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Oh you too? Those idiots. nm

Posted By: former RIU on 2006-05-27
In Reply to: I received cookies - NewMT

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You are all idiots
But I love each and every one of you. I thank you again for supporting my site.  You have allowed me to earn enough money to buy dick.  Before, I couldn't get any on my own.  Thank you so much.
I think those who takes advantage of professionals who are doing their job are idiots. Just passing your time like that means you don't have anything to do, good for nothing people. You Americans think that you are from some other planet, I guess so, either you are from Disneyland or lalaland
idiots on the road

We have the top 6  out of 10 dangerous intersections in our county all within 5 miles of home.  One if my kids go to the mall, one on the way to school, two on the way to their best friends houses and one on the way to the bank/grocery,doctor's..go figure

All 6 have the same main corridor in common, so our township thought they'd get smart and put concrete dividers in to replace what they called "deadman left turn lanes"..ok sounded smart

Now, the state is trying out a new fangled system for our emergency personell that changes all traffic lights to green (fire or police activate it) because..the idiots who installed the concrete barriers made them too high and the fire trucks/ambulances can NOT get over them to get around stopped traffic

I absolutely hated when my kids got wheels because anywhere they were going was through one of these intersections and case in point, I sat at a light in the worst of them all, I could hear the siren and see the lights flashing coming but did the kid with the bass in front of me?..nah and jumped at the light and crammed right into the ambulance that was coming through.  No one really hurt but I have told all of mine that I best NOT get a call about an accident like that one.

Oh and forgot, since the levy did not pass, all the high schoolers will not be bussed, so look for the entrance to school as making the above list

Idiots! Someone always dies during this. nm
As I said, Idiots are not bright...not original at least nm
They're idiots. Look for a better company. sm
Assuming you work on production, you've gotta need to produce.

When I work, I give blanks to things I can't hear. I usually do a review of the blanks after I'm done with the report. I spend limited time researching, and then send it on. That's what QA is there for. They're paid by the hour (at least at my company), so they can dig.
I think she controls herself well what with the idiots she has to deal with.
Idiots here. I hate censorship. It's on WB42 here in LR. nm
No fire patrol for MQ needed..it's for the flamin' idiots who
WON'T go somewhere else. They just stand there like an idiot saying, "please, please MQ -- Please dump more crap on me...please cheat me more...I'm happy to take it"!! ROFL

I mean it. That's whatcha look like and sound like.

Again...Same old complaints and whine from you? Same old answers from us...Get the heck outta Dodge!! LMAO

Don't ya just hate it when your misery won't produce that for others?!!

We appreciate the comedy routine though, ladies! Always fun to come and laugh at those who are incapable of stopping the big bad companies from using them BY LEAVING. LMAO

Why the stupid idiots called everyone to work on the holiday to make sure they meet their 1 hour TAT