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I have leased 2 cars and have never had a bad experience. (sm)

Posted By: Bay Girl on 2005-12-10
In Reply to: anyone have personal experience with leasing a vehicle - advice please

Presently I lease a Trailblazer. No down payment, payments of $448 a month including an additional rider I chose for wear and tear coverage. 5 year lease. I can turn it back in 18 months early if I choose to. It's a nice way to get a higher end price car for lower payments.

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I leased a car once
and I had no problems. When time was nearing to turn it in, I received a bunch of stuff from GM re damage assessment (cigarette burns, things they consider to be more than normal wear, dents, etc) and was nervous about turning it in, but when I took it to the dealer the guy walked around it, asked if it had been in any accidents, wrote down the $ amount of the damage and signed off on it. He never even opened the door and looked inside, nor did he check the mileage. Later I was talking to a salesman and he said they load up the leases and send them to auction and nobody really gives a ratz patoot about mileage or damage. Not sure if this is how it's *always* done, but that was my experience. I was over on mileage, but nobody ever said a word. So, while it was not a bad experience, I did sort of feel "raped" afterward for having paid all that time and then just turning it over and walking away from it with nothing. I haven't leased since. My payments were really low, though...much lower than if I had been buying. It was a 1999 Grand Am....nice car.
Leased a truck for four years. At the
end of that time, purchased the truck because we had put so many miles on it, and they financed for another FIVE years to keep the payments about the same. Won't try that again!!!!!!!!!!!!
What colors ....Any corvette is great but that stang is it
I leased for 3 years and then bought a brand new one! Love the concept, that way I knew exactly what i wanted to buy!
Dog chasing cars
I have a little pomeranian. She is only little in size. In her doggy mind, she is a big bag dog and no car is too big for her. In the car, she will bark at big trucks, I am talking semi's like they better not mess with her. It is really funny to see. She also barks at her reflection. I sometimes feel like barking at my reflection too, so that we have in common. Your dog sounds great.
Cars on EBAY
I live in Georgia and already, drowned cars from Lousiana and Miss. are showing up as "good buys". Beware, once these cars are cleaned up, you will NEVER know they've been submarines in earlier lives. On the other hand, my son bought an awsome Audi out of Tampa, but that was before the hurricaines.
teens and New Cars

Yes, there are probably a few nice new cars the "sweet 16's" had given to them, more so probably out of the guilt the parents felt for not spending time with them or the parents need to "keep up" their own status.  My niece was one of those....daddy bought his little girl anything she snapped her fingers for, she is 23, never went to college or held a job, but has a masters degree in partying and shopping. It's finally wearing thin on ol Pops and he gripes and complains but he set the standard the first time he gave in.  Kids may not like you right now, but they will appreciate it more so when it's their hard earned money and feel a sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand, my kid who is 20, is still driving a used car and he now knows the benefit of it after 3-4, 5...can't even remember the count minor fender benders, no injuries except to his pride!

Teens are just learning how to drive, insist of driving with the damn cell phones to their ears and minds on anything but the roads, and as I put it, why take something brand new and bang it up?  Save it till you have more experience, more of your own money and your insurance rates are lower.  If my kid and his friends had stock in Maaco, they'd be young millionaires by now!

Remind her of that old saying, which I heard a zillion years ago when I was a teen "people in h _ _ _ want ice water but they don't always get it

Story about cars

My ex and I were divorced when my son was 11.  We lived in the country so in order for my son to even get a job, he needed a vehicle.  I bought him a used truck for about $2,000 which was all I could afford.  It was a stick and he had a lot of trouble driving it.  He was responsible for the gas and the insurance.  When he graduated from high school, his dad gave him a card with a professionally made gift certificate in it that said "Good for one vehicle of choice."  He even had it notorized and signed by an employee of a car dealer.  He gave him the card at his graduation party in front of everyone so he (the dad) could look important.  After the party, he called my son to tell him that that did not mean he could go out and buy a Corvette or anything like that.  To make a long story short, when it came time for my son to get his car, he wasn't allowed to pick anything that he wanted, his dad decided on the vehicle, color, extras etc.   I do not think we owe are kids a car though, just could not help sharing my story. 

hybrid cars--anyone have one?

I'm looking to purchase a new car soon and being as how gas is already at $3 per gallon where I live, I'm certainly wanting to get something economical.  I've been doing some research on the hybrid cars and am particularly interested in the Toyota Prius, as that one seems to be the best according to what I've found.

