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$25 Am.Expressgift card from Transtech..nm.

Posted By: cc on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: did anyone get any... - anmt


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Oddly enough, if I don't use my bank card as a credit card in the billing cycle, I get charged fo
Debit card. They've got the credit card logo on them, so they
can be used anywhere a credit card can be used.
I used to send a card and gift card to my direct supervisor, but that's it. sm
She was the only one who knew me as more than an employee number, and the only one I had any respect for.
Has anyone disconnected the internal sound card and replace with another sound card?

I am having problems with my sound on one of my computers.  Several different ExText program have been on it so I don't think it is the program and the sound is just now as clear as on my other computer.  Has anyone switched (disconnected the internal sound care and replaced) to a new sound card?  Did it make a difference. 

Everyone on this board is so knowledgeable, I really appreciate you.  You have helped me many times. 


TransTech is in Texas:


Anyone with TransTech

How long does it take you to get your 1100 lines, on average.  Also, how strict are they with you about sticking 100% to your hours.



No work lately.
I have been with Transtech for a little over 1-1/2 years and it works great for me. 
Anyone know anything about this company. They sure do sound "good". Anyone who can give some insight please post, especially if you are currently with TransTech.
I have just been offered a position with this company. Could you tell me if the full-time employees really make 11,000 lines a PP? Also what kind of platform do they use. I have heard that the ExText one is not so good. I have not done MT for a year or so, so I've been out of the loop for awhile. I REALLY need an honest answer on this company as there are other companies that look good also. As you said, they looked very good. I talked to the recruiter and everything sounds SO wonderful, almost TOO good to be true. PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE. The 11,000 lines a day sounds ludicrous to me as I have NEVER made that many lines with any company/account I worked for.
Could you tell me a little about it. Do you really make 11,000 lines a PP. Is it an easy account to do given the recruiter says they have a lot of interns that come and go. I REALLY want to take the job offer, but I'm SO afraid I'll end up with a company that is really hard and demanding and is hard to get a good line account. ANYTHING you could tell me would be most appreciated as it would save me SO much work looking at other companies first before I give her my answer. I TRULY NEED YOUR HELP ASAP as she was SO nice, but now I'm seeing other companies that look good too. I need a company that will supply the PC and everything and most of them don't. That is one of the reasons I liked Transtech also.
Try TransTech
You cannot go wrong with them.
I did with TransTech.
They told me about 3 times via email that they would call me the next day.  I kept following up and finally I got a call the third time that was 3 days later than stated in the email.  The person was very friendly and apologetic, but I couldn't wait around 2 weeks to hear from them, so I ended up somewhere else.  I don't regret my choice either after having interviewed with them.  The pay was not good.  They did offer benefits, but since I don't need them, I'd rather have the $$$.
Yep, MQ and Transtech NM
is anyone currently working at transtech
In my case, it was TransTech. I went with them
because they were the only company that I could not find a negative post about on this board. Live and learn.
TransTech computer

When they hired me they didn't have a computer to send me right away so I said that I wouldn't mind using my own since I have 2 personal computers.  Okay, so J phoned me to set me up and worked and worked with it and like you, couldn't get the program to work properly.  He even told me he would call me back and called Dictaphone himself and he DID call me back.  By that time I was just getting frustrated and *I* asked him to please just wait and send me a company computer when one was available, which if I remember correctly they either located one for me that day or the next.  But he was never in any way discourteous while trying to get my computer to work. In the 2 years I've worked for them I have had very few problems and when I have had a problem I would call the office and either get J or T immediately or one or the other always called me back within no more than 10 minutes and both have ALWAYS just been so very pleasant.  If you're really interested, I think it wouldn't hurt to have a conversation with Deb, she is a wonderful, wonderful person and believe me, she really CARES about her MTs. 

