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competing for recognition

Posted By: planoscribe on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: Is it really a gift when you have to compete for it? Nonsense. - I have to question

Did not win, and of course there were at least 10 people who won more than once during the week. I appreciate my QAs also, & they should have had a chance at the prizes, as they have been in the trenches longer than I have.

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Are you competing for Miss America?
The way I see it. Competing with national rates. If stable acct, good dictators. Bid low, get job
i think it is automatic speech recognition but it is the same as VR which is voice recognition.

Voice recognition or speech recognition.
Not for recognition
But I am glad I have found a way to make money which also benefits others.
MQs speech recognition.
speech recognition
I worked with speech recognition at my last job and I didn't like it.  It took longer and alot of mistakes came through.  You were editing, but I found I could do a better and faster job typing it myself.  Everyone's production went down and error rates went up because you become complacent and when you are reading along with the words playing in your ears your eyes have a tendency to overlook a lot of little things that should be edited.  I did not find it productive or helpful just a mess. 
Speech recognition
I am on speech recognition as it comes up. Don't have it all the time and it is on the DQS platform. I enjoy the break from typing but can be slow as you really have to listen to every word and make the corrections where necessary. The fastest typists just erase the entire report and retype. I just listen and make corrections. I have not had a pay reduction as of yet since this is not all I do. I am still paid my regular per line rate for SR but rumor has it that this will change but this is only a rumor, nothing in writing. If you do not like editing, can always tell them that you just want to type and not edit. I am on high speed internet also. Hope this helps.
Voice recognition
There's an ad on Mtjobs.com for editors for a voice recognition account. The company is called Focus Infomatics.

Voice recognition?
Hello, new to these boards and I have a question.

Is there a voice recognition software that will work for medical reports? I'm not sure how it would work, if it would actually translate the speech directly from the dictation you are listening to on your computer, or if you'd have to listen and speak it at the same time for the software to translate it?

I've been doing MT for about 3 years now and I'm developing hand/wrist pain, and I'm afraid my time in this profession may be running out. I really love this work and I'm hoping to find a way to make it work.


Voice recognition
Naturally Speaking v.8 works great if,

The digital voice recorder can deliver at 44.1 khz. However, these are .wma files and are HUGE!

The user takes the time to teach the software the nuances of his/her voice. This takes weeks.

The user knows how to punctuate. There are a lot of smart people that don't know where the hypen goes.

The user uses standard dictation commands ie. full stop, new paragraph ect.

If not, you end up with a blob if inaccurate info that's going to the MT for clean up.

If so, you end up with a relatively accurate doc that still should go to a MT for proofing.

IMHO, there's a lot of speech recognition software on shelves all around the world.

That too has now gone to voice recognition
Does anyone use voice recognition to help them do their job?

Voice Recognition

After hearing about it for years, I finally did my first VR work a few days ago.  My fellow MTs, I think we have nothing to fear from this technology.  It will take years, probably a generation, before it is perfected enough to replace us.   I actually found it rather entertaining to edit - it just prints out exactly what it hears phonetically, including the instructions - "Go back up and add...."  

I think they should show some Voc Rec printouts and transcribed reports of the same dictations at all Medical Staff Meetings so  dictators can see just what we do in our job. 

Voice recognition
...I agree with your post Desertflour, but for a different reason. Medical language specialists should keep statistical analysis of what VR types and present it to administrators to show how much they are foolishly throwing their money away! By the time the MLS edits and corrects, it is almost like retying. Where's the savings?
Voice Recognition

I've done voice recognition in the Radiology department for a hospital for two years. I wasn't there when they first started using it, but I'm told the goal was for them to have only one Transcriptionist (editor). We're fully staffed now (actually today was my last day there - I'm working at MQ now) and let me tell you, those docs are not even close to being ready to solve their own problems and self correct. There is only one doc out of 17 that self corrects, and his reports don't look good at all.

I'm not saying it'll never happen, but I think we're going to be needed for awhile.

voice recognition
Could somebody tell me about voice recognition as far as transcriptionists using it?  How does that work?  I'm really interested.  I know that several years ago it was the talk, but I think everybody found out it was not very good or easy to train.  Are transcriptionists now using it to transcribe dictation? and how do they do this?
Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition (VR) software does require some change in discipline for the dictator. However, today's VR programs are much more intelligent than in years past (and not too past, either).

The key to successful VR is the "training" of the software for a particular user. Once that's done, the software can do a 95%+ job in accuracy. And, after correcting any errors, the software gets even more accurate.