I'm just curious....Do any of you MTs have a hybrid vehicle and/or know someone personally who does?  If so, do you like it?

rental cars
I am in Arizona and I usually have my best luck with Avis. Hey where are you in Arizona??
those cars are so cute
So do you do that a lot? You own a big house? Have nice cars?
what-ever..big money my butt.
Wow! I just looked outside to see five cop cars parked
in front of my house.  The one neighbor's teenager moved out, so I know it's not that.  I wonder what's going down?  Should I be ducking?  LOL
No way, my DD has JUST started going in cars w/boyfriend. nm
i use GM mastercard w/rebates on new cars.
We have saved something like $8000 over last 10-12 years in rebates. We put most everything on there, gas, groceries, etc and it adds up. But we only have one card and pay it off every month too, so not sure about interest rates, etc. Can go to gmcard.com and see if it works for you.
Ever had a dog that "chases" cars "in the car?"
We just adopted a dog last month from the SPCA.  She's a great dog, very young but past puppyhood, spayed,  housebroken, sits, stays, everything you couuld ask for when getting a "used dog."  BUT.... We've discovered that her hobby in the car is sitting by the window until a car passes and then "chasing it."  She will take breaks and lay down and sleep for a while, but then gets back to her hobby.  When we leave her in the car, she just sleeps, so she's basically a pretty good passenger other than the chasing.  Anybody ever heard of  this before?
There you go, lets have a thread about old cars!!!
lines at the pumps, 2-3 cars long.

Yes, we swapped cars. DH drives my 4 cyl his 13 mi to work and I keep
There is also a limit. People in expensive cars
pulling up to stand in line for free money.  Doctors and lawyers, supposedly respected business owners, etc who really did not lose that much, at least not to the point where they can't recover on their own.  Help the ones who can't help themselves but the ones who can help themselves should be ashamed!
Go ahead and post stuff about your cars
but I doubt many people are interested in it, who knows, but I am sure that many many people want to talk about their animal companions, so if it does not interest you, SKIP it. That is why this is called the main board, many other boards on the left for you to get information on MTing, other than just the main board.
that's true, many new cars now offer great

I have a Toyota Corolla and my gas mileage is even better than the impressive Civic! I don't remember exactly what it is but I want to say around 38-41 MPG.

However, I would also love to eventually get away from traditional cars and more towards Hybrids or whatever else they come up with that will transition us away from oil dependency.

Car dealerships use dryer sheets in used cars.
After wiping what you can with the alcohol as suggested, put a few Bounce dryer sheets in the sealed trashbag.
So, this future generation of MT's all live in their cars?
Because don't forget - MT wages never go up, only DOWN, if any change at all. And cost of living keeps going up. What has gotten cheaper during the recession? NOTHING. What will get more expensive once the economy improves? EVERYTHING.
opps - I meant how will WE buy cars. Tired.
My Rottie did that too, she sit in the back of my SUV and jump at the cars that passed or followed u
You'd hear her teeth hitting the window as she crashed into the glass. Then she'd get tired and lay down.
rich skanks dress better and have nicer cars and homes.

Good grief.. Fortunately ours is only chasing oncoming cars, so just
I can't stand it when parents spoil their kids with brand new cars....sm

especially since a lot of times the teenager ends up wrecking it because they don't care.  Those I've seen that have taken better care of their vehicles and drove them properly were those that had some investment in a good used vehicle.  They had to work to pay for the gas and insurance at minimum.  That's what I did when I was a teenager and the only reason I got a car then was because I had an after school job and it was easier for my parents to help me get a vehicle than drive me back and forth. 

Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.
Most men can't hear the tiny tings, noises that cars make, and things like
 an alarm clock.  A doctor I used to work for did the same thing in the bathroom too.  But, I never heard a plop! Thank Goodness.
How is one going to get experience, when no one will hire without experience????
I constantly see all these job openings asking for experience.  How can I get experience, when no one will hire me without experience???
Do you need to have 2 years full time experience or just 2 years' experience? nm
Since dont know of any cars that dont use
In my experience,

ratio is about 3 to 4 on a large hospital account doing all specialities and report types.   I think it would be closer to 2 or 3 with clinic work.   