TransTech in Texas does them. nm
TransTech does. I think the ST will work with it. nm
Did you mean DSG and TransTech pay LOWER than 8.5??
TransTech uses Ex-Text
I'm sure it is Transtech. Just the bestest little co on the
Anyone who works at Transtech
have you been getting a lot of reports on a certain account that have been under a minute for the past couple of days, like echos, stress tests, etc. I have been getting these like nonstop for the past 2-3 days. I guess I shouldn't complain because it IS work, but I get so annoyed with these piddly little dictations that take more time to set up for than to actually type them. It's really killing my line count. Am I alone or are others experiencing this?
Not at TransTech, They are/were all MTs. Even the owner used to be an MT. One of the
things I really respect most about this company actually. All supervisors, managers, leads and even the owner used to be MTs. I think the only ones who weren't are the IT staff.
If have worked for TransTech for two years,
you undoubtedly know that Debbie and J go way back and used to work together at another company (reference a recent email you should have received from T, the new president that states that she, J, S, and D all worked together before TransTech).  I received an email from Debbie stating that she was sorry I was dissatisfied with tech support, but that they had never ever had any complaints about them before mine.  Kind of shows me where I stand in all of this.  Many times when managers and tech support are friends, it's the MTs who suffer.
what is your experience with Transolutions and Transtech
Do they keep their promises, primary account stability, start out at least 9 cpl, supervisors easy to get ahold of, etc.
Dano - do you work for TransTech?
TransTech does - small fee per month (sm)
I have been working for them for about 3 months and love it there. 

Does anyone know if any of these 3 companies use the Dictaphone ExText platform?  Thanks

work type/TransTech
Don't be afraid to email QA and ask for help.  I work for TT, too, and our QA Dept. is top notch. 
TransTech Medical does not outsource offshore.
Transtech medical in Texas. I found them when

I was running out of work every day.  They are wonderful and very nice.  Transcend is not that great. 

TransTech does this group, too. Awful foreign residents! nm
TransTech will do this on the bigger accts when they're swamped. nm
TransTech had an overload of ESLs for this experienced MT. Couldn't take it! nm
TransTech lets you use dial-up -there are others - search archives
TransTech FedExs the first few checks until your DD kicks in. I was included in the
I think DeVenture, eTransPlus, TransTech, and some Medware accts use
I wasn't offered 8-1/2 cpl w/United out of So.Carolina - much lower. TransTech and DSG
Gotta read thru the posts or search for happy MTs, etc. TransTech
No credit card is a good credit card.
Just kidding. I'd suggest not using credit cards to pay debts. It'll only dig you in deeper. Look into a signature loan or putting a lien against a vehicle or house. Lower interest rate, pay off sooner.
Riversongs and angelrays are the best...but they are free.
2,000 debit card
When your boss gives you your paycheck, do they ask what are you going to do with that money?  Didnt think so.  Same thing for the people of the gulf coast.  They lost their jobs, their homes.  The money they will be given will be in lieu of a paycheck till they can find another job and home.  Its a paycheck from the govt.
Ethernet card
If your connection to the internet is through a cable connection, then you have an Ethernet card. If it is dial up, you may not have one. Look at the back of your PC, and if you have a plug for a cable connection (it is slightly bigger than a phone plug), then you have an ethernet card. Hope this helps. You can also go into MY Computer and check there too.
find a new card....
or, as long as your payments have been on time, call them and let them know you will move your business, and most of the time, they will lower it. Check your FICO score...if it's good, you can call the shots if they want your business. All have that little clause now that says even if you are even 1 day late on ANY other bills, i.e, utilities, dept store, anything, they can charge up to 36% interest on your remaining paymnents. Read the very small print.
Nothing but a card in the mail...sm
Do ya think it would have broke the company to have slipped a little something into that card? McDonald's $5.00 gift certificate; anything to show a little appreciation.

I've been thinking about it because there's not a lot of suits to pay; 1 owner. Now that I think about it some more, I'm thinking the owner might be Jewish, and not celebrate Christmas. But then why even send the card? And why not call it "appreciation during the holidays" instead of a Christmas gift? I duuno. The supervisors actually are MTs; I would have thought they would have brought it up during their weekly huddle. "what are we going to do for the MTs for the holidays?"

I thought about it some more and maybe only being with the company for 2-1/2 months might have something to do with not getting even a token. Oh well.
YES. We had an IBM selectric with mag card
and we thought it was great! HAHAHAHA
wireless card
thanks for the info. When I call today, I will mention what you said. Maybe I will just go to one of the local Super stores and see if they can set me up with a inout deal, if not i really am going to move if it does not work-eeks
Credit card? I'm not sure either.
does anyone have a prescription card that
isn't through their insurance company? like rxdrugcard, pharamacistrxcard, etc.  i was considering getting one to cover the meds that insurance doesn't cover or pays very little on.  any info is greatly appreciated