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Little snow globe from Spheris with "All around the world, Spheris

Posted By: MTs are hard at work". Cute. on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: did anyone get any... - anmt


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Spheris. nm
I applied with Spheris last week, had my interview on the phone and she never got back with me. I called her and left a message, she called back and said she did not have any work for me. It was posted in the Sunday Paper here, lots of work.
MQ vs Spheris
I was with Medquist before it became Medquist- It used to be Lanier. Then they were sold to Medquist. Then again they were sold to Spheris. I had nothing but problems with the two prior operations, but as Spheris- when I called and asked for a copy of my W2 because I had never received it... I was faxed a copy within 10 mins. /shrug Hope that helps.
Do you mean Spheris?
Or is there some other monster national that is being touted as the next Great Satan?
Yes, meant Spheris.....

If no one has access to our E-mail address and this is the only place that they could have gotten it, how did they as I just got an E-mail from them about applying for a job?   So somehow our E-mail addresse are not protected as they say that they are on this board?  Did anyone else receive it?   I have never posted my resume, or applied for a job throught his board as I own my own MTSO.   Makes me wonder about how safe our E-mail addresses are.



Hi, I am just about burned out on the Big "S". I have nearly 20 years experience MT'ing. Have worked for edix/spheris for several. I am finding that although I am leveled high I am consistly stuck with a lower level client. This, by manipulation of the Big "S" reduces my income.

Are there any companies at all who are decent to work for, who pay a flat - good - line rate? I AM SICK OF THE MANIPULATIONS.

Line count runs at 1100/day (it is probably a lot more,not sure because Spheris has a way of making it all their way)

I can go to work immediately. Cable, WinXP.
I have a gut feeling it is Spheris. 
I think Spheris can afford MQ and really do not believe MQ is in the position to buyout Spheris but I guess time will tell!
Where did you get this information from? Seems rather outrageous to me.
Spheris and MQ
They have made it plain that they want to buy out MQ and say they are going after them. I applied to them but turned them down.
Healthscribe was heavy on outsourcing to India and they bought them out.
NO, not a newbie and quite an assumption on your behalf! Would just like to know where this original statement came from or was it a personal statement without any backing. Yes, know Spheris outsources but the assumption that they will go with all Indian MTs is far fetched and would really love to see your source on this. Think you are generalizing here.
Can someone tell me anything about how Spheris counts lines?

I've been working for them for a few months now, and I just cannot get my lines up. I've been told it's a 65-char line, including spaces, but I'm not so sure. I've been an MT for nearly 8 years and the least I do is 200/lph. Now, I'm fortunate to make 75/lph.

I also do IC work for someone at 8.5/cpl and never do less than 280/lph with them (and most of the time 300+). I wanted to work with Spheris as a back-up account (part-time), but it doesn't look like it's going to be worth my time, as I can get extra work most of the time from the other company.

I was sure I'd be doing better than this by now! Has anyone else had this experience with Spheris?
How is Spheris?
How is Spheris to work for?  Flexibility?  Pay?  Benefits?  Good workflow/steady accounts?  Currently with MQ and it's been getting scary.  Please give me any info!  I'm really interested in health insurance benefits and cost for a family per month.  Thanks MTs!
Well, Spheris does some of
Cleveland Clinic (OH) and Cleveland Clinic (FL) accounts. I, for one, have worked on both.

They do a percentage of each, what percentage I'm not sure of.

