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I use it to transfer files but I think it is based on Word sm

Posted By: LMT on 2008-06-17
In Reply to: DocShuttle ease of use - looking again

for typing so you shouldn't have a problem with macros and Expanders as long as they are in Word. As far as the footpedal, I am not sure as I have a USB adaptar from RadioShack converting it to USB instead of serial, but you can download the free trial of DocShuttle and see if it would work.

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Filezilla is the software used to transfer files to an FTP server where the files "reside".
????????? You use it to transfer files from
the client's system to your computer. Not hard at all. They transfer in the form of WAV files and then you download them into your "player"-- I use Express Scribe and transcribe them. You open it up, download the files, and then close it again. You do not actually "work" in it, it just gets you the files.
You do have to transfer the files...
... there are some instructions here:


I highly recommend the Productivity Talk board (Google it) for answers to these kinds of questions. :)
If you have to save old files, transfer them to a CD or disk
software to transfer files quick
Is there any software out there that is cheap and transfers my files easy, as I am running out of space on my computer and would like to transfer them to a cd disc for each year.  I already created the folders.  Any help would be appreciated.
Safe, easy way to transfer files over internet?


I need to safely transfer audio files over the internet.  The physicians' office staff will be sending me the audio files, so this needs to be something fairly easy, so I can teach them, and it won't take too much of their time each week.  Picking up tapes is beginning to get too time consuming and uses a lot of gas.  Can anyone tell me the safest, easiest, and most cost effective way of doing this.  I bought each of the physicians a digital hand-held record that converts the files into wav files.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I also posted this on technical board, but I am desperate, as we need to begin the change ASAP.  Thank you!  Lynn

it's a heckofa lot easier to just transfer your acl and normal.dot files.
Help! Need New Method to transfer voice files asap

Voice files are now transferred from clinic I work for via email (unencrypted) and are then sent back via Winzip and email. 

We need new method to be compliant, as well as to eliminate "many missing" files it seems when sending through email. Clinic now uses Olympus equipment and does not want to use email any longer.  Checked into secure FTP site and will not work well with the Olympus system they have.  Any suggestions on what to do here????

Any way to transfer microcasettes to digital voice files? (sm)

I'll be using a subcontractor and rather than picking up and delivering tapes, is there a way for me to transfer dictation from tapes to voice files that she can transcribe using express scribe?

Do they make such a machine?

Can you transfer them from Word 2002 to Word 2003?
I was able to transfer mine from one computer to another when I had Word 2002 on both of them.  Now I have a new computer with Word 2003, and have not been able to do it.  The autocorrect has a different file name. 
A majority of the software used IS Word based, or do you just want to use Word by itself? nm
How do I transfer DQS expansions to MS Word
I already know how to access and copy the user.aco files from DQS, but I can't figure out how to copy them into another copy of MS Word Auto Correct to use for another platform.
Anyone know how to transfer auto corrects from SmarType to word? please..nm
Yes it is word-based and it is a
terrific program.  I give it 2 thumbs up.
Word based.
Anyone know how I can take addresses from a Word document and transfer them to mailing labels?

I have several hundred typed out, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn it into a mailing list.  I have downloaded Avrey Wizard, but when I try to do it, it asks me about field delimiters and no matter what I pick it doesn't work.  Maybe there is a simpler way??


DIFFICULT? - transfer word reports into digital charts? (sm)

I have heard it is difficult to get our transcribed microsoft word reports into any type of EMR (electronic medical record) type of setup.


Is this true?


If we just change the program we type on before we send it to the office for the office to put into an electronic chart (which they say will be mandated by about 2010 or so) -- would that make it possible?


Many docs are not happy to have to do their own corrections etc.


Also a few years ago there was already a program where the docs signed off electronically for their reports.  NOW IT'S LIKE SOME BIG HAIRY DEAL for them to do it.


Seems like we are going backwa5rds




would love to hear from anybody who has already met this problem and figured it out -- either send an email or ans here - would be so appreciated.  Thanks.

Can I transfer instant text word list to autocorrect??
Hi all. Well I have a ton of entries stored in my Instant Text program. The problem is, that now that I am using Editscript version 8 instead of version 6, whenever I use my instant text program, it freezes up on me.. So I am just wondering, is there any way that I can transfer over my IT word lists over to autocorrect in microsoft word?? I think this is the only text Expander I can use with editscript 8. I really appreciate any help with this!!
Need help with Word-based expanders ....sm

I am starting with All-Type soon, and the handbook says that their platform works with any Word-based expander.  That's all fine and good, but I have never used one.  I'm a PRD+ girl from the old WP51 days, and currently work in Bayscribe, and the Expander in it is a lot like PRD.  Are any of the Word-based Expanders like that?  I tried Instant Text once and hated it.  I don't want popup windows and such.  I like it to be simple, like PRD ... enter copdd and get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.  Are any like that?

Thanks for your help!  

