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We just signed up for our propane for winter.. It's gone up a dollar per gallon...

Posted By: SM on 2005-09-01
In Reply to: buy now and stock up on the essentials - penny pincher

from last year.  There is no shortage of propane as far as I know.  They just raise the price because they can.  We're paying 1.89 per gallon.  Thank goodness we have 2 wood stoves, but I'm sure a cord of wood will double too. . You can't win.

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I feel bad for those with oil, we have propane and - sm
it is not nearly as high as oil, probably half the price. My highest bill was around $550 for 280 gallons which gets us through 2+ months, we however only have about 7 days to pay the bill which totally stinks. We use anywhere from $800-$1200 a year. Did about $1K this year but it did not get too cold either and I cut back on the heat too.
We have propane and hubby pre-orders and pre-pays for the season, sm
Most economical way for us to go. Turn temp down to 65 overnight and use lots of blankets overnight. Use humidifier. The humidity helps the air feel warmer.
Rates have simply gone up. We've spent over 500 since Sept. on propane.
LOL gallon
gallon a day sm
If you worked for me, I would have you flag the report, as this will follow the patient forever if not correct. Some will sign anything. I once had an ESL dictate, "The patient drinks one and one-half six can beer per day." I am not a mathematician, could be one and one-half six packs but I am not about to "label" anyone. There are "alcoholics" who inherit the disease and there are "drunks" who will drink anything and keep on doing it even when told to stop for their own health. Give people a break, you wouldn't want your family "labeled". The disease itself is punishment itself. Those who stop are just as good as you and I, they had an allergy of the body and a desire of the mind, such as one would have for chocolate, etc., so don't sit in judgement, that's God's job. If someone has stopped, give them a high five, not a label. Just my two cents.
Tell me about it at 2.79 a gallon in gas.
I thought the same thing about age discrimination.
$2.39/gallon - Philadelphia

today it is 2.49 a gallon, NE Indiana
What does a gallon of gas cost in YOUR town?
$2.39 here. Northwestern Wisconsin. It is pathetic.
Paid $2.69/gallon in So. Cal. today. (nm)


Our gas prices are just over $3/gallon and summer's coming!

I'll want to use my A/C in my car plus do a little extra driving in the summertime.

Right now it's costing me about $44 to $46 to fill my tank up.  It HURTS! 

Thinking about buying  a bicycle to get around town on!  lol



Just for giggles this winter sm
I used my electric potpourri pot with some liquid potpourri added to the water. I helped out tremendously while adding a nice scent to the air.  It didn't toss out white dust like my cheapie humidifier did and the noise of a running humidifier wasn't there either.  I also put bowls of water in front of the register in both winter and summer for a little humidity. 
Winter wonderland in NH
I guess we are supposed to get about 10 inches.  Its awful to say this but I had no idea it was even going to snow, I've been so busy lately working and doing errands that I haven't watched TV.  It was a shock to me when my neighbor called and said the kids were getting out of school early today because of the weather, I looked out side and was like why, it wasn't even snowing :)  Oh well, its the start of my weekend so I guess I can't really complain...stay warm!
bush bashing? Do you like paying 5 bucks a gallon for gas? NM

get a life.

PA dictates patient drinks "a gallon" of liquor a day.
I hear people drinking a pint or 1/5 a day, but a GALLON.  The guy is only 45. 
Nope, it's seasonal. Aug. 31 through winter.
Holy Cow, a gallon of Jack Daniels? I had a whole juice glass once sm
and was sick for a week, can't imagine a gallon.
YIKES!!!Got our oil contract for this winter and almost passed out!!!

Last year I paid $845 for  600 gal of oil with a 2 months to pay. Yesterday, I recieved our contract for this winter and it would cost $1517!!!!!

Guess who won't be taking the contract.  That's ridiculous. The country is going to go broke at this rate. They want $759 for 300 gallons. That takes us 3 months into the winter, but......where do they think the seniors  and others are going to get this money?

