day will not work.

What I heard is, buy your gas from a small-time operation, as opposed to Exxon, BP, etc. This will cause them to lower their prices, and the smaller companies with follow by lowering theirs.

Also, noticed yesterday that gas has come down by about .50 in my area. I wasn't surprised, because when I have to go out, there's much, much less traffic...I would estimate by 75% of normal, so folks are boycotting in a way already... cutting down on their trips, combining trips, etc., because they just draw the line at the point prices had risen.
The last I heard
Huntsville Hospital transcription was a pill to work for. I worked with a lady one time who had quit the hospital because after they had agreed to give her vacation at a certain time months in advance they told her she couldn't take it and she had to cancel her vacation plans. They may have improved the way they do business by now but not sure. I would do more research if at all possible.
Heard something
Instead of the bonus being in the 10/1 paycheck, it is supposed to be in the 11/15 paycheck. Of course part of all of it was that you have to be with the company in order to receive it...you leave, you lose. Only half of the employees qualified, which is curious. I know a lot of people left after they restructured they pay plan and the hew hires get their $1000 bonus so I'm confused as to how it saves them money. I guess they are thinking they are about to have another exodus when the bonuses are given out and the new people won't be there long enough to qualify for the next quarterly bonus.

d~~~~> scratching my head
Anybody heard of
Any information would be helpful.  TIA
Yea, but what is said and what is heard are different. NM
I heard that!
Just a few that get to me...along with the phrase "24/7, 365"... Not sure why that one gets on my nerves, but it does!  "Team player" is another one! and the best yet...to me, my boss uses the phrase that she is going to "tickle" something...meaning mark it for future reference (I think).. not really sure about that phrase either!
Must not have done much. I never heard of it and I'm okay this a.m.
I usually get socked by everything down the pike with my AVG.
What is it about? Never heard of it.


I have never heard of them, but you should
try posting this on the companies board and maybe someone there can help. Also, it might not be soon enough for you. Try googling the words "opinions on Entente Health Care" and that might help. Good luck!
Never heard of them. Sorry. nm
Yes I have heard of this, but the
pay was very low.
I have heard that it is about 85%

85% for no spaces compared to spaces being counted. Not sure if that is a correct number. I know there is a chart somewhere that breaks it all down. 


Never heard of them
That is odd.  I live in Arkansas and have never heard of them.  Are they new?  Let us know if you do hear anything about them.
I have not heard of this before? Can you tell us more.
and in fact wondered to myself about specializing in maintaining flower gardens for the sick and elderly who haven't the strength to do it but want it just the same.
I have never heard of these, but this is exactly what I need. I'm going to ask about them. Have
sorry I mean heard
I heard that also
I believe it has something to do with benefiting farmers and their crops, but I could be wrong. I think that was the reason it got started in the first place.
I heard about them

I heard about this company, giving all  their work to India and not paying any one on time. Please be aware of this guys!

I have never heard of that but perhaps...sm

Hibiclens would be better than Betadine, I would think....plus Betadine stains and Hibiclens does not.  *S*

Fresh blade to shave that area though - I know this because I no longer have the bumps since using the fresh blades. 

Never heard of that.
Wow - now I have heard it all lol
What I have heard is this ..

The test is comprehensive and the difference is that there is less emphasis placed on the transcribing of reports in the test and more emphasis placed on your body of knowledge.  It requires that you have at least two years of acute care experience to take it. We pay a .01 per line higher rate for CMTs at my company and that works out to be 12.00 a day extra for your production requirement or $60 per week or $240 per month.  I find that our MTs think it is well worth it.  Additionally, with the average age of MTs being 58, I'd say that your grandfathered CMTs are dwindling in the workplace as they retire and those left are tested CMTs but a different formatting situation.

never heard of it, but
I googled it and it sounds very yummy. Sounds sort of complicated though.
I had not heard of these before, but
I Googled and got this as the first hit. Apparently, it does not detect cigarette smoke, but rather detects the act of lighting the cigarette, and is made for such purposes as catching the culprit who is smoking in a school bathroom or other such public facility. Check it out.