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Yeah, I'm annoyed that QA wasn't included! sm

Posted By: that didn't work so YEAH it was NICE! on 2006-05-28
In Reply to: well, then here is something for you - mq_mt

I so respect QA because they usually fill in all my blanks and I sometimes am in AWE of just how they do that when I relisten to all blanks several times.  My one QA lady also I absolutely think is the best because she communicates so well with us.....and seeks us out to do just that and give us feedback. 

Next year, I'll bet, they WILL honor QA!!!!!!!  (if I have anything to say about it!!) 

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Why I think we get annoyed . . .
I am starting to think that one of the reasons we may get annoyed is because we are expected to be so "perfect" in our jobs that we cannot handle imperfection from others in the "outside" world. I find I am so inpatient and annoyed when I don't get the responses I expect from others, i.e., store clerks, business offices, etc., who don't respond as quickly or in the manner I think they "should." I mean, our work is expected to be perfect, we have to be in TAT, we have so much to produce within a certain time frame, that we expect nothing less from others. Is it just me, or do you see yourself in this? Just my thoughts. Gussie
I am annoyed...

that MT graduates are getting jobs and they have no grammar skills when they post on forums.




annoyed and ranting

It's bad enough that this doc is an ESL, but it also sounds like she is smacking carrots in my ear while she is talking. Oh well, only 3 1/2 more reports by her to go .

Just annoyed that he so smugly thinks I will be - sm
unemployed in the near future! You see, I have been happily married for 8 years and despite great effort on his part, he has not been able to cause many problems. My daughter has next to nothing to do with him because of the way he treats her. He really just wants to see us unhappy and in a bad situation.
I was trying to take a nap and was so ANNOYED cause phone kept ringing.(sm)
I was so mad, said WHAT is going on here?  Got up and listened to messages.  My friend said something about praying for those people on the plane.  Had no clue.  Some of those things you'll never forget.  BTW, used to live in NJ and always wanted to work in NY but never did.
I'm sitting here so freaking annoyed and can't stand it.

My freaking family has got me totally upset that all I can do when I sit and think is cry.  My mom came into a little bit of money and I've sat back and watched all my family members keep going and asking for money.  My brother talked to my son about a truck (my son needs a truck and went and looked at this one), my brother then got the money for the truck from my mom and bought it.  My other son is driving a car that has been dying for a year and is on it's final last legs but keeps driving it, hoping it doesn't die on him, while my mom goes and buys a car for my niece who has failed out of 2 years of college and is failing out of her 3rd year while working a part-time job where she can't even afford the insurance.My mom bought a new car and sold her old one to my sister for a really cheap price.  ALL of this because they run over there with their hands out while I just can't lower myself to it, so I sit and cry because I watch my mom give expensive gifts to family friends for their birthday while my own son got a card, JUST a card.  Perhaps it's jealousy, but more than that I'm feeling bad for my own kids (who I wish I had the money to take care of their problems) but don't run to grandma with their hands out.  Both my sons work hard full-time and by the time they pay their student loans from college they don't have 2 nickels to rub together, but they won't beg grandma's money away.  I'm TOTALLY proud of them for that but just find myself feeling bad that I can't do more for them and that my mom doesn't even look their way to see if she could be of help.  It totally SUCKS and I'll complain here and sit and cry, but I'll never tell her how bad it makes me feel.  I bend over backwards for her, ALWAYS have, and still will, even though my kids get the short end of her kindness stick. 

Thanks for the place to vent!  Maybe now I can stop crying and get back to work.

yes, Heston got quite annoyed w/Moore LOLnm

People become annoyed when you ask for answers and don't try you own resources first.
if people are annoyed, just dont respond, simple.
I only lasted an hour at the mall today before getting so annoyed I had to leave.
All the teeny boppers are slowly cruising around with their friends but not buying anything. People are shoving and cutting in line. I just like to get in, get my stuff, and get out.
Most of the gals I know, myself included.....sm
love to get some really nice hand/body lotion, either in their favorite fragrance or something scented from a specialty shop. They usually sell for maybe $18-20 and that's just too much $$ to spend on our own hand creams! Either that or scented bubble baths, soaps, etc.

I give things like that to my friends all the time and I have one friend who has now actually come to expect a bottle of her favorite lotion every Xmas. :)
You and everybody else are looking for same thing, me included. nm
You need to know if spaces are included, then ... sm
divide your character count by 55 based on the with spaces or without spaces. It should come out exactly as your company figures. With it being 55 characters, I would almost bet you are not paid for spaces. Are you dividing the number of words by 55 or the number of characters without spaces by 55?

You should be able to come right out and ask the company the formula they use; if its not something you can recreate in a word document to verify, they are cheating you somewhere.
QA Submissions not included!
QA submissions nare not included either! LOL! Happy holidays!
Will that be entirely VR or any straight included?
If you're not American, then how would you know. If you, you just included yourself
Yes, lots of software was included.