Does that help?
Spheris is better than that.
Hi Margaret, I worked for them for one month and couldn't stand it.
I worked for Spheris when it was Edix and it was awful. Their QA reports make you feel like a 5-year-old, and what consider mark as a "patient care" errors are ridiculous. Here's an example: The report repeatedly stated the patient had problems with RIGHT eye -- must've mentioned right eye 15 times. At the end of the report the patient was sent home with eye drops and because I typed something like "2 drops to the eye twice a day" and did not put RIGHT eye, I was cited for PATIENT CARE error. This happened all the time, I got fed up and quit!
My friend worked for them and they cheated her on her pay many times.
have you heard anything back Terry? I was looking into them as well

is not a company I would ever recommend, especially for a new MT.  They have a lot of acute care work and some clinic notes, BUT (and isn't there always a "BUT?") in my experience, as well as that of many other MTs I know, you most likely will have a primary account that has hundreds of dictators on it.  You just don't have a chance to ever build your macros/word expansions or normals when you don't hear the same dictator twice in the same month. 

Also, you have set hours (with a time clock), as well as minimum line requirements early on.  You are not allowed to take longer to get your lines, so you will have a very difficult time reaching what is required of you.  New MTs need TIME to get up to speed.

However, that isn't what really turns me off with Spheris.  They offshore and are not very open about that; in fact they are rather secretive about that fact.   So guess where the best and easiest accounts go? 

I do know M-Tec has groups of grads going to Spheris.  Personally, I don't think that is doing them a favor.  In fact, I know it has caused many a new MT to rethink their new-found profession. 

Also, Spheris has tremendous turnover.  That says something in itself. 


Spheris - are they as bad as MQ?

I hear a lot of bad things about MQ and Spheris, but why is Spheris that bad?

MQ and Spheris
Have worked for both. Will never go back. There are other options so keep looking.
I couldn'the agree more. Snakes in the grass. They lie and cheat and keep you hanging on with excuse after excuse. Supervisors are not transcriptionists and do not understand our special needs. Never, ever would I go back there.
Always work available if you are a little flexible? Do you call working on 4 different accounts in one day a little flexible? However about switching accounts every other day? That's going way beyond being a little flexible. You cannot make any money doing that.
Does anyone work for Spheris - What platform do they use ?
I work for Spheris and I am on the Meditech platform. They do have others like TWS and a couple I have never used. I do radiology so that is what I am using right now. I do think each account is different.
Does anyone have any experience with Spheris. 
It took the second day of training to tell me this wasn't for me. This was a few years ago. There is so much involved, so much one has to do before one can get down to typing. There are things called "defys" which refer to blanks, if you have to use them, there are several different ones that you have to specify, etc., such as ESL, garbled, etc. Also, one has to punch out and in, even if you take a potty break...too much clerical, no time to type, and I thought the whole thing was terribly complicated. I would advise you to try another service.
I worked for Spheris and they are VERY strict on their scheduling even when you get your lines out before your hours are up and they docked for QA also.
Does Spheris provide you with their own transcription equipment including a PC? I just signed on with a company that does provide all this, but in case it doesn't work out, I am looking ahead .... sort of creating a backup company to go to as you never know how good or bad the doctors' dictation is going to be until you actually do it, and there may be something about the company that I might not like. I could have went to work for one company but they had no openings except for ones starting at 5:00 p.m. ... NOT. I can't ever get the lighting right to be able to type night shifts. Guess I would HAVE to if I couldn't find another company but have always been a day person.
I work for them. I have been with them for 6 months now, and I love it. I have plenty of work and I get paid well and I love being at home watching the snow fall while I am snug as a bug transcribing. I think it's a great company to work for!!
What a load of crap ! I've been with Spheris almost 5 years and what you are saying evidently was pulled from your butt cause there's not a bit of truth in it at all. If you have not worked at a place, don't bad-mouth them. If you have, you must not have been good enough and either quit or got fired and now you're upset and hope to "get even." There are 5,000 MTs there and the business is growing by leaps and bounds with 1500 more to be hired this year because of many new accounts being acquired - yeah, real bad place to work I guess.
Question.  I have a friend (who I cannot seem to reach) that mentioned this company.  Do they supply the computer, etc?  Do they hire part time and/or full time and offer decent health insurance?  What about the other beni's.  Any info is helpful. Oh, also, can their system work without high speed internet? Cannot get where I live, only a satellite - but no wireless or DSL.
What information does anyone have on Spheris, good or bad?
They dont pay worth a squat and work your fingers to the bone
M-F for Spheris and that is quite
I am taking the CareerStep course right now so i don't have any specific info. on companies. That said, I have a friend who is working for Spheris right now (is in her third year with them) and really likes working for them. She pays her bills just fine. She's also the reason I decided to sign up at careerstep.