I'm a speaker this weekend at the San Diego AAMT chapter meeting. I'm giving a talk on how VR can be used to make MT's more efficient. I think it's time more MT's took a serious look at letting VR help them get more work done more quickly. I have 3 MT's in my family, so it's not just the salesman in me speaking - I truly think you could get ahead of the game and negate your doctor's switching on their own ("Hey, Doc, I'm already using VR, so you don't have to go through the hassle"). And Dr.'s don't have time to be fooling around with software, training, corrections, etc.

Just my two cents.
Bret Williams
Voice Recognition
We're moving to use Packet8 VoIP service. We've been studying VoIP solutions for some time now, and I think they have the best program (we'll see when we begin testing it soon). Their calls use less bandwidth than Vonage, which we like. As for back-up phone lines, you can configure the Packet8 system to route calls to your cell phone (or another land line) if your Internet connection goes down. We like that feature particularly. We're on a fixed-price LD plan with SBC right now, so the LD savings aren't much, but for our toll-free line, we stand to save a bundle!
It is voice recognition...probably 2.5 cpl.
You edit what the system/computer puts out which could sometimes be nearly the entire thing for that amount per line! No fun!
Thanks MT Stars for the recognition!!!...n/m

MT week recognition
I work for DeVenture Health Partners... I received a beautiful huge hanging fern from them for MT week.  Last year also received a nice gift. 
voice recognition just got

Some people have asked if it was possible to install Dragon on their system and then play the physician's dictation into the microphone. (wouldn't that be nice?) Well, things have moved that much closer to this happening.

There is a product called TranscriptionAID, which is sold by TranscriptionGear (click on link below). It is used in conjunction with DNS. I think the article is fairly self-explanatory.

Voice recognition
I tried it years ago and it was a joke.  I'm sure the technology has improved so I would like to know too.  I may have to look at it again.
Speech Recognition
Does anyone use speech recognition software for better transcription productivity?  If so, I am interested in learning more about it & would like to talk.  Thanks.
Speech recognition
I absolutely love editing speech recognition.  After typing for 20 years, it definitely gives my hand a break.  I like the pay as well.
EHR and voice recognition

I don't know about the EHR part, but I know the voice recognition part is not true.  Many doctors still do not like voice recognition from previous years when it was introduced, and many will never be able to use it.  Dictating so that it is understood by a computer program is a skill that many doctors will never have (or take the time to develop). 

Also, even if everyone did go to voice recognition, the work would still need to be edited.  I have used voice recognition in my work, and it takes a long time to train, and even then it gets confused because it cannot 'think.'  It also makes many errors that are hard to catch without very diligent proofreading.


Voice Recognition
Has anyone worked for a company that does voice recognition? Is it easy to get used to the software.  I have a job offer and would like some input.
Voice Recognition
I worked at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and they had a pilot program for voice recognition.   Two transcriptionists spent their day editing and proofreading for a couple of doctors who had been hand picked for their clear English.   Around the time I left, the program was being scrapped due to too many bugs in the system, too time consuming for the transcriptionists and just not cost effective.   It's going to be a long time before they figure out how to make it work - thanks to foreign-speaking doctors
Voice Recognition & EMR
I am starting to be concerned about EMR and voice recognition taking our jobs.  I wonder if they will even need us in 5 years.  I know most hospitals tell everyone they will still need them as editors, but surely it will eliminate many jobs or they would not be willing to incur the expense of the new systems.  What do you think?
voice recognition
I think you will find this article interesting:




Voice Recognition

What can anyone tell me about VR? I have never used it, but I am about to start working for a company that does.  Thx!

voice recognition, if you know of any (sm)
companies who just do ERs please share. Thanks!!
whoops recognition nm
Voice recognition
Am I the only one out here that feels VR is cheating us out of money for the same skills? I'm ENRAGED!
voice recognition
I have some experience with VR and it is not good.
If you are saying that it is just, I quote ...' files that you have to read through and 'fill in blanks'?
then allow me ro give you my experience.
The text documents that I received as a draft that the computer 'heard' and was printed out to be edited by me, contained whole sentences that did not belong there, not only words. And VR does not leave 'blanks', it just types wrong 'things' it hears. I don't kow how they came into these documents. I had to delete a lot. It was confusing.

VR = voice recognition (nm)
I don't want recognition. I want/need MONEY!

If you want mandatory credentialling, then do something about the pay range for MTs!  8 cpl does not cut it when you consider the knowledge and education required for a qualified MT.