In my experience, I had to (sm)
allow the company to access my computer by clicking on an icon on my desktop.  After they were done, I had to click "out" of the program, thus they cannot access my computer unless I give them my "permission" by accessing the program on my end!  Does that make sense?
in my experience, (sm)
work always slows down in the summer, especially after a holiday.  Hang in there, it gets better!
I had such an experience
It was years ago but I woke up laying on my stomach with head turned to the side and arm up by my head, couldn't move then saw a transparent arm coming back down into my arm and when it was completely fused with my arm I could suddenly move. It was very weird, scared the crap out of me, but in later years read about what actually happened and like you said, my spirit body wasn't quite back into me yet when I woke up - astral travel, yes. We all do that when we sleep.
My experience...
I personally found many of the Texas hospitals had a lot of ESLs. My two primary accounts were in Missouri and Washington State and there were very few ESLs. The platform I was on was not difficult (TWS I believe it was called).
I had a very hard time trying to understand the guy trying to train me. He would tell me he would call at a certain time and he wouldn't. It would be the next day or 2 hours later than what he said. Told me you have to work until the jobs are cleaned out of system. I don't think so!!!!!
My experience (sm)

The most I have made working for another service was 11 cents per gross line.  That was 3 years ago and that company sold, I couldn't work for them anymore anyway.

Now I am ALWAYS offered 8 cents per line when looking for part-time.  I think this is low, considering they charge 14 or so and want to see perfect documents and never proofread.  Truly, I think that is a total ripoff.  No benefits either.


Never in my experience. - nm
My experience with IT
I found it to be a difficult program to use unless you have a lot of time to spend reading and playing with it first. I used it for 7 months but would not recommend it. I do not know about MT schools although in my 12 years of transcribing, I have yet to work where they go into much detail about these programs. Good Luck!
My experience as QA
I've found that when I'm dealing with someone new to the company, I find myself more picky as far as punctuation, etc. Trying to show them the correct way or the preferred way at first. Show them a few times but don't hound them on the little things that won't matter in the long run. I always try to teach the preferred way in the beginning but eventually you focus completely on demographics and terminology.
Our experience...
My husband had a small lump about the size of a pea not in his cheek, but on the inside of his lip near the gum.  We went to ENT and it was just a plugged duct.  They lanced it, and it was fine.  He developed another one a couple of years later that just eventually went away on its on.  Prayers are with you!!
From my experience
They do not ask you. They recommend certain MTs.

You DO want to do ASR because if you don't, you will be left with what's left. Nuff said
Same experience with the big "S"
It did not get any better. I left after numerous account changes, disorganization, etc. Some thought it was their way to save money. It really put the brakes on. As far as learning new accounts every couple of weeks, it requires taking a LOT of your own time to do it. I have a family and a life after work.
my experience....
When my 12-year old son went from absolutely loving to play soccer (having played from age 4 up) to being in tears when I dropped him off at practices, I began to wonder what was going on. He was on a traveling select soccer team. The coach was a screamer and I thought maybe it was just that my son did not respond to that kind of coaching. He had been playing on this team for 2 years and the coach put a LOT of pressure on the kids. However, I felt thinking it was too much, but others would tell me how it would teach him discipline, etc. I knew in my heart that something was wrong if he was so adamant and upset about me dropping him off at practice. Finally after a lot of talking and trying to come to the bottom of why he absolutely hated to be on that team, I let him quit. Never another word was said about playing soccer again. Come to find out 3-4 years later, the coach was gay. My son would never tell me that he tried anything with him, but I learned later that he had with other players, so I've always wondered. Sometimes there is more there than meets the eye when a players decides to quit. I wished I had first listened to my son.
my experience

Well, a prominent man in our town (bigwig at newspaper) took him in and let him stay in his spare room while he worked here in town and coached our kids. Like I said, my son finally quit the team and it was several years later before it came out that he was gay. He had gone on to coach our local high school soccer team and it came out at that point. I guess older guys are not nearly as likely to keep this a secret as the younger guys. And to be honest, I'm not sure what all happened with the high school, but there was some trouble. He left town and I'm not sure what happened from that point. I was just glad that I had let my son quit after all. To this day, though, my son will clam up when I ask him about it. He has said he never tried anything with him, but I'm still not sure.

What experience do you have? nm
I have three years psych transcription experience in/outpt and disability, etc. notes. Do you know of anything?