Unfortunately, Word was not included though.   

Thanks for the input anyway.

It would mean NO spaces included if it's only the B/W characters. Better ask for sure! nm
Hmm...will check this out. I know spaces are not included.
Thanks for responding. I will e-mail her tomorrow and find out what is up.

did you read the site I included....sm
in my post just below?  tipping dot org keeps up with all the rules of tipping.  www.tipping.org
MS Word is included in MS Works now sm
What Dell probably met was that MsWorks includes a full version of MS Word. It's the less expensive way to get Word without having to buy Ms Office. The student version of MS Office cannot be upgraded, btw, so don't get that.
Should've included the website...
The times used to be included. I don't remember why it
Addendum: Batteries not included.
OMG... I feel even better now.  I was looking at the back of the box and it said you need a AAA battery.  Wow... I thought the sound was great before --- that was without the battery which I did not even notice because of the design of the headphones.  Now, for the first time in 9 years working for MQ I am proud to say that I had to turn the volume DOWN.  Too loud...hurt my ears...ooww. LOL  Glad I was able to exchange my MQ stock for something useful... a pack of 2 AAA batteries for my new headphones.... Life is good.
Wonderful people in Houston, yourself included!
Wonderful to know there are such caring folks out there.
Board names or not, some people, myself included...

don't care to discuss what they make.  Why should we?  It is such an individual thing and based on so many factors that is is impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions.

The type of work, as well as the MTs experience, ability to research effectively, retention and overall knowledge and intelligence, self-discipline (and much more) are variable, to say the least. 

What others make is totally irrelevant to what someone else may make.

Thank you so much! The Shorthand instructions included with my version
Sorry you are so disgruntled but many of us, myself included, are still making money...
there have been changes but I am still making great money so I have no complaints...good luck to you though
I get Sirrus/XM included through my digital TV package,
So I just play it through the home theater system. It rocks
Hmm, guess I shouldn't have included bird and humans. nm
TransTech FedExs the first few checks until your DD kicks in. I was included in the
Visible black characters without spaces being included. nm
Not included. Demos and ccs are headers/footers. Not counted. nm
Just accept that it is you opinon and let it rest. We all read all of the posts, yours included sm
and all taken into account.
Mouse included in the package lit up right after battery insertion. No on lights
come on when the batteries are inserted and power button doesn't do a thing. Power isn't being transmitted to keyboard for some reason.
Just got back on a Timeshare trip - cost - 200 and included 3 nights hotel
and tickets to a bunch of free stuff! It was fun. Was it worth it? I am not sure! We got hounded pretty bad about 'buying a timeshare' but it was very affordable! Beautiful place too!
9 cpl, 65 characters per line, spaces, headers, footers included. employee status. nm
Yeah, yeah, that should be "your work..."

No, I doubt that a breast exam is included in the physical exam for a driver's licence..sm
Since when did they start to ask for a physical exanm to obtain a driver's licence?
This must be new, I never was subjected to a physical exam, only an eye exam.
That's weird.
Yeah, baby, yeah.
We are here for the long haul.
If it really isn't you or wasn't you...

I would check out the posts made by MQMT under "Straw that broke the camel's back".  Maybe I'm seeing double....who knows anymore at this stage of the game!!  Have a good day. 

By the way, I did have a complete burnout on MTing after about 30 years so took a two year break; Glad I'm back now but the break was a "good thing"!!

Maybe the CEO wasn't (sm)
addressing students who were kicked back in their easy chair with time to surf the internet. Maybe he only meant it for students that had evacuated and would eventually find their way to a computer where they could go online and contact the school, since they didn't have the phone number in their pocket when they ran.
I know it wasn't
my post. I just get tired of people who seem to be looking for a reason to jump all over some one. You are the one who needs to take a chill pill. Unlike you, I am perfectly calm.
Actually it was. I wasn't trying to
say your kids are perfect angles or be a smart ass. Maybe I should have worded that better. Sometimes you/we come across different in emails, internet or whatever then what you/we are really trying to say. Maybe we all did. Enough said.
No, that wasn't one of them.
You mentioned below that it was a local company. I'd give it a try. If you find out down the road that it's horrible, you can quit. Otherwise, you might miss out on a good thing because some person on an Internet message board had a bad experience with some other company. We are all seeking different things in relation to work. Don't let our experiences scare you. One employer, one MTSO or one account doesn't set the standard for the entire industry.
Thanks, wasn't sure how I was going to keep up with it
moving that fast.  Looking forward to next week and trying to sort it all out. 
I said I wasn't going to do that
so I'm not sure why you felt the need to be arbitratary but that's your choice.
No, I wasn't.
And you pelase stop with your diva/gangsta/pushy tone? It got old the first time you played it for us, and it isn't giving any credence to your stance.
No, wasn't them. nm
Thank you all for the help. I wasn't able to
recover but at least know where the folder is so I can back it up in the future.
See, I wasn't going to say it because it was