Can anyone tell me about this new platform Spheris has for speech recog.  Anyone else receive a letter about wanting you to come back and work for them?  Any info at all about Spheris would be helpful as I have not been working there for quite some time and I am sure things have changed. 



I have worked there for three years and am happy. They offer a very competitive salary with decent benefits. If you can maintain a set schedule, you do okay. Only drawback is you have to work a weekend day which gets old; however, it does free up a week day for doctor's appointments, etc...
Spheris: RUN RUN RUN!

I can't say anything about TransHealth though I do work part time for Wedmedx.
Have worked for Spheris since 2002 and I've always seen a lot of negative feedback on the boards about them. With such a large company with different platforms (and numerous organizational restructuring) there are so many different experiences. Overall I have been happy with them (though I have not worked for many nationals so I can't compare). On the positive side, I have almost never run out of work in 5 years (but others have a different experience) and I have been able to do nearly constant overtime, which I need. I also have had a lot of exposure to different types of accounts and worktypes and have learned a great deal. But lately I have had a problem - I have had to edit (a lot and totally proof to sound) because the team's editors quit and I quickly found out I made much less money. I am on what they call specials team so bouncing around on different accounts is part of that. Lately there has been more bouncing around and the paychecks were suffering (a lot of these difficulties may have to do with the outsourcing to India). I think I will stay (for now) as I am now working on a very interesting account with mostly good dictators (transcribing).  I can't comment on their medical insurance; I don't elect it.

That would be Spheris. - nm
Spheris is doing that. SM
We get $30.00 off insurance rate to participate.

Someone is coming to my home on Thursday to weigh me and draw blood. We will get the results emailed to us.

This is new to us. Last year, we just had to fill out form, but this year it is fill out form and have tests performed.

When I first heard this, I thought I would be participating in the world's largest clinical trial! LOL.

Hope you have a healthy happy new year.

"Hard disk goes missing."  That ain't all folks.  Hey, they tried.  Can't wait to pull that one at the computer shop next time I go in.  Well, you know for sure now they are over there!

This should give the American docs pause for thought.  It's good evidence that they need AMERICAN MTs.  A picture is worth ..... 

I would like to offer some other information. I recently worked for a company that insourced work for Spheris. We were not allowed to work on those accounts overnight, as we were told that their indian affiliates worked those hours, and we could not be in their at the same time. Spheris does, in fact, either directly or indirectly, employ or contract with MTs in India. And the information I am providing is directly from "higher ups" with spheris. My point, be careful what you believe.
I don't believe what Spheris said, I think
Are you still with Spheris?
I am now for 7 years (seems to be some kind of "magic" number). Would agree about the help desk being helpful, no complaints there, and can't say I'm all that disgruntled overall. Just tired of feeling like nothing I do is ever enough. I have the maximum PTO built up and the boss is getting weird about my using a day here and there; was told I have to make up my little sick days instead of getting paid for them.
HI: Spheris is a nice company to work for (I quit about two years ago), but they do screw around with your lines sometimes. It has been a while but I was under the impression that they were looking for editors instead of Transcriptionist due to new technology just invented. Of course, editing pays less than half of what you make as a transcriptionist. L

Hi everyone,

THe hospital I work for just informed us today that they will be using Spheris for their transcription. We all will have jobs with them but type from home. We will still be doing the work from our hospital but when we run out will be able to type for another hospital that the corporation runs. Is anyone else in this same situation? We were wondering about insurance, pay, schedule flexibility, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.