Guess old Mamma Bear is coming out of storage this year. Wood is no problem for us. We have a stockpile for the garage coal & wood stove and a friend that has 11 acres of woods he likes certain areas cleared every year.

I feel bad for others who have no access to another heating source.

Anybody go south for winter and continue working?

Hubby and I are thinking of going south for the first time this coming winter.  I've found some sublets with internet access, mostly wireless, one wired.  My work uses DocQScribe and internet based.   I use a desktop computer for work but have a laptop capable of the job. 

Have any of you done this?  If so, what was your experience?  Any tips or precautions as far as wireless internet security?  At home we have a wired network with a hardware firewall/router so no experience with wireless.  I'm not high tech but not a complete novice either.

As for paying bills and accessing cash in a different locale, did you use online banking and ATMs or some other method?  I confess some hesitation about online banking even though most of my friends and neighbors have used it for years!

Thanks to anyone who can help. 

With the dollar depreciating against all major currecies including Asian currencies is it true that outsourcing will slow down and ultimately stop as the cost advantage is becoming a ?
If I had a dollar sm

for every person who asked me about getting into this profession JUST to work at home, I could retire.  They have no idea what the profession entails, they just want to work at home, kids or no kids.  They usually see those ads.

Photos in today's NYPost show pumps in Brooklyn up over 3.00 a gallon, way over! nm
Space heaters can be very expensive as I found out one winter
by just trying to heat my office and leaving the reest of house cold. The cost to use the space heater was more than the gas furnace would ahve been.
Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Work some holidays - don't really mind during the winter months, but
when summer rolls around, I am at the beach on the holidays and do not work them. As an IC, we get nothing extra as far as $$ just the extra work.

Can't complain - have plenty of work all of the time.
Go to Dollar General. sm
I'm amazed what i can find there for $1. You never know what you're going to find, but cleaning supplies, household stuff, things that are definitely more than $1 even at Wal-Mart...as long as you're willing to not be picky. When the hurricanes were looming, I got mutli pack of name -brand batteries for $1, tons of candles, etc. You just have to search the whole store, but definitely worth it.
Dollar range and thanks.. sm

Trying to stay around not more than 275,000.  Would like 3 bedrooms, and 2 to 2.5 baths with an office or fourth bedroom for work.  A pool would be nice.  When we were there about three weeks ago all the new tracts were on lotteries or about a one year wait to build.  Don't really wanna hassle with the lottery since I don't live local.  How about Palm Valley?  Is that a nice place?  What would you say is the community with the best schools.  My priority is location, schools, price, community amenities, not too far from everything so hubby does not have a monstrous commute, etc. 

Thanks so much for answering, it is really nice to get opinions from people who actually live there.


some of the dollar stores where everything
is a dollar carry them, that way you can afford as many as you want
$1.29 to our dollar so if the Canadian MTs...sm

If Canadian MTs are making more $$ than American MTs, it all evens out.  Also, the national health care system in Canada is currently under revision and my cousin tells me it takes her 6 months to get an appointment for an XRAY in Calgary!!!........

Canada's dollar is not as strong as our dollar in the US and I LOVE CANADA so please do not think I'm bashing that wonderful sister country of ours.

Tops dollar? 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc MTs sm

 line expectations/requirements up to 1800 a day, the QA/editors I saw expectations 3000 a day, 2,3,4 cents a line. 

What do you suppose this comes out to hourly, say 4 pages an hour, 35 lines/page times 140 lines an hour, say 6,7,8,9. And, now what are the requirements.

.I see where they expect/require the MTs to pay for just everything, THEIR costs to do business.  Recently saw -- need 3 phone lines, provide at your cost, long distance plan buy this and that. Nonsense. .

After all this output who knows if in 30 days either side wants to continue relationship and look at all the money and equipment, Lanier $250 footpedal, thousands on some type of Lanier equipment LX something, 500 deposit to return in 6 months, this is nothing more than free interest loan for the business to fund their equipment purchase. 

