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Suze Orman says . . . .

Posted By: sm on 2005-12-11
In Reply to: anyone have personal experience with leasing a vehicle - advice please


Leasing sounds like a waste of money to me. I always purchase the car outright if I can to even avoid a payment.

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Suze Orman
My hero!!!
I would recommend looking into the Suze Orman
books and her show which is on CNBC (I know of Fri/Sat/Sun nights at 10:00CST) but may be different elsewhere.

I was in debt living paycheck to paycheck before reading her books and watching her show. Most is common sense. She can be a little annoying at times, just ignore that part and get the general idea.

We now have a $600,000 house with only $220,000 owed on it that is appraising at $800,000 after only 3 years, 2 fairly new vehicles (2002 and 2004) with low mileage, a summer home (cheap and small but great for weekends) and NO DEBT. My credit score is moving up (high 600s) and my DH's score is now over 700.

If we can do it, anyone can; both our scores were in the low 500s 4 years ago. It takes time, but if you follow her advice, you won't be sorry!

p.s. I wish she gave out commission for spreading news about her; I have about 15 friends and family that I have steered towards her and all are doing much better!
I love Suze Orman - sm
About 2 years ago I took on about $25,000.00 in debt from my husband.

It was rough. I then decided that I was going to get rid of it first, then get rid of him (this wasn't the first time he did this.)

Combining some information from books by Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey, I have almost eliminated that debt. I have just over $8000.00 left.

It can be done. We don't have to be dirt poor forever on what we make.

My financial freedom is only 11 more months away now and I couldn't be any happier.
Read Suze Orman's new book

on women and money. She says never put yourself on sale. She says women tend to undervalue themselves and not ask for raises, and not get paid what they are worth.

Wouldn't it be FUNNY if we could get Suze Orman
Especially if she were a "surprise"?  My heart leaps just THINKING about that.... hehe.
Well, whatever they call it now, when Suze Orman talked about
Suze Orman had a chef on her show last week ..
The girl spent $35K to go to an 18-month culinary school. Now makes $7 an hour and with interest on her $35K school debt, she is paying back $119K.

At $7 an hour, she'll have to pick up another job.

Chef's make LESS than we do! LOLOLOL

Do you listen to Suze or Dave? I prefer Suze myself. nm
Suze Ormon on TV advises to NEVER, EVER lease a car. (NM)
You can't go wrong with Suze and take her advise, cut up cards but do NOT close accts. Just don&#