Coders in the midwest (where I live) who have their CCS make $20/hr with little to no experience!  Do not for one minute compare the CMT to the CCS!!  AHIMA is taking care of its coders, making sure coders and records techs are acknowledged for their expertise in the heath information industry and compensated for achieving their credentials.  The ADHI only wants our money.  They have done absolutely nothing for the MT who is credentialed --- 8 cpl or 9 cpl!?!?!!? --- does that sound like we are highly regarded health information professionals to you? 

voice recognition
It is totally less pay for equal work.  Who ever heard of 5.95 cents per line.  I was making 10 cents a line 20 years ago.  I was a coder for 20 years without the CCS and am thinking about going ahead and getting that.  Local hospitals pay $28 for CCS, as much as a nurse!  What about transcriptionists?  We are getting the bumm end of the deal.
voice recognition
Has anyone who has worked on voice recognition made more or less money per line than regular systems?  Please share your experience good or bad.  Thanks.
Voice Recognition?

Just say no.

It is an editor's job with 50 to 60% more work for less money.  Just another exploitation of the hard work of a Transcriptionist for your expertise.  Obviously, voice recognition is not that efficient or they would not need you to "edit." 

One day, when these companies figure out how to get us all to work for free they will enact that, and tell us "what a privilege and honor it is for you to be selected to a part of this new cutting edge technology."

Yeah, right.  PFFTT!  What will surprise you is how many MTs actually stay to work for free because they blew smoke up their dress.  LOL.

Voice recognition
Well, well, well...I just got the phone call from my company today telling me the "Exciting News" about switching to voice recognition.  Yippeee!!!  Even better - my pay now goes from 10 cpl to a whopping 3 cpl!!  Wow - maybe that means I'll be able to afford that brand new Escalade I've had my eye on .  Actually, I'll be lucky if I can afford to buy a loaf of bread after this change happens in March.  We're all on a rapidly sinking ship - she's going down.  My question is what seems to be the going rate for voice recognition?  I feel like I'm living in India - 3 cpl!  That's the thanks I get for 10 years of experience.  Reduced to a third-world country wage...
Voice recognition
Well, well, well...I just got the phone call from my company today telling me the "Exciting News" about switching to voice recognition.  Yippeee!!!  Even better - my pay now goes from 10 cpl to a whopping 3 cpl!!  Wow - maybe that means I'll be able to afford that brand new Escalade I've had my eye on .  Actually, I'll be lucky if I can afford to buy a loaf of bread after this change happens in March.  We're all on a rapidly sinking ship - she's going down.  My question is what seems to be the going rate for voice recognition?  I feel like I'm living in India - 3 cpl!  That's the thanks I get for 10 years of experience.  Reduced to a third-world country wage...
Voice recognition
I thought the same thing as the doctor and 2 RN CNPs that work with him went that route rather than giving me that work.  However, they realized that if they spend an extra 20 minutes a day with fixing things on the VR, they can see an extra patient and do what they are best at, and give me the transcription work, which I am best at - a win/win for both of us!  Maybe this will give us all some hope for the future. 
Voice Recognition
Can anyone tell me if they actually make as much money doing mainly voice rec as they do just transcribing or not? Is 4 cpl for voice rec fair compensation?
Pay for Editing Voice Recognition

I am being paid 4 cpl for editing reports produced by voice recognition software (eScription).  Is 4 cpl the norm?  Are other companies paying more to edit voice recognition reports?

Does anyone use voice recognition to do their work?...
I have this one psychiatrist (long-winded) that I thought I might try to use voice recognition with. Does anyone have any experience with this? Could I hook him into the microphone jack or something and let it rip? Thanks for your help...
Does anyone work with speech recognition? sm

We are currently learning this, and I hate it.  It's not editing others' work, its doing your own transcription with speech rec.  Does anyone else do this, and like it?  Anyone had success with it, or failures?    I'm seriously thinking of quitting my company, as we have to give this three months trial to get used to it, before we are considered for being taken out of the program.     

    All I hear from work is how wonderful it is, how positive, how everyone hates it at first but once you get used to it how you love it.  I don't think so.  This just isn't for me.   There are others who feel the same way, but you never hear about them, unless you happen to stumble across those particular people somehow; which I have. 

speech recognition sucks
They are selling it to docs and hospitals based on one thing only, it will cost them less money. Guess why?

It will cost US more money.

The only good thing I have to say about it is this: I know one of the major hospitals in my area is trying it and failing miserably.

They came out of the barn with this donkey a wee bit too early.
Voice recognition software (sm)
Asked this on equipment board also -- Can someone please help me out with voice recognition program/software for personal  use.  What are the names of some products available and where do I purchase this particular software.  Best Buy, Radio Shack, Circuit City, etc.?  Thanks for information.