Winscribe-is this Word based? nm
Is Emdat Word-based?
Yes. I also have shortcuts and it is word based.
This is my Expander I have used for years, and I did not need to have it imported into Bayscribe. It works along with Bayscribe. I do leave the Bayscribe spell check on along with it too and they both work fine together. Hope this helps.
I am using my first Word-based platform and am using autocorrect
to add my short cuts into because my other short cut program is attached to the other platform I use so I cannot use it or convert it.  I am having trouble entering things into and not getting the results I want.  My headings I need bolded and I am not sure if those can be added bolded into short cut or if I have to keep going and bolding them mannually.  Also, I am getting an extra space when I put in "yo" and want it to come out -year-old.  The extra space is between the age number and the first dash (-) in front of year so I have to keep going back and taking it out.  Also, I can't figure out how to Center without having to use the mouse.  If somebody could help me, I would appreciate it.  If anybody out there has a cheat sheet they can e-mail me I would be forever greatful.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!
PRD is a dos-based program, will not work in Word.
It is a great program, wish it would, but you might have to look at something like Shorthand. Same with Stedman's. It is a Windows installation, not a copy/paste like the old dos programs (WP, etc.)
If the platform the company uses is Word-based,
then it's on their end and I don't see how you can change that. If by chance their stuff opens and uses your copy of Word, then you should be able to find Word by clicking the Start button (left bottom corner of screen) choose Programs, then look for Microsoft Office and then choose Microsoft Word. If you have it, then once Word opens, choose Format, then Font, then choose your options there (12 is a decent size for a typical font), click on the Default button and Click Yes to apply to all documents.

If you don't have Microsoft Word on your machine, then it's on their end, and again, you can't do anything about it.

Hope that helps!
I don't know anything about Emdat, but if it is not a Word based platform
If it's a Word-based platform, you can move your...sm
entries from Word by going to:

Use the "AutoCorrect Backup" and save it to your desktop. Then you can run it again to restore it to your Word in the new platform. Hope that helps.
Check out CoPath. It is a word-based system.
Emdat users - is this Word-based and can you use ShortHand with it? sm




Question for all who type on a Word-based platform.
Does anyone else use F3 to go from expansion to expansion?  For instance, I have gent that expands to gentleman, then I hit F3 to go to gentamicin, F3 again to go to Gastroenterology, etc., etc.  My question is this:  I am typing on ExText, and I have been making these entries, but in the morning when I turn the computer on they are all gone and I have to start over again.  In ChartScript they "stick" and in ExText they don't.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to stay?  TIA for any suggestions anyone may have. 
The majority of the software proggies are Word based. You
Smartype should work in any word based platform - sm
If Emdat is a web based platform, then it won't work. Fighting that (on Chartscript) myself right now and hate it!
Instant Text claims compatibility with all word-based programs
I have used it with Word, PowerScribe, ExText, and a program based on MS Office online, the name of which escapes me. Works great.
word files
Under your C file, there is a window file and under windows is a temp file. I think it should be here, if you so a search for the file or a word in what you were typing. It should be in here, saved up to the point where your computer last did an auto save. Try that anyway. It has worked for me before, but not always. Good luck.
Think you'd have to rename each of them .doc files so Word
Password protect the files in word (sm)

tools>security options or general options>password

That's what I'd suggest. 

Need info on backing up Shorthand files. Also Word Autocorrect. TIA. nm


Line-based vs. hour-based requirement
Hospitals do have an hourly requirement, and generally incentive after a certain line level. MQ only has a line based requirement, which is 12,000 per pay period. The hourly requirement is strange, unless they now plan to convert to an hourly pay plan?
Thanks XXX. I found a "Microsoft Works Word Processor". You say I save those as files?

I do have a CD drive so if I can buy WORD like you mention, I can load it.

Do you think it would be beneficial in the long run to invest in WORD (maybe buy it at BEST BUY or something) and load it on my computer?  I am going to be doing lots of work, so better to use as good a program as I can as far as being able to SAVE stuff - There will be lots of opportunities for macros (or saving paragraphs, etc).  Whatever the term is these days to mean:  saving lots of words, LOL.



Files are emailed with password protected zip file attachments done in Word...(sm)
So I could use OE and send this way and ask for a reciept. I love that idea....
Temp files disappear when you shut down Word. System restore does not recover documents .
Converting voice files to digital files

I have a Voice Solutions dictation system that will happily convert DS4000 voice files to digital when they are downloaded (wave files). However, it will not recognize any other files for conversion. I had a physician download .WAM files from his DS-30 and my dictation system would not convert it. Anyone have any suggestions?  I would greatly appreciate any input.


Did you save files in .rtf format? The files need to be
as a Word document or it won't count them. Could be the problem.
Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
MQ transfer
Don't bother - they are now transferring those "wonderful" Birmingham employees elsewhere and the company is going to the dogs.
MQ Transfer

Would you mind telling us where you were transferred to?? One o f the MT's in our office is ruuning into the same problem you had--she works 7 days a week and runs out of work  in all of her 4 accts but yet they (Foxboro) will call her on monday morning to tell her that they are out of TAT in her primary act. She did exactly what you did and used another ID number and lo and behold there was all the work, being held for someone else

I was transferred from Old Bridge, N.J. to Warminster, PA. Old Bridge closed March 31. Another MT, who is an email friend of mine, also works out of Foxboro and she is out of work a lot lately, too.
How do you transfer

AutoText from Word to a disk or flash drive. I can't figure out how to get it on there. TIA

office transfer
I have heard of employees changing offices. I agree about DocQScribe and line count issues, but after trying a couple other companies out I decided it wasn't so bad after all. Good Luck!!
MQ transfer ? for Buffey


On the company board you mentioned you work for the Columbus Ohio office, now your saying someone in your office (Foxboro) had some problems.  Do you work out of both Columbus AND Foxboro?  I'm confused

Is there a way to transfer shortcuts...

from Word and Wordperfect to Shorthand.  I sure hope, it would save SO much time.

Thanks all!