There is a lot of anger, frustration and disrespect out there, you can tell by the ads posted, a slave-like attitude toward the MTs.

Frustration/anger fosters errors.

AND, look at what the MTs have to put up with in terms of dictation, if we can't hear how to make production and accuracy. It is, anything goes, take a deep gulp and see if you can finish report before you need to take another breath.  Dictate at live football games and "whisper" Intentional speed dictation because they don't want to say it again, no matter how many times yuu rewind, can't make out the dictation.  Anything goes, just dictate dear doctor, just dictate, we expect/require 99.5% accuracy.

Yep, I too am frustrated and saddened.

What could be done is--- nicely state on ads, be sure and run a spell check, "smile"---- problem solved ----instead of the disrespect you feel..

I heard crickets til I realized it was winter. Was really the start of chronic
i still use my fan even during fall/winter and turn it towards the wall but drowns out noises. nm
What's your dollar range? I live not too far from there.
Yep, sometimes an entire dollar cheaper...
Well, it's worth exactly a dollar an hour at my job which
No dollar generals where I live, but
get a Rival. That's what the old one is and it certainly has done the job for a very long time. Hopefully the new ones are just as good; with any luck it will outlive me..well maybe not quite.
That is a million dollar question

I think they are just being pains.  There are some people they bend over backwards for, some they don't work with at all and unfortunately I am at the lower end of the stick, it seems.   I had a coworker quit and went to work for an on-line service because they would not let her have Sundays off so she could go to church with her family even though they had adequate coverage on Sunday and by Thursday we were always out of work. 

The dollar amount may not have been the point...
but I just find it funny that those who agree all say they are making $25+ an hour. Just wondered if you would still agree with her if you weren't making the money you are making. Many of us do support our family on our wage and there is no way I could do it on $11.50. I make a few dollars more an hour than that and we are still struggling to make ends meet. I guess I was just put off by the judgmental attitude of the OP that if we can't cut it with our current pay that we just need to reevaluate our lifestyle. I live simply, but I live in a high-cost area. There is really no way I could cut back on my costs. So if I ever make less than I am now, I will be forced to look for a new job.
How are you planning to deal with the oncoming high winter heating bills?
I'll be bumping the thermostat back another degree or 2, down to whatever leveI I can  not be cold at.  Otherwise there will be less "fun" money spent if it has to go to the oil companies!
The HandEze gloves are nice w/the wrist support. I like them in the winter. Other brands to
I use regular thin winter gloves and cut the fingertips off. Works great! nm
HAHAHA ... Now there's your million-dollar idea!
Million Dollar Movie? Was on every night...sm
on TV and you could watch the same movie for a week?  I remember a lot of James Cagney movies shown on that Million Dollar Movie - *lol*
I want my bread crumbs white so I let them dry up in the open overnight (winter brings low humidity)
a very good way not to waste stale bread (aside from pudding).
Dollar store reading glasses work for me.

Just bought 4 pair at a 2.25 magnification today, as the more I do this, the worse it gets.  Started with a 1.25 a year ago.

I knew it was time when I had to wear two pair of 1.75's on top of each other so I could thread my sewing machine needle.

Ahhh, the "golden years."

I love the Dollar Store....lots of things there. nm
I have a sister who we call the "Queen of the Dollar Stores."
Bless her heart, she buys all her Christmas at dollar stores (decorations and all) and even gives me makeup or hair products that she has tried and doesn't like. She doesn't know that I know this, though. I just smile, hug her and go on. It's not that she can't afford any better, she just sweeps the dollar stores, gets everyone's gifts in about 30 minutes, and she is through for the season. I guess it's not supposed to be about the presents, but the thought (but sometimes I wonder what that thought was, LOL)!  MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
it was posted friday - day late, dollar short? NM
I finally just saw Million Dollar Baby! Clint rocked!! nm
detrimenal impact on your life. Loyalty is gone. Almighty dollar has taken its place.